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1 Schiffman, Donald OwenValidity of carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage and nephrectomy as biological procedures for determining fate and excretion of anticonvulsant drugs.Carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage and nephrectomy are commonly used to determine the fate and excretion of anticonvulsant drugs. It is generally assumed that such alterations do not otherwise affect the response of the central nervous system to such drugs or to the tests employed to measure ...Pharmacokinetics; Renal Phamacology1958
2 Grainger, David William.Hydrophilic-hydrophobic microphase-separated block copolymers: synthesis, characerization and blood compatibility.Two types of amphiphilic block copolymers--one containing repeating blocks of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) and polystyrene (PS) and another containing poly(dimethylsiloxane) (PDMS), PEO, and heparin (Hep)--were synthesized to examine the effects of hydrophilic-hydrophobic balance on blood compatibilit...Platelet Adhesiveness; Polymers; Technology, Pharmaceutical1987-12
3 Weaver, Lawrence Clayton.The pharmacology of anticonvulsant drug combinations.This study represents the initiation of a systematic laboratory investigation designed to elucidate the type of interaction of anticonvulsant drugs and to disclose any unusual potentiation or antagonism by obtaining quantitative data on the potency and toxicity of various anticonvulsant drug combina...Pharmacology; Drug Combinations2008-02-01
4 Dawson, Ted Murray.Localization and characterization of dopamine D-1 receptors in the central nervous system.Dopamine, a central nervous system neurotransmitter, is considered to be intimately involved in a variety of functions including both behavior and movement. This catecholamine mediates its effects via at least two dopamine receptor populations designated dopamine type one (D-1) and dopamine type two...Brain; Rat1986-06
5 Bennett, David BruceBiodegradable polymeric prodrugs of naltrexoneDevelopment of a polymeric naltrexone delivery system would give an effective means for treatment of opiate addiction. A novel approach involves synthesis and characterization of a biodegradable polymeric prodrug of naltrexone covalently coupled to poly(amino acids). Modification of the drug gave se...Therapeutic Use; Pharmacokinetics; Drug Therapy1990-03
6 Liu, PuchinInfluences of ethanol on simultaneous diffusion and metabolism of Beta-estradiol in skinThe influences of ethanol upon simultaneous diffusion and metabolism of beta-estradiol (E2beta) in skin have been systematically examined using a quantitative biophysical model approach. Baseline studies (in saline) with hairless mouse skin have been carried out using a two-chamber diffusion cell sy...Mice, Inbred HRS; Models, Theoretical; Skin1989-03
7 Lee, Han-ChenMechanisms of cholesterol monohydrate dissolution in aqueous bile salt-lecithin media: correlation between micellar species and dissolution ratesA mechanistic study of cholesterol monohydrate (ChM) dissolution rates (J) was conducted in the aqueous taurocholate (TC)-, taurochenodeoxycholate (TCDC)-, and tauroursodeoxy-cholate (TUDC)-lecithin (L) solutions. Based on the simple micelle-mixed micelle coexistence behavior in concentration ranges...Metabolism1989-12
8 Li, XiaolingBiodegradable polymeric prodrugs of antihypertensive agentsBiodegradable polymeric prodrugs of antihypertensive agents were developed by covalently binding minoxidil, clonidine, prazosin, and CGS 16617 to poly(alpha-amino acids) via labile linkages. The amide bond was used to link minoxidil and clonidine onto poly(glutamic acid), while the carbamate linkag...Drug Carrierse; Drug Delivery Systems; Prodrugs; Polymers1991-08
9 Winters, SuzanneImmobilized heparin via a long chain poly(ethylene oxide) spacer for protein and platelet compatibilityPoly(ethylene oxide) has some unique solubility and hydrogen-bonding characteristics which have been used to explain its apparent inertness with regard to blood protein absorption and platelet interactions. A method has been developed to immobilize long chains of the hydrophilic and amorphous polym...Pharmacokinetics; Biosynthesis1987-06
10 Brown, DanielDrug release mechanisms from heterogeneous interpenetrating networksThe objective of this research was to determine drug release mechanisms from HIPNs composed of a PTMO network and a copolymer of DMAAm and St. In order to gain a better understanding of the release mechanism the networks which compose the HIPN were studied separately. The DMAAm/St networks were sy...Polymetic Drug Delivery Systems; Copolymer Networks1994-06
11 Hyde, Robyn MarieSenseless nucleic acid macromolecules: synthesis, charatcerization and biological studiesA substantial amount of research is currently being undertaken to create new anti-Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) drugs. Currently, 14 drugs belonging to three classes are approved for use in the treatment of HIV. Combination therapy utilizing drugs with different mechanisms of action does initia...Physiology; Metabolism; Analysis2002-05
12 Bondani, AugustoInteraction of calcium and local anesthetics with skeletal muscle microsomesThe influence of Ca++, several drugs, and pH on the binding of Ca++ by skeletal muscle microsomes was studies in vitro. A mass-law graphic analysis of the results revealed the presence of three distinct species of Ca++-binding sites in the microsomes, and the binding at only one of these sites was ...Pharmacokinetics; Drug Studies1969-08
13 Stolk, Jacob AbrahamIn vivo 31p NMR as a noninvasive tool to study rodent cerebral metabolism as a function of ageNuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) studies were performed with a two turn copper foil surface coil employing a unique transposition design that incorporates an explicit center tap ground of a widened bottom layer. Flexibility permitted easy conformation to tissues of interest thereby enhancing coil pe...Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy; Rats1990-03
