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1 Wang, ChunlinStage-gate contracts for new product developmentGiven the trend of globalization, more and more firms are outsourcing their Research and Development (R&D) projects to a second party overseas or domestically. Through outsourcing, firms not only save costs but also build strategic capabilities such as tapping global talents, building partnerships, product development; principal agent model; R&D; screening model; signaling game; stage-gate2015-12
2 Barlow, Matthew AllanMicrofoundations of firm performance: three essays examining how human capital affects firm performance across strategy and entrepreneurshipThis dissertation examines how an individual's collection of knowledge, skills, and abilities impacts the performance of firms. I look across two contexts, professional sports and mobile application developers, to investigate several aspects of this relationship. I first examine the mobility of st...employee mobility; entrepreneurship; human capital; organizational performance2016
3 Bulsiewicz, James GerardEssays on investor sentiment and institutional trading momentumThis dissertation is composed of 3 chapters on the topics of investor sentiment and institutional trading momentum. In the first chapter, I investigate whether the returns to cross-sectional anomalies reported in the finance literature are due to investor sentiment. I present evidence of a weak rela...Anomalies; Institutional Demand; Institutional Trading Momentum; Investor Sentiment; Mispricing2016
4 Buti, KrisztinaFirm size, idiosyncratic risk, and shareholder gains in corporate acquisitionsSmall acquirers experience greater abnormal returns upon acquisition announcements (other things equal) than large acquirers. In efficient markets, the persistence of differential abnormal returns over time and across industries would imply that shareholder wealth effects of corporate acquisitions ...corporate acquisitions; event study; limits to arbitrage; shareholder gains2016
5 Min, Hyun JeongHow to have style: style discourse in a makeover show and fashion consumptionThis dissertation is composed of three essays about style discourse in fashion consumption. For the first chapter I developed a conceptual model to unravel the political process of meaning making between marketers and consumers. In particular, I draw on the concepts in the discourse theory of Laclau...Discourse analysis; Fashion consumption; Makeover reality show2011-08
6 Nguyen, ThanhEssays on management compensation and dividend policyIn this dissertation, I consider effects of two corporate policies on shareholder wealth. First, I examine whether paying high dividends in an economy such as the United States, where tax on dividend income is higher than tax on capital gains, results in higher stock required rate of return to comp...Benchmarking; Dividend yield effect; Management compensation; Peer groups; Tax capitalization2011-08
7 Ortega, Xiaoli D.The trade-off between accounting comparability and representational faithfulness with mandatory international financial reporting standards optionIn this thesis, I examine the impact of the mandatory adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) on accounting comparability and representational faithfulness. The motivation for the study is to provide further evidence on whether mandatory IFRS adoption improves accounting compa...Accounting comparability; representational faithfulness2012-12
8 Oh, Chong KeatPeer influence, information quality and predictive power of stock microblogsDue to the popularity of Web 2.0 and Social Media in the last decade, the percolation of user generated content (UGC) has rapidly increased. In the financial realm, this results in the emergence of virtual investing communities (VIC) to the investing public. There is an on-going debate among scholar...Information quality; Peer influence; Predictive analytics; Stock microblogging; Virtual investing communities2013-05
9 Kolay, MadhuparnaEssays on the flow of distress along the supply chainThis dissertation is composed of three essays which examine the effects of a firm's bankruptcy on its suppliers and customers. Suppliers and customers are considered to be stakeholders of the firm with which they trade and face potential costs if the firm files for Chapter 11. In the first essay, I ...2012-08
10 Kim, IljooPredicting audience demographics of web sites using local cuesThe size and dynamism of the Web poses challenges for all its stakeholders, which include producers/consumers of content, and advertisers who want to place advertisements next to relevant content. A Critical piece of information for the stakeholders is the demographices of the consumers who are like...Audience demographics; Data mining; Online marketing strategies; Predictive modeling; text; classification; Web mining2011-12
11 Lindsey, Scott HixsonEssays in healthcare quality and efficiency: an operations management examinationU.S. healthcare costs have shown a marked increase as a percentage of GDP over the past decades. Additionally, the growth of U.S. healthcare spending is outpacing that of other industrialized economies. With this rapid pace of growth and spending, explorations of quality and efficiency within the U....Competititive capability; Drivers of quality and efficiency; Healthcare efficiency; Healthcare focus; Healthcare operations research; Healthcare quality2012-05
12 Carroll, James EugeneAffects of user generated videos on brandsThe conclusion is that UGVs can have an effect on brands however, only a few examples exist that conclusively show this. No accurate tools exist to measure an increase or decrease in brand equity based on UGVs. The paper concludes with a discussion of factors that may be relevant regarding brand ...Branding; Marketing; Advertising2009-05
