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1 Wang, ChunlinStage-gate contracts for new product developmentnew product development; principal agent model; R&D; screening model; signaling game; stage-gateSchool of Business2015-12
2 Barlow, Matthew AllanMicrofoundations of firm performance: three essays examining how human capital affects firm performance across strategy and entrepreneurshipemployee mobility; entrepreneurship; human capital; organizational performanceSchool of Business2016
3 Bulsiewicz, James GerardEssays on investor sentiment and institutional trading momentumAnomalies; Institutional Demand; Institutional Trading Momentum; Investor Sentiment; MispricingSchool of Business2016
4 Buti, KrisztinaFirm size, idiosyncratic risk, and shareholder gains in corporate acquisitionscorporate acquisitions; event study; limits to arbitrage; shareholder gainsSchool of Business2016
5 Min, Hyun JeongHow to have style: style discourse in a makeover show and fashion consumptionDiscourse analysis; Fashion consumption; Makeover reality showMarketing2011-08
6 Nguyen, ThanhEssays on management compensation and dividend policyBenchmarking; Dividend yield effect; Management compensation; Peer groups; Tax capitalizationBusiness Administration2011-08
7 Ortega, Xiaoli D.The trade-off between accounting comparability and representational faithfulness with mandatory international financial reporting standards optionAccounting comparability; representational faithfulnessBusiness Administration2012-12
8 Oh, Chong KeatPeer influence, information quality and predictive power of stock microblogsInformation quality; Peer influence; Predictive analytics; Stock microblogging; Virtual investing communitiesBusiness Administration2013-05
9 Kolay, MadhuparnaEssays on the flow of distress along the supply chainBusiness (School of)2012-08
10 Kim, IljooPredicting audience demographics of web sites using local cuesAudience demographics; Data mining; Online marketing strategies; Predictive modeling; text; classification; Web miningBusiness Administration2011-12
11 Lindsey, Scott HixsonEssays in healthcare quality and efficiency: an operations management examinationCompetititive capability; Drivers of quality and efficiency; Healthcare efficiency; Healthcare focus; Healthcare operations research; Healthcare qualityBusiness Administration2012-05
12 Carroll, James EugeneAffects of user generated videos on brandsBranding; Marketing; AdvertisingMarketing2009-05
13 Rees, Mckenzie RaeIt's not as bad as others think: how the differential perspectives of targets and observers affect the perceived negativity of the situation and subsequent cooperative responsesCooperation; Observer; Perception; Third-partySchool of Business2015-05
14 Ho-Dac, Nguyen-NgaThe roles of online user generated content and the interrelationship between product development and product adoptionProduct adoption; Product development; User generated contentBusiness Administration2012-08
15 Jensen, Ryan F.Private equity investment in banking organizations a policy review of regulatory responses to the financial crisis of 2008Mortgage crisis; Bank Holding Company ActFinance2009-05
16 Marsh, Laurence AStrategic view of alliance strategy: the impact of alliance type on firm profitabilityAlliances; Performance; Strategy; Corporate profitsBusiness (School of)2010
17 Jackson, Curtis ELand o' the bravesIndians of North America; Indians in IdahoBusiness (School of)1947
18 Burger, Marcus AlexanderAccounting measurement and beta risk measuresAccounting; Beta; Conservatism; RiskBusiness Administration2012-08
19 Hrechkosy, GarryIFRS and US GAAP: evaluating the United States proposed move to a new set of Accounting; standardsAccounting2009
20 Giraud-Carrier, Fran¸cois C.Pollution regulation and production in imperfect marketsCap-and-trade; Carbon tax; Groves; Pollution regulation; WelfareBusiness (School of)2014-05
21 Kim, Yeon KyeongChanges in market structure and financial market outcomesBusiness Administration2014-08
22 Jensen, Tyler K.When cash is king: funding conditions and the value of cash holdingsBusiness Administration2014-08
23 Liang, BoA relational view of consumer social learning in virtual communitiesCommunity; Consumer engagement; Social learning; Social media; Social networksOperations Management (The David Eccles School of Business)2014-12
24 Lundmark, Leif WillardOpening the black box of heterogeneous value creation: cognitive microfoundations of novel and valuable solution generationAffect; Knowledge search; Microfoundations; Problem formulation; Value creationBusiness Administration2014-08
25 Hu, Han-fenInformation technology choices by consumers and firmsConsumer behavior; Green IT; Software productBusiness Administration2012-08
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