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1 Biggs, Jason StanleyLung-selective regulation of the human CYP3A genesThe cytochrome P450 enzyme system in the human lung is an essential component in lung-directed damage caused by several inhaled xenobiotics. However, the biochemical mechanisms responsible for selective expression of these P450s, especially in lung, have not been adequately characterized. Members of...Cytochrome P-450; Lungs - Diseases - Etiology2005-08
2 Jensen, JoanDevelopment of a nurse-psychiatric patient interaction inventoryThe purpose of the study was to construct multiple choice inventory which would be useful in assessing the types and quality of verbal responses which nurses make to psychiatric patients in a variety of nurse-patient interaction situationPsychiatric nursing; Nurse and patient1966-06
3 Ouellette, Pauline YvonneAnalysis of the facilitation of excitatory transmitter release at the crayfish neuromuscular junctionThis pilot descriptive study investigated the effects of a nursing procedure on selected cardiovascular hemodynamic variables. The nursing procedure consisted of turning and positioning the patients from a (1) supine to right lateral, (2) right lateral to supine, and (3) supine to left lateral posi...Crayfish-Physiology; Neuromuscular transmission1968-08
4 Thomas, Randal JayComputed tomography in the diagnosis of low-back painIn the management of patients with low-back pain three general sources of information are utilized by the attending physician to diagnose the specific pain-producing disorder: (a) the demographic and historical data reported by the patient, (b) the physical examination performed by the physician, an...Tomography; Backache1984-06
5 Sun, Qi-KangPatient record presentation in a hierarchically based medical expert systemAn algorithm was developed to improve the display of the patient record in the Iliad expert system. The functional improvements in the display include the following features: 1) organization by category (history, physical exam), 2) indentation to distinguish levels of the dictionary term, 3) bold di...Medical records - Data processing; Medicine - Data processing1989-12
6 Nielsen, Parivash BamdadKinetics of neutrophils and hematopoietic progenitor cells in rats infected with E. ColiThe effects of bacterial infection on neutrophil kinetics have been studies for many years. This study measured the effects of a sub-lethal infection with E. Coli on the neutrophil storage pool (NSP), neutrophil proliferative pool (NPP), immature to total neutrophil (I/T) ratio, absolute neutrophil...Neutrophilis; Hematopoietic stem cells; Escherichia coli infections1987-12
7 Rasmussen, Jennifer TerryRegulation of eye development by frizzled signaling in XenopusEye development in both invertebrates and vertebrates is regulated by a network of highly conserved transcription factors. However, it is not known what controls the expression of these factors to regulate early eye formation, and whether transmembrance signaling events are involved. Her we establ...Xenopus - Development; Eye - Growth - Regulation2001-08
8 Cunningham, William KentNickel (II) and cobalt (II) complexes of amides and diamidesNickel (II) and cobalt (II) complexes are reported for the first time with the following ligands: propionamide (PA), N-butyramide (NBA), isobutyramide (IBA), trimethylacetamide (TMA), and dipropionamide (DPA),. The size of the amide affects the number of these ligands that coordinate to the centra...Coordination compunds1967-06
9 Sever, Sharona JaelProposal to establish the position of clinical pharmacy coordinatorThis document outlines a request by the Department of Pharmacy Services to establish a professional position - that of a Clinical Coordinator. The report begins by describing the development of pharmacy practice at University Hospital. Traditional ward stock and prescription dispensing gave way to...Pharmacy Service; Hospital; Pharmacy Administration1985-08
10 Neilsen, Paul O.Inflammatory effects of bacterial endotoxinsAt the dawn of the millennium, bacteria remain a significant threat to human health. Worldwide the toll is enormous, including developed countries like the United States, where there are 500,000 cases of sepsis (a serious disease due to bacterial infection) per year with a mortality rate around 40 p...Inflammation; Endotoxins; Bacterial toxins1999-12
11 Ellstrom, Kathleen E.Frequency of false electrocardiogram alarms in the intensive care unit/coronary care unitThe purpose of this study was to determine how often a false electrocardiogram (ECG) alarm occurred in an intensive care unit (ICU) or coronary care unit (CCU). Nine patients were monitored for 12-1/2 hours. The false alarms that occurred were documented and the cause was noted. Five patients were...Electrocardiography; Coronary care units1984-06
12 Kuehn, Karen A.Maternal-fetal attachment in the high-risk pregnancyThe problem of the study was to identify attachment behaviors of high-risk pregnant women. The subjects participating in the study were 40 high-risk women in their third trimester of pregnancy. The data were contrasted to previously collected data from 41 low-risk pregnant women who were demographic...Pregnancy - Complications; Mother and child; Attachment behavior1986-06
13 Sloan, Donald LeroyChanges in preferential hydration of glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase from yeast brought about by coenzyme bindingThe binding of nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide to glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase from yeast was investigated over a temperature and pH range by methods of fluorescence quenching, sedimentation equilibrium, and nuclear magnetic relaxation in order to characterized aspects of the protein ...Yeast; Dehydogenases1972-12
