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1 2010 recycling and solid waste annual reportThe University of Utah's Recycling & Solid Waste Programs have achieved great success. This report summarizes these accomplishments for 2010, explains current processes, gives program highlights, and gives suggestions for continuing improvement. Three key indicators help determine the University's s...2010-06-10
2 2010 recycling and solid waste reportA presentation of the 2010 recycling and solid waste report for the University of Utah. This presentation includes the accomplishments for the year as well as areas of improvement.2010
3 2012-2017 Strategic Plan Progress ReportGlobal Change & Sustainability CenterThe Global Change & Sustainability Center (GCSC) was established on the premise that solutions to the grand challenges facing society require the best thinking from multiple perspectives and disciplines. The GCSC creates opportunities for scholars grappling with these challenges to engage in new way...
4 A few Ideas about SustainabilityUniversity of Utah
5 Active and Public Transportation Connectivity between North Temple TOD and Jordan Park River TrailZambrana, Ivis Garcia2017
6 Air Quality Literacy: A Guide for the University of UtahGlobal Change and Sustainability CenterThe Air Quality Literacy document aims to inform the University of Utah community about air quality issues along the Wasatch Front and provide the community with knowledge about how to make positive changes around this issue.2014
7 Air quality mitigation by government entitites - HB168Office of the Vice President for Administrative ServicesThis report and plan focus specifically on the activities and strategies the University of Utah employs to reduce the emissions of: small particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5); nitrogen oxides (NOx); sulfur dioxide (SO2); carbon monoxide (CO); volatile organic compounds (VOCs); and hazardous air pollu...2013-06
8 An assessment of water: awareness, use, education, and sustainability at the University of UtahWasatch Waters Think TankThe Wasatch Water Think Tank gratefully acknowledges the individuals who donated their time and energy, and provided us with vital information relevant to this assessment. The following people visited our class during the Fall 2012 semester and shared their expertise on a range of Wasatch Water issu...2013-01-01
9 Annual University Diversity ReportUniversity Diversity Committee2009
10 Become a sustainable Ute!A brochure on becoming sustainable on the University of Utah campus.2011
11 Being Part of the University's Organic Gardening TraditionEdible Campus Gardens
12 Bicycle Initiatives at the University of UtahCampus Bicycle Committee1992
13 Bicycle Master Plan: AppendicesAlta Planning + Design and PsomasAppendices include bikeway design guidelines, selected projects, StreetPlan Model, project cost estimates, and public involvement summary2011
14 Bicycle Master Plan: Part 1Alta Planning + Design and PsomasPart 1 includes introduction, goals and objectives, summary of existing plans and studies, and summary of existing conditions2011
15 Bicycle Master Plan: Part 2Alta Planning + Design and PsomasPart 2 includes needs analysis, infrastructure recommendations, non-infrastructure strategies and implementation2011
16 Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa 2019 Bird Banding ReportThe primary purpose of our project is to understand the ecology and migratory patterns of the bird community at the Bonderman Field Station at Rio Mesa using mist-netting and bird banding.2019
17 Case Study CatalogJohnson, Marc & Rupp, Nick
18 CHP Feasibility Analysis for University of Utah East PlantU.S. DOE Southwest CHP Technical Assistance Partnership2014
19 Commuter Survey Fall 2013Commuter ServicesThis comprehensive commuter survey is the first of its kind at the University of Utah, and similar transportation surveys are widely used at other universities. The data from this survey is used to create the GHG Inventory and for STARS reporting, which help to track progress in sustainability. In t...2013
20 Commuter Survey Fall 2014Commuter ServicesThis is the second annual comprehensive commuter survey at the University of Utah, and similar transportation surveys are widely used at other universities. The data from this survey is used to create the GHG Inventory and for STARS reporting, which help to track progress in sustainability. This dat...2014
21 Design of bench scale model for pressure retarded osmosisMelville, JosephThis poster is a presentation on research done to create a bench scale model for experiments in pressure retarded osmosis(PRO). Also presented is a theoretical model of the power production using PRO. It presents research done in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, and was presented at ...2015-07-16
22 Edible Campus Gardens University of Utah Facility StudyVCBO ArchitectureFor Sustainability U. A planning document for U of U edible campus gardens under the umbrella of the U of U Sustainability Office.2018
23 Energy Ambassadors Tech ConservationUniversity of Utah Sustainability Office2016
24 Energy and environmental stewardship initiative: 2010 climate action planYoung, Michael K.From the desk of President Michael K. Young: It has never been an easy task to meet the practical needs of the present without the risk of compromising our delicate relationship with the environment. The dramatic effects of climate on the world have forced us to reassess our way of living and com...2010
25 Ensuring Sustainability LiteracyUniversity of Utah Sustainability Office
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