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1 Aerial View; Pershing Missiles at Geyer Site; Mountains in background1971-04-26gr_lcImage
2 Athena Missiles on Launches1964-08-24gr_lcImage
3 Big Spook and Little Spook; Range Controllers Wayne Woltz snd Jack Womer at Blanding Launch Complex1969-03gr_lcImage
4 Major Richard H. Schmidt administers oath to SFC Manual Heldgr_lcImage
5 Athena V 141 D with military men standing in front of itgr_lcImage
6 Pershing Project; Missile in firing position with Erector/Launcher Tracked Vehicle1963-08-09gr_lcImage
7 Missile crew prepares for firing of new Air Force missilegr_lcImage
8 Athena Launch -Complete Success1965-07-16gr_lcImage
9 Latest Pershing missile ready for launch1972-10-19gr_lcImage
10 Pershing Missile and Army Truck1972-10-19gr_lcImage
11 Missile fired from position 1-11972-05-17gr_lcImage
12 Military Officials Standing in Front of Athena Missile1970-03-26gr_lcImage
13 Pershing Missile Project; three missiles1972-05-17gr_lcImage
14 Athena B 003 and military men standing bygr_lcImage
15 Preparing a Pershing Missile for launching1963-10-14gr_lcImage
16 Missile launched from Fort Wingate Army Depot, N.M.1963-10-14gr_lcImage
17 Plaque to commemorate the first Loki-Dart missile launch.gr_lcImage
18 Loki-Dart Monumentgr_lcImage
19 Green River Test Complex Aerial View; Mountains, buildings1970gr_lcImage
20 Visit of Congressman Lawrence J. Burton to GRTC1964-09-06gr_lcImage
21 A group of men standing together in an equipment roomgr_lcImage
22 Military vehicle and equipment on missile base.gr_lcImage
23 Major R. Schmidt presents a gold welcome key to B.M. Malone.1964-10-15gr_lcImage
24 Col. Robert T. Townsend; Deputy, National Range Operations1968-08-12gr_lcImage
25 Colonel Joseph H.Meyer1973-01-15gr_lcImage
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