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1 Angus, Ryan WinnEntrepreneurial Value Creation: Three Essays Examining How Entrepreneurs Create Value Under Conditions of UncertaintyThis dissertation consists of three essays examining how entrepreneurs create value under conditions of uncertainty. The first essay theoretically examines the process of stakeholder enrollment through which entrepreneurs acquire critical resources for their endeavors under informational conditions ...Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Economic theory2018
2 Gao, YuanyuanUser Opinion LearningThe theme of my dissertation is users' opinion learning. We propose three different studies to learn users' opinion using various approaches and to address several important research questions. Firstly, in order to discover the significant factors that induce the rating differences from user-generat...2017
3 Orden, Joseph VanService design for the complex customer: An empirical analysis of mental health integration at Intermountain HealthcareIn 1998 Intermountain Healthcare instituted a mental health integration program in its primary care clinics. Mental health patients typify complex customers: those who supply multiple inputs into service processes whose inputs can expand across multiple service providers or multiple service visits. ...Mental health; Management; Health care management; Operations research2010
4 He, JingWhom do I know? Executive network centrality and corporate reportingI investigate the informational role of top executive social networks by examining the association between top executive network centrality and corporate reporting choices. More centrally positioned executives might derive power from being well connected and thus be less concerned about the ex post ...Accounting2015
5 Halford, Joseph T.Essays on vulture investors and the resolution of distressThis dissertation is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 presents evidence that firms that use the Chapter 11 process to facilitate different bankruptcy outcomes (emergence, acquisition, liquidation) take very different paths to bankruptcy. The evidencBankruptcy; Vulture Investors2013
6 Howe, David CharlesFollowing the leader or following the follower: subordinates as influential agents of managers' behaviorsThe prevailing perspective that leaders are the main agents of influence of followers’ behavior is an overly simplistic and incomplete assessment of the interactions between leaders and followers. The present research attempts to “reverse the lens” and establish that subordinates ...Claiming; Followership; Granting; Influence; Leadership2017
7 Romney, Alexander ClarkVoice contagion: how employee voice spreads between coworkersThe purpose of this dissertation is to introduce a new aspect of employee voice, namely voice contagion. Voice contagion is a process in which employee voice spreads from a speaker to his or her coworkers. While previous research has done much to elucidate the conditions necessary to enable employee...Behavioral contagion; Employee voice; Learning2016
8 Zhang, TengThe effects of intuition on ethical decision making: the role of the concern for others’ interestsAs a mode of thought and information processing strategy, intuition can lead people to behave ethically. However, very little is known about when intuition leads to ethical outcomes and why. Drawing on research on prosociality, I argue that intuitive decisions are generally more ethical than deliber...Decision making; Ethics; Intuition2016
9 Netchaeva, EkaterinaDeveloping a model of jealousy expression and manifestation in organizational settings within same- and mixed-sex triadsIn prior literature, jealousy has been conceptualized as a response to a threat of losing benefits in a relationship (romantic or nonromantic) with same-sex or opposite-sex partner due to a rival's interference (Bringle, 1991; Buunk, Goor, & Solano, 2010). Despite being seemingly applicable to a wid...Gender differences; Jealousy; Organizations2014
10 Jin, MingEssays in supply chain managementSupply chain management involves coordination and collaboration among organizations at different echelons of a supply chain. This dissertation explores two challenges to supply chain coordination: trade promotion (sales incentive offered by a manufacturer to its downstream customers, e.g., distribut...Social sciences; Bullwhip effect; Pharmaceutical supply chain; Trade promotion2016
11 Zhang, YanTwo essays on business description content trend and the cross-section of stock returnsThis dissertation examines the business description firms include in their 10-Ks. Using the Latent Dirichlet Allocation topic extraction methodology, I identify the highest trending topic for each industry and each firm's loading on this topic. In the first chapter, after controlling for risk, I fin...Latent Dirichlet Allocation; Stocks2017-08
12 Soderberg, Andrew T.Can you expect the boss to be ethical? the effects of the boss' power and status on subordinates' trustIn many organizations, the power an employee has is dependent on the position he/she holds within the organization. Whereas a great deal of research has examined the effects that power can have on those who possess it, this research examines how others perceive individuals who hold powerful position...Ethical; Expectations; Power; Status; Trust2016
13 Yang, WenhaoMutual fund management: does active management pay?According to classical portfolio theory, two implications follow when an asset has a positive alpha against some benchmark: (1) the benchmark is mean-variance inefficient; (2) by combining the positive alpha asset with the benchmark, one can improve the mean- variance efficiency of the benchmark. Th...Alpha; CAPM; Mutual Fund; Performance Evaluation2016
