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1 Bannan, Douha FouadInjectable Chemotherapy Drugs on Short Supply: Relevance of changes in Suppliers and Pricing in Predicting ShortagesPharmacotherapy2013-05
2 Yeh, Tsung-Yin JosephDevelopment of fluorescence-based techniques to study protein kinase activity and subunit interactions.Protein Kinases; Peptide SynthesisPharmacology & Toxicology2003-12
3 Smith, Diana K.Structures of the Klebsiella Oxytoca Phage Phi KO2 and Vibrio Harveyi Myovirus-Like Protelomerase Far C-Terminal DomainsMedicinal Chemistry2010-08
4 Burton, Scott AllisonCarrier-mediated transport of calcium into the in vitro choroid plexus: inhibitory effects of sodium, potassium, and pharmacological agents.Physiology; PharmacologyPharmacology & Toxicology1982-12
5 Cang, XiaohuiMolecular dynamics simulations on G-quadruplexesAMBER; DNA; Glycosidic conformation; G-quadruplex; Molecular dynamics; Structural polymorphismMedicinal Chemistry2010-12
6 Biskupiak, Joseph EdwardBioactive metabolites from marine organisms.Microbiology; Physiology; BiochemistryMedicinal Chemistry1985-06
7 Soderberg, Robert CarlThe diurnal variation of norepinephrine in the rat parotid glandLaboratory Animals; RatsPharmacology & Toxicology1972-06
8 Allen, Kay HislopPharmacist instruction and patient compliance with medication therapyMedication Error; Patient InstructionPharmacology & Toxicology1974-03
9 Smith, Thomas E.Integrated approaches for the discovery and production of marine natural productsBiosynthesis; Heterologous expression; Meroterpenenes; Peptides; Sponge; TunicateMedicinal Chemistry2016
10 Wang, YuweiLocal delivery of small interfering RNA to inhibit osteoporosis using a combination device strategyPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry2011-12
11 Vargas, Jay R.Morphological and Functional Alterations of Astrocytes Following Experimental Induced EpilepsyPharmacology & Toxicology2011-12
12 Zhou, MiEconomic Evaluation of 21-Gene Assay for Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients from the Perspective of the Chinese Health Care SystemPharmacotherapy2012-08
13 Roberts, Stephen Michael.The formation of cytochrome P-450 metabolic intermediate complexes in isolated hepatocytes.Pharmacology; MicrosomesPharmacology & Toxicology1977-12
14 Avey, Steven G.A Study of the attitudes of adults enrolled in a preferred provider organization regarding generic prescription medications.Contraindications; Trends; United States; EconomicsPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1992-03
15 Booth, Randy AlanNovel phosphoinositide-protein interactions and inhibition of Akt activationSignal Transduction; Peptides; Protein KinasesMedicinal Chemistry2004-05
16 Tramposch, Alan FredrickLong-term potentiation in the bulbospinal sympathetic pathways of the cat,PhysiologyPharmacology & Toxicology1982-06
17 Ruangyuttikarn, WerawanMetabolism and mechanism of toxicity of 3-methylindole in human and goat tissuesMetabolism; ProtiensPharmacology & Toxicology1991-12
18 Turkanis, Stuart Allen.Pharmacological and physiological properties of denervated mammalian skeletal muscle.Physiology; Fibrillatory ActivityPharmacology & Toxicology1967-06
19 Kim, DonginpH-Sensitive Micelle for Multidrug Resistant TumorsMicelles; Cancer; Multidrug ResistancePharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry2010-05-14
20 Veltri, Charles AnthonyIdentification of Cellular Targets of Marine Natural ProductsNatural Products; Marine PharmacologyMedicinal Chemistry2010-04-21
21 Johnson-Davis, Kamisha LynnetteMethamphetamine and mechanisms underlying tolerance to its neurotoxic effects.Physiology; ToxicityPharmacology & Toxicology2004-08
22 Coleman, James Curt.Effects of maternal lead exposure on central nervous system maturation in postnatal rats.Growth and Development; PharmacologyPharmacology & Toxicology1984-06
23 Wisniewski, Stephen Jeffrey.Diffusion processes in synthetic hydrogel membranes.Pharmacology; PolymersPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1979-06
24 Choong, Tung-Chung.The oxidation of clavine alkaloids.Pharmaceuticals; BiosnthesisMedicinal Chemistry1978-03
25 Ralph, SallyThe prediction of success in the college of pharmacy at the University of UtahUniversity of Utah, College of PharmacyPharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry1948
1 - 25 of 482