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1 A Comparison of High Pressure Liquid Chromatography and Microbiological Assays for CeftazidimeCeftazidime is an investigational cephalosporin antibiotic with a broad spectrum of activity. In early in vitro studies, antibacterial activity has been demonstrated against most aeorbic gram-negative organism, including Pseudomonas aeriginosa. Before the pharmacokinetics of a new antibiotic such a...1983-06
2 A comparison of organized, team based, intravenous therapy with conventional care methods.The objectives of this investigation were to determine the incidence of various complications of infusion therapy in patients treated by a trained intravenous therapy team as compared to those which occurred when the conventional approach of disseminated professional personnel was utilized. Specifi...Pharmaceuticals; Nursing Team1979-08
3 A comparison of plasma concentration arrhythmia response and electrocardiographic changes in patients requiring quinidine therapyQuinidine is a naturally occurring substance used in the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. It may be administered orally or parenterally to control both ventricular and supraventricular arrhythmias. Because of its low therapeutic index, it is rational to obtain plasma concentrations of quinidine as ...1983-05
4 A comparison of the effects of colchicine and some purified vera, trum alkaloids on nuclear division in roots of allium cepa: L; with preliminary observations on germination root length and environmental factorsThis study represents an investigation and comparison of the effects of various Veratrum alkaloids on nuclear mitotic division in an effort to determine 1. whether some purified alkaloidal mixtures or crystalline alkaloids possess the ability to modify the cycle of nuclear and cellular division, and...Pharmacology; Colchicine1956-08
5 A Controlled Study of the Impact of a Poison Prevention Education Program on Parental Awareness and BehaviorsAn estimated one to two million accidental childhood poisonings occur yearly in the United States, primarily in children under five. The National Clearinghouse for Poison Control Centers (NCPCC) reported over 150,000 poisonings in 1978., 71 percent of which occurred in this age group. In the same ye...1981-08
6 A Cost Comparison of Two Systems for the Intermittent Intravenous Administration of Small Volume ParenteralsThe decision-making process of a hospital pharmacy administrator include the determination of the most advantageous mean by which intravenously administered drugs may be prepared and distributed. Systems to accomplish the have become increasingly more efficient, less hazardous to the patient, but mo...1984-06
7 A Descriptive Analysis of the Immunosuppressive Regimens of the Utah Cardiac Transplant ProgramFollowing animal experiments supporting the feasibility of heart transplantation, the first human heart transplant was performed in December, 1967, in Capetown, South Africa. the first successful operation in the United States was in May, 1968. Although approximately 100 transplants were performed w...1988-03
8 A double-blind randomized comparative trial of butorphanol tartrate and morphine sulfate in the treatment of postoperative pain in geriatric patientsThe elder population is one that is frequently overlooked or excluded in drug studies. However, although those over 65 years of age constitute approximately 12% of the total population, the take 25% of all prescription medications. The elderly may have many and varied reactions to drugs as compared ...1987-12
9 A lymphocyte-targeting polymeric drug delivery system mediated by receptor-binding epitopes: design, synthesis, and characterization.Extensive studies have demonstrated that the use of targetable polymeric drug delivery systems is an efficient approach for improving cancer chemotherapy. In this dissertation, a new strategy for the design of targetable polymeric anticancer drug carriers was proposed that combined water-soluble pol...Pharmaceutical Preparations; Drug Delivery Systems2002-12
10 A Peptide-Based Small Interfering RNA Delivery System as an RNA Interference Approach for Neurodegnerative DisordersNeurodegenerative disorders (NDDs) have become a major global health burden. Despite persistent advances in understanding the neurodegeneration process, pathogenesis has not been fully clarified and no cures are yet available. As a therapeutic approach for NDDs, RNA interference (RNAi) can be a pote...2015-05
11 A phase 1 double-blind comparison of the safety and tolerance of eight percent arildone (win 30820) to the ninety percent DMSO/ten percent PEG-400 vehicle during and following seven day topical application to immunocompromised patientsDiseases associated with some of the human herpes viruses have been recognized for centuries; these include fever blisters or herpes labialis, herpes genitalis, varicella and zoster. It is only within the past decade or two that the impact of these viruses in medicine has been appreciated. this incr...1983-05
12 A Physiological pharmacokinetic model for norethindrone.Physiological pharmacokinetic models are derived from basic considerations of physiological, anatomical, and pharmacologic principles. These modes can simultaneously predict drug levels in blood, organs, and tissues. The prediction by the model depends on the following factors: dosage, partition ...Pharmacology; Pharmacokinetics1980-03
