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1 Dental FlossJonathan HagnI bought the cheap stuff the first time I went to the store during lockdown because that was all they had. I thought: "How long could it possibly last?" I never expected two years.Physical Memento; Dental Floss; Humor; Lockdown
2 "Operation COVID-19 Anesthesia Dunkirk"Talmage Egan, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, University of UtahI am truly grateful for all that was accomplished by our department members during this very difficult and tumultuous time. "Operation COVID-19 Anesthesia Dunkirk," the name we attached to our department's response to the pandemic, called upon all department members to come to the rescue in their re...Healthcare Workers; Physical Memento; Story; Gratitude; Hospital; Sailing Ship
3 OrgansAnonymous #2097These physical mementos of miniature human body organs are dedicated to all the human lives lost to COVID, most of whom's organ systems failed them. They are dedicated to the people that died without family around them because of COVID restrictions. They are dedicated to the loved ones of those lost...Family; Healthcare Workers; Patient Experience; Physical Memento; Story; Hospital; Vaccine
4 Dropbox Memento: Hand Sanitizer - Pain Relievers - HeartAnonymous #2085Physical mementos submitted at the U of U Hospital dropbox.Dropbox Memento; Hand Sanitizer; Heart; Hospital; Pain Relief; Pin
5 Dropbox Memento: Lock - Token - Money - Shamrock CoinAnonymous #2077More great dropbox physical mementos for the final art piece!Dropbox Memento; Coin; Lock; Money; Shamrock; Token
6 Michael Grote, 1937-2020Anonymous #2092At 82, Michael Grote, of Naples, FL passed away from complications of Covid-19 on July 9, 2020.Family; Physical Memento; Grief; Music
7 Dropbox Memento: FitbitAnonymous #2079A Fitbit physical memento to go in the final mosaic COVID-19 art piece!Dropbox Memento; Exercise; Fitbit
8 Dropbox Memento: BowAnonymous #2094Dropbox submission at the U of U Hospital lobby.Dropbox Memento; Bow; Hospital
9 Riding my bike- "It kept me sane when things were crazy"Tamara Sheffield, MDIn the early months of COVID, the only activity I could do where I wouldn't run into a crowd was to ride my bike. During a time I felt isolated, I was able to enjoy a beautiful quiet world of trees, blossoms, rivers and birds. It kept me sane when things were crazy.Physical Memento; Story; Bike; Outdoors; Scenic
10 RBG: March 15, 1933 - September 18, 2020Anonymous #2107Ruth Bader Ginsberg was Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States from 1993 until her death in 2020. She didn't die of COVID, but she passed during the pandemic. Wish we could have held HUGE in-person parades and parties to honor her amazing legacy!Physical Memento; Story; Pin; RBG
11 In Memory of Marcena GilbertsonDebbieIn memory of my mom who passed away during COVID June 18, 2020. She loved Angels and gave me this on a key chain. I think she would love to share with your project. Thank you! <3 Debbie Rest in Peace Mom - Love you Forever! xoFamily; Mother; Physical Memento; Angel
12 First Responders and Essential WorkersAnonymous #2101A HUGE thank you to the first responders and other essential workers during the pandemic.Physical Memento; Essential Workers; First Responders; Lego
13 Dropbox Memento: Ring - Car - AnimalsAnonymous #2109Submissions from the U of U hospital dropbox!Dropbox Memento; Hospital; Toy
14 In memory of Bruce DeaconAnonymous #2099Bruce Deacon: 1947-2020Family; Father; Husband; Physical Memento
15 In Memory of John WaldalLea Ella Erickson; John WaldalJohn Waldal, my brother-in-law, was an energetic and friendly 76-year-old when, in October of 2020, he and my sister Ruth became ill with Covid and were quickly admitted to their local ICU. John spent weeks on a ventilator followed by more weeks of rehab but fought valiantly. Eventually, he returned...Brother; Family; Physical Memento; Fishing Fly
16 Sun, King Cake Baby, ShellsSWSun: this item was a find at my son's first soccer game post-Covid. After two years of holding him out of all activities, he was so excited for his return to "normalcy" and friends. Finding this memento (suns are something I have a soft spot for) was like a sign that life is looking "bright" agai...Physical Memento; Gratitude; Hope; King Cake Baby; Shells; Sun
17 Propofol NeededAnonymous #2111In March 2020, the UHealth Pharmacy Services estimated how much Propofol would be needed for the first 180 days of the pandemic. This is what the calculations looked like: 75kg patient * 1mg/kg per hour * 24 hours/day *175 patients * 180 days = 56,700,000 mg of prop needed …at 10mg/ml, that is 113...Physical Memento; Healthcare Workers; Hospital; Medication; Teamwork
18 Our familyMMFOur family's physical mementos: Pencil- As a teacher, I missed seeing my students' handwriting when school went virtual; Geode rock- to represent the extra family time we got during the pandemic, often exploring together; Heart wrapper- to represent all the arts and crafts projects made by the neigh...Family; Physical Memento; Art; Outdoors; Teacher
19 Holidays and KidsAnonymous #2185Snowman: to represent missing our usual holiday gatherings with my elderly parents and extended family during the pandemic. That was a big deal. Bracelets: these were made by my 2 daughters and represent all the changes and hardships our kids endured during the pandemic.Family; Parent; Physical Memento; Bracelets; Holidays; Snowman
20 Dropbox Memento: CatAnonymous #2075Physical memento from U of U Health dropbox: "Thank on so much for doing this. This will help with some closure and ability to move forward."Physical Memento; Story; Cat; Hospital
21 AlbuterolAnonymous #2105A dropbox submission at the U of U Hospital.Dropbox Memento; Breathe; Hospital
22 Collection KitAnonymous #2005The weekly COVID-19 sample collection became a ritual of sorts. Enter two-digit number on the pin pad to get a kit from the vending machine. Find a solitary space. Open bag and spill contents onto a lap. Spit or drool and let the funnel carry saliva down the vial to the 3/4 mark. Pop saliva bubbles ...Physical Memento; Test
23 Tootsie RollsAnonymous #2035When my dear friend got sick with COVID in Oct 2020, I asked if I could pick anything up for her. In the midst of her hacking cough, shortness of breath, change in smell, and general feeling of illness, all she wanted was a bag of mini tootsie rolls. So, that is what I brought her (and I threw the...Friend; Physical Memento; Candy; Comfort; Food; Friend; Smile
24 Dropbox Memento: Pins - Stocking - KeychainBrandon PattersonFreebies, buttons, and pins I'd receive during conferences seem like so long ago. I found that I would fidget with them during Zoom meetings trying to imagine the day when I'd meet face-to-face with colleagues again.Dropbox Memento; EHSL; Keychain; Pin; Stocking
25 Dropbox Memento: Healthcare VolunteersAnonymous #2037Three pins placed in the U of U Hospital dropbox that demonstrate an incredible commitment to healthcare volunteerism and community service.Dropbox Memento; Healthcare Workers; Hospital; Volunteer
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