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1 2017 Pathology Residency Program Wellness Initiatives - Workspace ImprovementsJeffrey Mohlman, MD, MPH; David Hillyard, MD; Cheryl Palmer MD; Robert Davies, PhD - University of Utah Health Department of PathologyResilience Poster Session 2017
2 2018 Wellness Collaborative - College of Health, Center for Student SuccessE. Gardner; D. Belt; Y. Beyene; L. Brown; S. Lindsey; K. Paisley; B. ParkResilience Poster Session 2018
3 2018 Wellness: Prioritizing Staff Well-being to Improve Intraoperative Communication and MoraleStacey Larsen, BSN, RN; Katrina Smithee, BCN, RN, CNORResilience Poster Session 2018
4 A Compassionate Workplace Starts With YouSue Childress MN, RN, OCN; Melissa Banner MSN, RN, OCNResilience Poster Session 2018
5 Access to Physical and Mental Wellness ProgramsKarina Pritchett - University of Utah Health Department of Population Health SciencesResilience Poster Session 2017
6 Addressing Cardiology Faculty and Staff Wellness by Promoting Awareness Through Serial Surveys and Group DiscussionLillian Khor, MD; Adam Valencia, Ms; Lauren Warner BS; Dawn Yong, RN, James Fang, MDResilience Poster Session 2018
7 Affecting the Culture and Conversation Around WellnessGriffin Jardine, MD; Christian Seiter; Amy Henderson, LCSW; Lisa Ord, LCSW - University of Utah Health Moran Eye CenterResilience Poster Session 2017
8 An Interdepartmental Approach to Wellness Through Community PhilanthropyAaron Crosby, MD; Eric Moore, MD; Sarah Stone, MD; Sean Slack, MD; Megan Fix, MD; Jana Wold, MD; Caroline Milne, MD - University of Utah Health Departments of Neurology, Emergency Medicine, and Internal MedicineResilience Poster Session 2017
9 Career Progression Opportunities For NPs and PasCharity Coe, PA-C; Julie O'Brien, APRN; David Kendrick PA-C, Andrea Schindler APRN; Robert Glasgow, MD; David Ray, MBAResilience Poster Session 2018
10 Challenges and Strategies in Approaching One of the Most Un-Well Specialties NationallyStacey Clardy MD PhD; Susan Baggaley CRNP; Jana Wold MD; Peter Hannon MD; John Greenlee MD - University of Utah Health Department of NeurologyResilience Poster Session 2017
11 Creating a Community of Support: Primary Care - South Jordan Health CenterMichael Bouck, LCSW; Carolyn Sanchez, MD; Shane Gardner, RN; Linda Herrera, RN; Kelsee Wride, PharmD; Clint Christofferson, MA; Elizabeth Staff, MA; Erica Styles, MA; Jennifer Bills, MA; Rebekah JohnsonResilience Poster Session 2018
12 Cross Campus: Bike Share Pilot to Reduce Cross Campus Driving and Provide Fitness OpportunitiesJoan Sheetz, MD; Ginger Cannon; Thomas Miller MD - University of Utah Health Department of PediatricsResilience Poster Session 2017
13 Decreasing Work Outside of Clinic - Improving Clinic Flow at South Jordan Health CenterCarolyn Sanchez, MD; Margaret Solomon, MD; Brian Ely, MD; Laura Johnson, MD; Matthew Nimer, MD; David Owen, MD; Sarah Petersen, MD Alexis Somers, MD; Catherine Shutler, PA; Jared Wrigley; Dane Falkner; Shane Gardner - University of Utah Health Community Physicians GroupResilience Poster Session 2017
14 Department of Internal Medicine Women's World CaféDori Knight; Mandy Skonhovd; Aaron BellResilience Poster Session 2018
15 Developing a Video Intervention That Teaches Action PlanningBryan Gibson, PhD; Leah Yingling, BS; Marissa Tutt, BS; Jordan Harris, MBA; Jeff Jackman, MEAE; Shelley Taylor, BA; Jorie Butler, PhDResilience Poster Session 2017
16 Engaging Patients in Healthy Living - Redwood Health Center Garden ProgramMegan Whitlock, LCSW; Michael Bouck, LCSW; Teresa Lopez, LCSW; Julia Ewanowski, LCSW; Hannah O'Neil, CSW; Shauna Chong LeeResilience Poster Session 2018
17 Identification of Contributing Factors to Radiology Faculty BurnoutTroy Hutchins, MD; Nicole Winkler, MD - University of Utah Health Department of RadiologyResilience Poster Session 2017
18 Implementation of a Campus Wide Wellness Nutrition Program: Registered Dietitian ApprovedAnn Lokuta MPH, RD; Anne Pesek Taylor, RDResilience Poster Session 2018
19 Improving Critical Test Result Management in RadiologyMegan K. Mills; Tony Jones; Richard Wiggins III; Taylor Conkey; Edward Quigley; Luca Boi; Satoshi MinoshimaResilience Poster Session 2018
20 Improving Efficiency in Documentation and Coding ComplianceTiffany Weber, MD - University of Utah Health Department of Obstetrics & GynecologyResilience Poster Session 2017
21 Improving Faculty Ambulatory Practice ExperienceRobert E. Glasgow, MD; David Ray, MBA; In partnership with the Department of Surgery Value Council - University of Utah Health Department of SurgeryResilience Poster Session 2017
22 Improving Joy in the WorkplaceCaroline Milne, MD; Anna Beck, MD - University of Utah Health Department of Internal MedicineResilience Poster Session 2017
23 Improving the Quality of Center Lunches - Community Physicians GroupMargaret Solomon, MD; Carolyn Sanchez, MD; Ann Lokuta; Anne TaylorResilience Poster Session 2018
24 In-Basket Flow - Departments of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics - Redwood Health CenterMargaret Solomon, MD; Tyler Nelson; Brian Head; Mitchell Cannon, MBAResilience Poster Session 2018
25 Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training in a Medical Setting- A Pilot StudyAlexandra Kolaski, Trinh Mai, Rob Davies, Amy Armstrong, Jennifer M. Taylor, karen Stovall - University of UtahResilience Poster Session 2017
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