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1 Newton, Nicol NukuDesign and evaluation of an electrochemical bioreactor for water treatmentWater treatment issues are a problem worldwide. More and more gold mines are being opened in Africa and other parts of the world; these mines employ the carbon-inleach technique to recover gold from complex cyanide solution. The resulting process waste streams are high in cyanide, nitrate-N/ nitrite...Water, Purification, Biological treatment;Bioreactors; Mine drainage, Waste minimization2008-08
2 Oliver, Wade AustinSelenium removal processes from Great Salt Lake, Utah: estimating sedimentation and verifying volatilization fluxesRemoval processes for selenium (Se) from the Great Salt Lake, Utah (GSL) are investigated by estimation of sedimentation flux from analysis of lake cores and direct measurement of volatilization flux for comparison to a predictive model. To estimate Se removal by sedimentation, lake sediment core...Lake sediments, Utah, Great Salt Lake;Selenium, Utah, Great Salt Lake; Great Salt Lake (Utah)2008-05
3 Bronson, Tyler MarkOxidation and condensation of zinc fume in steelmaking off-gas systemsOff-gas dust wastes from steelmaking processes contain a number of by-product metals, which are hazardous to dispose of by landfill. With the increased use of electric arc furnaces, zinc has become a significant by-product in the off-gas dust and a main inhibiter of off-gas dust disposal as common ...EAF Dust; Homogeneous Formation; In-Process Separation; Kinetics; Steelmaking; Zinc Oxide2015-08
4 Bateman, Christopher ScottPrevention of spontaneous combustion in underground coal mines with the implementation of pressure balancing techniquesMine fires and explosions associated with spontaneous combustion (sponcom) can be the cause of mines closings temporarily or permanently. The risk of fatalities and production losses are also associated with the hazards of sponcom. Over the last 175 years, nearly 13,000 deaths have been recorded and...Coal; Pressure Balancing; Sponcom; Spontaneous Combustion2016
5 Batchelor, Chase ElizabethWaveform correlation detection methods applied to the 2003-2004 seismic swarm in the marysvale volcanic province of central utahEarthquake swarms are defined as clusters of events that occur closely in space and time without the presence of an outstanding main shock. Swarms are especially common within the seismically active region of the Intermountain West, monitored by the University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS). Th...cross-correlation; detection; earthquake; Marysvale; swarm; Utah2016
6 Cai, HongzhuAdvanced methods for depth-to-basement estimation using gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic dataThere is a strong interest in developing effective methods to estimate the depth-to-basement. Potential field methods have already been widely used in this application by parameterizing the earth's subsurface into 3D cells. I introduce a new method of solving this problem based on the 3D Cauchy-type...Depth-to-basement; Electromagnetic; Gravity; Integral equation; Inversion; Magnetic2015
7 Alvey, George RobertTropical cyclone intensity change: evaluating the effects of inner core precipitation properties and environmental influencesDespite improvements in recent years, tropical cyclone intensity change, and in particular differentiating intensification rates (especially rapid intensification, RI), remains an unresolved issue. Studies have quantified the importance of both environmental and convective properties with respect to...hurricane; intensification; precipitation; satellite; tropical cyclone2015-08
8 Houser, Stephanie JEvaluation of the international satellite cloud climatology project simulator using data from the atmospheric radiation measurement Southern Great Plains facility in OklahomaClouds are a vital part of the earth's climate system. They interact with incoming solar and outgoing infrared radiation to both cool and warm the planet. How clouds will change and modify the earth's climate in the future is still uncertain. General circulation models (GCMs) are used to better unde...Cloud physics2008-08
9 Miller, Olivia LeighTracing dust provenance, cycling, and history in the Wasatch Mountains using strontium isotopes and tree ringsTo further our understanding of dust cycling from the Great Basin to the Rocky Mountains, this study uses strontium concentrations and isotopes (87Sr/86Sr) to investigate provenance of dust landing on the Wasatch Mountains and to determine that a dust strontium record is preserved in tree rings. To ...Dust; Strontium isotopes; Tree rings; Wasatch Mountains2013-08
10 Moyes, Alexander JayClay mineralogy and chemical variation in uranium roll-front deposits in the Gas Hills Uranium District, WyomingIn the Gas Hills District, located near Riverton, Wyoming, a clay mineral assemblage was identified within and around the ore bodies, which includes 5 to 11 percent kaolinite, with the highest amount in the ore body, 4 to 7 percent smectite, with the highest amount being in the reduced sandstone, an...2013-08
11 McLin, Kristie S.Evaluating fluid-rock interactions in geothermal and contact metamorphic systemsThe study of fluid-rock interactions provides insight into subsurface geologic processes, such as diagenesis, hydrothermal alteration and metamorphism. Understanding and predicting these interactions also helps us assess the geologic impact of hydrocarbon recovery and geothermal production and injec...Fluid inclusion gases; fluid-rock interaction; Geothermal geochemistry; Mineral scale; Reactive transport modelin2012-05
12 Nelson, Daren TaylorGeomorphic and stratigraphic development of Lake Bonneville's intermediate paleoshorelines during the late pleistoceneDuring the height of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), multiple paleoshorelines of late Pleistocene Lake Bonneville formed within the Bonneville basin of western Utah, eastern Nevada, and southeast Idaho. The geomorphic and sedimentological history of the paleoshorelines related to the relict lake has...Bonneville; Coastal; Great Basin; Lacustrine; Paleoclimate; Paleoshoreline2012-12
