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1 Meadows, Michelle KristineHigh frequency variability in glacier meltwater patterns in the rhone watershed, switzerlandGlacier hydrology; Glacier meltwater; Glaciology2017thesis
2 Aba, AnilIdeology and rhetoric in the textbook presentation of mainstream economics: the case of samuelson's "economics"economic textbooks; ideology; paul samuelson; rhetoric2017dissertation
3 Dickenson, Janna A.Is testosterone the hormone of desire? for some women, some of the timeovulation; sex drive; sexual minority; Testosterone; women2014thesis
4 Foroughi, PayamLiberal norm compliance and postcommunist central asia: comparative study of tajikistan and kyrgyzstan vis-À-vis the united nations convention against torture and its optional protocolCentral Asia; Kyrgyzstan; Liberal norms; Tajikistan; Torture; UNCAT & OPCAT2017dissertation
5 Pulver, Aaron ThomasLocating automated external defibrillator enabled medical drones to reduce response times to out-of-hospital cardiac arrestsbackup coverage; geographic information systems; location modeling; medical drone; out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; spatial optimization2017thesis
6 Hopman, Rachel JaneMeasuring cognition in nature: an exploratory study using electroencephalographyAttention; Attention Restoration Theory; Cognition; Default Mode Network; Electroencephalography; Nature2016thesis
7 Leonard, Chelsea A.Meat or potatoes? reevaluating the role of plant foods in human evolutiondental calculus; foragers; human evolution; nutrition2015dissertation
8 Li, DapengModeling wildfire evacuation as a coupled human-environmental system using triggersfire spread modeling; GIS; reverse geocoding; traffic simulation; triggers; wildfire evacuation2016dissertation
9 Qi, YiNew physical foundations for remote sensing estimation of live fuel moisture content and fire dangerlive fuel moisture content; remote sensing2014dissertation
10 Winitzky-Stephens, Jessica R.Foreign direct investment and well-being, 1985-2010: a structural approachForeign Direct Investment; Infant Mortality; Life Expectancy; Longitudinal; Political Economy2016dissertation
11 Justesen, Don RobertPleasure Centers in the Brain?1960thesis
12 Lasrich, LaurenPerceptions of Autism Spectrum disorder: youth's needs in Health Care Settings2018thesis
13 Hege, Hadley LanierPerceptions among key-stakeholders regarding the phenomenon of reproductive coercion2019thesis
14 Sumsion, Felicia NicoleFacilitators and barriers to community reintegration following pediatric acquired brain injury from the perspective of parents and caregivers2019thesis
15 Unger, Corey DanielCreating spatial data infrastructure to facilitate the collection and dissemination of geospatial data to aid in disaster managementDisaster management; Geographic information systems; GIS; SDI; Spatial data infrastructure; Volunteer geographic information2015-05thesis
16 Linnell, LauraDescriptive analysis of the sibling relationships for families with a child with autism spectrum disordersAutism; Siblings; SketchUp; Technology2012-08thesis
17 Francom, David BrentFree love, Linux and Leishmaniasis: developing a business model for communitarian innovationAlternative business model; Biotechnology; Communitarian; Cooperative innovation; Open source; Tropical diseases2012-05dissertation
18 Amon, Richard P. Jr.The proposition of improving government: investigating shared services in the State of Utah2019dissertation
19 Pesci, Luciano WheatleyPolygamy's impact on mortality: modeling polygamous mortality in the great basin2019dissertation
20 Kimball, James PatrickLate quaternary environmental change as inferred from diatoms of the sediments of Bear Lake, Utah/Idahothesis
21 Fryer, Gregory K.Wildland firefighter entrapment avoidance: developing evacuation trigger points utilizing the wildland urban interface evacuation (WUIVAC) fire spread modelWildfire entrapment; Firefighter entrapment; Evacuation trigger points; FlamMap; GIS; Wildfire spread modeling; Wildland fire; Wildland urban interface evacuation2012-05thesis
22 Abual-Foul, Bassam M.Water consumption and economic growth in Jordan: an input-output analysis1994-08dissertation
23 Komolova, MariyaWhat I want and what you want: children's thinking about the conflicts between their own desires and those of othersConflict (Psychology) in children; Interpersonal relations in children2008-08thesis
24 Coleman, James RichardWorking memory capacity and task goals modulate error-specific event-related potentialsEEG; ERN; Individual differences; Pe; Post-error slowing; Working memory capacity2014-08thesis
25 Parsons, RichardWhy do some firms pay more than the market wage rate? A case study with longitudinal dataEfficiency wage; Institutional wage theory; Labor theory; Motivational theory; Productivity; Wages2011-08dissertation
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