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1 Neural Network Controlling Wakefulness (Labeled)Brainstem reticular activating system.Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
2 Resection and End ColostomyColon resection. End colostomy. Harmann's procedure.End Colostomy; Colon Resection; Hartmann's ProcedureRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
3 Needle stickPicture of a needle stick in a plastic armVenipunctureHEAL Reviewed Collection
4 Equipment for venipunctureThis is an image of equipment for venipuncture.VenipunctureHEAL Reviewed Collection
5 Gastrointestinal Tract (Labeled)Gastrointestinal tract showing upper GI, ligament of Treitz, and lower GI.Upper GI; Upper Gastrointestinal Tract; Ligament of Treitz; Lower GI; Lower Gastrointestinal TractRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
6 Resection and Primary Anastomosis of Sigmoid ColonMake private -- psd file. Colon resection. Primary anastomosis.Primary Anastomosis; ResectionRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
7 Male Urogenital DiaphragmUrogenital diaphragm. Male.Ischiopubic Ramus; Perineal Membrane; Urogenital Diaphragm; Perineal Body; Penile Veins; Prostatic Venous PlexusRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
8 Exposed Facial Nerve with Retracted Parotid Gland and Stylohyoid Muscle (Labeled)Exposed facial nerve with retracted parotid gland and stylohyoid muscle.Stylohyoid MuscleRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
9 Gastrointestinal TractLow power view of a plica circularis of the jejunum; this is a fold of mucosa and submucosa. Many poorly preserved villi, evaginations of lamina propria and epithelium, can be seen protruding from the plica circularis. Invaginations of the epithelium into the lamina propria form intestinal glands ca...gastrointestinal tract; plica circularis; small intestineUCLA Histology
10 Fibrous DysplasiaThis image depicts Fibrous Dysplasia. Fibrous Dysplasia can be found in a radiograph and diagnosis is relatively easy if common symptoms are present.McCune-Albright Syndrome; Lichtenstein Jaffe Disease; Caf-au-lait Spots; Leontiasis OssiumHEAL Reviewed Collection
11 Minimize risks: procedure after venipunctureA series of three images showing how to reduce the possibility of needle stick injuries after venipuncture by using an adapter.VenipunctureHEAL Reviewed Collection
12 Search and find veinThree examples of how to find and feel a vein and a good puncture spot.Venipuncture; Vein LocationHEAL Reviewed Collection
13 Pharynx (Labeled)Pharyngeal structures.Mastoid Cavity; Mastoid Air CellsRoyal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
14 Bladder Fistula (Labeled)Bladder Fistula. Colon.Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Illustrations
15 DiastomyeliaThis image depicts diastomyelia.Split Cord; Myeloschisis; Hemi Cord; Congenital Scoliosis; Tethered Cord; Spinal Cord MyelodysplasiaHEAL Reviewed Collection
16 Tympanic MembraneNormal tympanic membraneEar DrumHEAL Reviewed Collection
17 Pulmonary EmbolusThis image contains two scans of the same Pulmonary Embolus found in a patient.Pulmonary Infarction; Westermark Sign; Intraluminal Filling Defects, Subsegmental; Hampton Hump; Pleural Based DensityHEAL Reviewed Collection
18 Lack of classic inflammation in subject with severe asthmaEndobronchial biopsy from severe asthmatic with minimal inflammation, but abundant mucus and airway edema.HEAL Reviewed Collection
19 Submucosa of trachea (human, adult)Stain: Goldner trichrome. Mixed tracheal glands (1) of the submucosa (connective tissue light green) and bundles of smooth muscle fibers (2) close to the fibroelastic membrane between the cartilage edges.Seromucous gland; Tracheal glandsPoja Histology Collection - Respiratory System Subset
20 Tertiary villi (human placenta, midpregnancy)Stain: Hematoxylin - azophloxine. (A) Left a variety of tertiary villi and reddish-stained fibrinoid depositions (1). At (2): the embryonic connective tissue starts to fibrinize. Note syncytiotrophoblast knots (3) or sprouts of several villi .These knots might represent aggregations of degenerati...placenta; fibrinoid; cytotrophoblast; syncytiotrophoblastPoja Histology Collection - Placenta
21 Syncytiotrophoblast cells of tertiary villi (human placenta, midpregnancy)(A) Left: stain: Immunoperoxidase staining with diaminobenzidin (DAB) and human anti-chorionic gonadotrophin antibody (hCG-DAKO 231), counterstained with hematoxylin. (B) Right: electron microscopy. (A) At the left the exclusive reactivity (dark brown) in the cytoplasma of the multinucleated syn...Syncytiotrophoblast; placenta ; chorionic villi; HCG; immunohistochemistry; electron microscopyPoja Histology Collection - Placenta
22 Electron microscopy of tertiary villus (human placenta, early pregnancy)At the left (A), part of a tertiary (terminal) villus with the multinucleated syncytiotrophoblast cell (1) (STC) at the top. The apex shows protrusions and extensive microvilli of varying sizes (brushborder). Nuclei (1a) are sectioned at different levels and the cytoplasm contains abundant organelle...placenta; chorionic villi; placental barrier; syncytiotrophoblast; electron microscopyPoja Histology Collection - Placenta
23 Electron microscopy of syncytiotrophoblast cells in tertiary villus (human placenta, midpregnancy)The left photograph (A) shows the apical cytoplasm of a syncytiotrophoblast cell (STC, nucleus). The free cell surface displays small protrusions and a characteristic pattern of differently shaped microvilli; pinocytotic invaginations and a single macropinocytotic vacuole. Note the apical localized ...placenta; tertiary villi; syncytiotrophoblast; electron microscopyPoja Histology Collection - Placenta
24 Survey of the chorionic plate and intervillous space (human placenta, full-term)Stain: Perjodic acid-Schiff reaction (PAS). At the top the chorionic plate (1) with cross-sections of umbilical vessels (2) At (3) the folded amnion covering the chorionic plate. Ramifications of thicker stem villi demonstrate free-floating terminal villi (tertiary). At several places reddish-st...placenta; tertiary villi; decidua; chorionic platePoja Histology Collection - Placenta
25 Stem villus (human placenta, midpregnancy)Stain: Trichrome (Goldner). At the top the fetal site with part of the chorionic plate (1) with a thick stem villus (2) ramifying in two smaller villi with large blood vessels (3). The chorionic plate consists of a thick fibrous connective layer (green). Towards the intervillous space it is covere...placenta; chorionic villi; stem villus; chorion platePoja Histology Collection - Placenta
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