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1 Newton, Nicol NukuDesign and evaluation of an electrochemical bioreactor for water treatmentWater, Purification, Biological treatment;Bioreactors; Mine drainage, Waste minimizationMetallurgical Engineering2008-08
2 Oliver, Wade AustinSelenium removal processes from Great Salt Lake, Utah: estimating sedimentation and verifying volatilization fluxesLake sediments, Utah, Great Salt Lake;Selenium, Utah, Great Salt Lake; Great Salt Lake (Utah)Geology & Geophysics2008-05
3 Bronson, Tyler MarkOxidation and condensation of zinc fume in steelmaking off-gas systemsEAF Dust; Homogeneous Formation; In-Process Separation; Kinetics; Steelmaking; Zinc OxideMetallurgical Engineering2015-08
4 Bateman, Christopher ScottPrevention of spontaneous combustion in underground coal mines with the implementation of pressure balancing techniquesCoal; Pressure Balancing; Sponcom; Spontaneous CombustionMining Engineering2016
5 Batchelor, Chase ElizabethWaveform correlation detection methods applied to the 2003-2004 seismic swarm in the marysvale volcanic province of central utahcross-correlation; detection; earthquake; Marysvale; swarm; UtahGeology & Geophysics2016
6 Cai, HongzhuAdvanced methods for depth-to-basement estimation using gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic dataDepth-to-basement; Electromagnetic; Gravity; Integral equation; Inversion; MagneticGeology & Geophysics2015
7 Alvey, George RobertTropical cyclone intensity change: evaluating the effects of inner core precipitation properties and environmental influenceshurricane; intensification; precipitation; satellite; tropical cycloneAtmospheric Sciences2015-08
8 Houser, Stephanie JEvaluation of the international satellite cloud climatology project simulator using data from the atmospheric radiation measurement Southern Great Plains facility in OklahomaCloud physicsMeteorology2008-08
9 Miller, Olivia LeighTracing dust provenance, cycling, and history in the Wasatch Mountains using strontium isotopes and tree ringsDust; Strontium isotopes; Tree rings; Wasatch MountainsGeology & Geophysics2013-08
10 Moyes, Alexander JayClay mineralogy and chemical variation in uranium roll-front deposits in the Gas Hills Uranium District, WyomingGeology & Geophysics2013-08
11 McLin, Kristie S.Evaluating fluid-rock interactions in geothermal and contact metamorphic systemsFluid inclusion gases; fluid-rock interaction; Geothermal geochemistry; Mineral scale; Reactive transport modelinGeology & Geophysics2012-05
12 Nelson, Daren TaylorGeomorphic and stratigraphic development of Lake Bonneville's intermediate paleoshorelines during the late pleistoceneBonneville; Coastal; Great Basin; Lacustrine; Paleoclimate; PaleoshorelineGeology & Geophysics2012-12
13 Pearce, Cody AllenNew biaxial flexure test device for ultra-thin germaniumGermanium crystals, Testing; Semiconductors,TestingMetallurgical Engineering2008-05
14 Olivas-Martinez, MiguelComputational fluid dynamic modeling of chemically reacting gas-particle flowsCombustion modeling; Computational fluid dynamics; Flash ironmaking; Population balance modeling; Reduction of iron oxide; Vapor-phase synthesis of nanoparticlesMetallurgical Engineering2013-12
15 Oates, Ryan P.On future changes in stratospheric sudden warmingsClimate; Criterion; SSWs; Stratosphere; SuddenAtmospheric Sciences2013-05
16 Pan, BoFlotation of halite and sylvite from carnallite with dodecyl morpholineCarnallite; Dodecyl morpholine; FlotationMetallurgical Engineering2013-12
17 Park, Hyung MinMining project evaluation process for investment decisionsMining Engineering2012-05
18 Jagannathan, MadhusudanElectrochemical performance of LI-MG and columnar SI anodes for high capacity LI-ion cells: experiments and modeling of charge/discharge behaviorColumnar silicon; Diffusion; Electrochemical modeling; Lithium alloy anodes; Lithium ion batteries; Lithium magnesium alloysMetallurgical Engineering2013-12
19 Jagannathan, MadhusudanEnergy partitioning in ballistic impact fragmentation of titanium borideBallistic impact; Energy partitioning; Fragmentation; Titanium borideMetallurgical Engineering2010-08
20 Janwong, AdirekThe agglomeration of nickel laterite oreAgglomeration; Laterite; Leaching; NickelMetallurgical Engineering2012-12
21 Jehle, Glynis ElizabethAn ecological snapshot of the Early Pleistocene at Kokiselei, KenyaGeology & Geophysics2013-08
22 Lesage, Andrew T.Frontal passage and cold pool detection using Oklahoma Mesonet observationsclimatology; cold; flux; mesonet; oklahoma; poolAtmospheric Sciences2013-05
23 Levitt, Carolyn GaleBone histology and growth of chasmosaurine ceratopsid dinosaurs from the late Campanian Kaiparowits Formation, Southern Utahceratopsid; chasmosaurine; histology; Kaiparowits; Kosmoceratops; UtahceratopsGeology & Geophysics2013-05
24 Lawson, JohnAnalysis and predictability of the 1 December 2011 Wasatch downslope windstormDownslope; Mountain; Predictability; Rossby; Wave-breaking; WindstormAtmospheric Sciences2013-12
25 Liu, BoAn investigation of oxide composite anode materials for lithium ion batteriesAnode; Lithium batteries; Mechanical alloying; Oxide; Sn-Co-CMetallurgical Engineering2013-08
1 - 25 of 619