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1 Listening to Bluff2016ir_cmpText
2 Listening to Bryce Canyon City2017ir_cmpText
3 Listening to Morgan2015ir_cmpText
4 Listening to Morgan2015ir_cmpText
5 Listening to Uintah2015ir_cmpText
6 Listening to Ballpark2015ir_cmpText
7 Listening to Escalante2019ir_cmpText
8 Listening to Bonner County2018ir_cmpText
9 Listening to Springdale2014ir_cmpText
10 Listening to Mobridge2010ir_cmpText
11 A Case For Playscape and Nature-Play Design Applications in Salt Lake City, Utah2016ir_cmpText
12 Crossing the divide: suggesting a new model for developing better public-private partnerships by addressing the differences in development appoaches between public and private sectors2018ir_cmpText
13 Impact of Transit on Multifamily Property Values: A Meta-Analysis2019ir_cmpText
14 E-Scooters as a First-Last Mile Solution2019ir_cmpText
15 Affordable Housing Crisis in Northwest Arkansas2019ir_cmpText
16 Salt Lake Central Intermodal Hub Redesign2019ir_cmpText
17 Median Income Housing Report for Saratoga Springs City, Utah2019ir_cmpText
18 Reimagine Midblock paths in Downtown Salt Lake City2019ir_cmpText
19 Japanese people of Utah & Japan town in Salt Lake City2019ir_cmpText
20 Neighborhoods for aging: A Case Study of the Avenues2019ir_cmpText
21 Re-Envisioning movement and space: improving accessibility and experience through the McLeod Creek Trail2019ir_cmpText
22 Millard County: An Economy in Transition2019ir_cmpText
23 Salt Lake City Housing affordability - Inclusionary Zoning & other tools2019ir_cmpText
24 Municipal subdivision review: identifying problems and innovations to streamline the process2018ir_cmpText
25 Strategic economic development: using industry location preferences in planning2018ir_cmpText
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