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1 Groeneveld, Joshua AndrewAn agent-based model of bicyclists accessing light-rail stations in Salt Lake CityMany of the existing transportation analysis methods rely on aggregate data analysis. While these models have been well established in the transportation community, there are many components of transportation that these methods neglect. Among these marginalized components are multimodal trips. Using...Agent-based model; Bicycle; Mulitmodal; NetLogo; Salt Lake City, Utah2011-08
2 Quackenbush, Debra M.Gender differences in response to love/affection in eroticaThere has been little empirical research concerning gender differences in response to sexually explicit video material. The present study tested the hypothesis that women, rather than men, were more responsive to explicit erotica with a romantic theme. As part of a larger study, 42 male and 34 femal...1992-12
3 White, John EdwardSome aspects of credit for Indian tribes in Utah, Nevada, Southern Idaho, and Northern CaliforniaInterest in some phase of the Indian life is almost universal throughout America. Students of Anthropology; and history are interested in their origin, legends, and cultural attainments; statesmen and economists in their history and economic status while sociologists and public spirited citizens ar...Indians of North America; Economic conditions1942-05
4 Naisbitt, AdamAvalanche frequency and magnitude: using power-law exponents to investigate snow avalanche size proportions through time and spacePower-laws provide a means for investigating snow avalanche frequency/magnitude relationships and their contributing factors. This research uses power-laws to explore variations in avalanche size proportions through space and time, as well as investigating factors which may contribute to these var...Avalanche forecasting; Avalanche models2008-05-31
5 Hodson, Gabrielle StellaAdaptive responses to scarcity among lactating desert womenNatural selection favors individuals with those adaptive traits that maximize their reproductive success. Effective heat acclimatization in the desert requires conserving body water with a simultaneous reduction in body heat by engaging in adaptive strategic behaviors. The adaptive strategies in res...Adaptation; Alloparenting; Energy expenditure; Hot-cold syndrome; Lactation2011-12
6 Hudak, Cristina M.Effects of a prebirth coparenting intervention on the parenting behaviors of young fathersThe current study investigated the effectiveness of a prebirth coparenting intervention in improving father involvement and the quality of fathering amongst adolescent and young fathers. Participants included 96 expectant adolescent couples who comprised the first wave of participants in the Youn...Parenting; Teenage fathers2010-04-26
7 Hughes, Amy E.Regulatory benefits of emotional processing and self-control in adolescents with type 1 diabetesThe objective of this study was to examine how emotional processing (i.e., understanding, acknowledging, and accepting emotions) moderated self-control (i.e., regulation of thoughts, emotion, and behavior) in explaining diabetes-specific self-regulation and metabolic control in adolescents with typ...Adherence; Adolescents; Emotional processing; Metabolic control; Self-regulation; Type 1 diabetes2011-05
8 Huh, YunsunThe effect of home country characteristics on female immigrants in the U.S.Considering immigration processes and home country characteristics together from a gendered perspective, this dissertation examines the effect of home country characteristics on the labor market success of migrants and the decision to migrate to the U.S., focusing on female immigrants. In order to ...Cultural and institutional effect; Earning capacity; GEM; GDI; Gender inequality; Labor market success of immigrants; Self-selection of immigrants2011-08
9 Isidro Luna, Victor ManuelDevelopment banks in economic development: two Latin American experiences: (nacional financiera and the banco nacional de desenvolvimento economico E social)This dissertation aims to investigate the role of development banks in financing economic growth in Latin America throughout the 20th century. Two study cases are examined: Nacional Financiera (NAFINSA) in Mexico and the Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social (BNDES) in Brazil. We use...Bndes; Development banks; Latin America; Money; NAFINSA2013-08
10 Lei, ShaohuaContentious politics and political stability in contemporary China: an institutionalist explanationThe Communist regime in China survived the collapse of the Soviet Communist Bloc in the early 1990s. Since then, China has sustained rapid economic growth with an annual growth rate of 8%. However, in recent years, we have witnessed increasing social protests in Chinese cities and rural areas. The i...Contentious politics; Political stability; The multilevel reasonability structure2013-08
11 Lee, Amanda JoThe retirement wealth of the early baby boomersThe Baby Boomer cohort is larger than any previous, representing nearly one fourth of the population of the United States. Historically, they have influenced the economy of the united States as they entered into new life stages, and they have experienced economic prosperity and increased earnings th...Cohort; Retirement2010-08
12 Martineau, Michael DeeThe competitive effects of charter schools in UtahCharter schools have become an important aspect of Utah's unique K-12 education system as they have increased in both popularity and number in recent years. The increase of charter schools has allowed for a higher degree of parental choice regarding their children's education as well as various effe...Charter schools; Competition; Competitive effect; School choice2013-05
