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1 Ballard, Aaron DavidEntangling power, cartan decomposition, and braiding operatorsBraid; Braiding operator; Cartan decomposition; Entanglement; Entangling power; GhzPhysics2010-08
2 Barcikowski, Elliott L.The composition of ultra high energy cosmic rays through hybrid analysis at telescope arrayCosmic rays; Telescope arrayPhysics2011-12
3 Barusch, Nathaniel MorrisLinking synaptotagmin to vesicle fusionCaenorhabditis elegans; Synaptic vesicles; Neural transmissionBiology2009-05
4 Setzer, Henry W.A distributional and taxonomic study of the kangaroo rats (genus dipodomys) of UtahKangroo rats; UtahBiology1944-08-15
5 Lowder, Bryan JeffreyProtein arrangement in the bacterial flagellar motor probed by site directed cross-linkingFlagella; Bacterial proteinsBiology2007-05-03
6 Algom-Kfir, YaelLipschitz metric on outer spaceGeometry; Outer Space; Lipschitz metric; Asymmetry theorem; Contracting geodesics theoremMathematics2010-05
7 Bess, Elizabeth N.Applying design of experiments principles to the investigation of chemical reactions via mathematical modelingAsymmetric catalysis; Computational chemistry; Mathematical analysis; Organic chemistry; Organometallic chemistry; System optimizationChemistry2015-05
8 Ludwig, John AdamEnvironmental interpretation of foothill grassland communities of Northern UtahUtah; Grassland; EcologyBiology1969-08
9 Liao, LongyanDevelopment of palladium-catalyzed difunctionalization reactions of 1,3-dienes and alkenes1,3-dienes; Difunctionalization; Palladium-catalyzed; Allylpalladium; Benzylpalladium; Terminal alkenesChemistry2012-12
10 Smith, Kari LynThe Louse Fly-Arsenophonus Arthropodicus association: development of a new model system for the study of insect-bacterial endosymbiosesArsenophonus arthropodicus; Endosymbiosis; Evolution; Genomics; Pseudolynchia canariensis; Symbiont transmissionBiology2012-08
11 Hall, Heber H.The impact of man on the vegetation and soil of the Upper Valley Allotment Garfield County, UtahEscalante Utah; Cattle; Sheep; Erosion; EcologyBotany1954
12 Cunningham, Christopher B.The behavioral physiology of competitive ability in recently wild-derived male house mice (Mus musculus)Aggression; Genetics; Life history evolution; Male-male competition; Pheromones; Sexual selectionBiology2013-05
13 D'Souza, Brendan RobertoExploring nickel- and iron- catalyzed cycloaddition routes to N- heterocyclesCycloaddition; Iron; Nickel; PyridinesChemistry2012-05
14 DaSilva, Jack GuyPressure dependent magnetic investigation of tetracyanoethylene-based molecule-based magnets and their analoguesCyanide; Magnet; Organic; Polymer; Pressure; TetracyanoethyleneChemistry2013-08
15 Mabanglo, Mark Noel F.Crystal structure, substrate promiscuity and structure-based engineering of archaeal isopentenyl phosphate kinaseCrystal structure; Fosfomycin; Isopentenyl phosphate kinase; Structure-based engineering; Substrate promiscuityChemistry2012-05
16 Carl, Damon RyanInner shell hydration energies of alkaline earth metal dicationsAlkaline Earth Metal Dications; Collision-Induced Dissociation; Electrospray Ionization; Fragmentation; Hydration Energies; Inner Shell SolvationChemistry2013-05
17 Coon, JoshuaTreatment time reduction through parameter optimization in magnetic resonance guided high intensity focused ultrasound treatmentsCancer; MRIgHIFU; Optimization; UltrasoundPhysics & Astronomy2012-12
18 Allen, Monica GeneUltra high energy cosmic ray energy spectrum and composition using hybrid analysis with telescope arrayComposition; Energy Spectrum; Hybrid Technique; Telescope Array; Ultra High Energy Cosmic RaysPhysics & Astronomy2012-12
19 Sharif, Ali SakawaEnhancing the stability and function of the tumor suppressor protein P53Biology2011-05
20 Fitzgerald, Antonia ShareeA comparison of detoxification strategies in two populations of bryant's woodrat (neotoma bryanti)Biology2011-05
21 Quinonez, Jonathan AlexanderA mathematical investigation of the innate and adaptive immune surveillance of tumor growthBiology2011-05
22 Rabiger, David S.Regulation of coenocytic development during plant reproductionCellularization; Coenocyte; Coenocytic development; Endosperm; Female gametophyte; Plant reproductionBiology2013-08
23 Jeong, HotcherlPyridine transport and assimilation in salmonella entericaMutationBiology2002-08-14
24 Richards, Jody LynRecognition and repair of DNA damage by bacterial adenine glycosylasesDNA repair; AdenineChemistry2008-05
25 Rice, GregoryInvariance principles in functional time series analysis with applicationsAnalysis of Variance; Functional Data; Time Series; Weak convergenceMathematics2015-05
1 - 25 of 431