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1 Liang, BoA relational view of consumer social learning in virtual communitiesSocial learning is an important part of consumers' lives. A major limitation of previous research in consumer social learning is the lack of attention to the effects of relationships built among participants on the learning process in online communities. Within a thread in an online forum, when a po...Community; Consumer engagement; Social learning; Social media; Social networks2014-12
2 Burger, Marcus AlexanderAccounting measurement and beta risk measuresPrior literature provides evidence that accounting beta risk measures|based on the covariance between firm-specic and marketwide accounting rates of return|better estimate the risk implied by market prices than do stock returns beta risk estimates based on realized equity returns. Because capital ma...Accounting; Beta; Conservatism; Risk2012-08
3 Carroll, James EugeneAffects of user generated videos on brandsThe conclusion is that UGVs can have an effect on brands however, only a few examples exist that conclusively show this. No accurate tools exist to measure an increase or decrease in brand equity based on UGVs. The paper concludes with a discussion of factors that may be relevant regarding brand ...Branding; Marketing; Advertising2009-05
4 Shirley, Robert EdwinAn analysis of the motor carrier and railroad freight system of UtahAn adequate transportation system is said to be a necessary although not a sufficient condition by itself for regional growth and development, Transportation is considered both limiting and permissive, With a given efficiency of its transportation system 1 an economy can only advance so far, Therefo...Freight and freightage -- Utah Railroads -- Utah -- Freight Trucking -- Utah1965
5 Goor, Chantalle vanBlurring genders or deleting them: androgyny and performances of gender in a youth population of the netherlandsWhat is gender? Is it a noun or verb? Where does one 'get' it? How is it formed? These questions have been asked time and time again over years of study and societal changes. Conceptions of gender have been and continue to be created from a variety of different perspectives. Among these theories is...2010-05
6 Soderberg, Andrew T.Can you expect the boss to be ethical? the effects of the boss' power and status on subordinates' trustIn many organizations, the power an employee has is dependent on the position he/she holds within the organization. Whereas a great deal of research has examined the effects that power can have on those who possess it, this research examines how others perceive individuals who hold powerful position...Ethical; Expectations; Power; Status; Trust2016
7 Kim, Yeon KyeongChanges in market structure and financial market outcomesThis dissertation consists of two essays. Each essay measures how changes in particular market rules and structure affect financial market outcomes. The essays assess two of the most debated regulatory issues that have arisen in recent years, speculative trading and transparency, respectively. The i...2014-08
8 Cai, HuanCollateral, two-dimensional moral hazard, and competitionThis dissertation develops a theory on the use of costly collateral in a credit contract. Existing theories advocate the function of collateral as an incentive device to reduce moral hazard. However, they do not distinguish between the effects of collateral on moral hazard regarding \risk-taking" fr...Adverse Selection, Collateral, Competition, Debt Contract, Moral Hazard2012-12
9 Shanafelt, AmberCrime and punishment: an examination of justice in judge - advisor systemsOrganizations are constantly faced with determining proper punishment or consequences for employees who commit acts to the contrary of company regulations and policies. Commonly Judge - Advisor Systems (JAS) are built into the hierarchy of conventional organizations, and they can have an impact on t...2011-05
10 Netchaeva, EkaterinaDeveloping a model of jealousy expression and manifestation in organizational settings within same- and mixed-sex triadsIn prior literature, jealousy has been conceptualized as a response to a threat of losing benefits in a relationship (romantic or nonromantic) with same-sex or opposite-sex partner due to a rival's interference (Bringle, 1991; Buunk, Goor, & Solano, 2010). Despite being seemingly applicable to a wid...Gender differences; Jealousy; Organizations2014
11 Brown, Kory DeeDifferential benefits to firms participating in multipartner collaborative innovationGreat innovations seldom come from a single individual or firm. Rather, entire networks of people, usually sponsored by many firms drive great innovation, innovation that is rarely captured in a single product or service, but an entire platform sponsored by an ecosystem of firms. Many of these innov...Alliances; Bluetooth; Collaboration; Innovation; Networks; Management; Studies; Collaboratio2010-08
12 Case, Jacob CraigERP value: the market response to announcements of enterprise resource planning investmentsThis paper evaluates the change in a firm's equity value as a result of the firm announcing that it plans to integrate its operations with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or a module of an ERP system. Investments in Information Systems (IS) are increasing as firms strive to optimize th...Business planning; Management information systems2009-05
13 DeForest, Jason LeeEffect of ownership structure on the dividend decision for firms operating in emerging marketsThis paper analyzes whether concentration of ownership impacts the dividend decision of firms operating in emerging markets. I collect financial information for firms in China, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina from the Mergent Online Database for the end of year 2007 and then compare...Dividends; Stock ownership2009-05
