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1 Self-Efficacy of Caregivers of Individuals with DementiaNewkirk, Amaris S.2014In this paper I will describe the development and implementation of a dementia caregiver support group at the University of Utah, and my master's project in which I evaluated the impact of the support group on self-efficacy of caregivers. The number of people who will be burdened with dementia is in...Self Efficacy; Alzheimer Disease; Dementia; Caregivers; Compassion Fatigue; Resilience, Psychological; Self-Help Groups; Long-Term Care; Disease Management; Life Change Events; Self Concept; Cost of Illness; Health Promotion; Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice; Demography; Geriatric Nursing; Cert...
2 Assessing Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Among Racial and Ethnic Population Groups in Salt Lake CityMugiraneza, Frederic2014Alzheimer's disease (AD) is predicted to grow substantially over the next five decades. Based on these projections, it is imperative that individuals, families, and communities are aware of this disease in order to be able to successfully prepare for the associated psychosocial and financial challen...Alzheimer Disease; Vulnerable Populations; Risk Factors; Socioeconomic Factors; Surveys and Questionnaires; Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice; Minority Groups; Caregivers; Cost of Illness; Utah
3 Insomnia in Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Assessment of VA/DoD Clinical GuidelinesApplegate, Carla2014Insomnia, the most commonly endorsed symptom of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), occurs in approximately 60 to 90% of patients with PTSD (Neylan et al., 1998). Of recent returning veterans, sleep disturbance is the second most common complaint (Bliese et al., 2005) and tends to persist after P...Aged; Behavioral Symptoms; Sleep Wake Disorders; Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic; Veterans; Practice Guidelines as Topic; Needs Assessment; Hospitals, Military; Hospitals, Veterans; Psychotherapy; Behavior Therapy; Dreams; Quality of Life; Crisis Interven...
4 Support Group Participation and Its Relationship to Caregiver Burden and Quality of Sleep Among CaregiversKetcher, Linnea2014The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships between the participation in an eight-week caregiver support group, level of caregiver burden, and quality of sleep among caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer's disease or related dementias. The main objective of this study was to analyz...Aged; Caregivers; Dementia; Sleep Deprivation; Sleep Wake Disorders; Compassion Fatigue; Quality of Life; Cost of Illness; Alzheimer Disease; Stress, Psychological; Irritable Mood; Psychomotor Agitation; Anxiety; Self-Help Groups; Cost of Illness; Surveys and Questionnaires
5 Examining Healthy U's Dual Eligible Population as Part of an Accountable Care OrganizationJackson, Natalie A.2014State Medicaid agencies are turning to Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) to manage care, reduce costs, and improve quality of care. As the University of Utah's Medicaid managed care ACO, Healthy U was tasked with accomplishing the goals of reducing costs and improving quality of care through iden...Aged; Health Services for the Aged; Health Care Reform; Regional Health Planning; Accountable Care Organizations; Reimbursement, Incentive; Quality of Health Care; Dual MEDICAID MEDICARE Eligibility; Eligibility Determination; Cost Control; Cost Savings; Medicaid; Utah; Chronic Disease; Disease Mana...
1 - 25 of 5