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1 An investigation of masked facial affect in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder using electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imagingThe research detailed within this dissertation investigates the neurobiological changes associated with emotional processing of backward masked emotional faces in veterans with and without posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD affects millions of Americans, including approximately 20% of vetera...Neurosciences; Clinical psychology; Military studies2017
2 Computation of Surround Modulation Across Layers of the Primate Primary Visual CortexPrimate primary visual cortex (V1) consists of six anatomical layers. There are both heterogeneous and homogeneous functional properties found across layers. Surround modulation (SM) occurs when neuronal responses to stimulation of a neuron's receptive field (RF) is modulated by simultaneous simulat...Neurosciences; Systematic; Systems science2017
3 Guidance or patterning? Resolving the role of hedgehog signaling in intraretinal axon pathfinding in zebrafishDuring formation of a functioning neuronal network, nerve processes have to travel long distances to reach their target tissue. Along their paths, axons are directed by guidance cues. For normal pathfinding, correct host tissue patterning is necessary to ensure the right set of guidance cues being e...Molecular biology; Neurosciences; Developmental biology2012
4 Persistent Remodeling and Neurodegeneration in Late-Stage Retinal DegenerationHuman retinitis pigmentosa (RP) typically involves decades of progressive vision loss before some patients become blind, and prospective therapies target patients who have been blind for substantial time, even decades. Evaluations of molecular and cellular therapies have primarily employed short-liv...Neurosciences; Ophthalmology2017
5 Striatal learning and memory after methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity and subsequent restoration of striatal functionMethamphetamine (METH) causes partial dopamine (DA) loss in the caudate/putamen and has long-term detrimental effects on cognitive function. We have previously shown that the positive correlation between expression of the immediate-early gene Arc in dorsomedial (DM) striatum and learning on a motor ...Neurosciences; Pharmacology; Physiological psychology2014
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