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1 Tentacult!Tentacult! is Hotline Miami meets Pikmin. A bright, cheerful, cartoony world is being invaded by Lovecraftian Horrors - and you control the horde! Lead your minions to assimilate more and more until the entire world is in thrall!2016
2 Reload 360Reload 360 is a fast-paced arcade shooter that gives players 360-degree omni-vision and wall walking to help them track down and eliminate their opponents. Take control of a robot sentinel as you vie for control of one of three thrilling space arenas.2016
3 BESTB.E.S.T. is the world's first and only police training simulator to focus exclusively on de-escalation of conflict. In 2015, at least 1,205 American citizens were killed by police and 127 police officers were killed in the line of duty. B.E.S.T. teaches officers how to manage conflict BEFORE it beco...2016
4 DiveAction; Free to PlayDIVE is a 3-D, 3rd person runner where the player transverses the stratosphere of planets. The player controls a lone astronaut diver as she orbits dangerous routes, by dodging asteroids, avoiding space debris, and preventing re-entry into the planet's atmosphere.2016
5 Year of the GearThat's odd; the world should have ended with the Mayan Calendar! The darn thing must be broken! As a single Cog, get into the weirdest, most exciting, physics-puzzler adventure of your life; Repair, Rewind and Reinvent the clock!2016
6 This Side UpYou're an on-foot courier in the big city. Go scurrying through traffic and around corners to get your parcel to its destination. Just don't let it get smashed or go tumbling out of your hands while you're at it!2016
7 SkyreachSKYREACH will have you exploring an ancient civilization lost in the clouds. You will construct your path as you wind your way through floating mountains, hand carved columns, and relics of a time long passed. Collect crystals and time your play precisely to increase your score as you travel through...2016
8 EggwalkWhat the Yolk is EggWalk? Back in the day things were simple. Friendly yolkels balanced eggs on spoons and walked through meadows at their picnic parties. Not any more. In EggWalk let's embrace the chaos of modern life. The spoon is kaput, the egg has grown, and you are swerving through traffic-deli...2016
9 Forest Below2018
10 Forward2018
11 Lost Borderline2018
12 Geometry Boxer2018
13 Kickshot2018
14 Clawface2018
15 Mavrick2018
16 Project R.A.T.2018
17 The Samurai Crusader2018
18 Overclocked2018
19 Telophase2018
20 Porcuball2018
21 The Red Moon2018
22 Logout2018
23 Zoom2018
24 Ore2018
25 Blind TrustFree to play; AdventureBlind Trust is a two-player, cooperative, first-person game where the deaf lead the blind on a fantasy island using binaural audio. The Soldier uses sound to lead the Oracle through the level where the Oracle will hear obstacles, reveal them, and allow the Soldier to destroy them.2016
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