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1 DayenuDrawing its title from the Passover Haggadah, Dayenu, meaning "it would have been enough," is a collection of poems that seeks to negotiate the liberating and disjunctive problematics of place, responsibility and identity in an increasingly calamitous and unpredictable world. While not directly a...Poetry; Haggadah2008-04-24
2 From red hoods to blue beards: fairy-tale intertexts in alejandra pizarnik and sylvia plathThis study addresses the unsung fairy-tale intertext between Alejandra Pizarnik and Sylvia Plath. As it does so, this project steps away from psychic considerations of their creative work as suicide poets and creates an international intertextual fairy-tale dialogue that fills a gap in the critical...Fairy Tale; Poetry2014
3 SongsThe 22 "Songs" that comprise this manuscript are "translations" of a film cycle by the same name, shot by American filmmaker Stan Brakhage. Brakhage understood the work of the filmmaker-of the artist-to be that of document, rather than documentary. He proposed that an artist should present experienc...Brakhage; Stan; Margins; Poetry2011-05
4 WarpThe poems in this collection are situated in the multiple definitions of the verb "warp," which in contemporary usage most often means "to distort," but is also used to describe what happens to space and space-time in the theory of relativity. In addition, the OED entry for the word includes multipl...Creative writing; Etymology; Language; Literature; Poetry2016
5 What you say if only you couldThis collection of poetry can best be described as a text;ual triptych with each "panel" bearing a tonal quality that marks it from the others. Because so many of these poems throughout the collection share phrasal qualities and a common lexicon, the division between sections warrants merely a blank...Creative writing; Poetry2011-11
6 Whelm: a book of poemsWhelm is part wildness and part witness, part love song and part lament. It is an elegy to former times and selves that admits fear of a future where humanity, community and strangeness are lost to manmade systems, and is also an ode to oddity and intricacy. These poems attempt to understand how dif...Excess; Flood; Poetics; Poetry2012-08
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