13 Rees, Mckenzie RaeIt's not as bad as others think: how the differential perspectives of targets and observers affect the perceived negativity of the situation and subsequent cooperative responsesPrevious research has demonstrated that targets who are directly affected by the outcomes of a situation focus on more detail in a situation than observers who see or overhear a situation but are not directly affected by the outcomes. However, behavioral responses of targets and observers suggest th...Cooperation; Observer; Perception; Third-party2015-05
14 Ho-Dac, Nguyen-NgaThe roles of online user generated content and the interrelationship between product development and product adoptionExtant studies have been showing that online user generated content (UGC) plays an important role in product adoption. I expand this research by considering the roles of online UGC in both product development and product adoption processes. Moreover, the interrelationship between these two processes...Product adoption; Product development; User generated content2012-08
15 Jensen, Ryan F.Private equity investment in banking organizations a policy review of regulatory responses to the financial crisis of 2008The financial crisis of 2008, a result of the 2007 subprime mortgage crisis and theensuing credit crunch, wreaked havoc among financial institutions in the United States and beyond. As a result, the health of these institutions have significantly deteriorated, increasing the risk to their counterpar...Mortgage crisis; Bank Holding Company Act2009-05
16 Marsh, Laurence AStrategic view of alliance strategy: the impact of alliance type on firm profitabilityThis study attempts to determine how strategic alliances impact firm performance. The degree of alliance impact is theorized to be dependent on the type of alliance entered and how that alliance allows firms to leverage their own capabilities. The degree of impact also depends on the structure of th...Alliances; Performance; Strategy; Corporate profits2010
17 Jackson, Curtis ELand o' the bravesHistorically, the United States Government is the symbol of workable democracy, and the force of American Government bursts now with atomic force the world over. The necessary resources of America are utilized today to supplant the dictatorships and authoritarianisms of foreign countries with a...Indians of North America; Indians in Idaho1947
18 Burger, Marcus AlexanderAccounting measurement and beta risk measuresPrior literature provides evidence that accounting beta risk measures|based on the covariance between firm-specic and marketwide accounting rates of return|better estimate the risk implied by market prices than do stock returns beta risk estimates based on realized equity returns. Because capital ma...Accounting; Beta; Conservatism; Risk2012-08
19 Hrechkosy, GarryIFRS and US GAAP: evaluating the United States proposed move to a new set of Accounting; standardsCountries around the world are converging toward the adoption of a single set of accounting standards, International Financial Reporting Standards or IFRS. Many developed and industrialized nations have made the move to IFRS. One major holdout in this process has been the United States of America. E...2009
20 Giraud-Carrier, Fran¸cois C.Pollution regulation and production in imperfect marketsThe problem of pollution is not going away. As global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rises, so does pollution. Due to the existence of environmental externalities, polluting firms lack the incentive to abate their pollution, and without regulations, markets do not adequately control pollution. While r...Cap-and-trade; Carbon tax; Groves; Pollution regulation; Welfare2014-05
21 Kim, Yeon KyeongChanges in market structure and financial market outcomesThis dissertation consists of two essays. Each essay measures how changes in particular market rules and structure affect financial market outcomes. The essays assess two of the most debated regulatory issues that have arisen in recent years, speculative trading and transparency, respectively. The i...2014-08
22 Jensen, Tyler K.When cash is king: funding conditions and the value of cash holdingsPrevious research documents prominent associations between firm characteristics and the value of corporate cash holdings. Among these associations, the prior literature shows that firm-specific financial constraints influence the value of cash. We extend the prior literature by introducing time-vary...2014-08
23 Liang, BoA relational view of consumer social learning in virtual communitiesSocial learning is an important part of consumers' lives. A major limitation of previous research in consumer social learning is the lack of attention to the effects of relationships built among participants on the learning process in online communities. Within a thread in an online forum, when a po...Community; Consumer engagement; Social learning; Social media; Social networks2014-12
24 Lundmark, Leif WillardOpening the black box of heterogeneous value creation: cognitive microfoundations of novel and valuable solution generationThe field of strategic management comprises the scientific exploration of organizational heterogeneity, scope, and performance. Subsequently, the large majority of extant theory builds predictions of organization and industry level outcomes from aggregate constructs (e.g., organizational structure, ...Affect; Knowledge search; Microfoundations; Problem formulation; Value creation2014-08
25 Hu, Han-fenInformation technology choices by consumers and firmsThis dissertation consists of three essays that investigate the general decision process of users' choices regarding information technology (IT) applications and products, focusing on placebo effects of software pricing, incorporating user perceptions and product attributes in modeling software prod...Consumer behavior; Green IT; Software product2012-08
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