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1 Bardsley, PatrickIntensity-only imaging with waves, restarted inverse born series, and analysis of coarsening in polycrystalline materialsWe first study the inverse problem of recovering a complex Schro ?dinger potential from a discrete set of measurements of the solution to the Schro ?dinger equation using different source terms. We solve this problem by generalizing the inverse Born series method to nonlinear mappings between Banach...gradient flow; grain growth; imaging; Intensity-only; polycrystalline; waves2016
2 Babenko, ViraNumerical analysis in l-spacesThis dissertation consists of two parts that focus on two interrelated areas of Applied Mathematics. The first part explores fundamental properties and applications of functions with values in L-spaces. The second part is connected to Approximation Theory and dives deeper into the analysis of functi...Algorithms; Approximation; Existence and Uniqueness; L-space; Set-valued and fuzzy-valued functions; Volterra and Fredholm integral equations2016
3 Bezdek, PavelApproximation and blow-up problems in stochastic differential equationsIn the first part of this work, we will show weak convergence of probability measures. The measure corresponding to the solution of the following one-dimensional nonlinear stochastic heat equation $\frac{\partial}{\partial t} u_{t}(x) = \frac{\kappa}{2} \frac{\partial^2}{\partial x^2} u_{ t}(x) + ...approximation; blow-up; Levy generator; stochastic heat equation2016
4 Cao, ShengSynthesis of fluorinated analogs of oxidative DNA lesions and their use to probe features of recognition and repair by base excision repair glycosylasesDamage to DNA occurs through various sources, both exogenous and endogenous. Base lesions resulting from the oxidation of guanine include 8-oxo-7,8-dihydroguanine (OG), guanidinohydantoin (Gh), and spiroiminodihydantoin (Sp). These modified bases can form mismatches and lead to a G - C and G - T tra...DNA lesions; Base excision repair; Glycosylases2010
5 Alshykhly, Omar R.Formation and enzyme processing of 5-carboxamido- 5-formamido-2-iminohydantoin, a major oxidation product of guanine in dnaOxidative damage to DNA, a factor in cancer, mutation, and aging, is attributed to reactive oxygen species (ROS). ROS are formed exogenously and endogenously and attack DNA showing a preference for reaction with 2-deoxyguanosine (dG) sites. In present work, dG was oxidized by HO. that was generated ...Base excision repair; DNA damage; Fenton reaction; Guanine oxidation; Reactive oxygen species; X-ray2015
6 Cummins, Thomas JosephThe synthesis of the c-ring subunit of bryostatin 1, and the synthesis and biological evaluation of fluorescent bryostatin analogsBryostatin 1 is a complex macrolactone natural product isolated from the marine bryozoan Bugula neritina. In recent years, bryostatin 1 has been studied in diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, stroke, and HIV. The anticancer activity of bryostatin 1 has led to many phase I and phase II clinical trials...Bryostatin2015-08
7 Crawford, Alexis CathrineSurface-enhanced raman scattering for the reliable and reproducible detection of disease antigens in biologically relevant mediaSurface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is a technique that can be used for the detection of materials down to the single molecule level. The development of the extrinsic Raman Label (ERL) that incorporates biorecognition, a Raman reporter molecule, and gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), is the base for a...Reliable; Reproducable; SERS; Tuberculosis2016
8 Das, OmprokashAdjunction and inversion of adjunction in positive characteristicIn this dissertation, we prove a characteristic p>0 analogue of the log terminal inversion of adjunction and show the equality of the two technical terms F-Different and Different conjectured by Schwede. We also prove a special version of the (relative) Kawamata-Viehweg vanishing theorem for 3-folds...Inversion of adjunction; KLT; Log terminal; Positive characteristic; Purely F-regular; Strongly F-regular2015-05
9 McDonald, John Henry.Isolation and characterization of rat cell membranes carrying histocompatibility antigens.Three antisera were prepared containing antibodies against (1) a major allospecificity of rat (Fischer anti-BN) (2) a minor allospecificity of rat (Lewis anti-Fischer) and (3) xenospecificity (rabbit anti-rat). A crude membrane fraction, carrying all three antigenic complexes, was prepared by mecha...Biology; Glucosidase1970-08
10 Moyano, MartinFrom colonies to communities: nest relocation and resource discovery in antsAnts are social organisms, likely a key behavior explaining their high ecological success. Among the benefits are enhanced foraging opportunities, group defense, and living inside nests, which help ameliorate environmental extremes. Yet sociality brings new challenges, among them a sessile life. In ...Ants; Community ecology; Nest relocation; Resource discovery2013-12
11 Moyes, Andrew BurtonContribution of recently-assimilated carbon to soil respirationThe aim of the research reported in this dissertation was to define and quantify the contribution of recent photosynthetic carbon uptake to spatial and temporal patterns respiration of CO2 I conducted a multiyear analysis of soil CO from soils. Carbon dioxide is produced in soils primarily by roots ...2010
12 Newby, JayMolecular motor-based models of random intermittent search in dendritesA key component in the cellular mechanisms underlying learning and memory involves the distribution and delivery of mRNA to synaptic sites in dendrites. A minimal three-state random intermittent search model of motor-driven mRNA transport is developed to explore the question of why motor-driven mRN...Dendrites; Intracellular transport; Jump velocity; Molecular motors; MRNA transport; Random search2010
13 Nguyen, Khiem VanRedox chemistry of 8-Oxopurine Nucleosides and Oligonucleotides and their potential role as primordial redox coenzymesThe RNA world hypothesis about the origin of life enjoys wide acceptance. The fact that RNA is capable of catalyzing a wide range of chemical reactions supports a RNA-based primitive metabolism. Redox reactions are very important to metabolism, and at the present time, protein enzymes need the assis...2012-12