14 Blood, C. MichellEffects of patient death on certified nurse midwivesThe purpose of this study was to explore the effects of patient death on certified nurse midwives (CNMs) who were acting as primary caregivers. This study also identified methods used by the CNMs to cope with that death. The investigation was a descriptive study of seven CNMs who had experienced the...Patients - Death; Midwives2000-08
15 Stick, Katherine AnnaStudy of mothering behavior at two points in timeMuch research has been done to define and describe the mothering process in the maternal-infant relationship. This research has tended to emphasize the manifestations of attachment behavior in the child while the processes of maternal attachment are poorly documented. Information on the particular...Maternity nursing; Mother and child1971-08
16 Sleutel, Martha RiderEffect of vibroacoustic stimulation on fetal heart rate during nonstress testsVibroacoustic stimulation of the fetus with an artificial larynx has been shown to cause an immediate fetal startle response, and increase in fetal activity and an increase in fetal heart rate (FHR) accelerations that persist for 10 to 60 minutes or longer. This randomized prospective study compare...Fetal heart rate monitoring1988-08
17 Jarvis, Joseph Q.Family medicine and the predoctoral medical curriculumFamily medicine faculty at medical school throughout the United States have stated that their specialty should be recognized as a required part of the predoctoral medical curriculum. Other medical faculty members have expressed disagreement. Support for family medicine as an integral part of medic...Family medicine - Study and teaching; Premedical education1986-06
18 Campbell, Caron CandaceChanges in basal body temperatures and the prediction of the onset of laborPregnant women were requested to chart daily basal body temperatures from the 37th week of gestation until the birth of their infants in order to examine whether changes in basal body temperatures occur in relationship to the spontaneous onset of labor in such a way the labor can thus be predicted. ...Labor (Obstetrics); Body temperature1982-08
19 Chen, ZhidongIdentification of optimal target sequences for antisense-, ribozyme-, and decoy-mediated gene inhibitionAntisense oligonucleotides, ribozymes, and transcription factor decoys are nucleic acid based agents. They inhibit target gene expression in a sequence-specific manner, and therefore, have great therapeutic potential. Currently, a relatively effective antisense, ribozyme, or decoy sequence is identi...Nucleotide sequence; Gene expression1999-05
20 Abedin, Shaikha BinteNutrient dynamics in the Jordan River and Great Salt Lake wetlandsIn an era of growing urbanization, anthropological changes like hydraulic modification and industrial pollutant discharge have caused a variety of ailments to urban rivers, which include organic matter and nutrient enrichment, loss of biodiversity, and chronically low dissolved oxygen concentrations...Jordan River Valley - Climate; Jordan River (Utah)2016
21 Park, Marilyn McKayRelationship between scores on a nurse-psychiatric patient interaction inventory and nurse performanceThe study was an attempt to further validate the Nurse-Psychiatric Patient Interaction Inventory (NPPII). The NPPII is an 18-item, empirically derived inventory designed to measure the extent to which a nurse can select potentially therapeutic verbal responses in nurse-psychiatric patient situation...Nurse and patient; Psychiatric nursing1967-06
22 Phillips, SuzanneComparison of perceptions of infant behaviors and development by adolescent and nonadolescent mothersThis study was designed to compare maternal perceptions of infant behaviors and development in a group of adolescent and nonadoles-cent mothers. The original hypothesis was that adolescent mothers would have less realistic perceptions of their infants and less knowledge of developmental norms than...Infant psychology; Teenage mothers1979-03
23 Maxwell, Molly TuckerProducts of fibrinolysisMany haemorrhagic complications have been attributed to increased intravascular fibrinolytic activity. The degradation products resulting from fibrinolysis have been shown to interfere in fibrin polymerization and have been observed in defective clot formation., Although considerable knowledge has ...Fibrinolysis1969-08
24 McReynolds, Nancy E.Primary caregivers at home: relationship between the older Americans resources and services assessed functional levels of the caregiver and care receiver spouse dyadThe Older Americans Resources and Services (OARS) Multidimensional Functional Assessment Questionnaire (OMFAQ) was administered to 20 spouse dyads. In this study, one spouse was the primary informal caregiver for the other impaired spouse who was receiving home health care services. The data were s...Older people - Home care - United States1987-03
25 Manning, Jerry EdselStructure and replication of Euglena gracills chloroplast DNAThe DNA molecule from chloroplasts of Euglena gracilis, strain Z, has been examined to determine (1) the structure and molecular weight of the molecule, (2) the mechanisms of replication of the molecule and (3) the ability of the molecule to replicate autonomously. The chloroplasts were found to co...Proteins; Phenotypes; DNA; Euglena gracilis; Mitochondria1971-08
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