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1 "I'll always be that awkward one": how mothers and adolescents jointly construct adolescent selves in conversationIdentity issues are a major concern in adolescence. Self-views inform and shape identity. Self views are negotiated through conversation about life events with important others. In this study, I analyze mother-teen conversations about identity confirming and identity challenging events from 92 adole...adolescent development; conversation; Identity; maternal scaffolding; narrative construction2013-05
2 A comparison of fixation and fractal measures of eye movement when viewing pictures with affective valenceThe goal of this research was to evaluate fractal statistics as an alternative method of quantifying eye movement when viewing pictures of different affective valence. Eye movement researchers have traditionally used measures of fixations and saccade variability to differentiate viewing patterns acr...Affect; Eye movement; Fixations; Fractals2016
3 A Comparison of Good and Poor Readers among Full-Blood Ute Indian Children on Factors Relating to the Home and SchoolThis study is intended to compare a group of good readers and a group of poor readers among the full-blood Ute Indian children in 1964 on school and home variables for the purpose of determining if statistically significant relationships exist.Ute children--Education (Early childhood); Ute Indians--Education1965-06
4 A comparison of Gosiute material culture and the archaeology of Western UtahIn archeology and ethnology the Great Basin has been not only one of the last, but is also one o the least studied sections of the United States. Many reports in both archeology and ethnology have been presented within the past twenty years but few attempts have been made to carrelate the cultures o...Gosiute Indians; Gosiute Indians; Antiquities Utah; Antiquities1952
5 A digital atlas of Utah wildernessHuman-environment interaction has long been a primary theme of geographic thought. Public lands policies, and particularly wilderness designations, significantly shape the natural environment in western states such as Utah. Geographic information science and the Internet are now important parts of t...Atlas; Geography; GIS; Public lands; Utah; Wilderness2011-12
6 A late pleistocene to early holocene climate, vegetation and fire history record for the bonneville basin, utah, usaThe Bonneville basin of northwestern Utah acts as a significant source of paleoenvironmental data due to the sedimentary and geomorphic evidence left behind from the late Pleistocene Lake Bonneville. Macroscopic charcoal and pollen from wetland sediments of North Redden Springs, Utah (40˚ 00' 47.1"...Bonneville Basin; Climate; Vegetation; Fire History; Heinrich Events; Lake Bonneville; Paleoecology; Paleo Indians2016-05
7 A macroeconomic model for determining yields on municipal bond market for states under u.s. monetary unionThis dissertation develops a macroeconomic model of state borrowing costs for the U.S. monetary union that is founded on the real business cycle theory. The model develops supply and demand side equations for the U.S. monetary union. It shows that the spread between the borrowing cost of a state and...Macroeconomy; Municipal Bond; Probability of Default; Real Business Cycle; State Finance2015-12
8 A multilevel analysis of China's regional inequality in a geographic information system environmentChina's reform and transition have dramatically accelerated the socioeconomic development in the last three decades. At the same time, the unequal distributions of wealth and social resources have been intensified. China's regional inequality has attracted more attention from both policy makers and ...China regional development; China economic development; China socioeconomic2012-05
9 A multitrait-multimethod investigation of depression and disability in rheumatoid arthritisA multitrait-multimethod (MtMm) procedure was used to investigate the magnitude of association between disability and depression as well as the convergent and discriminant validity of the Health Assessment Questionnaire (HAQ) Disability Index and two measure of depression, the Beck Depression Invent...Depression; Rheumatoid arthritis; disability1988-12
10 A new ancestral diploid species of echinocereus endemic to southwestern utah and northern arizonaEchinocereus relictus B. Wellard is a newly described diploid (2n=22) species that is the presumed ancestor of the tetraploid (2n=44) E. engelmaniii. Echinocereus engelmannii subsp. engelmannii represents both diploid and tetraploid cytotypes. Diploid individuals are endemic to a narrow section of s...Cactaceae; Caryophyllales; Conservation; Diploid; Echinocereus; Morphomertics2017
11 A paleoecological fire and vegetation history in Southeastern WyomingThe Medicine Bow Range of southeastern Wyoming acts as a conduit for vegetation migration from Colorado into southeastern Wyoming. Macroscopic charcoal and pollen from Long Lake, Wyoming were used to reconstruct past fire and vegetation changes in conjunction with local, regional and broad-scale cli...Fire; Paleoecology; Vegetation; Wyoming2010-08
