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1 On choosing: tenure decision making in academic nursing.The purpose of this research was to describe tenure decision making within the context of a school of nursing. The sample consisted of 17 tenured and tenure-track faculty who were interviewed. Twenty tenure review files were also analyzed for differences between faculty granted tenure and faculty de...Decision Making; Higher Education
2 Nursing personnel and patients' perceptions of nursing functions contributing to patient comfortThe findings of this study led to several conclusions which have obvious significance for those concerned with patient care in this particular psychiatric unit. First, the supportive emotional care and the physical care categories of nursing functions were considered in that order to be the most imp...Psychiataric Nursing; Nursing Personnel1960-08
3 A study of nursing personnel perceptions of hostile patient behavior.This study of differences in perceptions of one type of behavior of mentally-ill patients has revealed many significant differences in the perceptions of the nursing personnel studied. Undoubtedly the way in which the nursing personnel perceived patient behavior influences their relationships with ...Hostilty; Psychology1960-08
4 An Exploratory Study of Information Obtained by Observation in the Home of Selected Psychiatric PatientsThe recent trend in psychiatric care has been directed toward treatment of the mentally ill patient in the local community hospital with early discharge and psychotherapy, drug therapy, or electroshock therapy on an outpatient basis. Increasing emphasis is therefore being placed on the family and e...1960-08
5 Psychiatric aides' perceptions of the nurse-patient relationshipThis thesis reports a study in which the Whiting Q-sort methodology of assessing values and perceptions in relation to patient care has been applied to psychiatric aids in a state mental hospital which conducts a pre-service training program. The aim has been to assess those aspects of nursing care...1961-06
6 Differences in attitudes as measured by the California F scale in a group of psychiatric nursesThe problem: The general purpose of this study was to test certain inferred relationships between the authoritarian and nonauthoritarian personalities, as defined by Adorno and his colleagues, and age, years since graduation, length of general nursing and psychiatric nursing experience, and the typ...Nurses - Psychological aspects; Nursing - Psychological aspects; Job satisfaction1962-04
7 Performance of nonpsychiatric nursing activities reported by psychiatric head nurses in general hospital settingsThe psychiatric head nurse is considered the key to the quality of nursing care given on the psychiatric unit. She holds a uniquely influential position on the unit had has a decided effect upon the conditions which exist there. She is directly responsible for the nursing care given on her unit by...Hospitals; Psychiatric Units1962-06
8 Differences identified in a group of psychiatric nurses through use of the California Psychological InventoryThe exploratory research study reported in this thesis was planned to determine whether there are statistically significant individual differences which can be identified in a group of psychiatric nurses. It was anticipated that there would be individual differences in a group a psychiatric nurses ...California Psychological Inventory; Personality1962-08
9 Exploration of the attitudinal changes of a group of collegiate nursing students toward psychiatric nursing care activitiesBecause of the increasing demand for nurses in psychiatric nursing, it is the responsibility of nursing education to see that students have gained those attitudes which will prepare or help them to function effectively in a therapeutic role with patients who are mentally ill. The review of literatu...Study and Teaching; Nusing Students; Attitudes1962-08
10 Indications of insecurity among psychiatric patients and the relationship of these indications to patient preferences in nursing careThis research was conducted in order to study the relationship between psychiatric patients' feelings of insecurity and nursing care that might be given to promote feelings of security. It is generally believed that most mentally ill patients feel insecure because of some basic needs have not been ...Questionaire; Relationships1962-08
11 A comparison of personal value patterns of medical-surgical nurses with the ratings given them by supervisors.The findings of this study were very similar to those of other studies in relation to a description of nurses with the Edwards Personal Preference Schedule. The sample of nurses used in this study showed many of the same value patters as did college women, but they also showed some marked variation...Nursing; Personality1963-06
12 Investigation of the Schwartz, Parloff and Stephenson categorization of behavior of psychiatric nurses in nurse-patient interactionsA categorization of the behavior of psychiatric nurses formulated by Charlotte Schwartz, William Stephenson and Morris B. Parloff was investigated as to its adequateness for classifying a selected sample of incidents of psychiatric nurse behavior. The author proposed the hypothesis that additional ...Nursing Behavior1963-06
