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1 Bang, Sarah DohertyOn the mutual interactions between convective storms and their enviornments during the midlatitude continental convective clouds experiment (MC3E) field campaign in OklahomaMC3E; Organized convection; Severe convection; ThunderstormAtmospheric Sciences2013-12
2 Young, John CGeology of the Southern Lakeside Mountains, UtahGeology; Utah; Lakeside mountains; Stratigraphic; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1953-08
3 Smith, Royce JayAsphalt ridge tar sands - flotation behavior and process design (Abstract)Tar sands; UtahMetallurgy and Metallurgical Engineering1980-12
4 Banks, Elizabeth YoungPetrographic characteristics and provenance of fluvial sandstone, sunnyside oil-impregnated sandstone deposit, Carbon County, UtahFluvial sandstone; Uinta Basin; Sunnyside oil-impregnated sandstoneGeology & Geophysics1981-12
5 Elnathan, FrancisThe effect of activated carbon particle size on gold cyanide adsorption and elutionCarbon particle size; Gold cyanide adsorptionMetallurgical Engineering2007-08
6 Schick, Robert BryantGeology of the Morgan-Henefer Area Morgan and Summit Counties, UtahGeology; Utah; Morgan County; Summit County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1955-05
7 Buist, Samuel IInduced polarization effect in land and marine CSEM data: applications for hydrocarbon explorationPetroleum prospecting; Electric prospectingGeology & Geophysics2009-08-27
8 Bhattacharyya, DhimanAurodicyanide desorption from activated carbonActivated carbon; Desorption; Gold cyanideMetallurgical Engineering2013-12
9 Boschetto, Harold BradleyPlate 1: Geologic map of the Lothidok Range, KenyaGeology; Kenya; Lothidok RangeGeology & Geophysics1988-08
10 Uno, Kevin ToshioAdvances in terrestrial paleoecology from intratooth stable isotope profiles in tooth enamel and tusk dentinDentin; Enamel; Forward and inverse modeling; Miocene; Radiocarbon yamp; 14C; Stable isotopeGeology & Geophysics2012-12
11 Stearns, Michael AndrewAnatomy and assembly of the McDoogle Pluton near Sawmill Lake, Central Sierra Nevada, CaliforniaIntrusions (Geology); Batholiths--Sierra NevadaGeology & Geophysics2009-06-17
12 Gardner, Weston CliveGeology of the West Tintic mining district and vicinity, Juab County, UtahGeology -- Utah -- Juab County -- Tintic Mining District; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1954-06
13 Petersen, Carol AnnGeology and geothermal potential of the Roosevelt Hot Springs area, Beaver County, UtahGeothermal resources -- Geology-- Utah -- Beaver County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1975
14 Groff, Sidney LavernGeology of the West Tintic Range and vicinity, Tooele and Juab Counties, UtahGeology -- Utah -- Tooele County -- Juab County -- Ore deposits -- Tintic Mining District; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1959-06
15 Doyuran, VedatGeology and ground-water resources of Ogden Valley, UtahGeology -- Utah -- Ogden Valley; Groundwater -- Utah -- Ogden Valley; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeological Engineering1972-06
16 Khan, Mohammud AttaullahGeneral geology and sulfide mineralization of Dry Canyon and vicinity, Gunnison Plateau, Sanpete Co., UtahGeology -- Utah -- Dry Canyon; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1967-06
17 Amin, Surendra RHeavy mineral study of the intrusive rocks of the Antelope Range, Piute County, UtahMineralogy--Utah; Marysvale, Utah--Mining; Uranium mining; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1950
18 Neff, Thomas RodneyPetrology and structure of the little willow series, Wasatch Mountains, UtahPetrology -- Utah -- Wasatch Mountains; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1962-11
19 Wang, Yun FeiGeological and geophysical studies of the Gilson Mountains and vicinity, Juab County, UtahGeology; Utah; Gilson Mountains; Juab County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1970-06
20 Portniaguine, Oleg NikolaevichTime domain electromagnetic migrationElectric prospectingGeology & Geophysics1995-08
21 Butler, Earl BAsh analysis and clinker formation of Utah coalsCoal ashMetallurgical Engineering1936-05
22 Hooper, Warren GGeology of the Smith and Morehouse-South Fork Area, UtahGeology -- Uinta Mountains (Utah and Wyo.); Thesis and dissertation georeferencing projectGeology & Geophysics1951
23 Boonyasiriwat, ChaiwootAcoustic waveform inversion of two-dimension Gulf of Mexico dataAcoustic waveform tomography; Ray-based spatial resolution; Multiscale waveform tomographyGeology & Geophysics2009-04
24 Hinckley, David N.An investigation of the occurrence of uranium at Cameron, ArizonaUranium; ArizonaGeology & Geophysics1957-03
25 Snyder, Andrew DavidTracking and verification of tropical cyclone development in global ensemble prediction systems: evaluations during recent field programsCyclones; Tropics; NCEP; NRLAtmospheric Sciences2009-11-06
1 - 25 of 619