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1 A study of the philosophical proofs of the existence of God"Canst thou by searching find out God?" This is one of the profound problems to which countless thinkers throughout the ages have directed their attention. Behind the marvellous facts which science daily unfolds, beyond the incomprehensible phenom of evolution, back of the silent forces which cease...God--Proof1911
2 The old missions of CaliforniaMissions for the conversion of pagan nations began with the advent of Christianity. They are the result of Christ's command to HIs Apostles, "Go ye into the whole world and teach all nations and teach them to observe whatsoever I have told you". Since that time the messengers of Christianity have ...Missions, Spanish -- California -- History1912
3 Our child-labor problemIt is the purpose of this paper to investigate in a very modest way the status of Utah in regard to the child-labor question, and to ascertain what, if any, are Utah's peculiar temptations to the exploitation of children's labor. Special attention will be paid to conditions in Salt Lake City, since ...Children; Child labor; Salt Lake City1907
4 Report on some building stones submitted for the Utah capitolA rock may be defined as one, or an aggregate of rock forming materials, constituting an integral part of the Earth's crust, and having sufficient characteristic to establish its identity. The minerals forming rocks are interlocked and held together by inter molecular attraction, or cemented togeth...Building stones -- Utah -- Salt Lake City1912
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