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1 The Acceptance of Error: Allowing Imperfections to Transform the CollectiveThis thesis follows the inspiration and creation of the dance work "How Dare We (Ever Be) All" from conception and creation through performance in the University of Utah's Graduate Thesis Concert in December of 2016. In this thesis, I investigate how the human capacity for failure can infiltrate and...Dance2018
2 The Adaptable Body: Cultivating a Hybrid Form From Community, Harmony, and JoyThe Adaptable Body: Cultivating a Hybrid Form From Community, Harmony, and Joy discusses the creative process and theoretical research behind the creative choreographic thesis component "In Tune." A diverse community of dancers collaborated with each other, with different genres of dance, and with m...Dance; Art education; Fine arts2018
3 The Blackfeet Medicine Lodge Ceremony: Ritual and Dance-Drama"Primitive," or the return to origins, has always served as a first principle for those dancers working with in the "modern" dance. In fact, it is a dancer's concern with origins, beginnings, essences, that distinguishes him as 'modern." One way of approaching "origins" is through the use of primiti...1968
4 Intimacy for Deconstruction: The Role of Female Relationships in ChoreographyThe questions posed in this research involve the physical socialization of the female body and how inhibitive socialization can be challenged. The female body in traditionally patriarchal societies has been socialized to take up less space than a male body, be focused on how the body appears instead...Dance2017
5 Reimagining the WestUsing sensory stimuli, creative movement practices, invented creatures, and immersive performance, this dance research presents a reimagined view of the desert landscapes that have come to be known within North American cultural discourse as "The West." The research draws influence from both the au...Folklore; Dance; Sustainability2017
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