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1 Nelson, Nora ClaireQuantifying Groundwater Discharge from the Valley-Fill Aquifer in Moab-Spanish Valley near Moab, UtahMoab City and Grand County rely on groundwater for public water supply. Recent development and an increase in water right applications prompted area water managers to call for an updated evaluation of local groundwater resources. The purpose of this study is to (1) prepare a conceptual groundwater f...Hydrologic sciences; Geology2017
2 Nandikar, Sameer SanjayComputational Characterization of Vascular MechanicsVascular mechanics plays a key role in both health and disease. Therefore, the mechanical properties of vessels have been under study for over a century. This thesis reports research with two computational models designed to better understand vessel mechanics in complex loading scenarios. Numerous ...Biomechanics; Mechanics; Mechanical engineering2017
3 Fasoli, BenjaminModeling Urban Carbon Dioxide Using Light-Rail Measurements and the Modified Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport Model (Stilt-R Version 2)The Stochastic Time-Inverted Lagrangian Transport (STILT) model is comprised of a compiled Fortran executable that carries out advection and dispersion calculations as well as a higher level code layer for simulation control and user interaction, written in the open source data analysis language R. ...2017
4 Gingrey, Alexandria C.Relationships Between Extreme Rain Rates and Convective Intensities from the Perspectives of Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission and WSR-88D RadarsTropical Measuring Mission (TRMM) precipitation radar (PR) 2A25 V7 retrievals show that precipitation features (PFs) with the tallest maximum 40 dBZ echo heights are rarely the same PFs that exhibit the most extreme near-surface rainfall rates. To investigate the impacts of potential weaknesses in t...Atmospheric sciences2017
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