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1 MacArthur, W. E.The manufacture of zinc oxide directly from oxidized oresZinc -- Metallurgy; Zinc oxideMetallurgy1920
2 Badt, MorrisThe microscopic study of ore-specimens from the Ontario Mine, Park City, Utah : made as a preliminary to concentration testingOres - Sampling and estimation; Ontario Mine (Park City, Utah)Metallurgy1922
3 Bradford, Robert D.Brine leaching of lead-silver ores, with electrolytic precipitationLead - Metallurgy; Silver - MetallurgyMetallurgy1925
4 Forrester, John B.Concerning the Laramie Formation in Carbon County, UtahGeology - Utah - Carbon County; Coal mines and mining - Utah; Geology, Stratigraphic - CretaceousGeology1905
5 Clark, Frank RinkerThe recovery of metals from volatilized chloride fumeOre-dressing; ChloridesMetallurgy1920
1 - 25 of 5