14 Chen, Hsinyo.The effects of trimethadione and ethosuximide on ion movement across the toad bladder.The effects of three drugs, pentylenetetrazol (PTZ), trimethadione (TMO), and ethosuximide on ion movement across the isolated toad urinary bladder as deduced from changes in short current (SCC) were studied, singly and in combination. The effects of the drugs were measured under control conditions...Physiology; Ethosuximide1975-06
15 Swaffar, Diane ShominIn vitro activation of procarbazine to sytotoxic speciesProcarbazine is a 1,2-disubstituted hydrazine derivative that acts as a methylating agent in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease, leukemias, lymphomas, and brain tumors. The anticancer activity of this agent results from oxidation to azoprocarbazine and additional N-oxidation to a mixture of azoxy is...Metabolites; Metabolism1991-08
16 Deveraux, Quinn L.Recognition of ubiquitin-conjugates by the 26S proteaseMultiubiquitination is a key step leading to the selective degradation of abnormal polypeptides and many important regulatory proteins by a large multisubunit enzyme--the 26S protease. However, the mechanism by which ubiquitin-conjugates are recognized by this enzyme is unknown. I used a protein bin...Proteolytic Enzymes; Molecular Cloning1995-12
17 Pallavicini, Maria GeorginaIn vivo effects of ftorafur and fluorouracil on mammary tumors and small intestine in mice.The in vivo effects of Ftorafur (FT) and 5-fluorouracil (FU) were evaluated at several different organizational levels within the same animal model. On a molar basis, FU was found to be two to three times more potent than FT with respect to growth inhibition of murine mammary adenocarcinomas. Howe...Intestine, Small; Cells, Cultured1997-08
18 Tang, Aijun.A lymphocyte-targeting polymeric drug delivery system mediated by receptor-binding epitopes: design, synthesis, and characterization.Extensive studies have demonstrated that the use of targetable polymeric drug delivery systems is an efficient approach for improving cancer chemotherapy. In this dissertation, a new strategy for the design of targetable polymeric anticancer drug carriers was proposed that combined water-soluble pol...Pharmaceutical Preparations; Drug Delivery Systems2002-12
19 Christensen, John Mark.A Physiological pharmacokinetic model for norethindrone.Physiological pharmacokinetic models are derived from basic considerations of physiological, anatomical, and pharmacologic principles. These modes can simultaneously predict drug levels in blood, organs, and tissues. The prediction by the model depends on the following factors: dosage, partition ...Pharmacology; Pharmacokinetics1980-03
20 Finkle, Bryan Smith.The metabolism and plasma concentrations of L-alpha-acetylmethadol and its metabolites in man.The plasma disposition of L-alpha-acetylmethadol (LAAM) and its two active metabolites, nor-LAAM and dinor-LAAM, has been determined in 12 human subjects as part of a controlled clinical pharmacological study. LAAM was administered orally three times per week for ten doses, ranging from 0.73 mg/kg ...Pharmacology; Methodone1977-06
21 Liu, Chen-Lun.Physicochemical studies basic to cholesterol gallstone formation and dissolution: correlation between cholesterol thermodynamic activity laser light scattering data nucleation times and or dissolution tendencies.An improved silicone polymer uptake method for measuring cholesterol (Ch) thermodynamic activity (AT) was employed in studying supersaturated model bile systems. The method permits rapid determination of AT and thus avoids the possible complications resulting from Ch crystal nucleation. Several diff...Biocmedial Research; Pharmacology1993-06
22 Rice, Cassandra Elizabeth DeeringVascular Endothelial Cells and Pulmonary Epitheilial Cells: Uptake and Response to Metal Oxide NanoparticlesNanomaterials are promoted as a promising technology in highly diverse applications, but concerns about risks of these materials have stimulated extensive research on the adverse effects of manufactured nanoparticles. Our research utilized ex vivo tissues to study quantification of unlabeled nano...Epithelial cells; Metal nanoparticles; Silicon dioxide; Receptors; Cytokine2010-02-22
23 Withrow, Clarence DeanThe direct effects of desoxycorticosterone on skeletal muscle electrolyte metabolism.It has been found that the primary effects of DCA upon skeletal muscle, particularly the effect upon sodium movements, are masked by electrolyte shifts that are secondary to muscle potassium depletion. The muscle potassium depletion is caused by an action of DCA to promote potassium excretion via t...Tissue; Metabolism; Drugs; Pharmacology1959-08
24 Goteti, Kosalaram.Tissue pharmacokinetics for prevention of hemodialysis vascular access stenosis.The amphetamine-like compounds have prominent effects on several neurotransmitter systems within the central nervous system. The administration of multiple doses of these stimulants produces profound and long-lasting decreases in neurochemical indices of dopamine and serotonergic systems as well as ...Pharmacogenetics; Grafts2006-05
25 Park, Ki DongHeparinized segmented polyurethaneurea surfaces with hydrophilic spacer groups.A new heparin-immobilized segmented polyurethaneurea (SPUU, BiomerĀ®) surface using hydrophilic PEO chain as a spacer was developed for surface modification by two different methods. The first method involved the in situ surface immobilization of heparin onto SPUU surface, and the other method utili...Pharmacology; Biomedical Polymers1990-06
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