13 A preliminary report of the pharmacokinetics and efficancy of cimetidine in maintaining gastric pH greater than six in patients following major thermal injuryCurling reported duodenal ulceration to thermal injury in 1842, and since that time acute ulceration and inflammatory changes in the distal esophagus, stomach, and duodenum have benn a recognized complication of thermal injury. These pathologic changes are potential precursors of hemorrhage and perf...1980-03
14 A preliminary report on the incidence of clinical and subclinical spontaneous pregnancy lossThe preliminary purpose of this study was to document the incidence of clinical and subclinical spontaneous abortion in women who have no reproductive capability impairment. The relationship between prior oral contraception use and a subsequent increased incidence of spontaneous subclinical abortion...1983-06
15 A preliminary report on the pharmacokinetics of intravenous and intraperitoneal cefoxitin in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysisPeritoneal dialysis is one available mode of therapy in patients with renal failure. The technique of peritoneal dialysis has advantages over alternative modes of therapy, such as hemodialysis, in that it is less expensive and can be performed by the patients themselves. at home after a brief traini...1982-06
16 A preliminary report on the use of methenamine salts and ascorbic acid in the catheterized spinal cord injured patientPatients with spinal cord injury often have a complex array of medical probelem. Among the most commonly recognized is the flaccid type of neurogenic bladder dysfunction. This bladder dysfunction predisposes these patient to days or weeks of indwelling or intermittent urethral catherization. Due to ...1980-05
17 A Proposed Alternate Mechanism of Action for TheophyllineThe methylxanthines; caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine have several pharmacological actions, of which, their ability to relax bronhcial smooth muscle has great value in the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Theophylline is the most effective of the methylxanthines in this reg...1981-05
18 A prospective comparison of the incidence of increased serum enzymes in patients receiving either beef lung or pork intestinal mucosal heparinHypertransaminasemia, increased serum transaminases, is a recognized side-effect of heparin. The potential clinical significance and mechanism of this side-effect remains to be determined. Hypertransaminasemia associated with heparin has not been reported to produce clinical illness; however, the de...1982-05
19 A retrospective review of calcium channel blocker poisonings for the calendar year 1984Verapamil was first introduced in the early 1960's as a smooth muscle relaxant with potent vasodilator properties. Antiarrhythmic effects were demonstrated in the mid-1960's, but it V83 not until August, 1981 that the Food awl Drug Administration (FDA) approved the intravenous form of the drug for ...1987-03
20 A Role for Nicotine in Neuroprotection Against Disorders Associated With Monoaminergic and Cognitive DysfunctionThe aim of this dissertation was to investigate potential mechanisms whereby nicotine (NIC) is neuroprotective to the dopamine (DA), serotonin (5- HT), and memory systems. As early as 1939, clinical studies have indicated that tremors, or Parkinson's disease (PD), are less likely to occur among toba...2015-05
21 A Study of the attitudes of adults enrolled in a preferred provider organization regarding generic prescription medications.There has been a dramatic increase in the number of managed care companies who offer prescription drug benefits to people in the United States in recent years. These companies often either mandate or encourage their members to accept generic medication when it is available. Although consumer opini...Contraindications; Trends; United States; Economics1992-03
22 A survey of the clinical pharmacy services provided in medium-size hospitals in the United States.Pharmacists have provided clinical pharmacy services in hospitals for at least 20 years. This survey of community hospital pharmacy departments has revealed that current clinical pharmacy involvement does not include performing the essential problem-solving activities necessary to assure safe and a...Hospitals; Clinical Pharmacy1985-05
23 Abrogation of Liver Cancer with Thermal Ablation and Targeted Heat Shock InhibitionThermal ablation is widely used, first line local-regional therapy for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Although high temperature delivered by thermal energy results in efficient coagulation necrosis in tumor cells, various factors including tumor size, shape, location, and cirrhosis can...2015-05
24 Acute dose tolerance and pharmacokinetic study of BWA78U and placebo in normal male volunteersDespite the variety of antiepileptic medications currently marketed in the United States, approximately one-fifth of patients fail to experience adequate seizure control1 and others do so only at the expense of toxic side effects. Thus a need for new antiepileptic drugs with greater efficacy and les...1987-08
25 Acute modulation of dopamine transporter function by methamphetamineSingle and multiple high-dose administrations of methamphetamine (METH) rapidly and differentially decrease dopamine transporter (DAT) function, as assessed by measuring [3H]dopamine uptake into rat striatal synaptosomes 1 h after treatment. It has been demonstrated that dopamine, reactive oxygen sp...Physiology; Synaptosomal2000-08
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