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1 Schnitzer, Paula Maria.A Comparative analysis of two computerized methods for patient history collection.HELP (Computer File); Medical Records1987-08thesis
2 Rothert, Stephen William.A Computerized approach to dietary analysis.Renal Dialysis; Nutrition1978-12thesis
3 Anderson, Milton Winfield.A Computerized data base resource for dermatoglyphics research.Medicine; Data Processing; Dematoglyphics; Genetics1980-03dissertation
4 Gennaro, John Louis.A Computerized radiology ordering/reporting system based on most likely diagnoses.Medicine; Data Processing; Radiology, Medical1980-03thesis
5 Holden, Kathryn Irene.A Model for problem solving using computer-assisted instruction.Learning Theories; Instructional Design1980-12thesis
6 Dalto, Joseph DesmondA communication ontology for improving quality and safety management in air medical transport2015-05dissertation
7 Kotter, Marie Elaine LikinsA comparison of instructional methods used in college-based medical-technology programs.Curricula; Teaching1973-12thesis
8 Derricott, Harold RolandA comparison of job content and job descriptions among Utah laboratorians.Medical Technologists; Job Descriptions1982-06thesis
9 Warner, Homer R.A computer-based model for providing empiric antibiotic therapy in a hospital.Antibiotics; Hospital Acquired Infections1999-12dissertation
10 Lau, Lee Min.A diagnostic expert system, Iliad, as a quality review screen.Microbiology; Health Care1994-12dissertation
11 Bale, Martha JensA needs assessment for and development of an instructional manual on clinical microbiology for medical personnel.Questionnaiares1981-06thesis
12 Yen, Ming-Cheng.A new standard method for determination of oxygen content.Spectrophotometry; Histogram1982-03dissertation
13 Smith, Edward AlbertA simulator of a multiphasic patient-screening facilityMEDLAB; Digital Computer Stimulation1970-08thesis
14 Barrett, William Arthur.A stochastic model for probabilistic determination of left ventricular borders.BiophysicsBiophysics; Biophysics1978-08dissertation
15 Oniki, Thomas AlanA table-driven system for representing and executing clinical rules.Data Processing; Clinical Care Management2001-05dissertation
16 Phansalkar, ShobhaAdvanced methods for detection of adverse drug events in clinical notes.Drugs; Automataic Data Processing2007-08dissertation
17 Kukhareva, PolinaAdvancing clinical decision support (CDS) and electronic clinical quality measurement (ECQM)Information technology; Health care management2017dissertation
18 Shu, Jing.An Analysis of knowledge engineering process.Medical Informatics; Data Processing; Computer-Assisted Decision-Making1991-06thesis
19 Beatty, Shelley Melinda Smith.An Application of automated decision logic in diagnostic radiology.Data Processing; Radiology, Medical1980-06thesis
20 Shi, JianlinAn efficient pipeline for high-performance information extraction of support clinical natural language processing2019dissertation
21 Wong, Anthony Fook LeongAn in silico method to compare and evaluate computer-based clinical protocolsMedicine; Health sciences; Information science2017dissertation
22 Wadsworth, John ChapinAn informatics approach to chronic disease management in primary care: blending business intelligence and care process models2013-05thesis
23 Teerlink, Craig CAnalysis of Extended Pedigrees Ascertained for AsthmaAsthma; Statistics2010-05-17dissertation
24 Knight, StaceyAnalysis of extended pedigrees for localizing of genes in neuropyschiatric disordersAutism; Genetic association; Genetic epidemiology; Linkage analysis; Shared genomic segments; Tourette Syndrome2010dissertation
25 Nelson, Brent DalmasAnalysis, prioritization, and simulation of space station medical careSpace medicine1987-06thesis
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