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1 Hard to Get (PowerPoint)Ruth Huna-Baron, MD, The Goldschleger Eye InstituteA 77-year old male with headache and visual loss OD. Previous history significant for hypertension, ischemic heart disease, basal cell carcinoma and invasive transitional cell carcinoma Tx cystectomy and chemotherapy.
2 One More Cause for Optic NeuropathyRuth Huna-Baron, MD, The Goldschleger Eye InstituteA 45-year old male with a 4-week history of right-sided headache and progressive graying of vision OD. Previous history significant for HIV infection and subsequent Dx AIDS due to pneumocystic carinii pneumonia and pulmonary multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.
3 Pain, Proptosis and. . . Pitch Black!Fiona Costello, MD, Associate Professor, University of CalgaryA 51-year old female with bilateral sequential loss of vision. Previous history significant for Sjogren's Syndrome.
4 This is Spinal TapFiona Costello, MD, Associate Professor, University of CalgaryA 63-year old female with positive visual phenomena and intermittent blurred vision OU.
5 Ocular Ischemic Necrosis from Carotid Cavernous FistulaH. Stanley Thompson, MD, University of IowaCase 1: A 42-year old female with a spontaneous carotid cavernous fistula on the left resultant from depressed skull fracture. Case 2: A 39-year old male with a right carotid cavernous fistula resultant from a parieto-occipital depressed skull fracture.
6 Tadpole PupilsH. Stanley Thompson, MD, University of IowaThe typical patient is a young woman who notices a strange sensation in one eye, looks in the mirror, and is astonished and alarmed to see her pupil pulled over in a peak in one direction.
7 Downbeating Nystagmus and Lithium IntoxicationH. Stanley Thompson, MD, University of IowaA 63-year old obese female with Type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension and osteoarthritis (controlled).
8 Sphenoid Air Cells and the Optic CanalH. Stanley Thompson, MD, University of IowaA 14-year old female with loss of vision OD.
9 Too Goode to be TrueLouise A. Mawn, MD, Vanderbilt Eye InstituteA 40-year old female with diplopia and disorientation.
10 Da, Da, Da DuraLouise A. Mawn, MD, Vanderbilt Eye InstituteA 35-year old male with migraine headache and slurred speech.
11 Temporal AssociationsLouise A. Mawn, MD, Vanderbilt Eye InstituteA 61-year old female with a 2-day history of foggy vision OS and headache. Previously history significant for diabetes mellitus and lumpectomy for breast neoplasm.
12 Gradenigo's Syndrome RevisitedSweeney, Patrick J.A 20-year old male with diplopia and 20-pound weight loss. Previous history significant for recurrent otitis.
13 Fever of Unknown Origin and Retinal PeriphlebitisHolland, GaryA 34-year old, homosexual with recurrent fevers, night sweats and fatigue.
14 Left 6th Nerve Paresis Followed 10 Months Later by Left Optic Nerve DiseaseLustgarten, J.S.A 33-year old female with a left CN6 palsy that resolved within four weeks. Past history was unremarkable except for a converted tuberculin test several years earlier; she received a course of isoniazid.
15 Homonymous Hemianopia, Dementia and Elevated Sedimentation RateCoppeto, J.R.A 74-year old male with a complaint of distorted vision. Previous history significant for an episode of Bell palsy, recurring abdominal pain, intermittent microscopic hematuria and fever of unknown origin.
16 Atypical Ophthalmoplegia in a Young NurseHupp, Saunders L.A 33-year old female with a 14-year history of ptosis and diplopia.
17 Bilaterally Enlarged Extraocular Muscles and Thickened Optic Nerve SheathsGarrity, James A.A 60-year old male with bilateral blurred vision and mild headache. Previous history significant for lumbar vertebra fracture sustained from a fall.
18 Intermittent Tonic Down Gaze, Ataxia, and Dementia in a Young GirlMaitland, Charles G.A 17-year old female with a 6-week history of unsteady gait and visual blurring associated with weight loss, weakness and episodic incoherent speech.
19 Enough is Enough!Malik, SaleemA 13-year old male with a 2-week history of low-grade fever, malaise and headache.
20 Transient Cortical Blindness in a Demented PatientKattah, Jorge C.An 81-year old female with visual hallucinations. Previous history significant for lacunar stroke in the righ basal ganglia.
21 Papilledema With Normal Intracranial PressureKenneth C Kubis, PJ Savino, H Danesh-MeyerA 51-year old female with a past medical history significant for arthritis and bilateral hearing loss.
22 Obvious Case of Giant Cell Arteritis (PowerPoint)Barrett, Kevin M.A 64-year-old male with a 6-month history of fatigue, weight loss, shoulder/hip girdle discomfort, jaw pain when chewing and episodic monocular loss of vision. Previous history significant for hypertension, prostate cancer (s/p prostatectomy), adenomatous hyperplasia (s/p thyroidectomy) and kidney c...
23 Giant Step for Mankind (PowerPoint)Zwick, OrinA 29-year old male with a 2-month history of blurred vision OD, headache and progressive eyelid swelling and expanding mass right temporal region. Previous history significant for chronic renal failure.
24 Granulomatous Optic NeuropathyTang, Rosa A.A 36-year old female with a previous Dx optic neuritis.
25 Cartoid Aneurysm Optic Neuropathy Treated by Bypass-Entrapment SurgeryZaret, CherylA 66-year old female with progressive, non-painful loss of vision OS.
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