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1 Bardsley, PatrickIntensity-only imaging with waves, restarted inverse born series, and analysis of coarsening in polycrystalline materialsgradient flow; grain growth; imaging; Intensity-only; polycrystalline; wavesMathematics2016
2 Babenko, ViraNumerical analysis in l-spacesAlgorithms; Approximation; Existence and Uniqueness; L-space; Set-valued and fuzzy-valued functions; Volterra and Fredholm integral equationsMathematics2016
3 Bezdek, PavelApproximation and blow-up problems in stochastic differential equationsapproximation; blow-up; Levy generator; stochastic heat equationMathematics2016
4 Cao, ShengSynthesis of fluorinated analogs of oxidative DNA lesions and their use to probe features of recognition and repair by base excision repair glycosylasesDNA lesions; Base excision repair; GlycosylasesChemistry2010
5 Alshykhly, Omar R.Formation and enzyme processing of 5-carboxamido- 5-formamido-2-iminohydantoin, a major oxidation product of guanine in dnaBase excision repair; DNA damage; Fenton reaction; Guanine oxidation; Reactive oxygen species; X-rayChemistry2015
6 Cummins, Thomas JosephThe synthesis of the c-ring subunit of bryostatin 1, and the synthesis and biological evaluation of fluorescent bryostatin analogsBryostatinChemistry2015-08
7 Crawford, Alexis CathrineSurface-enhanced raman scattering for the reliable and reproducible detection of disease antigens in biologically relevant mediaReliable; Reproducable; SERS; TuberculosisChemistry2016
8 Das, OmprokashAdjunction and inversion of adjunction in positive characteristicInversion of adjunction; KLT; Log terminal; Positive characteristic; Purely F-regular; Strongly F-regularMathematics2015-05
9 McDonald, John Henry.Isolation and characterization of rat cell membranes carrying histocompatibility antigens.Biology; GlucosidaseBiology1970-08
10 Moyano, MartinFrom colonies to communities: nest relocation and resource discovery in antsAnts; Community ecology; Nest relocation; Resource discoveryBiology2013-12
11 Moyes, Andrew BurtonContribution of recently-assimilated carbon to soil respirationBiology2010
12 Newby, JayMolecular motor-based models of random intermittent search in dendritesDendrites; Intracellular transport; Jump velocity; Molecular motors; MRNA transport; Random searchMathematics2010
13 Nguyen, Khiem VanRedox chemistry of 8-Oxopurine Nucleosides and Oligonucleotides and their potential role as primordial redox coenzymesChemistry2012-12
14 Navas-Moreno, MariaSpectroscopy techniques for human disease diagnosisMyeloproliferative disorders; Optical diagnosis; Optical spectroscopy; SERS applications; Surface enhanced Raman scatteringPhysics & Astronomy2011-12
15 Olejnik, EllaUltrafast photophysics of π - conjugated polymers for organic light emitting diode applicationsPhysics & Astronomy2013-12
16 Olmstead, Matthew DwauneSpectroscopy of supernova host galaxies from the SDSS-II sn survey with the SDSS and boss spectrographsSupernovaPhysics & Astronomy2013-12
17 Oakeson, Kelly F.Insights into the origins and evolution of mutualistic insect-bacterial symbiosesInsects; Bacterial endosymbiontsBiology2014-05
18 Nkansah, Richard AmoafoSynthetic design and biological activity of naamidine A, related natural products and analoguesChemistry2012-05
19 Ott, Elizabeth MaryThe multivesicular body pathway and the endosomal sorting complexes required for transports: escrt -II recruitment and cargo sorting mechanismsEndocytosis; Endosome; ESCRT; Multivesicular body; VacuoleBiology2011-08
20 Park, Jong-WonInterfacial properties of asymmetrically functionalized citrate-stabilized gold and silver nanoparticles related to molecular adsorptionAdsorbate structure; Facet-dependent properties; Hydroxycarboxylic acids; Janus particles; Organic/metal interfaces; Quantitative surface analysisChemistry2013-05
21 Kaden, William EStudies of size selected palladium and iridium model catalystsCatalysis; CO-Oxidation; Iridium; Nanocluster; Palladium; Size-SelectedChemistry2010-08
22 Keener, Justin MichaelMolecular insight into cell surface nutrient transporter quality control and downregulation in Saccharomyces CerevisiaeDownregulation; Intrinsic chaperone; LID-LOOP interactions; Nutrient transporter; Quality control; S. cerevisiaeBiology2013-12
23 Jiao, FangxiangUncertainty analysis and visualization of diffusion tensor imagesDiffusion magnetic resonance imaging; High angular resolution diffusion imaging; Rank-k decomposition; SIP functions; Spherical deconvolution; UncertaintyPhysics & Astronomy2012-12
24 Kriech, Douglas MichaelSingle molecule fluorescence imaging of protein-surface and protein-protein interactions at a glass-water interface\Single molecule fluorescence; Solid phase immunoassaysChemistry2015-05
25 Larson, KyleProof of the Birman exact sequenceSequences (Mathematics;); SurfacesMathematics2009-05
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