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1 McKenna, Sean PatrickThe Design Activity Framework: Investigating the Data Visualization Design ProcessThis dissertation establishes a new visualization design process model devised to guide visualization designers in building more effective and useful visualization systems and tools. The novelty of this framework includes its flexibility for iteration, actionability for guiding visualization designe...Computer science; Design2017
2 Ghashami, MinaOn Frequent Directions, A Streaming Matrix Sketching AlgorithmMatrices are essential data representations for many large-scale problems in data analytics; for example, in text analysis under the bag-of-words model, a large corpus of documents are often represented as a matrix. Many data analytic tasks rely on obtaining a summary (a.k.a sketch) of the data matr...Computer science; Computer engineering; Engineering2017
3 Zheng, YanAlgorithms and Coresets for Large-Scale Kernel SmoothingKernel smoothing provides a simple way of finding structures in data sets without the imposition of a parametric model, for example, nonparametric regression and density estimates. However, in many data-intensive applications, the data set could be large. Thus, evaluating a kernel density estimate o...Computer science2017
4 Widanagamaachchi, WathsalaInteractive Visualization and Exploration of Feature Evolution in Dynamic DataA broad range of applications capture dynamic data at an unprecedented scale. Independent of the application area, finding intuitive ways to understand the dynamic aspects of these increasingly large data sets remains an interesting and, to some extent, unsolved research problem. Generically, dynami...Computer science2017
5 Liu, ShusenVisual Exploration of High-Dimensional Spaces Through Identification, Summarization, and Interpretation of Two-Dimensional ProjectionsWith the ever-increasing amount of available computing resources and sensing devices, a wide variety of high-dimensional datasets are being produced in numerous fields. The complexity and increasing popularity of these data have led to new challenges and opportunities in visualization. Since most d...Computer science2017
6 Dimjašević, MarkoEnhancing automatic software testing for broader applicabilityIn computer science, functional software testing is a method of ensuring that software gives expected output on specific inputs. Software testing is conducted to ensure desired levels of quality in light of uncertainty resulting from the complexity of software. Most of today's software is written by...Automatic software testing; Automatic test case generation; Runtime verification; dynamic symbolic execution; Malicious software2018-05
7 Fishbaugh, JamesSpatiotemporal modeling of anatomical shape complexesStatistical analysis of time dependent imaging data is crucial for understanding normal anatomical development as well as disease progression. The most promising studies are of longitudinal design, where repeated observations are obtained from the same subjects. Analysis in this case is challenging ...Shape analysis; Shape regression; Spatiotemporal2015-05
8 Bhatia, HarshConsistent feature extraction from vector fields: combinatorial representations and analysis under local reference framesWith modern computational resources rapidly advancing towards exascale, large-scale simulations useful for understanding natural and man-made phenomena are becoming in- creasingly accessible. As a result, the size and complexity of data representing such phenom- ena are also increasing, making the r...Data analysis; Scientific computing; Scientific visualization2015-05
9 Spjut, Josef BoEfficient ray tracing architecturesThis dissertation presents computer architecture designs that are efficient for ray tracing based rendering algorithms. The primary observation is that ray tracing maps better to independent thread issue hardware designs than it does to dependent thread and data designs used in most commercial archi...Computer architecture; Computer graphics; Graphics; Ray tracing; Rendering2015-05
10 Lo, Yu jungPerformance modeling for architectural and program analysisTo address the need of understanding and optimizing the performance of complex applications and achieving sustained application performance across different architectures, we need performance models and tools that could quantify the theoretical performance and the resultant gap between theoretical a...CUDA unified memory; Memory Bandwidth; Roofline2015-05
11 Loos, Bradford J.Modular radiance transferReal-time global illumination is the next frontier in real-time rendering. In an attempt to generate realistic images, games have followed the film industry into physically based shading and will soon begin integrating global illumination techniques. Traditional methods require too much memory and t...Global illumination; Graphics2015-05
12 Rungta, AtulManyvis: multiple applications in an integrated visualization environmentAs the visualization field matures, an increasing number of general toolkits are developed to cover a broad range of applications. However, no general tool can incorporate the latest capabilities for all possible applications, nor can the user interfaces and workflows be easily adjusted to accommoda...2015-05
13 Li, PengPractical symbolic execution analysis and methodology for GPU programsGraphics processing units (GPUs) are highly parallel processors that are now commonly used in the acceleration of a wide range of computationally intensive tasks. GPU programs often suffer from data races and deadlocks, necessitating systematic testing. Conventional GPU debuggers are ineffective at ...2015-05
