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1 Cannon, James NibleyEvaluating determinants of sticky costs and operations based earnings prediction models using air transportation industry data and validation of verifiable detail as a source of credibility in customer retention strategy disclosureAirline; Earnings prediction; Non-financial; Sticky cost; Voluntary disclosureBusiness Administration2011-08
2 Nguyen, Trang Thi MyQualitative analysis of the existence of a real estate bubble in ChinaFinance2011-05
3 Hixson, Robben DashiellThe andean community: a case study on economic integration among developing countriesInternational Studies2011-05
4 Verhaal, Jeffrey CameronOutgrowing your identity: three empirical essays on innovation, identity constraints and product proliferation in specialist organizationsBusiness Administration2014-08
5 Goor, Chantalle vanBlurring genders or deleting them: androgyny and performances of gender in a youth population of the netherlandsBusiness (School of)2010-05
6 Zhang, XiaodiEssays in financial marketsStock exchangesBusiness (School of)2015-08
7 Masters, Tamara M.Hercules or Medusa: heroes and villains and their impact on consumers' preference for vice and virtue productsBranding; Consumption; Decision making; Heroes and villains; Preference; Vice and virtue productsBusiness Administration2012-08
8 McMahon, Susan RyanThe efficiency of resource reallocation within firmsResource reallocation; Business planningBusiness Administration2011-08
9 Botner, Keith A.Marketing decision making and its downstream effects on consumer behaviorCuriosity; Information search; Marketing decision making; Pricing; Referral marketingBusiness (School of)2015-05
10 Boyle, Erik ScottManagement perceptions of audit quality: a qualitative and quantitative investigationImpact of industry norms; Management perceptions of audit quality; Rules-based vs. Principles-based standardsBusiness Administration2015-08
11 DeForest, Jason LeeEffect of ownership structure on the dividend decision for firms operating in emerging marketsDividends; Stock ownershipFinance2009-05
12 Hoskins, Jake DavidTwo empirical essays on the drivers of new product performance for fast moving consumer goodsBrand proliferation; Local products; National products; New products; Product management; Product StrategyBusiness (School of)2015-05
13 Eramsadati, Maryam Kouchaki NejadProfessionalism and moral behavior: does a professional self-conception make one more unethical?Ethics; Licensing; Profession; Professionalism; Professional self-conception2012-08
14 Wang, ChunlinStage-gate contracts for new product developmentnew product development; principal agent model; R&D; screening model; signaling game; stage-gateSchool of Business2015-12
15 Barlow, Matthew AllanMicrofoundations of firm performance: three essays examining how human capital affects firm performance across strategy and entrepreneurshipemployee mobility; entrepreneurship; human capital; organizational performanceSchool of Business2016
16 Bulsiewicz, James GerardEssays on investor sentiment and institutional trading momentumAnomalies; Institutional Demand; Institutional Trading Momentum; Investor Sentiment; MispricingSchool of Business2016
17 Buti, KrisztinaFirm size, idiosyncratic risk, and shareholder gains in corporate acquisitionscorporate acquisitions; event study; limits to arbitrage; shareholder gainsSchool of Business2016
18 Min, Hyun JeongHow to have style: style discourse in a makeover show and fashion consumptionDiscourse analysis; Fashion consumption; Makeover reality showMarketing2011-08
19 Nguyen, ThanhEssays on management compensation and dividend policyBenchmarking; Dividend yield effect; Management compensation; Peer groups; Tax capitalizationBusiness Administration2011-08
20 Ortega, Xiaoli D.The trade-off between accounting comparability and representational faithfulness with mandatory international financial reporting standards optionAccounting comparability; representational faithfulnessBusiness Administration2012-12
21 Oh, Chong KeatPeer influence, information quality and predictive power of stock microblogsInformation quality; Peer influence; Predictive analytics; Stock microblogging; Virtual investing communitiesBusiness Administration2013-05
22 Kolay, MadhuparnaEssays on the flow of distress along the supply chainBusiness (School of)2012-08
23 Kim, IljooPredicting audience demographics of web sites using local cuesAudience demographics; Data mining; Online marketing strategies; Predictive modeling; text; classification; Web miningBusiness Administration2011-12
24 Lindsey, Scott HixsonEssays in healthcare quality and efficiency: an operations management examinationCompetititive capability; Drivers of quality and efficiency; Healthcare efficiency; Healthcare focus; Healthcare operations research; Healthcare qualityBusiness Administration2012-05
25 Carroll, James EugeneAffects of user generated videos on brandsBranding; Marketing; AdvertisingMarketing2009-05
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