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1 Byrne, Kara AnnCommunity voices for housing equality: engaging tenants with immigrant and refugee backgrounds in participatory action researchThis multiple article path (MAP) dissertation is comprised of three interrelated and independent articles that will be submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Community Voices for Housing Equality (CVHE) is a participatory action research project that developed organically out of reside...housing; immigrant; participatory action research; refugee; renter; structural racism2016
2 Naami, AugustinaThe impact of unemployment on women with physical disabilities in Tamale, GhanaUnemployment rates among persons with disabilities are high, with women being at greater risk due to the interaction of gender and disability. Although studies portray the inequality, oppression, and exclusion women with disabilities encounter, little research is available on the impact of unemploym...Disability; Gender; Ghana; Poverty; Unemployment; Women with physical disabilities2010-08
3 Ned, J. DenaTitle V of the Indian Health Care Improvement act 36 years later: an interpretive policy analysisIn 1976, the United States Congress passed The Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA), which establishes the federal obligation to maintain, improve, and assure, the highest possible health status for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Title V of the IHCIA seeks to make health services more ac...Federal Indian Policy; Health care policy; Indian Health Care Improvement Act; Urban Indian health organizations; Urban Indians2013-08
4 Jackson, Ozie WhiteFrom strong black woman to womanist: an Afrocentric approach to understanding perspectives of strengths, life experiences, and coping mechanisms of single, African American custodial grandmothersAs there is an absent generation of parents due to the current ills of society such as drug and alcohol addictions, the AIDS/HIV epidemic, parental neglect and abandonment, incarcerations, mental illness and the deaths of parents, there will be an absent generation of grandparents - grandmothers in ...African american custodial grandmothers; Coping mechanisms of custodial grandmothers; Custodial grandmothers; Qualitative2011-05
5 Jacobsen, JeannaMormon women's experiences with same-sex sexualityThis phenomenological qualitative study examines 28 Mormon women's experiences with same-sex sexuality through the use of in-depth interviews. Twentythree women who have experienced same-sex sexuality comprised the primary group of participants from whom findings were analyzed. Additional findings f...Lesbian; Mormon or LDS or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Religious identity; Same-sex sexuality; Sexuality; Spiriuality2013-05
6 Jasperson, Rachael AnneTherapeutic interventions and animal assisted therapy with incarcerated femalesThe prison population in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. Incarcerated women manifest distinctly greater psychological distress than do their male counterparts. In addition, these women demonstrate higher rates of mood disorder, substance use disorders, and personality disorders. Ra...Animal assisted therapy; Female inmates; Incarcerated women; Prison2011-05
7 Kim, Mi SeongThe nature of elder mistreatment in South Korea and implications to improve policy and practice: a qualitative secondary analysisTo qualitatively explore elder mistreatment occurring within families of South Korea, this study was based on a data set collected during a 1-year period in South Korea through cooperation with the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare and Korean Elder Protection Agency. For this qualitative seconda...Older people - Abuse of - Korea (South)2013-05
8 Hinton, Deborah KingExpanding our notions of power: a community-based participatory action research projectThis qualitative study describes and analyzes the experience of Mexican immigrant women who live in the United States without government authorization and who have participated as volunteer outreach workers through a local community-based organization. Specifically, I have sought to understand thei...Civic engagement; Empowerment; Immigrant; Lay health outreach; Mexican; Qualitative2011-12
9 Hughes, Jennifer ChristineRelationships, caregiving and multiple sclerosis: gender and perceptions of careThis qualitative research study attempted to understand and unpack the caregiving experience in the illness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Ten couples were interviewed separately and later as a dyad to discuss care, care responsibilities and support systems to see how gender influenced either the careg...Care; Caregiving; Gender; Multiple sclerosis; Perceptions; Relationships2012-08
10 Crews, Douglas AlanExploring self-compassion with lesbian, gay, and bisexual personsSelf-compassion is a construct involving three major components: self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness, which promote emotional balance, kindness to self and others, and building a community rooted in compassion. This chapter synthesizes the literature on self-compassion in an effort to pr...LGB; Qualitative; Quantitative; Self-compassion2012-08
11 Nebeker Christensen, AnnieCollege student suicide: prevention and interventionThere is a lack of research on the literature concerning the policies and procedures higher education institutions and their employees utilize when responding to a student suicide attempt or suicide. Current research on college student suicide is limited for several reasons: (a) there are no federa...Campus suicide intervnetion; Campus suicide prevention; Colllege student suicide; Higher education policies and procedures for students at-risk for suicide; Management and response to college student suicide attempt; Mental health on campus2010
12 Christensen, Brandon NyleFactors affecting mental health service utilization among deployed military personnelThis study contrasts the characteristics of clients using military mental health services in deployed and nondeployed settings, the communications between their mental health providers and commanders, and the impact of mental health services on their military duties. The study explored the rates of ...Barriers; Confidentiality; Mental health; Military; Stigma; Treatment2011-08