14 Barlow, Matthew AllanMicrofoundations of firm performance: three essays examining how human capital affects firm performance across strategy and entrepreneurshipThis dissertation examines how an individual's collection of knowledge, skills, and abilities impacts the performance of firms. I look across two contexts, professional sports and mobile application developers, to investigate several aspects of this relationship. I first examine the mobility of st...employee mobility; entrepreneurship; human capital; organizational performance2016
15 Bulsiewicz, James GerardEssays on investor sentiment and institutional trading momentumThis dissertation is composed of 3 chapters on the topics of investor sentiment and institutional trading momentum. In the first chapter, I investigate whether the returns to cross-sectional anomalies reported in the finance literature are due to investor sentiment. I present evidence of a weak rela...Anomalies; Institutional Demand; Institutional Trading Momentum; Investor Sentiment; Mispricing2016
16 Buti, KrisztinaFirm size, idiosyncratic risk, and shareholder gains in corporate acquisitionsSmall acquirers experience greater abnormal returns upon acquisition announcements (other things equal) than large acquirers. In efficient markets, the persistence of differential abnormal returns over time and across industries would imply that shareholder wealth effects of corporate acquisitions ...corporate acquisitions; event study; limits to arbitrage; shareholder gains2016
17 Chambers, BarbaraMultiemployer defined benefit pension plans' liability spillovers: important connections in U.S. unionized industriesA multiemployer defined pension plan (MDBP) is a collectively bargained pension plan maintained by two or more employers and a labor union. MDBPs pool risks, contributions, assets, and liabilities. Bankruptcy by MDBP firms usually results in almost constant MDBP total liabilities but a shrinking p...defined benefit; liabilities; multiemployer; pension; spillovers2016
18 Wang, ChunlinStage-gate contracts for new product developmentGiven the trend of globalization, more and more firms are outsourcing their Research and Development (R&D) projects to a second party overseas or domestically. Through outsourcing, firms not only save costs but also build strategic capabilities such as tapping global talents, building partnerships, ...new product development; principal agent model; R&D; screening model; signaling game; stage-gate2015-12
19 Rees, Mckenzie RaeIt's not as bad as others think: how the differential perspectives of targets and observers affect the perceived negativity of the situation and subsequent cooperative responsesPrevious research has demonstrated that targets who are directly affected by the outcomes of a situation focus on more detail in a situation than observers who see or overhear a situation but are not directly affected by the outcomes. However, behavioral responses of targets and observers suggest th...Cooperation; Observer; Perception; Third-party2015-05
20 Zhang, XiaodiEssays in financial marketsThis dissertation studies how heterogeneous opinions affect financial market outcomes, including price informativeness and trading volume. The dissertation contains two chapters. In both chapters, theoretical models are developed and then supportive empirical evidence is provided. In the chapter ""I...Stock exchanges2015-08
21 Boyle, Erik ScottManagement perceptions of audit quality: a qualitative and quantitative investigationIn this dissertation I investigate management perceptions of audit quality. Despite management's key stakeholder role in the audit process, their impact in assessing and evaluating audit quality has been overlooked in the post-Sarbanes-Oxley environment. Although audit committees are charged with go...Impact of industry norms; Management perceptions of audit quality; Rules-based vs. Principles-based standards2015-08
22 Botner, Keith A.Marketing decision making and its downstream effects on consumer behaviorMarketers invest significantly in generating consumer action, with curiosity one of many ways to pique interest. This is the topic of our first essay, in which we discuss how discounted price displays arouse curiosity, thus affecting information search behavior. This essay moves beyond the assumptio...Curiosity; Information search; Marketing decision making; Pricing; Referral marketing2015-05
23 Hoskins, Jake DavidTwo empirical essays on the drivers of new product performance for fast moving consumer goodsThese empirical papers contribute to both a body of academic research and to anecdotal trends in business. The first paper deals with the implications of the brand's existing portfolio structure for current new product performance. Marketing logic has long recommended keeping a brand focused and con...Brand proliferation; Local products; National products; New products; Product management; Product Strategy2015-05
24 Qiu, MingmingEssays on corporate financeThis thesis consists of three chapters. In Chapter 1, we use a unique dataset of natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, storms, volcanic eruptions, and wildfires, to test whether investors suffer from behavioral bias such as underreacting to news and investor sentiment. In Chapter 2, we ...Corporate finance2013-08
25 Oh, Chong KeatPeer influence, information quality and predictive power of stock microblogsDue to the popularity of Web 2.0 and Social Media in the last decade, the percolation of user generated content (UGC) has rapidly increased. In the financial realm, this results in the emergence of virtual investing communities (VIC) to the investing public. There is an on-going debate among scholar...Information quality; Peer influence; Predictive analytics; Stock microblogging; Virtual investing communities2013-05
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