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1 Taylor, CarlyEmployment experiences of people with autism spectrum disorder and workplace supervisorsCompared with other disability categories, individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have the lowest rates of employment, and adults with autism switch jobs at a higher frequency than their nondisabled peers. This study compares the employment experiences of adults with autism and hiring and s...ASD; Autism; Autism employment; Autism qualitative interviews; Autism unemployment; Employment2017
2 Gourley, Chelsea MorganThe role of certified child life specialists in helping children cope with the stress of diabetesDiabetes is a significant health issue in the United States. Living with diabetes can be very stressful for children and adolescents. As such, children with diabetes may need support from medical professionals, and to be taught ways to cope with the stress of their illness. A Certified Child Life Sp...Child Life Specialist; Diabetes2017
3 Gustafson, Erika KaitlinParental perceptions of play and the influence of flow experiencePlay is viewed as one of the best ways to teach young children the skills needed to be academically successful, and in recent years, a great deal of research has demonstrated that play-based environments can help build these skills. Child development experts believe that the pressure children curren...Flow theory; Play2016
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