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1 Looking North from Hotel St. Cecile to Hotel Semloh1912-03-22dha_scpImage
2 Hotel Utah from top of Deseret News Building1911-11-14dha_scpImage
3 Hotel Utah From Top of Deseret News Building1911-11-14dha_scpImage
4 Utah Hotel1910-12-02dha_scpImage
5 Utah Hotel1910-12-02dha_scpImage
6 Dohrman Hotel Supply Company Display1952-03-17dha_scpImage
7 Earle Hotel1953-04-04dha_scpImage
8 Hotel Herald1907-10dha_scpImage
9 Salt Lake Hotels and Businesses1952-04-16dha_scpImage
10 Auto Party, World's Fair Tour No. 2, Plaza Hotel, Hotel Utah1915-03-20dha_scpImage
11 International Harvester Company Mail Trucks at 500 South and Main Street1918-12-14dha_scpImage
12 Sign on New Grand Hotel Cafe1917-06-11dha_scpImage
13 Wilson Hotel1906-12-14dha_scpImage
14 Hotel Utah, Fire on Dome1912-07-14dha_scpImage
15 A. A. Clark Company, Office at Hotel Utah1913-04-09dha_scpImage
16 Armstrong Shoe Company, Hotel Utah Sample Room1918-03-27dha_scpImage
17 Bonneville Lumber Company Group at Hotel Utah1918-03-05dha_scpImage
18 Class at Hotel Utah1915-08-13dha_scpImage
19 Conference Crowd on Main Street From Utah Hotel1911-04-06dha_scpImage
20 Conference Crowd on Main Street From Utah Hotel1911-04-06dha_scpImage
21 Dining Room, Hotel Utah1911-10-27dha_scpImage
22 Dining Room, Hotel Utah1911-10-27dha_scpImage
23 Door at Hotel Utah, Dahlstrom1912-04-25dha_scpImage
24 Doors at Hotel Utah, Dahlstrom1912-04-25dha_scpImage
25 Group at Hotel Utah1919-04-15dha_scpImage
1 - 25 of 585