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1 Baraghoshi, BehrozThree essays on United States trade unionsLabor unions; National Labor Relations BoardEconomics2011-12
2 White, Harold LeroyThe social significance of the industrial revolutionIndustrial revolutionSociology1931-05
3 Peck, Judith R.A multitrait-multimethod investigation of depression and disability in rheumatoid arthritisDepression; Rheumatoid arthritis; disabilityPsychology1988-12
4 Kardas, SabanRegions, powers and secondary state bandwagoning under unipolarity: the case of Turkish-American relationsAlliances; Bandwagoning; Indirect threats; Regional security complexes; Turkish-American relations; UnipolarityPolitical Science2010
5 Fox, Aimee LynnElementary school food environment and child food purchasing behaviorNutrition; Obesity in childrenFamily & Consumer Studies2009-07-19
6 Abouzelof, MichaelTheories of value and economic crises: revisiting Maurice DobbFinancial crisesEconomics2010-02-18
7 Adams, BrookeThe theory of collective memory and the 1953 Short Creek raidCollective memory; Content analysis; Fundamentalist Mormon; Memory; Polygamy; TraumaFamily & Consumer Studies2012-05
8 Albarzinji, Zaid JamalDeposit dollarization dynamics in a model of network externalities and hysteresis: the cases of Argentina and BoliviaAsset substitution; Currency competition; Currency substitution; Dollarization; Hysteresis; Network externalitiesEconomics2011-05
9 Birmingham, WendyPotential pathways through which social relationships mediate cardiovascular reactivity during stressSocial relationships; Cardiovascular reactivity; Stress-buffering influencesPsychology2009-04
10 Coxworth, James E.First among equals: male-male competition among the bardi of Northwestern Australia and its implications for human evolutionAboriginal Australia; Deference; Natural selection; Nonhuman primates; Prestige; StatusAnthropology2013-08
11 Costa, Russell E.Inhibitory processes in task switchingCognitive control; Inhibition; Task switchingPsychology2010-08
12 Dardenne, Caitlin NoraOssification of the posterior longitudinal ligament and age-related macular degeneration: a new avenue of forensic identificationAMD; Disease; Genetics; Human identification; OPLL; SpineAnthropology2013-08
13 Arnold, StevenMSGIS PortfolioGeography2016-12
14 Grow, Stewart LofgrenStudy of the Utah Commission 1882-96Elections, Utah; Polygamy--Utah; Politics--UtahPolitical Science1954-08
15 Meldrum, GilbertComparative concepts and methodology used in the study of the family in France and in the United StatesSociology; France; United StatesSociology1939-05-27
16 Parsons, Virginia EliesThe institutional care of the indigent aged in UtahInstitutional care; Aging; Utah indigentSociology1935-06
17 Rasmussen, Grant WestonThe invert personalityHomosexuality; Sexual inversionSocial Education1937-06
18 Robison, Alice VeniseThe relationship between the evolution of society and the status of womanHistory of women; Social reform; Coeducation; Women suffrageSociology1925
19 Sloan, Abraham MorrisParental modeling and adolescents' quality of experienceTeenagers; AdolescenceFamily & Consumer Studies2009-06-15
20 Calder, David ObladRole of capital market development in China's pursuit of long-term economic growthFinancial structure; Transitional economyEconomics2009-08
21 Cao, LinaAnthropogenic habitat disturbance and the dynamics of hantavirus using remote sensing, GIS, and a spatially explicit agent-based modelAgent-based model; Deer mouse; GIS; Hantavirus; MODIS; Peromyscus maniculatusGeography2010-08
22 Carlisle, McKenzieEffects of explicit and implicit friendship attitudes on appraisals and cardiovascular reactivity during a negative event discussionCardiovascular reactivity; Friendship; Implicit attitudes; Social cognition; Social support; StressPsychology2013-08
23 Carlisle, McKenzieSubliminal activation of social ties moderates cardiovascular reactivity during acute stressCardiovascular reactivity; Relationships; RSA; Social support; Subliminal primingPsychology2010-12
24 Amburgey, Jonathan WadeToward a new conceptualization of environmental concern: perceptions of threat and motivation for change as underlying psychological dimensionsEnvironmental attitudes; Environmental concern; Proenvironmental behavior; Structural equation modelingPsychology2012-05
25 Avsar, Rojhat BerdanRhetoric of social security reform in the United StatesSocial security; United StatesEconomics2010
1 - 25 of 430