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1 The shakedown: The implementation and implications of natural disaster response protocols on a local levelThere are critical transition moments in public health: when epidemics become pandemics, when storms become hurricanes, when incidents become disasters. This paper will explore the national preparedness and response standards developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (!!HS) and h...2016
2 Backpack 2 SchoolHaving identified the inequities of the achievement gap that exist in Title 1 schools, the Backpack 2 School program's mission is to make a positive impact in the lives of youth, families and educators in uniting community support to (1) excite kids about starting the school year and their education...2009-09
3 Prescription drug abuse awareness through Generation RxPrescription drug abuse is on the rise in Utah. In 2010 there were more deaths caused by prescription overdoses than car accidents (Johnson, 2010). To combat this growing problem I implemented an outreach program called Operation Generation Rx into the American Pharmacist Association Academy of Stud...2012-03-30
4 Establishing a development event for a free medical clinicBACKGROUND - Leadership and service and difficult to learn for some students seeking professional careers. At the University of Utah College of Pharmacy, the pharmacy gala has become a student-initiated and student-led opportunity for student pharmacists to practice both leadership and service-learn...2011-02
5 Diversity InitiativeHigh school tends to be a homogeneous environment where everyone is trying to be the same and fit in. Diversity is not highly valued by most students and I was on a mission to change that. I wanted students to see how diversity makes you stronger not weaker. I worked with Alta High School to develop...
6 Guadalupe to the U DayGuadalupe to the U Day was designed to expose underrepresented 1st through 4th graders in the Glendale neighborhood to the idea that higher education is an attainable option for them. Guadalupe to the U day served many purposes, one being to draw the connection between current curriculum in the clas...2011-04
7 Alternative Spring Break - Las VegasAlternative Spring Break has been a tradition for many years at the University of Utah, helping college students gain meaningful experiences through service-learning during their spring break. This paper looks at an Integrated Service Project of creating a new trip to Las Vegas, Nevada addressing th...2011-04
8 Raising autism awareness by providing information in a Spanish alternativeAfter the diagnosis of my nephews with autism, I became interested in the underlying factors behind this disease. Studies show that early preventive programs can help curb the negative effects of autism and in some cases, cure it. My integrated service project was centered on raising autism awarenes...2012-04-01
9 Creation of the G.E.A.R U.P. orientation manualThere is a great need for programs which assist students from low income and minority background in having the support and resources to attend and complete college. Gear Up is a program which seeks to meet this need by providing low-income students with scholarships as well as in school and after sc...2009-05
10 Students achieving in science and academia (SAAE)The integrative service project (ISP) completed is an after school engineering program, Students Achieving in Academia and Engineering (SAAE), that is implemented at Monroe Elementary a Title 1 school located in West Valley. The program is for 4th - 6th graders over 8 weeks its purpose is to cultiva...2014-04-01
11 Designing the scientific research program for post-release survival rates of the avian patients of the wildlife rehabilitation center of Northern UtahWhile the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center ofNorthern Utah (WRCNU) utilizes effective methods to enable birds admitted into their care to be released back into the wild, there has been no way to determine the survival rates of these birds post-release to determine the true success rate of the rehabili...2013-08-12
12 Cultivation and implementation of community-engaged pharmacy services in a free clinic to enhance care for the medically underservedA community-academic partnership between the Maliheh Free Clinic and the University of Utah College of Pharmacy was formed to fulfill a community need for pharmacy services. Three pharmacy services were developed and implemented with the support of students, faculty, and the clinic. Pharmacy service...2014-04-01
13 Operation smoke outIntroduction: The purpose of this ISP was to promote smoking cessation and prevention through education to both pharmacy professionals and the community in conjunction with the Utah Tobacco Prevention Task Force and the Utah Dept. of Health. Individual goals within the project included providing edu...2014-04-01
14 The Red Butte Garden Plant Database: For Organization and Community UseBotanical gardens have certain features that distinguish them from pleasure gardens and public parks. In the latter part of the 20th century, the environmental and sustainability movement changed botanic garden missions to increase the serious tones of research, education, and conservation (p. 185-2...2014-08-01
15 Prevention, recognizing, and treating childhood obesity: A risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes mellitusBACKGROUND - This integrated service project report summarizes my involvement in the Utah Pediatric Partnership to Improve Healthcare Quality (UPIQ) learning collaborative and Central City Community Health Center. The project focus is to recognize, prevent, and treat childhood obesity. The project i...2009-04
16 Project for integrative refugee writing programsThis paper entails the summation of research, development and procedures of community partnerships, workshop facilitation, and sustainability procedures of three refugee writing programs in Salt Lake City, Utah. It introduces reasons for taking on the project, which includes partnering with SLCC Com...2013-04-01
17 Teen sexual assault & dating violence curriculumThe primary purpose of this paper is to examine research on teen sexual assault, a huge social issue in the United States. Utah's incidence of rape is higher than the national average. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable in 2006, 8% of female high school students and 6% of male high school stude...2011-12
18 Volunteer interpreter handbookThe University Hospital has an Interpreting Service Department that helps to coordinate and facilitate interpreting appointments in a variety of languages. These appointments take place in clinics throughout the hospital as well as Research Park. While Interpreting Services maintains the use of a hi...2009
19 RevolutionaryThis is a summary of an Integrative Service Project (ISP) in partnership with the University of Utah Bennion Center and Rise, Inc. In this project, I created and administered a healthy living program for a group of teens with special needs who participated in an after-school program at Rise, Inc., c...2011-10-05
20 College exploration at Mountain View ElementaryBackground. Children should be given early opportunities to learn about what higher education can do for them in their future. Coming from a low income background, children may not see education as a priority in their life. Having opportunities where students, professors and professionals from unive...2011-04-20
21 Implementing climate-change curriculum in elementary schoolsThis paper briefly introduces the problems associated with the lack of climate-change and scientific literacy in our community, and recounts the experiences that the author had while attempting to find a solution to this problem. Many articles agree that it is necessary to educate the general public...2011-04
22 Humanities house integrated service projectThis program thrives to integrate the humanities-centered campus community and mentor/alumni service-centered community through outreach and civic engagement. The program is structured around the Humanities House in Officer's Circle of Housing and Residential Education in partnership with the Colleg...2009
23 A Chemistry- and English-based curriculum on nutrition and organic gardening to ages 4-18The purpose of this Integrative Service Project was to design and implement a Chemistry- and English-based curriculum that would discusses the benefits of organic gardening on nutrition for children between the ages of four and eighteen. First-hand experience with gardening has proved to be an effec...2013-02-14
24 Medication therapy managementMedication therapy management (MTM) is an extended pharmacy service that optimizes therapeutic outcomes and goals for patients by ensuring that their medications are appropriate, effective, safe, and able to be taken as intended. By collaborating with Service Learning Scholars and Partner for Promot...2014
25 Pete Suazo business center mentoringThe Pete Suazo Business Center (PSBC) is a non-profit organization that strives to develop minority entrepreneurs into successful businesspersons. This effort is only possible with the help of countless volunteer hours. The selfless service of diverse mentors and teachers help further the education ...2011-04
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