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1 129Xe relaxation and Rabi oscillationsSeveral studies in magnetic resonance experiment and theory are presented. The longitudinal relaxation of solid <super>129</super>Xe is shown to have an unexpected structural dependence through experiments that provide previously unattainable reproducibility; also, groundwork is laid for theories t...Atomic Physics; Electrically and Optically detected Magnetic Resonance; Hyperpolarized Gases; Magnetic Resonance; Rabi Oscillations2014
2 8-alkoxyadenosines modulate RNA interference efficacy and off-pathway protein bindingDespite the tremendous potential of short interfering RNA (siRNA) as a novel biopharmaceutical, its therapeutic utility has not been maximized mainly due to lack of proper in vivo delivery vehicle, off-target effects and several off-pathway protein interactions instigating immunostimulation. Judicio...8-alkoxyadenosine, Caspase 2 gene silencing, off-pathway protein binding, off-target effect, RNAi, SiRNA2012-12
3 A chemical biology approach towards the development of strategies to target drug refractory breast cancerThe occurrence of treatment refractory tumors contributes significantly to the morbidity of cancer. Clinical treatment with chemotherapeutics frequently results in robust initial responses but the majority of patients relapse with drug-insensitive forms of the disease. Considering the lack of ther...Breast cancer; Chemical biology; Chemoresistance; Small molecule; Zinc2015
4 A comparison of detoxification strategies in two populations of bryant's woodrat (neotoma bryanti)Herbivorous mammals use liver biotransformation enzymes to manage the highly toxic plant secondary compounds (PSC's) in their diets. Novel diets may require the use of different enzymes depending on the PSC composition. Woodrats (genus Neotoma) provide an exemplary model system for dietary studies, ...2011-05
5 A Descriptive catalogue of the trees and larger woody shrubs of Utah Based on the anatomy of the woodThere are several keys for the identification of the wood of commercial timbers of the United States, but non for the woody shrubs of any particular geographical area with the exception of one covering thirty-eight species from northern Utah (Saul 1952).Trees; Utah Shrubs; Utah1955
6 A distributional and taxonomic study of the kangaroo rats (genus dipodomys) of UtahThe kangaroo rats (genus Dipodomys) belong to the order Rodentia and to the family Heteromyidae. Phylogenetically they are closely allied to the family Geomyidae, characterized in Utah by the common pocket gopher (genus Thomomys). The family Heteromyidae is represented, in Utah, by two other genera,...Kangroo rats; Utah1944-08-15
7 A finite index subgroup of BN(OS) with infinite dimensional cohomologyLet Fp be the nite eld with p elements, let S be a nite nonempty set of inequivalent valuations on Fp(t), and let OS be the ring of S-integers. If Bn is the solvable, linear algebraic group of upper triangular matrices with determinant 1, then the solvable S-arithmetic group Bn(OS) has a nite-in...Cohomology operations; Homology theory; Group theory; Mathematics - Research2014-05
8 A Hop, Switch, and Jump: Stochasticity in Models of Motor-Mediated Intracellular TransportActive transport of cargoes is critical for cellular function. To accomplish this, networks of cytoskeletal filaments form highways along which small teams of mechanochemical enzymes (molecular motors) take steps to pull associated cargoes. The robustness of this transport system is juxtaposed by th...Mathematics; Biology; Biophysics2018
9 A Kazhdan-Lusztig Algorithm for Whittaker ModulesThis dissertation develops the structure theory of the category Whittaker modules for a complex semisimple Lie algebra. We establish a character theory that distinguishes isomorphism classes of Whittaker modules in the Grothendieck group of the category, then use the localization functor of Beilinso...Mathematics; Polynomials2018
10 A mathematical investigation of the innate and adaptive immune surveillance of tumor growthMathematical models of tumor-immune interactions provide an analytical framework by which to address specific questions about tumor-immune dynamics. We present an extension of a mathematical model developed by De Pillis et al. that accounts for the immune surveillance of tumors by natural killer (NK...2011-05
11 A mathematical model of blood coagulation and platelet deposition under flowThe body responds to vascular injury with two intertwined processes: platelet aggregation and coagulation. Platelet aggregation is a predominantly physical process, whereby platelets clump together, and coagulation is a cascade of biochemical enzyme reactions. Thrombin, the major product of coagulat...Mathematical model; Thrombosis2010-08
12 A minimal type of the 2-adic Weil representationA minimal type of the even 2-adicWeil representation is described. The Hecke algebra of this type is isomorphic to the classical affine Hecke algebra of type Bn. In this way, the Weil representation of a metaplectic group corresponds to the trivial representation of an orthogonal group in the local ...Hecke Algebras; K-Types; Metaplectic Groups; Representation Theory; Weil Representation2013-05
13 A molecular dynamics simulation study of dynamic process and mesoscopic structure in liquid mixture systemsThe focus of this dissertation is the Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation study of two different systems. In the first system, we study the dynamic process of graphene exfoliation, particularly graphene dispersion using ionic surfactants (Chapter 2). In the second system, we investigate the mesoscopi...Acetonitrile and carbon disulfide; Graphene dispersion; Ionic liquids; Molecular Dynamics; Nanostructural organization; Surfactant2015-05