14 Angus, Ryan WinnEntrepreneurial Value Creation: Three Essays Examining How Entrepreneurs Create Value Under Conditions of UncertaintyThis dissertation consists of three essays examining how entrepreneurs create value under conditions of uncertainty. The first essay theoretically examines the process of stakeholder enrollment through which entrepreneurs acquire critical resources for their endeavors under informational conditions ...Entrepreneurship; Marketing; Economic theory2018
15 Carrion, Allen MarioEssays in empirical market microstructureThis dissertation is composed of three essays in empirical market microstructure. My first two essays study market quality issues related to High-frequency Trading (HFT) using a dataset provided by NASDAQ that identifies the activity of high-frequency traders (HFTs). My first essay studies the syste...Corporate bonds; High-frequency trading; Market microstructure; Market quality; Mini-flash crashes; Trading costs; Finance2012-08
16 Zhang, XiaodiEssays in financial marketsThis dissertation studies how heterogeneous opinions affect financial market outcomes, including price informativeness and trading volume. The dissertation contains two chapters. In both chapters, theoretical models are developed and then supportive empirical evidence is provided. In the chapter ""I...Stock exchanges; Finance; Economic theory2015-08
17 Lindsey, Scott HixsonEssays in healthcare quality and efficiency: an operations management examinationU.S. healthcare costs have shown a marked increase as a percentage of GDP over the past decades. Additionally, the growth of U.S. healthcare spending is outpacing that of other industrialized economies. With this rapid pace of growth and spending, explorations of quality and efficiency within the U....Competititive capability; Drivers of quality and efficiency; Healthcare efficiency; Healthcare focus; Healthcare operations research; Healthcare quality2012-05
18 Jin, MingEssays in supply chain managementSupply chain management involves coordination and collaboration among organizations at different echelons of a supply chain. This dissertation explores two challenges to supply chain coordination: trade promotion (sales incentive offered by a manufacturer to its downstream customers, e.g., distribut...Social sciences; Bullwhip effect; Pharmaceutical supply chain; Trade promotion2016
19 Lee, Michael J.Essays on Online Influence and Motivation: The Cases of Crowdfunding and EmploymentThis paper is a collection of three articles on the subject of the motivational influences of online platforms and social media. The cases of crowdfunding and employment markets are addressed. The first two articles are intended to contribute to the scholarly literature on online social media and in...Web studies2018
20 Qiu, MingmingEssays on corporate financeThis thesis consists of three chapters. In Chapter 1, we use a unique dataset of natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, storms, volcanic eruptions, and wildfires, to test whether investors suffer from behavioral bias such as underreacting to news and investor sentiment. In Chapter 2, we ...Corporate finance; Finance; Default; Investors; Debt2013-08
21 Bulsiewicz, James GerardEssays on investor sentiment and institutional trading momentumThis dissertation is composed of 3 chapters on the topics of investor sentiment and institutional trading momentum. In the first chapter, I investigate whether the returns to cross-sectional anomalies reported in the finance literature are due to investor sentiment. I present evidence of a weak rela...Anomalies; Institutional Demand; Institutional Trading Momentum; Investor Sentiment; Mispricing2016
22 Nguyen, ThanhEssays on management compensation and dividend policyIn this dissertation, I consider effects of two corporate policies on shareholder wealth. First, I examine whether paying high dividends in an economy such as the United States, where tax on dividend income is higher than tax on capital gains, results in higher stock required rate of return to comp...Management; Finance; Studies; Compensation; Dividend distributions2011-08
23 Kolay, MadhuparnaEssays on the flow of distress along the supply chainThis dissertation is composed of three essays which examine the effects of a firm's bankruptcy on its suppliers and customers. Suppliers and customers are considered to be stakeholders of the firm with which they trade and face potential costs if the firm files for Chapter 11. In the first essay, I ...Finance2012-08
24 Halford, Joseph T.Essays on vulture investors and the resolution of distressThis dissertation is divided into three chapters. Chapter 1 presents evidence that firms that use the Chapter 11 process to facilitate different bankruptcy outcomes (emergence, acquisition, liquidation) take very different paths to bankruptcy. The evidencBankruptcy; Vulture Investors2013
25 Cannon, James NibleyEvaluating determinants of sticky costs and operations based earnings prediction models using air transportation industry data and validation of verifiable detail as a source of credibility in customer retention strategy disclosureChapter 1 examines the relevance of operations based variables predicting future earnings. We use United States Air Transportation (airline) industry data to identify operations based variables that provide predictive information beyond that found in earnings components. We show that the adjusted R-...Accounting; Transportation industry; Earnings forecasting; Airline industry; Cost accounting; Capacity; Customer retentio2011-08
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