13 Jordan, Kevin DavidReligiousness and spirituality as moderators of physiological responses to social evaluative threatA growing body of evidence suggests that individual differences in religiousness and spirituality (R/S) predict important health outcomes; however, the processes explaining these effects are not well understood. Specific physiological stress mechanisms have been hypothesized as potential mediators o...2014-05
14 Quackenbush, Debra MarieEffects of romantic themes in erotica on plethysmographically-assessed sexual arousal in malesThe present study was designed as an extension of our earlier work which examined the gender effects associated with self-reports of sexual arousal to romantic themes in sexually explicit videos. In our previous study, we found that both male and female college students reported greater arousal to e...1996-03
15 Millikin, Louise ElizabethThe relationship between achievement, attitude, school marks and intelligence in high schoolRecent studies seem to indicate that other elements than intelligence scores enter into the prognosis of school achievement. As a result of these studies there is a growing desire to determine what other elements may have a direct bearing on the prognosis of achievement, than 'general intelligence'...1936-05
16 Tarampi, Margaret RomaineComplex spatial updating in simulated low visionCritical to low vision navigation are the abilities to recover scale and update a three-dimensional representation of space. In order to investigate whether these abilities are present under low vision conditions, we employed the triangulation task of eyesclosed indirect walking to previously vie...Space perception; Three-dimensional test of visualization skills2010-02
17 Schindler, Sheryl RaeEffects of a brief parent intervention to increase attendance, positive outcomes, and satisfaction with their child's therapy treatmentThis study examined the effects of a brief parent psycho-educational intervention on therapy attendance rates, clinical outcome ratings, and parent satisfaction assessed after 13 weeks of treatment. Eighty-four parents were recruited from a mental health clinic that provides services to children wh...Intervention; Parent2010-08
18 Carter, Vachel AshleyA paleoecological fire and vegetation history in Southeastern WyomingThe Medicine Bow Range of southeastern Wyoming acts as a conduit for vegetation migration from Colorado into southeastern Wyoming. Macroscopic charcoal and pollen from Long Lake, Wyoming were used to reconstruct past fire and vegetation changes in conjunction with local, regional and broad-scale cli...Fire; Paleoecology; Vegetation; Wyoming2010-08
19 Caska, Catherine MariaEmotional and cardiovascular responses to couple conflict in posttraumatic stress disorder: a study of operations enduring and Iraqi Freedom Veterans and partnersPosttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease and relationship difficulties. Greater exposure to couple conflict, and greater emotional and cardiovascular reactivity to such conflict, may help explain the link between PTSD and cardiovascular diseas...Afghanistan; Cardiovascular; Couples; Iraq; Military; PTSD2013-08
20 Poole, Daniel HaroldIndirect health consequences of war: cardiovascular diseaseThis study examines the impact of armed conflict on male and female adult cardiovascular disease mortality. This is an indirect health consequence of war that has not been given enough attention in social science research. The depletion of resources, access to health care, and general disruption ...War and health; Heart disease2009-10-20
21 Burgess, Evan WindamIce flow dynamics of Alaska glaciersUnderstanding long-term ice dynamic response to climate change remains of the utmost importance with respect to constraining sea level rise (SLR) projections for 2100. SLR contributions from Alaska approximate those from Greenland and may be dominated by mass losses from changes in flow dynamics. Bu...Alaska; Glaciers; Glaciology; Ice dynamics; Offset tracking; Remote sensing2013-05
22 Burgess, Ann BryantHydrologic impacts of dust on snow in the Upper Colorado River BasinWater availability is one of the most pressing scientific and societal issues facing the western United States. By 2060, population within the Colorado River Basin is expected to grow 19-48% relative to the 2010 population, significantly increasing the demand for water. Simultaneously, streamflow in...Dust; Energy balance; Snow2014-05
23 Butler, Jared ThomasThe role of early life socioeconomic status in female breast cancer incidenceThe effect of affluence upon increased breast cancer incidence is a widely studied phenomenon. However, utilizing affluence at time of diagnosis may prove noninformative due to residential mobility and variable socioeconomic status (SES) through an individual's life. Examining a cohort of women born...Breast cancer; Clustering; Incidence; Life course; Socioeconomic; Utah2013-12
24 Turrin, James BradleyFlow instabilities of Alaskan glaciersOver 300 of the largest glaciers in southern Alaska have been identified as either surge-type or pulse-type, making glaciers with flow instabilities the norm among large glaciers in that region. Consequently, the bulk of mass loss due to climate change will come from these unstable glaciers in the f...Glaciers; Climate change; Alaska2014-08
25 Hunt, Jay B.The entrance of Brazil into the United NationsThe Charter of the United Nations, signed at San Francisco on June 26, 1945, by the representatives of fifty nations, included as original members all twenty of the Latin American republics. The participation en masse of the Latin American states In the San Francisco Coherence and their subsequent a...Brazil; United Nations; International relations1950
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