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1 Christensen, Jesse ColinLower limb joint biomechanics during low- and high-demand mobility following total knee arthroplasty: is limb symmetry important and amenable to change?biofeedback; inter-limb asymmetry; joint mechanics; modifiable risk factors; total knee arthroplastyPhysical Therapy & Athletic Training2017
2 Bend, Eric GordonSnares partner with sec1/munc18 proteins to release neurotransmitter at synapsesC. elegans; Munc18; SM; snap-25; snap-29; SNARENeuroscience2014
3 Yarch, Jeff T.Morphology of v1 neurons projecting to v2 in macaque: cell types and circuits revealed by projection targetAnatomy; Axons; Cell Types; Macaque; Primary Visual Cortex; V1Neuroscience2017
4 Blair, Bradden JosephSocial support and rare disease: innovations in health promotion and education technologyFacebook; Osteosarcoma; Rare Disease; Sarcoma; Social Media; Social SupportHealth Promotion & Education2015
5 Stuart, Allison RebeccaPositive health education: a mixed methods study on the efficacy of adding self-compassion and resilience to a non-diet worksite wellness programchronic disease; nondiet; positive health; psychological wellbeing; worksite wellnessHealth Promotion & Education2015
6 Cox, Alyssa MichelleMaternal tobacco smoke exposure causes sex-divergent changes in PPARγ and wnt signaling in the lung of newborn rat pupsHealth and environmental sciencesNutrition & Integrative Physiology2017
7 Remigio, Gregory J.The neurophysiology and behavioral pharmacology of memory enhancement and memory deficits in the dentate gyrus5-HT6; Cognition; Dentate gyrus; Electrophysiology; MemoryNeuroscience2017
8 Densley, Ryan BlakeFeasibility of administering the national diabetes prevention program at the university of utah: a pilot studyDiabetes; Diabetes Prevention Program; Exercise; Impaired glucose tolerance; Prediabetes; PreventionKinesiology2017
9 Goodrum, Sara A.Relationship between after-school physical activity and dietary habits with cardio-metabolic risk in low-income childrenHealth and environmental sciences; EducationKinesiology2017
10 Hyland, Dillon EValidity of the vestibular/ocular motor screening assessment with regard to acute suspected concussion in high school footballathletic training; concussion; neuropsychology; physical therapy; sports medicine; VOMSPhysical Therapy & Athletic Training2017
11 Rawson, Randi L.Axon degeneration in c. elegansaxon degeneration; engulfment; mitochondria; neurodegeneration; ric-7Neuroscience2014
12 Petersen, ChrissaStrawberry supplementation lessens vascular inflammation and dysfunction displayed by db/db miceAnthocyanin; Cardiovascular Disease; Diabetes; Inflammation; Strawberries; StrawberryNutrition & Integrative Physiology2017
13 Pyne, Ashley LaurenEffects of ventilation, prematurity and postnatal nutrition on the development of a necrotizing enterocolitis-like phenotype in preterm lambsNEC; Necrotizing enterocolisits; Postnatal nutrition; PPARgamma; Prematurity; VentilationNutrition & Integrative Physiology2017
14 Turney, Micah ThomasQuality of life and lifestyle changes in a diabetes prevention programApplied sciences; Computational fluid dynamics; Depostion; Electrochemistry; Electrowinning; Modeling; MultiphaseNutrition & Integrative Physiology2017
15 Vinitchagoon, ThanitThe development of an objective scoring system for evaluating mediterranean diet recipesinformatics; Mediterranean diet; nutrient profiling; nutrition; scoring systemNutrition & Integrative Physiology2017
16 Bantilan, Cheri Macie kuliaikauiThe effect of postnatal growth restriction on serum fatty acids and lung fatty acid interacting proteins in the ratEssential fatty acids; FABP4; Postnatal growth restriction; PPARγNutrition & Integrative Physiology2017
17 Ryskamp, Daniel AaronPolymodal sensation in the visual system: implications for retinal function and diseaseCalcium; Glaucoma; Müller glia; Neuroprotection; Retinal ganglion cell; TRPV4Neuroscience2014
18 Gordon, Patrick JamesProgenitor cell heterogeneity in the developing retina is revealed through distinct requirements for lhx2 in the regulation of competence and proliferationCompetence; Lhx2; Neurogenesis; Progenitor; RetinaNeuroscience2015
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