13 Butters, Robert PaulMeta-analysis of empathy training programs for client populationsEmpathy is a core component of human relationships and a cornerstone of effective interpersonal skills. Low levels of empathy are associated with negative outcomes while high empathy contributes to prosocial behaviors. A large body of literature exists on empathy but as yet there is no comprehensive...Client; Empathy; Meta-analysis; Program; Training; Social disabilities2010-05
14 Feller, Kelly CarlAn exploratory study of the lived experience and contributing factors to blending stepfamilies - a dynamic systems and transformational learning theories approachIn the process of blending together, two single-parent family systems experience significant and unique challenges. Blending difficulties create barriers within the family system to relationship development and family functioning and without in academic, vocational and social arenas. With one-third ...Adjustment; Blending; Intervention; Remarriage; Stepfamily; Therapy2011-08
15 Baird, Nancy CoyneAttachment experiences of grandparent kinship caregivers and nonkinship foster parents with preschool-aged children in their careThis study explored the attachment relationships of grandparent kinship caregivers and nonkinship foster parents with preschool-aged children in their care. Research suggests that attachment is crucial in early childhood relationships and can impact relationships throughout the lifespan. Children in...Attachment; Attachment experiences; Grandparent kinship caregivers; Nonkinship foster parents; Preschool-aged children; Trauma2013-12
16 Greene, Dorothy SaxonRelapse among recovering addiction professionals: prevalence and predictorsThis dissertation examined the prevalence of relapse, as well as predictors of relapse, among a cross-section of recovering addiction professionals (RAPs) in the United States. Relapse is defined as any use of alcohol, illicit drugs, or nonprescribed prescription medication after the initiation of r...Addiction; Prevalence; Professionals; Recovering; Relapse; Therapists2014-12
17 McDonell, MartinHouseless versus homeless: an exploratory study of native Hawaiian beach dwellers on Oahu's west coastThis research focuses on the self-perceptions of Hawaii's homeless population, specifically, the homeless beach dwellers on Oahu's west coast, as well as the perceptions of the homeless service providers whose job it is to meet their needs. A review of the literature indicates that homelessness in t...Hawaii; Homelessness2014-12
18 Andersen, Troy ChristianProactive dementia care: a pilot study of social work and health education interventions with patients with mild dementia and their caregiversA pilot study to assess the feasibility of conducting a larger scale, multisite randomized controlled trial of Proactive Dementia Care (PDC), an early-stage, preventative intervention for individuals with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders, was conducted over a 3-year period at the Cognitive ...Alzheimer's disease; Caregiver; Early intervention; Health education; Social work2013-12
19 Smith, Josephine MayDivorce and annulment in Salt Lake County, 1940The Purposes of the Investigation. when the Committee met in October, 1941, the problem of divorce in Salt Lake County was selected as the research project for the academic year, 1941-42. The writer was instructed to discover, if possible, such facts as the frequency of divorce in this area, the len...Divorce; Salt Lake County1942-06
20 Brocious, Heidi LenoreActivities that promote ethnic identity development in transnational adopteesTransnational adoption is a common practice in the United States, with American families adopting hundreds of thousands of children born in other countries over the last 50 years. Most of these adoptions represent transcultural and transracial adoptions, and both families and adoptees frequently adoptees; ethnic identity; transnational adoption2013
21 Tian, TianAn exploratory study of chinese college students' autonomy development and parental influenceAutonomy is a basic psychological need for human beings and is closely related to people's well-being and optimal functioning according to self-determination theory (SDT). In China, which is in transition from a traditional collectivist society to a more competitive and individualistic society, coll...autonomy; Chinese college student; emerging adult; parental influence2015
22 Moore, Trudi D.Exploratory study of medically fragile children in Utah's child welfare systemChildren in foster care are a vulnerable population. They are typically in poorer health and experience higher rates of mental health issues and developmental delays. Medically fragile children in foster care are even more vulnerable. They have significant health care needs and require specialized s...Child welfare; Foster care; Medically fragile children2012-08
23 Wright, Rachel LeeQualitative explorations of the factors influencing the selection of the copper intrauterine device as a method of emergency contraceptionUnintended pregnancy remains a significant issue in the United States. Despite increasing access to oral emergency contraception, the rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion have failed to decrease. The copper intrauterine device (copper IUD) is both a highly effective method of long-term contrac...Advanced practice clinicians; Emergency contraception; Men; Qualitative research; Women2012-08
24 Gedney, Christine RSexual assault prevention: a randomized controlled trial of a military interventionThis randomized controlled trial examined the efficacy of the United States Air Force (USAF) sexual assault prevention program (SAPP) compared to that same program with an additional motivational interviewing (MI) component designed to increase participants' motivation to change. Participants were c...Assault; Intervention; Military; Prevention; RCT; Sexual2016
25 Gregg, Charles Edward.Medical doctor specialization:a system approach.The patient who consults a doctor initiates a system of interaction. Through time certain facets of the interaction can be expected to stabilize. Certain of these qualities which will characterize the stabilized system can be considered depended upon objective and/or universal facts. This thesis ...Patients; Doctor-Patient Relationshps1963-06
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