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1 Call in the Ref: The Impact of an Interest-Regulating Strategy on the Reading of Uninteresting TextsThe purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine the effectiveness of an instructional intervention designed to help high school students learn to regulate their interest when reading uninteresting texts. An intervention was developed utilizing current research on motivation and interes...Secondary education; Reading instruction2017
2 Glucose Metabolism is Essential for Platelet FunctionPatients with diabetes display increased thrombosis and platelet activation. Preliminary metabolomics analysis of platelets from patients with T2DM revealed an accumulation of glycolytic and TCA intermediates relative to healthy controls. In vitrostudies of platelets un...2016-12
3 Nanoinformatics: Advancing in Silico Cancer ResearchNanoinformatics is a relatively young field of study that is important due to its implications in the field of nanomedicine, specifically toward the development of nanoparticle drug delivery systems. As more structural, biochemical, and physiochemical data become available regarding nanoparticles, t...2016-08
4 Tephrostratigraphy of the Chemeron Formation Baringo Basin, KenyaThe Baringo Basin, in the northern Rift Valley of Kenya, has long been a focus of interest for various academic disciplines. Its deposits, ranging in age from the Miocene to the Pleistocene, with mammalian fossil localities have not only provided an opportunity for intensive study but have also r...Volcanic ash, tuff, etc -- Kenya -- Baringo Basin; Geology -- Kenya -- Baringo Basin1993-03
5 Factors related to use of internet parent support groups by primary caregivers of a child with special health care needsThe purpose of this study was to explore and describe factors related to use of Internet parent support groups (IPSG) by primary caregivers of a child with special health care needs (CSHCN) at home. The Transactional Model of Stress, Coping and Adaptation was used as a framework for developing an In...Chronically ill children; Family relationships; Parent-Child Relations; Internet2002-05
6 The effects of linear and rotational plyometric exercise on baseball bat swing velocityIncreasing baseball bat velocity is the goal of many baseball strength and conditioning programs, as fast bat velocity is essential for successfully hitting a baseball. Despite the desire to increase bat velocity, few studies have examined the effectiveness of training using rotational and linear pl...Baseball; Bat; Plyometric; Rotational; Swing; Velocity; Kinesiology; Biomechanics2011-12
7 Effects of low fluence neutron bombardment on material properties of aluminum 2024 T-3 and aluminum wireThe purpose of this work was to explore the impact of neutron irradiation (1018 n/m2 to 1021 n/m2) on the aluminum alloy 2024 T-3, and several corrosion resistant treatments commonly used. The irradiation was conducted in the Utah Nuclear Engineering Programs Reactor facility using the Fast Neutron ...Aluminum; Nuclear engineering2013-05
8 Effects of strain on cardiac electrophysiology and microstructureDoes strain induce changes in the electrical properties of the heart? Does strain affect the microstructure of cardiac myocytes? Others have considered these questions, but have been limited in their findings. I addressed the first question by measuring conduction velocity in papillary muscles in re...Capacitance; Conduction velocity; Heart; Stretch; Transverse tubule; Biomedical engineering; Physiology2011-12
9 The effects of the earth's magnetic field on Cherekov light image parametersThe Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS) detects Cerenkov radiation from extended air showers (EAS) produced by Ƴ rays that interact with the earth's atmosphere. The earth's magnetic field effects the development of EAS by interacting with secondary charge particles in ...Geomagnetism; Cherenkov radiation; Astrophysics2012-08
10 The effects of teacher talk on L2 learners' comprehensionIn the field of the second language acquisition, a number of studies have investigated the phenomenon of linguistic input to L2 learners in order to determine its role in the process of acquiring a target language. In classroom settings, such input is provided by the L2 teacher speech to nonnative s...Linguistics; English as a Second Language; Foreign Language2011-12
11 The effects of the taped-problems time-delay intervention to teach sight words using an IpodThe current study is an extension of the research literature using time-delay taped-words intervention to teach sight words. An iPod Touch delivered the time-delay taped-words intervention to second grade students who had been identified as at risk for reading difficulties. This study utilized a res...Intervention; iPod; Reading; Sight words; Taped-problems; Time-delay; Educational psychology; Literacy; Reading instruction; Educational technology2011-11
12 Eighth grade adolescent substance use and involvement with drug-using friends: prosocial environment as a moderating factorThe current study investigated the relationship between individual adolescent drug use, friends' drug use, and school, family, and community prosocial environments. Survey data from the 2007 SHARP survey collected from schools in a western state were analyzed to better understand the relationship be...Junior high school students; drug use; Behavioral psychology; Educational psychology; Developmental psychology2012-08
13 Elastoplastic constitutive modeling of fluid-saturated porous materials with new methods for numerical solution and mesoscale validationTo facilitate material point method (MPM) simulations of hypervelocity shaped-charge jet penetration into fluid-saturated porous geomaterials, a new constitutive model has been developed in which fluid pressure accumulates under pore collapse with a corresponding change in elastic properties and str...Constitutive Model; Effective Stress; Mesoscale; Plasticity; Porous; Shape Charge Jet; Mechanical engineering2015