14 Yang, XuejunRandom testing of open source C compilersCompilers are indispensable tools to developers. We expect them to be correct. However, compiler correctness is very hard to be reasoned about. This can be partly explained by the daunting complexity of compilers. In this dissertation, I will explain how we constructed a random program generator, Cs...Compiler bugs; Compilers; Csmith; Gcc; llvm; Random testing2014-12
15 Pugsley, Seth HintzeOpportunities for near data computing in mapreduce workloadsIn-memory big data applications are growing in popularity, including in-memory versions of the MapReduce framework. The move away from disk-based datasets shifts the performance bottleneck from slow disk accesses to memory bandwidth. MapReduce is a data-parallel application, and is therefore amenabl...Big data; Computer architecture; Hardware accelerators; Memory systems2015-05
16 Singh, Nikhil PratapMultivariate regression of shapes via deformation momenta: application to quantifying brain atrophy in aging and dementiaAn important aspect of medical research is the understanding of anatomy and its relation to function in the human body. For instance, identifying changes in the brain associated with cognitive decline helps in understanding the process of aging and age-related neurological disorders. The field of co...Alzheimer's disease; Computational anatomy; Diffeomorphisms; Hierarchical geodesic models; Longitudinal; Partial least squares2013-12
17 Rai, PiyushLearning latent structures via bayesian nonparametrics: new models and efficient inferenceLatent structures play a vital role in many data analysis tasks. By providing compact yet expressive representations, such structures can offer useful insights into the complex and high-dimensional datasets encountered in domains such as computational biology, computer vision, natural language proce...Bayesian learning; Bayesian nonparametrics; Machine learning2013-08
18 Wang, DafangFinite element solutions to inverse electrocardiographyInverse Electrocardiography (ECG) aims to noninvasively estimate the electrophysiological activity of the heart from the voltages measured at the body surface, with promising clinical applications in diagnosis and therapy. The main challenge of this emerging technique lies in its mathematical founda...Cardiac electrophysiology; Finite element method; Inverse problem; Optimization; Partial differential equation; Scientific computing2012-12
19 Stuart, David AlexanderCoarse tetrahedral meshing for interactive simulationWe present a procedure for generating a coarse, high-quality, tetrahedral mesh whose exterior surface encloses and approximates a given triangle mesh. A tetrahedral mesh is useful for computing perturbation of the triangle mesh based on continuum mechanics: perturbation such as plastic flow, fractur...Animation; Meshing; Physics2013-05
20 Udipi, Aniruddha N.Designing efficient memory for future computing systemsThe computing landscape is undergoing a major change, primarily enabled by ubiquitous wireless networks and the rapid increase in the use of mobile devices which access a web-based information infrastructure. It is expected that most intensive computing may either happen in servers housed in large d...Computer science; Server infrastructure2012-05
21 Ward, Stephen J.Deformation embedding for point-based elastoplastic simulationWe present a straightforward, easy-to-implement, point-based approach for animating elastoplastic materials. The core idea of our approach is the introduction of embedded space-the least-squares best fit of the material's rest state into three dimensions. Together with plastic offsets that map embed...Computer science; Elastoplastic materials2012-08
22 Nellans, DavidImproving operating system and hardware interactions through co-designWith the explosion of chip transistor counts, the semiconductor industry has struggled with ways to continue scaling computing performance in line with historical trends. In recent years, the de facto solution to utilize excess transistors has been to increase the size of the on-chip data cache, all...2014-12
23 Desai, AmeyStreaming algorithms for matrix approximationMatrices are ubiquitous in data analysis. Most real-world datasets are formulated as n x d matrix A, where n represents the number of data points and d represents the number of features. In addition, matrices are also used to store pairwise similarities between data points. Performing any large-scal...Algorithmas; Fregquent; Directions; Matrix appoximation; Random projections; Sampling; Streaming2014-12
24 Huang, RuihongImproving information extraction by discourse-guided and multifaceted event recognitionEvents are one important type of information throughout text. Event extraction is an information extraction (IE) task that involves identifying entities and objects (mainly noun phrases) that represent important roles in events of a particular type. However, the extraction performance of current eve...2014-12
25 Rivera, Axel Y.Using autotuning for accelerating tensor contraction on graphics processing units (GPUS)Tensors are mathematical representations of physical entities that have magnitude with multiple directions. Tensor contraction is a form of creating these objects using the Einstein summation equation. It is commonly used in physics and chemistry for solving problems like spectral elements and coupl...Autotuning; Gpu; Tensor contraction2014-12
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