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1 Thesis_Final
2 Final project paperThe examination of personal identity inevitably leads to questions - the most common of which is what enables the perpetuation of the self. Who am 7? Am I myself because of my past, my present, or what I hope for in my future? Or does my identity emerge from my personal relationships with others,...Art/Art History
3 You are here: visualizing Provo agriculture an MFA community-based art education final projectAs an undergraduate student, I was consistently taught that art was anything that was in a museum or gallery. Art was a commodity to be bought and sold, and while the artist could derive pleasure from the making of it, art was in the end purely aesthetic and unattached to the mundane task of daily ...Art/Art History
4 Final project paperMy work explores the way people form connections, both inside their brains, and with other people. Neurologist Joseph LeDoux says, "The particular patterns of synaptic connections in an individual's brain, and the information encoded by these connections are the keys to who that person is" (3). In o...
5 Watson_Thesis_Final_with_portfolio
6 The art of staringMy Master of Fine Arts exhibition consists of six monoprints on paper, two acrylic paintings on paper, and eighteen oil and/or acrylic paintings on canvas. My goal has been to explore new ways of paint application, to further develop my skills in dealing with formal issues in painting, and to reach ...Art/Art History1996-03
7 Surface image selfThe work in my Master of Fine Arts show consists of seven large oil paintings on a paper structure with collage, twelve mixed-media prints, and three mixed-media drawings. I have moved away from making art based on perceptual experience of the environment toward work that derives from my persona...Art/Art History1996-06
8 Improvisational structureI believe archetypal rhythms create life cycles and are manifest in the emotional, philosophical, and physical world. This environment is continuously churned by forces both positive and negative. My work is a direct response to this environment and its impact on the human experience. The power o...Art/Art History1996-06
9 Woodfired ceramicsThis project is a study of the woodfired ceramic process. It is a personal journey that brought me back to the potters wheel in search of forms that could best respond to the effects of the flame and ash. A desire to recreate the elements typical in extended multiple day fires led me to find meth...Art/Art History1996-06
10 The architectural development of block eighty-eight, plat A, Salt Lake City survey during the era of Brigham Young 1847 to 1877The object of this thesis is to document the architectural development of Block Eighty-eight, Plat A, Salt Lake City Survey during the time of Brigham Young's presidency of the LDS church in Utah, 1847-1877. The history of the block is introduced by discussing the architectural trends of the per...Art/Art History1996-08
11 In my neighborhood: an installationMy thesis installation, titled "In My Neighborhood," combined collage prints, paintings, and sculptural elements. The installation was loosely based on the structure of an ideal 1950's suburban American home. Found objects played a prominent role in both two- and three-dimensional constructions. ...Art/Art History1996-08
12 Exhaling the earthMy Master of Fine Art exhibit consisted of nine translucent, fiberglass body shells installed with seven graduated photographs, four sculptural briefcases, five oil on canvas paintings, and 40 home-made artifacts in plexiglass boxes. I completed this chronology of works during two years of gradua...Art/Art History1997-06
13 The endurance of memoryMy Master of Fine Arts exhibition consisted of nine prints and five mixed-media paintings. A variety of print making techniques were used. Photographic elements were incorporated with a Xerox-transfer method. The mixed-media paintings were done with traditional and nontraditional materials. My ...Art/Art History1998-03
14 The quasic gardenWithin this thesis I will discuss the origins of the work I have created for The Quasiac Garden. It will begin with an explanation of how I use the creation of art as an instigator of my intuition. There is a dependent relationship between the creation of materials and the formal elements of de...Art/Art History1998-03
15 Design of NatureThis paper embodies three main topics that repeatedly surfaced throughout my graduate experience. What is a design process? An intense study of the thing that you are designing. The design process is different for each individual depending on his or her attitude, character, and personal experience...Art/Art History1998-06
16 Wolfenbuttel Sachsenspiegel: a codicological and pictorial examination of a mnemonic morrorThe Wolfenbiittel Sachsenspiegel is a fourteenth-century German lawbook containing the territorial and feudal laws of Saxony. Its pages display two columns with the legal text on the right and the multi-colored images on the left. In this study I explore how the images supplemented the text, and ...Art/Art History1998-08
17 The art of Aaron Douglas, the evolution of jazz and the Harlem RenaissanceNever before in American history had there been a more concentrated and energetic outpouring of literary, visual and musical artistic production than that of the period known as the Harlem Renaissance. This period, from 1919 through 1934, was an optimistic, dynamic time for many African Americans ...Art/Art History1998-08
18 Survival skills: art and video installations at the Fort Douglas theatreThis thesis reflects the six pieces developed as resident artist at a Salt Lake City inner-city elementary school. They cover a broad spectrum which include empathy, awareness, devotion, wonderment and transformation. Evidently the creative process is imperative to producing higher-order thinking ...Art/Art History1998-08
19 Design methods inspired by the Bonneville Salt FlatsThis creative project examines the unlikely topic of automobile racĀ­ing at the Bonneville Salt Flats to foster new ways of working with graphic design layout. Through this project I created four graphic design methods by studying the principles and methodologies of hot rodders and dry lake racers...Art/Art History1998-08
20 Change through processAfter maintaining a professional painting career for more than twenty years, my primary objective for graduate school has been to gain maturity in my painting. I was determined to expand my work ethic beyond self-imposed limitations. I believe growth and renewal can be achieved through the willin...Art/Art History1998-12
21 Bodily housedExhibiting work has to do with communication. Like the Berkeley illustration of a tree falling in the forest, a receiver must be present in order for the sound to be heard. In the sharing of the work is the desire to communicate the experience. My Master of Fine Arts graduate exhibition consists of...Art/Art History1999-05
22 Carl Theodor Dreyer and La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc: expanding avant-garde modernism in the early twentieth centuryDanish film maker, Carl Theodor Dreyer (1889-1964) is acknowledged as one o f the world's great directors. His 1927 film, La Passion de Jeanne d 'Arc is often cited as his greatest masterpiece. However, the works of Dreyer are rarely screened or discussed because they cannot be cate...Art/Art History1999-08
23 TimepiecesThis work involves my exploration of the beauty of places and objects which contain a human history and illustrates my interest in the passing of time. I illustrate this with the use of reflective surface. I hope to say that our past brings a richness to our present and deserves honor. The compil...Art/Art History1999-12
24 Onchi Koshiro and individualism in Japanese woodblock printingBy the turn of the twentieth century, the vitality of the traditional woodblock print industry in Japan had dissipated. Out of this dormant state of the graphic arts, two woodblock printmaking movements emerged in early twentieth- century Japan: (a) shin-hanga (new prints) and (b) sosaku-hanga (cr...Art/Art History2000-08
25 SymbiosisWe have arrived at a point where we, as a community, must reconsider our relationship with the Earth. Our impending growth and the resulting environmental destruction is an issue that must be re-evaluated and focused upon in our everyday lives. As an illustrator, I have set out to create work that ...Art/Art History2000-12
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