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1 Li, GuodongFormal verification of programs and their transformationsFormal veri fication is an act of using formal methods to check the correctness of intended programs. The verifi cation is done by providing a formal proof on an abstract mathematical model of the program, with respect to a certain formal specifi cation or property. We present three case studies ...Compiler verification; Formal verification; GPU program; Parallel program; SMT solving; Theorem proving2010-12
2 Nguyen, Thanh HoangIntegrating structured data on the webThe explosion of structured Web data (e.g., online databases, Wikipedia infoboxes) creates many opportunities for integrating and querying these data that go far beyond the simple search capabilities provided by search engines. Although much work has been devoted to data integration in the database ...2013-05
3 Parker, Michael AllenEfficient user-level event notificationHigh-performance supercomputers on the Top500 list are commonly designed around commodity CPUs. Most of the codes executed on these machines are message-passing codes using the message-passing toolkit (MPI). Thus it makes sense to look at these machines from a holistic systems architecture perspecti...Architecture; Interrupt; Message-passing; Notification; User-level2013-08
4 Li, PengPractical symbolic execution analysis and methodology for GPU programsGraphics processing units (GPUs) are highly parallel processors that are now commonly used in the acceleration of a wide range of computationally intensive tasks. GPU programs often suffer from data races and deadlocks, necessitating systematic testing. Conventional GPU debuggers are ineffective at ...2015-05
5 Machanavajhala, SwethaAccent classification: learning a distrance metric over phonetic stringsPresently, speech recognition is gaining worldwide popularity in applications like Google Voice, speech-to-text reporter (speech-to-text transcription, video captioning, real-time transcriptions), hands-free computing, and video games. Research has been done for several years and many speech recogni...Accent classification; Distance metric learning; Kernels; Machine learning; Speech recognition; Swetha Machanavajhala2013-12
6 Chatterjee, NiladrishDesigning efficient memory schedulers for future systemsThe internet-based information infrastructure that has powered the growth of modern personal/mobile computing is composed of powerful, warehouse-scale computers or datacenters. These heavily subscribed datacenters perform data-processing jobs under intense quality of service guarantees. Further, hig...DRAM; Memory system; Scheduling2013-12
7 Jestes, JeffreyEfficient summarization techniques for massive dataWe are living in an age where data are being generated faster than anyone has previously imagined across a broad application domain, including customer studies, social media, sensor networks, and the sciences, among many others. In some cases, data are generated in massive quantities as terabytes or...Big data; Data analytics; Efficient queries; Massive data; Summaries2013-12
8 Le, WangchaoSupporting scalable data analytics on large linked dataLinked data are the de-facto standard in publishing and sharing data on the web. To date, we have been inundated with large amounts of ever-increasing linked data in constantly evolving structures. The proliferation of the data and the need to access and harvest knowledge from distributed data sourc...Database systems; Linked data; Query optimization; Query rewriting; RDF; SPARQL2013-12
9 Martin, William MichaelApplications of spline manifolds to problems in modeling, rendering, and analysisWhile boundary representations, such as nonuniform rational B-spline (NURBS) surfaces, have traditionally well served the needs of the modeling community, they have not seen widespread adoption among the wider engineering discipline. There is a common perception that NURBS are slow to evaluate and design; heterogeneous design; high-dimensional splines; radiance; spline approximation; volumetric splines2013-05
10 Martin, TobiasAnalysis-aware higher order smooth three-dimensional representations: creation, simulation and visualizationVolumetric parameterization is an emerging field in computer graphics, where volumetric representations that have a semi-regular tensor-product structure are desired in applications such as three-dimensional (3D) texture mapping and physically-based simulation. At the same time, volumetric parameter...Analysis-aware; Finite elements; Geometric modeling; Isogeometric analysis; Visualization; Volumetric parameterization2012-05
11 Saquib, NazmusVisualizing intrinsic isosurface variation due to uncertainty through heat kernel signaturesIt is common to extract isosurfaces from simulation eld data to visualize and gain understanding of the underlying physical phenomenon being simulated. As the input parameters of the simulation change, the resulting isosurface varies, and there has been increased interest in quantifying and visuali...Computational geometry; Computer graphics; Data analysis; Numerical simulation; Shape analysis; Uncertainty visualization2013-12
12 Saha, AvishekSome models and measures for learning on a budgetMachine learning is the science of building predictive models from data that automatically improve based on past experience. To learn these models, traditional learning algorithms require labeled data. They also require that the entire dataset fits in the memory of a single machine. Labeled data are...Active learning; Distributed learning; Online learning; Transfer learning2012-12
