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1 Dickenson, Janna A.Is testosterone the hormone of desire? for some women, some of the timeovulation; sex drive; sexual minority; Testosterone; women2014thesis
2 Hopman, Rachel JaneMeasuring cognition in nature: an exploratory study using electroencephalographyAttention; Attention Restoration Theory; Cognition; Default Mode Network; Electroencephalography; Nature2016thesis
3 Justesen, Don RobertPleasure Centers in the Brain?1960thesis
4 Komolova, MariyaWhat I want and what you want: children's thinking about the conflicts between their own desires and those of othersConflict (Psychology) in children; Interpersonal relations in children2008-08thesis
5 Coleman, James RichardWorking memory capacity and task goals modulate error-specific event-related potentialsEEG; ERN; Individual differences; Pe; Post-error slowing; Working memory capacity2014-08thesis
6 Kaufman, Erin A.Biosocial correlates of identity disturbance among suicidal youthBorderline personality disorder; Identity disturbance; Parent-child relations; Psychopathology; Psychophysiological responding; Suicide2014-08thesis
7 Mackaronis, Julia E.A taxometric analysis of pedophiliaLatent structure; Multiphasic sex inventory; Pedophilia; Taxometrics2011-05thesis
8 Harris, Julia A.Self-Injurious thoughts and behaviors interview (Sitbi), version 2.0: reliability and validity in a military and veteran sample2018thesis
9 Story, Trent NathanAnxiety, emotional reactivity, and attachment as predictors of embedding dimensionality of affectAffect; Dynamics; Personality2011-08thesis
10 Fagundes, Christopher PAttachment, autonomic functioning, and adolescent lossAdolescence; Attachment; Loss; Psychophysiology2010-08dissertation
11 Jordan, Kevin DavidReligiousness and spirituality as moderators of physiological responses to social evaluative threat2014-05dissertation
12 Werley, Harriet HelenSex differences in cognitive consistency and persuasibility with respect to real life issues.Persuasive Communication; Psychology1969-06dissertation
13 Weeden, Christy S. S.The role of the ventral dentate gyrus in olfactory learning and memory and anxiety-based disordersAnxiety; Dentate gyrus; Hippocampus; Olfaction; Rodent; Ventral2012-08dissertation
14 Millikin, Louise ElizabethThe relationship between achievement, attitude, school marks and intelligence in high school1936-05thesis
15 Moore, Shannon MichelleThe role of attitude familiarity in interpersonal decision makingAttitude (Psychology); Decision making - Psychological aspects2014-08thesis
16 Clark, Jascha KennedyRole of dorsal CA3 recurrent collaterals in cue-induced pattern completion leading to relapse into drug taking and drug seeking behaviorsDrug abuse - Relapse - Treatment; Drug abuse - Treatment; Hippocampus (Brain) - Effect of drugs on2009thesis
17 Skidmore, Chloe RebeccaSelf-inflicted injury in community adolescents: a pilot study of interpersonal needs and disclosureAdolescents; Disclosure; Interpersonal theory; Non-suicidal self-injury2013-08thesis
18 Hughes, Amy E.Regulatory benefits of emotional processing and self-control in adolescents with type 1 diabetesAdherence; Adolescents; Emotional processing; Metabolic control; Self-regulation; Type 1 diabetes2011-05thesis
19 Cribbet, Matthew R.Resting respiratory sinus arrhythmia is associated with affective responses to romantic partner interactions in daily lifeArrhythimia; Intimacy (Psychology); Interpersonal relations - Psychological aspects2013-12dissertation
20 Villalobos, Michele ElizabethScreening for autism in toddlers: a follow-up studyAutism; CSBS; Early identification; MCHAT; Screening2011-12dissertation
21 Bennett, Diana C.Primary versus secondary callousness among juvenile justice-involved youth: investigating differences in emotion regulationCallous-unemotional traits; Delinquency; PTSD2013-05thesis
22 Brown, Mindy A.An Experimental test of the effects of acute stress and parental bonding history on maternal sensitivity2019thesis
23 Cronan, Sierra B.Perceived Supports Effect on Cardiovascular Reactivity and Health Behavior as Determined by Relationship TypeSocial psychology2018thesis
24 Padilla, Lace M. K.Visual-spatial biases in ensemble cognition2018dissertation
25 Baron, Carolynne E.Personality and interpersonal influences on ambulatory blood pressure in couplesAmbulatory; Blood pressure; Couples; Interpersonal; Personality2014-08thesis
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