13 Pearce, Cody AllenNew biaxial flexure test device for ultra-thin germaniumGermanium is a semiconductor now widely used in gamma and X-ray detectors and high-performance space-based solar cell arrays and is also being developed for land-based solar cell applications. Growth and processing of germanium and other semiconductor crystals, without the generation of defects, is...Germanium crystals, Testing; Semiconductors,Testing2008-05
14 Olivas-Martinez, MiguelComputational fluid dynamic modeling of chemically reacting gas-particle flowsComputational fluid dynamic modeling was performed to describe and analyze the various processes occurring in three chemically reacting gas-particle flows: chemical vapor synthesis of tungsten carbide and aluminum nanopowders, flame synthesis of silica nanopowder, and a novel flash ironmaking proces...Combustion modeling; Computational fluid dynamics; Flash ironmaking; Population balance modeling; Reduction of iron oxide; Vapor-phase synthesis of nanoparticles2013-12
15 Oates, Ryan P.On future changes in stratospheric sudden warmingsTraditionally, stratospheric sudden warming events (SSWs) are defined using a fixed threshold criterion. This criterion, however, may lead to spurious results if the climate of the underlying dataset is changing. In an attempt to overcome this potential shortcoming we develop alternative criteria to...Climate; Criterion; SSWs; Stratosphere; Sudden2013-05
16 Pan, BoFlotation of halite and sylvite from carnallite with dodecyl morpholineCarnallite recovery by reverse flotation of halite with dodecyl morpholine (DDM) as collector has been applied in industry. Despite successful use in industry, the surface chemistry for halite flotation with DDM collector is not clear. Therefore the major objective of this thesis research was to exa...Carnallite; Dodecyl morpholine; Flotation2013-12
17 Park, Hyung MinMining project evaluation process for investment decisionsMining and the related industries play an important role in the Korean economy. The Korean mining industry is relatively small. There are several mines in Korea but they are very small, and production is low in comparison with other countries' mines. Thus Korea must take part in mineral projects all...2012-05
18 Jagannathan, MadhusudanElectrochemical performance of LI-MG and columnar SI anodes for high capacity LI-ion cells: experiments and modeling of charge/discharge behaviorThis dissertation work can be divided into two parts: (1) an experimental section involving synthesis and electrochemical testing of (a) Li-Mg and (b) columnar Si anodes for high capacity Li-ion batteries, and (2) a theoretical modeling section in which analytical modeling frameworks are developed t...Columnar silicon; Diffusion; Electrochemical modeling; Lithium alloy anodes; Lithium ion batteries; Lithium magnesium alloys2013-12
19 Jagannathan, MadhusudanEnergy partitioning in ballistic impact fragmentation of titanium borideThe study focuses on setting up a laboratory-scale ballistic testing apparatus in order to investigate the mechanisms through which the ballistic energy of a projectile is dissipated by a nearly monolithic nanostructured ceramic (titanium boride or TiB) and to determine the partitioning of the ball...Ballistic impact; Energy partitioning; Fragmentation; Titanium boride2010-08
20 Janwong, AdirekThe agglomeration of nickel laterite oreNickel laterites are becoming more attractive for nickel production due to the depletion of high grade nickel sulfide ores. Since the nickel content in laterites is relatively low, processes to recover nickel from these resources must be economical and robust. Heap leaching has been commonly used to...Agglomeration; Laterite; Leaching; Nickel2012-12
21 Jehle, Glynis ElizabethAn ecological snapshot of the Early Pleistocene at Kokiselei, KenyaFauna from hominin-bearing Pliocene and Pleistocene sites in the Omo-Turkana Basin have long been valuable in assessing how the climate of East Africa over the past 5 Ma has changed. Stable C and O isotope ratios in the enamel of fossil herbivores at a Paranthropus boisei-bearing Pleistocene archaeo...2013-08
22 Lesage, Andrew T.Frontal passage and cold pool detection using Oklahoma Mesonet observationsFor over a dozen years the Oklahoma Mesonet network has provided surface observations at over 100 stations. These observations are used to analyze mass flux estimates from surface divergence, frontal passages, and cold pools, the latter defined herein as active regions where precipitation processes ...climatology; cold; flux; mesonet; oklahoma; pool2013-05
23 Levitt, Carolyn GaleBone histology and growth of chasmosaurine ceratopsid dinosaurs from the late Campanian Kaiparowits Formation, Southern UtahCeratopsian dinosaurs are one of the most diverse dinosaur groups in the Cretaceous, and an outstanding question is how growth strategies of this group evolved in relation to their shift from small bipedal basal ceratopsians to larger quadrupedal ceratopsids. Previous bone histology studies have inv...ceratopsid; chasmosaurine; histology; Kaiparowits; Kosmoceratops; Utahceratops2013-05
24 Lawson, JohnAnalysis and predictability of the 1 December 2011 Wasatch downslope windstormA downslope windstorm on 1 December 2011 led to considerable damage along a narrow 50-km swath at the western base of the Wasatch Mountains in northern Utah. Operational forecasts issued by the Salt Lake City National Weather Service Forecast Office provided accurate guidance for the event at lead t...Downslope; Mountain; Predictability; Rossby; Wave-breaking; Windstorm2013-12
25 Liu, BoAn investigation of oxide composite anode materials for lithium ion batteriesThis thesis is aimed to develop high-capacity, inexpensive, long cycle life and environmentally benign anode for lithium-ion batteries. With those goals in mind, a novel oxide alloy composite materials MO-SnxCoyCz (MO=GeO2, SnO2, SiO and SiO2) have been proposed and investigated. Mechanical alloying...Anode; Lithium batteries; Mechanical alloying; Oxide; Sn-Co-C2013-08
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