12 A paleolimnological investigation of historical environmental change in East Canyon ReservoirEast Canyon Reservoir is located 32 km east of Salt Lake City, Utah, and serves as a resource for irrigation, culinary water, and recreation. This research used paleolimnology and historical records to investigate the impacts of multiple stressors, including land clearance, dam construction and enl...East Canyon Reservoir; Paleolimnology; Remote sensing; Reservoir; Utah; Water resources2011-05
13 A rangeland predictive phenological model for the upper Colorado River Basin and its web deliveryUnderstanding the spatially and temporally variant phenological responses and cycles can greatly assist the administrative planning, policy making and management in grazing, planting, and ecosystem conservation. The linkages of analysis as a basis for management have received increasing attention in...Decision support system; Multivariate adaptive regression splines; Phenological modeling; Phenology; Remote sensing; Upper Colorado River Basin2013-08
14 A reinterpretation of certain aspects of the late quaternary glacial history of little Cottonwood Canyon, Wasatch Mountains, UtahHolocene and late Pleistocene deposits in the cirques and at the mouths of Little Cottonwood and Bells Canyons are reexamined. Stratigraphy, radiocarbon dating, lichenometry, and relative age dating methods provide evidence for a new age interpretation of glacier and rock glacier deposits. Of the re...1977
15 A Scale of Relative Difficulty of Skills used in Physical Education ActivitiesUndoubtedly every alert physical education teacher has, at some time, wondered if his particular field of instruction were not lagging behand in the matter of student classification and measurements.
16 A Scale of relative difficulty of skills used in prysical education activities
17 A social survey of the negro population of Salt Lake City, UtahPrior to world War II the average oitizen in Salt Lake City was not conscious of the Negroes. From the time they arrived in the Great Salt Lake Basin with the original company of Mormon colonizers in 1847 until 1941 they constituted an average of .25% of the total population of Utah.1948
18 A sociological study of Mexican assimilation in Salt Lake CityThe mere act of migration does not make a foreigner into a real member of a new community or a new nation. Consciously or unconsciously one takes much of the old group to the new. He carries his nationality with him wherever he may go. He will forget it or change it only with the passing of time and...Mexicans -- Utah -- Salt Lake City; Assimilation (Sociology)1947
19 A sociological survey of the Murray communityAIMS AND PURPOSES OF THE STUDY The general purpose of this study is to make an analysis of contemporary social life In Murray, its population, its folkways and Its Institutions* It is hoped that the author has been able to portray a true picture of life in the community, SCOPE AND METHOD Most commun...Murray Utah; Communities; Community life1937-08
20 A study of negro housing in Salt Lake CountyAn essay submitted to the faculty of the University of Utah in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Honors Degree of Bachelor of ArtsAfrican Americans, Utah; Discrimination; Civil Rights; Demographics, Utah1968
21 A study of the impact of mining on Utah's economy during the great depressionThis chapter introduces the reader to the hypothesis, importance of the probelm, sources of information, population uniqueness of Utah, and manner of presentation.Mines and mineral resources -- Utah Utah -- Economic conditions1959
22 A taxometric analysis of pedophiliaSexologists continue to lack understanding about a fundamental aspect of pedophilia: do men with pedophilia represent a unique group distinguished by their sexual interests, or are they high-scorers on a continuum of sexual interest in children? No existing evidence points conclusively to pedophilia...Latent structure; Multiphasic sex inventory; Pedophilia; Taxometrics2011-05
23 Accounting for the deleterious effects of naturally occuring affect suppression in the assessment of executive functioning: a proof of concept studyAffect suppression (AS) is an emotion regulation strategy that is known to be associated with temporary depletion of executive functioning. The purpose of this study was to examine the ramification of this effect on clinical neuropsychological evaluations, as well as whether this effect generalizes ...Cognitive control; Depletion; Emotion regulation; Neuropsychological testing; Self-regulation; Situational factors2013-08
24 Active transportation on a complete street: objective and subjective walkability correlatesUnited States residents achieve insufficient amounts of physical activity. Insufficient physical activity has been linked to a number of poor health outcomes. Community improvements, such as the provision of a new light rail service as part of a complete street construction project, might encourage ...2016
25 Adaptation of cancellous bone to habitual loading: trabecular architecture of the artiodactyl calcaneusThe functional adaptation model suggests that differences in biomechanical forces resulting from habitual loading will be reflected in the trabecular architecture of cancellous bone. Increasingly, trabecular architecture is used to compare habitual loading history in both extant and extinct animals....Bone adaptation; Cancellous bone; Trabecular architecture2014-05
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