14 Elderly Breast Cancer SurvivorshipThe majority of survivors of cancer are 65 years of age or older and yethistorically, cancer research has not been inclusive of older patients. The expected exponential growth in elderly survivors in the near future has increased concerns regarding the appropriate care for this population. The purpo...2011-08
15 Electrochemical concentration measurements for multianalyte mixtures in simulated electrorefiner saltThe development of electroanalytical techniques in multianalyte molten salt mixtures, such as those found in used nuclear fuel electrorefiners, would enable in situ, real-time concentration measurements. Such measurements are beneficial for process monitoring, optimization and control, as well as fo...Electrochemistry; Engineering; Nuclear chemistry; Energy2016
16 Electrical conductivity of nickel nanostrand polymer compositesThe electrical conductivity properties of nickel nanostrands in polymer composite systems are investigated and characterized. Recently developed nickel nanostrands feature a three-dimensionally interconnecting and branching nanostructure that is shown to be highly effective at imparting electrical c...Composites; Conductive; Electrical conductivity; Nanostrand; Nickel; Nanotechnology; Materials science2012-08
17 Electro dynamic sorting of metals, alloys and scrapMagnetic separation technology has been utilized for many years in the scrap sorting industry. Ferrous metal scrap is easily sorted using magnetic separation while sorting nonferrous scrap is a tricky process. Currently available technology to sort nonferrous material using mechanical eddy current s...Eddy currents recycling of non ferrous scrap; Recycling of metals; Electromagnetics2016
18 Electrochemical performance of LI-MG and columnar SI anodes for high capacity LI-ion cells: experiments and modeling of charge/discharge behaviorThis dissertation work can be divided into two parts: (1) an experimental section involving synthesis and electrochemical testing of (a) Li-Mg and (b) columnar Si anodes for high capacity Li-ion batteries, and (2) a theoretical modeling section in which analytical modeling frameworks are developed t...Columnar silicon; Diffusion; Electrochemical modeling; Lithium alloy anodes; Lithium ion batteries; Lithium magnesium alloys; Energy; Materials science2013-12
19 Manipulation of the CUL4-DCAF1 Ubiquitin Ligase by the Paralogous Primate Lentiviral Accessory Proteins Vpr and VpxUpon infecting a host, viruses immediately face restriction by the host immune system, including innate and adaptive responses. To mediate efficient replication, viruses have evolved a number of mechanisms to subvert and bypass the host immune responses. Among the earliest immune protections encount...2014-12
20 Development and Evaluation of Leveraging Biomedical Infomatics Techniques to Enhance Public Health SurveillancePublic health surveillance systems are crucial for the timely detection and response to public health threats. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the release of anthrax in the following month, there has been a heightened interest in public health surveillance. The years immediate...2014-08
21 Evaluating the hydrological impact of removing woody biomass for biofuel production through unsaturated zone modelingDue to climate change concerns, governments and consumers are demanding higher environmental accountability for transportation fuels, particularly as related to carbon emissions. Wood-based energy markets have been proposed as a means to ensure sustainable forests, enhance energy security, promote e...Biomass; Hydrological; Modeling; UNSAT-H; Unsaturated; Zone; Hydrologic sciences; Environmental engineering2017
22 Evaluating the Utilization of the National Health Insurance Scheme in Rural GhanaLike most nations of the world, the leadership of Ghana, irrespective of political regime, has both formulated and subsequently implemented several national development policies in the quest of improving the lives of her citizenry. These procedures, in some cases, have been aligned with global goals...Public health2013-08
23 Evaluation of 3-bout exercise laboratory protocol in development of psychophysiological markers of training stress indicative of overreachingThe prevalence of overtraining (OT) may vary anywhere from 10-60%, depending on the sport and athletic level. OT poses many problems to coaches, teams, and athletes as it leads to performance decrements, injury, and lost playing time. The physiological development of OT is not well understood and co...Cycling; Endurance Athletes; Fatigue; Overreaching; Overtraining; Behavioral psychology; Kinesiology; Physiology2015-08
24 Evaluation of Computerized Notifications for Laboratory Monitoring of Postliver Transplant Immunosupressive CareFollowing liver transplantation, patients require lifelong immunosuppressive care and monitoring to prevent organ rejection, drug toxicity, and death. Traditionally, transplant centers use paper-based processes that are not scalable and can lead to inefficiencies and deficiencies in information mana...2016-05
25 Evaluation of double-moment representation of war-rain and ice hydrometeors in bulk microphysical parameterizationThe influence of double-moment representations of warm-rain and ice hydrometeors on the numerical simulations of a Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) over the Southern Great Plains (SGP) during the Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E) has been investigated. The Weather Research...Cloud microphysicas; Mesoscale convective system; Numerical weather prediction2014-12
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