13 Burtsev, AntonDeterministic systems analysisA modern software system is a composition of parts that are themselves highly complex: operating systems, middleware, libraries, servers, and so on. In principle, compositionality of interfaces means that we can understand any given module independently of the internal workings of other parts. In pr...Deterministic replay; Replay debugging; Xen2013-05
14 Gupta, ShobhitDetecting and tracking human motion in variance-based radio tomography imagingCurrently, few methods exist to accurately model a human motion inside a monitored area. Most of the approaches that exist depend on some kind of boolean data from sensors that tell the presence or absence of person a at a given instant of time near a particular sensor. Using that information, some ...Blob Detection; OpenCV; Radio sensors; SVM2013-05
15 Desai, AmeyStreaming algorithms for matrix approximationMatrices are ubiquitous in data analysis. Most real-world datasets are formulated as n x d matrix A, where n represents the number of data points and d represents the number of features. In addition, matrices are also used to store pairwise similarities between data points. Performing any large-scal...Algorithmas; Fregquent; Directions; Matrix appoximation; Random projections; Sampling; Streaming2014-12
16 Nayak, PrashanthDetecting and mitigating malware in virtual appliancesSystem administrators use application-level knowledge to identify anomalies in virtual appliances (VAs) and to recover from them. This process can be automated through an anomaly detection and recovery system. In this thesis, we claim that application-level policies defined over kernel-level applica...Detection; Expert systems; Malware; Mitigation; Virtual appliance; Virtual machine introspection2014-12
17 Nellans, DavidImproving operating system and hardware interactions through co-designWith the explosion of chip transistor counts, the semiconductor industry has struggled with ways to continue scaling computing performance in line with historical trends. In recent years, the de facto solution to utilize excess transistors has been to increase the size of the on-chip data cache, all...2014-12
18 Lewis, Thomas JamesA GPU-based maximal independent set aggregation strategy: algorithms, comparisons, and applications withing algebraic multigridThe algebraic multigrid (AMG) method is often used as a preconditioner in Krylov subspace solvers such as the conjugate gradient method. An AMG preconditioner hierarchically aggregates the degrees of freedom during the coarsening phase in order to eciently account for lower-frequency errors. Each de...GPU; Maximal independent set; Multigrid2014-08
19 Liang, ShuyingStatic analysis of android applicationsToday's smartphones house private and confidential data ubiquitously. Mobile apps running on the devices can leak sensitive information by accident or intentionally. To understand application behaviors before running a program, we need to statically analyze it, tracking what data are accessed, where...Android; Malware; Static analysis2014-08
20 Liu, WeiResting state functional magnetic resonance imaging analysis by graphical modelFunctional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) measures the change of oxygen consumption level in the blood vessels of the human brain, hence indirectly detecting the neuronal activity. Resting-state fMRI (rs-fMRI) is used to identify the intrinsic functional patterns of the brain when there is no ext...Brain connectivity; Functional MRI; Graphical models2014-08
21 Mahoney Jr, Arthur W.Advanced methods for controlling untethered magnetic devices using rotating magnetic fieldsThis dissertation presents results documenting advancements on the control of untethered magnetic devices, such as magnetic \microrobots" and magnetically actuated capsuleendoscopes, motivated by problems in minimally invasive medicine. This dissertationfocuses on applying rotating magnetic elds for...Capsule endoscopy; Magnetics; Medical robotics; Microrobotics2014-08
22 Huang, RuihongImproving information extraction by discourse-guided and multifaceted event recognitionEvents are one important type of information throughout text. Event extraction is an information extraction (IE) task that involves identifying entities and objects (mainly noun phrases) that represent important roles in events of a particular type. However, the extraction performance of current eve...2014-12
23 Wang, DafangFinite element solutions to inverse electrocardiographyInverse Electrocardiography (ECG) aims to noninvasively estimate the electrophysiological activity of the heart from the voltages measured at the body surface, with promising clinical applications in diagnosis and therapy. The main challenge of this emerging technique lies in its mathematical founda...Cardiac electrophysiology; Finite element method; Inverse problem; Optimization; Partial differential equation; Scientific computing2012-12
24 Wan, YongFluorender, an interactive tool for confocal microscopy data visualization and analysisConfocal microscopy has become a popular imaging technique in biology research in recent years. It is often used to study three-dimensional (3D) structures of biological samples. Confocal data are commonly multichannel, with each channel resulting from a different fluorescent staining. This techniqu...Anatomical atlas; Biology application; Confocal microscopy; Visualization; Volume rendering2013-08
25 Tirpankar, NishithUsing sparse parametrization of deformation fields as means to classificationLarge Deformation Di eomorphic Metric Mapping is a powerful technique which has been used to quantify variations in anatomical structures in medical images. This allows us to compare various images within and across a populations of classes using the underlying deformation eld which maps each image...Atlas Estimation; Classification; Diffeomorphic Deformation; LDDMM; Optimization; Registration2013-05
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