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1 "Living with our toxic legacy": parafictional practice and the national toxic land/labor conservation serviceThe way in which land is used and developed by the United States government has recently, over the past decade, become a topic of interest to individual artists and collectives. The National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service (NTLCS) is one such collective that tracks government funded greenwashi...contemporary art; greenwashing; national wildlife refuge; parafiction; performance art; toxicity2017
2 A Slingshot out of the valley contemporary relevance of the local in the local art sceneRecent developments in Salt Lake City's visual arts community indicate that a new generation of artists is ready to emerge to an appreciative and supportive audience. Salt Lake's unique position as a growing urban center cultivates upcoming artists, but rarely has a local artist escaped the valley a...2009
3 Antonio Henrique Amaral's Battlefield paintings (1973-1974) and the Brazilian military dictatorshipMy thesis explores how Brazilian artist Antônio Henrique Amaral grappled with the censorship and oppression of the military regime (1964-1985) in his series of oil paintings entitled Campos de batalha (Battlefields, 1973-1974). In these works, he included various representations of bananas that are...Antonio Henrique Amaral; Banana; Brazil; Dictatorship; Human Rights' Abuses; Painting2017
4 Gold powder and gunpowder: the appropriation of western firearms into japan through high cultureWhen an object is introduced to a new culture for the first time, how does it transition from the status of a foreign import to a fully integrated object of that culture? Does it ever truly reach this status, or are its foreign origins a part of its identity that are impossible to overlook? What rol...Arquebus; Firearms; Japan; Lacquer; Momoyama; Noh2015-08
5 Henry Fuseli's The Death of Dido at Somerset HouseThis thesis examines the disquieting paradoxes of neo-classical form in Henry Fuseli's The Death of Dido (1781). Drawing his subject matter from Virgil's Aeneid, Fuseli depicts a voluptuous and seemingly ideal feminine figure that recalls the Nike of Samothrace (c. 220-190 BCE) in all her drama and...Dido; Feminine; Fuseli; Fussli; Joshua Reynolds; Somerset2011-08
6 Homosocial tension in aaron siskind's bill lipkind 10: an examination of the male form as outlierThe photograph Bill Lipkind 10 (1960), by Aaron Siskind, provides a divergent narrative of the photographer. The photograph, which depicts a nude male, problematizes an artist and artwork traditionally seen as Abstract Expressionist in a culture of homophobic Post-War American art. Consideration of ...Abstract Expressionist; Homosocial; Photography2015
7 Motherhood and representation at the Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Judy Chicago, Catherine Opie, Canan SenolThis thesis begins with one central question: how did second-wave feminist artists represent motherhood and his is it represented today? I explore this question through case-studies of three artists and their work: Judy Chicago's The dinner Party (1974-1979), Catherine Opie's Self-Portrait/Nursing (...Breastfeeding; Catherine opie; Feminism; Judy Chicago; Motherhood; Sackler center for feminist art2011-08
8 Oh, dracula: chris burden's 1974 performance at the utah museum of fine artsOn 7 October, 1974, Chris Burden wrapped himself in a fabric and adhesive tape cocoon and lay suspended from the foyer gallery wall of The Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) for a total of eight hours. On either side of the cocoon hung two old master paintings, and below him stood two lit candle sticks...Chris Burden; Oh Dracula; UMFA2015-08
9 Race, sexuality, and power in Ivens Machado's video performance Escravizador-Escravo (1974)Brazilian artist Ivens Olinto Machado's experimental video, Escravizador-Escravo (1974), deploys the body to elucidate a violent power struggle between the artist and an Afro-Brazilian man. The video constructs clear hierarchal relationship between the two actors while also introducing a homoerotic ...Brazilian Video Art; Escravizador-Escravo; Gilberto Freyre; Homosexual Relations; Ivens Machado; Racial Democracy2016
10 Re-envisioning the natural world in Eugene Delacroix's lion devouring a horseEugene Delacroix's 1844 lithograph Lion Devouring a Horse features a dead horse that has fallen prey to an eager lion in a shallow and ill-defined setting. While Delacroix pursued lion and horse imagery throughout his career, producing numerous small paintings, sketches, and drawings of the subject,...comparative anatomy; Delacroix; feline imagery; Gericault; lion; Stubbs2016
11 Tania candiani's bordadora (2012): the intersecting histories of religion and women's labor in mexicoTania Candiani's 2012 work Bordadora invites participants to whisper secrets in one of three confessional booths and then uses voice recognition software and an embroidery machine with Computer Numerical Control programming to stitch those secrets onto a tapestry in graffiti style lettering. The wor...confession; Contemporary art; Mexico; technology; women's labor2016
12 The artist is not present: Andy Warhol's 1967 Utah "hoax" as performance and self-portraitureMy thesis recounts Andy Warhol's 1967 controversy at the University of Utah, in which the artist sent actor Alan Midgette to lecture in his place. My first chapter incorporates critical source material from the University's student newspaper the Daily Utah Chronicle, including articles, eyewitness ...Performance; Self-portraiture2011-08
13 This is the place: site-specificity in Ernesto Pujol's Awaiting (2010)The recent performance work of Ernesto Pujol complicates the notion of site-specific art, extending into the tension of what--or who--constitutes a site. This project considers Pujol's April 2010 site-specific performance entitled Awaiting as a case study in the decidedly complicated relationship be...Awaiting; Ernesto Pujol; Performance art; Place; Site-specificity; Situationism2011-08
14 Translation and adaptation to english of the french plays "Marius " and "Fanny" by Marcel PagnolFrench playwrights are not satisfied in pleasing the public only. There is usually an attempt to breathe life into an idea.French drama -- Translations into English1953
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