14 Navas-Moreno, MariaSpectroscopy techniques for human disease diagnosisModern medicine would benefi t from the pursuit of new, more speci fic and easier to implement diagnosis tools. In recent years, Raman scattering, surface-enhanced Raman scattering and fluorescence spectroscopy have proven to be successful diagnostic techniques for a wide range of diseases includin...Myeloproliferative disorders; Optical diagnosis; Optical spectroscopy; SERS applications; Surface enhanced Raman scattering2011-12
15 Olejnik, EllaUltrafast photophysics of π - conjugated polymers for organic light emitting diode applicationsIn this work, we used the pump-probe photomodulation (PM) spectroscopy technique to measure the transient PM spectrum and decay kinetics in various n - conjugated polymers (PCPs) films and blends. Using two ultrafast laser systems, we covered a broad spectral range from 0.25 - 2.5 eV in the time dom...2013-12
16 Olmstead, Matthew DwauneSpectroscopy of supernova host galaxies from the SDSS-II sn survey with the SDSS and boss spectrographsType Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) have been used as standard candles to measure cosmological distances. The initial discovery of the accelerated expansion of the universe was performed using ∼ 50 SNe Ia. Large SNe surveys have increased the number of spectroscopically-confirmed SNe Ia to over a thousand...Supernova2013-12
17 Oakeson, Kelly F.Insights into the origins and evolution of mutualistic insect-bacterial symbiosesA diverse array of insect species harbor maternally transmitted mutualistic bacterial endosymbionts that perform a variety of functions within their hosts. Many of these associations are obligate in nature with the insect relying on the bacterial symbiont to provide nutrients that are lacking in the...Insects; Bacterial endosymbionts2014-05
18 Nkansah, Richard AmoafoSynthetic design and biological activity of naamidine A, related natural products and analoguesThis thesis describes the synthesis of several natural products, isolated from the marine sponges of the genus Leucetta, which have demonstrated an ability to influence a diverse range of biological processes, including the potential to inhibit important cancer signaling pathways. To understand this...2012-05
19 Ott, Elizabeth MaryThe multivesicular body pathway and the endosomal sorting complexes required for transports: escrt -II recruitment and cargo sorting mechanismsThe ESCRT (endosomal sorting complexes required for transport) protein complexes are required for the sorting of proteins into the MVB (multivesicular body) pathway, a protein trafficking pathway that is critical for the degradation of plasma membrane proteins. As a result, the ESCRTs plays an impor...Endocytosis; Endosome; ESCRT; Multivesicular body; Vacuole2011-08
20 Park, Jong-WonInterfacial properties of asymmetrically functionalized citrate-stabilized gold and silver nanoparticles related to molecular adsorptionA detailed understanding of the conformation of adsorbed molecules and regional surface functionalization of metal nanoparticles (MNPs) is challenging for nanometersize (10 - 100 m) materials and necessary for fundamental studies and applications. The studies are motivated by open questions related ...Adsorbate structure; Facet-dependent properties; Hydroxycarboxylic acids; Janus particles; Organic/metal interfaces; Quantitative surface analysis2013-05
21 Kaden, William EStudies of size selected palladium and iridium model catalystsThis dissertation describes size-dependent investigations of supported palladium and iridium clusters, used as model catalysts for carbon monoxide oxidation and hydrazine decomposition reactions. Chapter 1 provides an introduction into the role of size-dependent studies within the greater scope of c...Catalysis; CO-Oxidation; Iridium; Nanocluster; Palladium; Size-Selected2010-08
22 Keener, Justin MichaelMolecular insight into cell surface nutrient transporter quality control and downregulation in Saccharomyces CerevisiaePlasma membrane integrity is paramount to cell viability. The separation between the extra- and intracellular environment is established by the plasma membrane and the plethora of proteins embedded within it. Nutrients that are unable to freely diffuse across the plasma membrane must be transported....Downregulation; Intrinsic chaperone; LID-LOOP interactions; Nutrient transporter; Quality control; S. cerevisiae2013-12
23 Jiao, FangxiangUncertainty analysis and visualization of diffusion tensor imagesDiffusion magnetic resonance imaging (dMRI) has become a popular technique to detect brain white matter structure. However, imaging noise, imaging artifacts, and modeling techniques, etc., create many uncertainties, which may generate misleading information for further analysis or applications, such...Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging; High angular resolution diffusion imaging; Rank-k decomposition; SIP functions; Spherical deconvolution; Uncertainty2012-12
24 Kriech, Douglas MichaelSingle molecule fluorescence imaging of protein-surface and protein-protein interactions at a glass-water interface\Solid-phase immunoassays (SPIs) have become an indispensible tool for research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Understanding the antibody-antigen interaction occurring at a solid-liquid interface is needed in order to develop more sensitive and selective sensors with lower limits of detection. In tu...Single molecule fluorescence; Solid phase immunoassays2015-05
25 Larson, KyleProof of the Birman exact sequenceWe will prove the Birman exact sequence as motivated by the study of mapping class groups. In order to do so we introduce basic concepts and theorems about surfaces, exact sequences, mapping class groups, higher dimensional homotopy groups, and fiber bundles. In particular, the proof of the Birma...Sequences (Mathematics;); Surfaces2009-05
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