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1 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Donald A. B. Lindberg, M.D., and Randolph A. Miller, M.D.1987Image
2 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Don Detmer, M.D.1987Image
3 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Priscilla M. Mayden1987Image
4 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Marsden S. Blois, M.D., Ph.D.1987Image
5 InfoFair 1987- Event Photograph: Don Detmer, M.D.; Priscilla M. Mayden; Donald A.B. Lindberg, M.D.; Randolph A. Miller M.D.; Marsden S. Blois, M.D., Ph.D1987Image
6 InfoFair 1989- "Intelligent Access to Information"1989Text
7 InfoFair 1989- Event Photograph: Exhibits1989Image
8 InfoFair 1992- "Mastering the Internet Maze"1992Text
9 InfoFair 1991- "Connections For The '90s"1991Text
10 InfoFair 1989- Event Photograph: Exhibits1989Image
11 InfoFair 1990- "Hospital Information Systems and U of U Computer Applications and Services"1990Text
12 InfoFair 1986- "Computers in Health Sciences Education"1986Text
13 Wayne Peay in Reference on Hyperbrain Set-up for InfoFair 19881988Image
14 InfoFair 1988- "New Interfaces To Health Sciences Information"1988Text
15 InfoFair 1983- Event Photograph: First InfoFair, Priscilla M. Mayden and Lynne Wilson1983Image
16 InfoFair 1999 Poster- "SMART Patients: Consumer Health Informatics"1999Text
17 InfoFair 2000 Poster- "Video Visions: Integrating Multimedia in the Curriculum"2000Text
18 InfoFair 2001 Poster- "Genome Research in Healthcare: Cracking the Code"2001Text
19 "Meet to Discuss Microcomputers in Medicine" and "InfoFair Will Focus on Microcomputer Role in Health." The Salt Lake Tribune, Sunday, February 5, 19841984Text
20 "Chief of National Medicine Library Will Speak at InfoFair Seminar at U." The Daily Utah Chronicle, Thursday, February 21, 19851985Text
21 "Role of Computers Increases With Medical Specialization." The Salt Lake Tribune, Thursday, February 28, 19851985Text
22 "Use of Computers to Dominate InfoFair Planned at U. of U." The Salt Lake Tribune, Friday February 22, 19851985Text
23 "University of Utah Holds InfoFair on Automation for Health Professionals." Library Journal, June 1, 19831983Image
24 InfoFair 1988- Event Photograph: Wayne Peay, Demonstration1988Image
25 InfoFair 1988- Event Photograph: Exhibit1988Image
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