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1 Li, GuodongFormal verification of programs and their transformationsCompiler verification; Formal verification; GPU program; Parallel program; SMT solving; Theorem provingComputer Science2010-12
2 Nguyen, Thanh HoangIntegrating structured data on the webComputing (School of)2013-05
3 Parker, Michael AllenEfficient user-level event notificationArchitecture; Interrupt; Message-passing; Notification; User-levelComputing (School of)2013-08
4 Li, PengPractical symbolic execution analysis and methodology for GPU programsComputing (School of)2015-05
5 Machanavajhala, SwethaAccent classification: learning a distrance metric over phonetic stringsAccent classification; Distance metric learning; Kernels; Machine learning; Speech recognition; Swetha MachanavajhalaComputing (School of)2013-12
6 Chatterjee, NiladrishDesigning efficient memory schedulers for future systemsDRAM; Memory system; SchedulingComputing (School of)2013-12
7 Jestes, JeffreyEfficient summarization techniques for massive dataBig data; Data analytics; Efficient queries; Massive data; SummariesComputing (School of)2013-12
8 Le, WangchaoSupporting scalable data analytics on large linked dataDatabase systems; Linked data; Query optimization; Query rewriting; RDF; SPARQLComputing (School of)2013-12
9 Martin, William MichaelApplications of spline manifolds to problems in modeling, rendering, and analysiscomputer-aided design; heterogeneous design; high-dimensional splines; radiance; spline approximation; volumetric splinesComputing (School of)2013-05
10 Martin, TobiasAnalysis-aware higher order smooth three-dimensional representations: creation, simulation and visualizationAnalysis-aware; Finite elements; Geometric modeling; Isogeometric analysis; Visualization; Volumetric parameterizationComputer Science2012-05
11 Saquib, NazmusVisualizing intrinsic isosurface variation due to uncertainty through heat kernel signaturesComputational geometry; Computer graphics; Data analysis; Numerical simulation; Shape analysis; Uncertainty visualizationComputing (School of)2013-12
12 Saha, AvishekSome models and measures for learning on a budgetActive learning; Distributed learning; Online learning; Transfer learningComputer Science2012-12
13 Burtsev, AntonDeterministic systems analysisDeterministic replay; Replay debugging; XenComputing (School of)2013-05
14 Gupta, ShobhitDetecting and tracking human motion in variance-based radio tomography imagingBlob Detection; OpenCV; Radio sensors; SVMComputing (School of)2013-05
15 Desai, AmeyStreaming algorithms for matrix approximationAlgorithmas; Fregquent; Directions; Matrix appoximation; Random projections; Sampling; StreamingComputing (School of)2014-12
16 Nayak, PrashanthDetecting and mitigating malware in virtual appliancesDetection; Expert systems; Malware; Mitigation; Virtual appliance; Virtual machine introspectionComputing (School of)2014-12
17 Nellans, DavidImproving operating system and hardware interactions through co-designComputing (School of)2014-12
18 Lewis, Thomas JamesA GPU-based maximal independent set aggregation strategy: algorithms, comparisons, and applications withing algebraic multigridGPU; Maximal independent set; MultigridComputing (School of)2014-08
19 Liang, ShuyingStatic analysis of android applicationsAndroid; Malware; Static analysisComputing (School of)2014-08
20 Liu, WeiResting state functional magnetic resonance imaging analysis by graphical modelBrain connectivity; Functional MRI; Graphical modelsComputing (School of)2014-08
21 Mahoney Jr, Arthur W.Advanced methods for controlling untethered magnetic devices using rotating magnetic fieldsCapsule endoscopy; Magnetics; Medical robotics; MicroroboticsComputing (School of)2014-08
22 Huang, RuihongImproving information extraction by discourse-guided and multifaceted event recognitionComputing (School of)2014-12
23 Wang, DafangFinite element solutions to inverse electrocardiographyCardiac electrophysiology; Finite element method; Inverse problem; Optimization; Partial differential equation; Scientific computingComputing (School of)2012-12
24 Wan, YongFluorender, an interactive tool for confocal microscopy data visualization and analysisAnatomical atlas; Biology application; Confocal microscopy; Visualization; Volume renderingComputing (School of)2013-08
25 Tirpankar, NishithUsing sparse parametrization of deformation fields as means to classificationAtlas Estimation; Classification; Diffeomorphic Deformation; LDDMM; Optimization; RegistrationComputing (School of)2013-05
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