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1 Neeld, H. C.Igneous concentration of oxidized ores of zincZinc -- MetallurgyMetallurgy1916-05
2 Woolf, Wallace G.Proposed innovations in the metallurgy of zincZinc -- MetallurgyMetallurgy1914-08
3 Christensen, Niels C.The Bessemer roasting of copper concentratesCopper - Metallurgy; Bessemer processMetallurgy1910-04-20
4 Becraft, Frank WilliamRating an undershot weirWeirsCivil Engineering1911
5 Kelsey, William H.Tests of clay and cement pipesPipe, Clay; Cement pipe and tileMechanical Engineering1912
6 Nokes, Charles MormonThe Igneous Rocks of UtahIgneous rocks - UtahGeology1912
7 Pfoutz, Charles YaleThe hydrometallurgy of silverHydrometallurgy; Silver -- MetallurgyMetallurgy1914-08
8 Larson, Clarence L.The Holt-Dern roasting process as applied to the treatment of lead oresLead -- MetallurgyMetallurgy1915-05
9 Sims, Clarence EdgarThe electrolytic recovery of lead from brine leachesLead -- ElectrometallurgyMetallurgy1916
10 Pierce, Orville H.Hydrometallurgy of copperCopper -- Metallurgy; HydrometallurgyMetallurgy1914-08
11 Balckner, Lester A."Ray system" of underground miningRay Consolidated Copper Company; Copper mines and miningMetallurgy1915-02
12 Stott, George F.Mining and milling of complex lead and zinc ores in the Park City district, UtahLead -- Metallurgy; Zinc -- Metallurgy; Mines and mineral resources -- Utah -- Summit CountyMining Engineering1916
13 Ferron, Frederick CharlesMetals and mining, their bearing on civilization, in their early, and later historical aspectsMineral industries-HistoryMining Engineering1912
14 Allen, Glenn L.Sulfidizing and flotation of oxidized lead oresLead ores; FlotationMetallurgy1916
15 Gardner, Duncan RoyalHydrochloric acid from salt and silicaHydrochloric acidMetallurgy1913-06
16 Gardner, Eugene DelosCost of initial mining excavationsMineral industries -- Costs; Mining engineering -- CostsMining Engineer1916
17 Sherman, Henry C.The Whitlatch mine, MontanaMines and mineral resources -- MontanaMetallurgy1915
18 Johnson, R. W.The roasting and leaching of complex lead-zinc sulphide ores of UtahLead -- Metallurgy; Iron -- Metallurgy; Zinc -- MetallurgyMetallurgy1916
19 Griffiths, William Heggie; Roskelly, CharlesDesign of canal system including canals, gates, and dropsCanalsCivil Engineering1910-05
20 Keep, Glenn A.Chloridizing roasting tests on gold, silver, and copperGold -- Metallurgy; Silver -- Metallurgy; Copper -- MetallurgyMetallurgy1912
21 Udy, Marvin J.The extraction of lead from its oxidized ores by leachingLead ores; Ore-dressing; LeachingMetallurgy1916-05
22 Morgan, Harry J.Flotation as applied to a partially oxidized ore, containing values of copper, lead, zinc, gold and silverFlotationMetallurgy1915-05
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