13 Relationship of creativity factors to performance of students in psychiatric nursingCreativity, or to create, is a term that is familiar in nursing literature, yet little attempt is made to define creativity as it exists or should exist in nursing, or exactly how it applies to nursing situations. The nursing literature reviewed showed little evidence of creativity factors being ide...Creative ability in medicine1963-06
14 Nurses observations and interventions related to fluid and electrolyte balance in patients having had gastrointestinal surger.The findings of this study led to several conclusions which have obvious significance for those concerned with complete and effective patient care, especially for those responsible for postoperative gastrointestinal patients care. First, the dta resulting from this study was very consistent with th...Gastrointestinal System; Questionnaires1963-08
15 Anxiety levels of psychiatric patients during hospitalization and at time of discharge.This study was made to determine (a) if there is a significant difference between anxiety levels of psychiatric patients at a midway point in their hospitalization and at the time of their discharge, and (b) is extra-hospital factors such as illness, employment status, or follow-up care influence an...Mentally Ill; Anxiety1964-06
16 Attitudes of registered nurses towards the suicidal patientThe present study was designed to explore the positive and negative attitudes of registered nurses toward the suicidal, the alcoholic, and the schizophrenic patient. The attitudes of the nurse are of special importance because she generally has the most intimate and daily contact with the patient a...Psychiatric Nursing; Nurse-Patient Relations1964-06
17 Factors which influence the accuracy of fluid intake and outputFluid and electrolyte balance is one of the most important processes in the body upon which life itself depends. Nearly every medical and surgical condition threatens to upset this balance. It is the responsibility of the physician to supply fluids when the mechanisms which normally regulate homeo...1964-06
18 The contribution of rehabilitative nursing techniques to the recovery of patients who have had cerebral vascular accidentsThis study represents the attempt of the investigator to determine the effectiveness of a consistent rehabilitative nursing care plan applied to a selected group of patients with cerebral vascular accidents. For the experimental group a 23 bed medical unit in a 275 bed private hospital was selected...Rehabiltation Nursing; Personnel1964-06
19 A Study in nursing morale.The onward march of medical science, as it charts a better way of life for mankind, would be seriously impeded without the service of the registered nurse. In the modern hospital, the nurse fills an indispensable role. Her skill in giving nursing care strengthens the arm of the physician; her trad...Job Stress; Salaries:1964-06
20 Effects of orientation program on psychiatric patients attitude toward the hospitalPatients newly admitted to a psychiatric unit of a general hospital were studied to determine if a specific orientation program provided by a psychiatric nurse would improve their attitudes toward the hospital. If this was accomplished it was anticipated that the patient would respond more favorabl...Hospitals; Evaluative Scales1964-06
21 Relationship between nurses role conflict and authoritarianismThe title nurse"" carries many and varied conotations ot various people in our sociey. To the child the nurse may represent pain because she have just given him an injection, to the psypchiatric patient she may represent understanding an hope, to the dying patient's family she may represnt comfort ...Nursing1964-08
22 Relationship of functional roles in nursing to job satisfaction and authoritarianism in a selected private hospitalThe purpose of this study was to determine if there was a positive relationship between nurses'role function; mother surrogate and healer, and such factors as job satisfaction and authoritarianism, in a selected private hospital. The sample consisted of forty-seven registered professional nurses em...Manpower; Roles in Nursing; Utah Valley Hospital1964-08
23 Analysis of behavioral adjustment changes in heterogenously grouped psychiatric patientsThis study was designed to analyze the behavioral adjustment changes which occurred in heterogeneously grouped psychiatric patients over a two month time period, The question was asked, is there a therapeutic effect which, as measured on a Behavioral Adjustment Scale, results in more acceptable beha...Psychiatric hospital care1965-06
24 Comparison of high school future nurse club members with nonmembers on opinions about mental illnessThe purpose of this study was to determine if there were any significant differences in the opinions towards mental illness between high school Future Nurse Club members and high school non-future Nurse Club members. Cohen and Struening's (1960) Opinions About Mental Illness Scale which measures fi...Opinions; Mental Illness; High SchoolOpinions; Mental Illness; High School1965-06
25 Survey of nursing personnel in seventeen nursing homes in UtahThis study was done because the writer was concerned about the preparation of the personnel who were giving nursing care to the aged person. There seemed to be very little known about nursing home personnel per se. The write believed that when some specific information was known, it may be possibl...Manpower; Utah1965-06
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