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1 Mourer, Robert E.Columnar section of the permian unnamed formation exposed between Rydalch Pass and US Coast and geodetic survey Cedar Triangulation Station Plate VIIIGeologic cross-sections; Rydalch Pass; Cedar Triangulation StationGeology & Geophysics
2 Wade, JamesStructural geology: From Markham Gulch to Freeman Gulch, Bingham Mining District, UtahGeology, Structural; Geology - Utah - Bingham Mining DistrictMining Engineering1905
3 Anderson, Lawrence A.A proposed standard method of testing oil-shales for their crude oil yieldOil-shalesMetallurgy1920
4 Shelton, Francis KeithThe volatilization of impurities from zinc concentratesZinc - MetallurgyMetallurgical Engineering1930-05
5 Koster, JohnThe crystal structure of minerals and intermediate metallurgical products as a guide to the improvement of ore dressing and metallurgical processesOre-dressing; CrystallographyMetallurgy1930-12
6 Hale, Fred A.Geology and ore deposits of the Santaquin mining districtOre deposits - Utah - Utah County; Geology - Utah - Utah CountyMining Engineering1910
7 Fox, Feramorz Y.General features of the Wasatch MountainsGeology - Utah - Wasatch Range; Wasatch Range (Utah and Idaho)Geology1906
8 Clow, Gary D.The Use of Borehole Temperature Measurements to Infer Climatic Changes in Arctic AlaskaGeophysics; Paleoclimate ScienceGeology and Geophysics2017
9 Coopman, QuentinModification of Arctic clouds by long-range aerosol transportAtmospheric sciencesAtmospheric Sciences2017
10 Zhu, YueJoint inversion of potential field and electromagnetic data using gramian constraintsGeophysics; ElectromagneticsGeology and Geophysics2017
11 Johnson, Cory JamesCoastal Margin Reservoir Quality: Subsurface Analysis of the Late Cretaceous John Henry Member, Kaiparowits Plateau, Southern UtahGeologyGeology and Geophysics2017
12 Gall, Ryan D.Highly Seasonal and Perennial Fluvial Facies: Implications for Climatic Control on the Douglas Creek and Parachute Creek Members, Green River Formation, Southeastern Uinta Basin, UtahGeology; GeophysicsGeology and Geophysics2017
1 - 25 of 12