14 A single electron tunneling force spectroscopy study of dielectric materialsSingle electron tunneling force microscopy has been developed over the last decade as a tool to manipulate the occupation and probe the properties of trap states in completely non conducting materials. The technique has been advanced through the efforts of several generations of graduate students in...Atomic force microscope; Atomic scale; Defect state; Dielectric; Trap state; Single electron; Tunneling force spectroscopy2012-05
15 A study of the Utah public school costs of the W.P.A recreation project for the school year of 1939-1940The Recreation Project of the Works Progress Administration has been sponsored by the State Board of Education since 1935. The project was written on a state-wide basis, to operate in each and every county. It was required that in each county or unit, a co-sponsor, having legal authority to conduct ...Utah, United States; Work Projects Administration; Recreation - Utah - Finance; Education - Utah - Finance1942-08
16 Acidic and basic compounds in GilsoniteGilsonite, a mineral hydrocarbon of the asphaltite class, was first discovered in l885. It is a black solid of fairly bright luster and melts or fuses between 130 and 210 degree C. It is soluble in carbon disulfide, carbon tetrachloride, and many other non-polar organic solvents. The principal depos...Gilsonite1905-05-08
17 Acidic residues essential for proton-energized transport in the type-III secretion apparatusType III secretion system in bacteria flagella functions to transfer the protein subunits that form the filament and other structures to outside the membrane. This apparatus membrane is mainly composed of FlhA, FlhB, FliO, FliP, FliQ and FliR, which form the export gate complex, while the delivery i...Bacterial proteins - Secretion; Biological transport; Flagella (Microbiology)2012-12
18 Activation of small molecules by cationic transition metal atoms and oxidesGuided ion beam mass spectrometry techniques are used to study the gas-phase ion-molecule reactions of hydrogen and oxygen molecules with second row transition metal ions, M+ = Y+, Ru+, Rh+, Pd+, and Ag+, as well as the reactions of Rh+ and Ag+ with several small alkanes. The cross sections for the ...Transition metal compounds; Methane; Molecular dynamics1995-03
19 Adjunction and inversion of adjunction in positive characteristicIn this dissertation, we prove a characteristic p>0 analogue of the log terminal inversion of adjunction and show the equality of the two technical terms F-Different and Different conjectured by Schwede. We also prove a special version of the (relative) Kawamata-Viehweg vanishing theorem for 3-folds...Inversion of adjunction; KLT; Log terminal; Positive characteristic; Purely F-regular; Strongly F-regular2015-05
20 Admittance spectroscopy study of polymer diodes in small magnetic fieldsWe performed a systematic study of bipolar and unipolar diodes based on the π-conjugated polymer, 2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy) (MEH-PPV), using electronic and magneto-transport measurements with magnetic field in the range 0 mT - 180 mT and admittance spectroscopy in the frequencies varying from ...2013-08
21 Advanced noncontrast magnetic resonance angiography of the thoracic and peripheral arteriesThe gold standard for evaluation of arterial disease using MR continues to be contrast-enhanced MR angiography (MRA) with gadolinium-based contrast agents (Gd-MRA). There has been a recent resurgence in interest in methods that do not rely on gadolinium for enhancement of blood vessels due to associ...2017
22 Advancement in Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Imaging and SpectroscopyThis dissertation comprises two separate studies: 1) efficacy of an anabolic steroid, oxandrolone, on the energy utilization of the heart of a lamb born with single ventricle (SV) physiology using 31P MR spectroscopy (MRS) and 2) signal behavior of ultra-high-b radial diffusion weighted imaging (UHb...Medical imaging; Physics; Physiology2017
23 An ecological natural history of the white-faced ibis (P̲l̲e̲g̲a̲d̲i̲s̲ c̲h̲i̲h̲i̲) in northern Utah.The White-faced Lbis, Plegadis chihi, was studied from March, 1969 to October, 1969 at Farmington Bay, Utah. The study focused on the breeding biology of the species because little was known about this aspect of the birds' natural history.Ibises; Water birds; Birds; Eggs Birds; Nest1970
24 An Exploration of Planar Lipid Bilayer Properties Contributing to Lipid Flip-flop Using Sum-frequency SpectroscopyThe focus of this dissertation is on the investigation of the physical parameters impacting phospholipid membrane structure and dynamics. Sum-frequency spectroscopy (SFVS) was used to investigate the structural organization of planar supported lipid membranes. Specifically, the structural characteri...Chemistry; Analytical chemistry; Physical chemistry2018
25 An investigation of 1,4-dicyanotetrazine as a building block in molecule-based magnetic materialsOrganic ligands are important components in molecule-based magnets, as they allow for control over the physical and magnetic properties. Spin-carrying radical organic ligands, specifically, have been seen to enhance magnetic properties. Investigating reactions of 1,4-dicyanotetrazine, DCNT, an organ...Molecule-based magnetic materials; 1,4-dicyanotetrazine2012-08
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