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1 An analysis of multiple variables associated with exercise-induced oligo-amenorrhea.A study of the relationships among multiple variables associated with exercise-induced oligo-amenorrhea in 70 healthy female runners, 18-37 years of age, was conducted. Seventy-seven percent of the runners were eumenorrheic while 23% were oligo-amenorrheic. The purpose of the study was to examine th...Running; Women1982-08
2 Effects of the Achilles Kids guided running program on health-related fitness and self-concept in adolescents and young adults with intellectual disabilities: a pilot studyObesity prevalence is soaring among adolescents and young adults. Adolescents and young adults with intellectual disabilities are no exception. In fact, they are more physically inactive, have lower cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), and higher body mass indexes (BMI) than their nondisabled peers. In ...Achilles kids; Health; Intellectual disabilities; Running; Self-concept; Special physical education2012-05
3 Use of a mechanical model to show the benefits of modern anatomical features of homo sapiens for head stabilization during runningStabilization of the head is critical for running. Homo sapiens possess several anatomical features that are useful for head stabilization. In order to test the functional value of some of these features, namely the location of the center of mass and the muscular connection between the skull and sho...Analysis; Anatomy; Dynamics; Evolution; Running; Shoulder; Head stabilization2011-05
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