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1 Tran, Tho DinhA Framework for Evaluating the Potential of Renewable Power Generation Systems under Techno-Economic UncertaintiesRenewable energy systems are becoming popular choices for power generation. Well-established technologies (e.g. solar and wind energy) have been widely implemented. However, other emerging technologies (e.g. ocean energy) have not been properly commercialized due to the expensive capital investment....Energy2018
2 Phillips, William RevellA crystal chemical classification of the chlorite mineralsThe chlorites are common minerals in many metamorphic ricks and in hydrothermal depostits where they are frequently associated with minerals of economic importance. As such, they represent a potential source of information about the minerals with which they are associated. Such use of the chlorites ...1954
3 Kim, JunsuA dynamical understanding of stratospheric influences on tropospherica climate and the oceanChanges in the stratospheric circulation have the potential to affect weather and climate in the troposphere, especially over the high latitudes. In order to better understand such influences, we analyze the relationships among stratospheric, tropospheric, and oceanic variability. We reach our goal ...Climate; Ocean circulation; Ozone; Stratosphere; Time scale; Troposphere2014-05
4 Zazou, Samiha MahmoudA faunule from a Shale Unit in the lower Ely Formation, West-Central UtahThe Confusion Range lies in the western part of Millard and Juab Counties, west- central Utah. It i s bounded on the east and west by the White and the Snake Valleys, respectively. The range is 50 miles long from north to south and 7 to 10 miles wide. The stratigraphic section in the Confusion Rang...Shale; Geology -- Utah -- Ely Formation; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1967-06
5 Heit, John DaleA framework to estimate power output as a function of input vibration parameters for vibration energy harvestingA standard lumped parameter model for an inertial vibration energy harvester consists of a proof mass, spring, and damper(s). This model can also be described with a proof mass, viscous damping element for parasitic mechanical losses, and a generalized transducer that applies some force to the mass ...Energy harvesting; Optimal; Vibration2014-08
6 Paddison, L. F.A plumb pneumatic jig experimentThe purpose of the Experiment is to determine to what extent the Plumb Pneumatic Jig would eliminate the quartz content and increase the zinc content in Zinc Concentrate Pile No.8.Mining engineering1917
7 Derrick, AlexanderA predictive model of mass loss in sensitized 5xxx aluminum alloysAluminum magnesium alloys, due to their high strength and overall corrosion resistance, are used more and more in a variety of applications, from automobiles to navy ships. The addition of magnesium greatly increases the strength of aluminum. However, at elevated temperatures beta phase particles (A...Materials Science; Alloys; Aluminum; Loss; Mass; Predictive; Sensitized2016-05
8 Frith, C. W.A process for the treatment of oxidized zinc oresThe following experiments were performed by C. W. Frith under the supervision of M. Oliver C. Ralston, mettallurgist of the United States Bureau of Mines, at Salt Lake City, Utah. The operations were carried on in the metallurgical Laboratories of the University of Utah, Professor R. H. Bradford, Di...Zinc -- Metallurgy1917
9 Anderson, Lawrence A.A proposed standard method of testing oil-shales for their crude oil yieldBecause so little is known regarding the oil-shales of this country and their properties, a great many delays were incurred in obtaining the information contained herein. Much preliminary work had to be done before a satisfactory study of analytical retorting of oil shales could even begin. In the...Oil-shales1920
10 Schmidt, Clinton ToddA simplified model for understanding the evolution of Cirrus cloudsDeveloping an understanding of cloud evolution is central to understanding the climate system as a whole. Stratiform cirrus layers play a significant role in the radiative interaction with the climate system. Radiational effects are a driving force in the dynamic evolution of these layers, particul...Cirrus; Clouds; Mammatus; Microphysics; Thermodynamics2011-05
11 Parr, Clayton JosephA study of primary sedimentary structures around the Moab anticline, Grand County, Utah (Thesis and maps)This study was undertaken to describe the structural development of the Moab salt anticline. Special emphasis was placed on a study of primary sedimentary structures in order to detect any influence the rising salt mass had on patterns of sedimentation during various phases of its growth. The study ...Geology; Utah; Grand County; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1965-08
12 Sarma, BiplabAccelerated kinetics and mechanism of growth of boride layers on titanium under isothermal and cyclic diffusionThe tendency of titanium (Ti) and its alloys to wear, gall and seize during high contact stresses between sliding surfaces severely limits their applications in bearings, gears etc. One way to mitigate these problems is to modify their surfaces by applying hard and wear resistant surface coatings. ...Borides; Diffusion; Kinetics; Phase; Titanium; Coatings; Boriding2011-05
13 Boonyasiriwat, ChaiwootAcoustic waveform inversion of two-dimension Gulf of Mexico dataAcoustic waveform tomography can provide a velocity model with higher accuracy than traveltime tomography because the forward modeling is based on the complete wave equation rather than the high-frequency approximation of ray tracing. Moreover, each trace contains both shallow and deep reflection...Acoustic waveform tomography; Ray-based spatial resolution; Multiscale waveform tomography2009-04
14 Stika, MilanActinide Concentration Monitoring and Extraction from Molten Fluoride and Chloride SaltsThe electrochemical properties of actinides in molten salt are of importance in the nuclear pyrochemical material processing. Specifically, the ability to perform fast (real-time) concentration monitoring in such environments is of great importance (and currently not developed). This dissertation ai...Chemistry; Chemical engineering; Nuclear chemistry2017
15 Cai, HongzhuAdvanced methods for depth-to-basement estimation using gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic dataThere is a strong interest in developing effective methods to estimate the depth-to-basement. Potential field methods have already been widely used in this application by parameterizing the earth's subsurface into 3D cells. I introduce a new method of solving this problem based on the 3D Cauchy-type...Depth-to-basement; Electromagnetic; Gravity; Integral equation; Inversion; Magnetic2015
16 Uno, Kevin ToshioAdvances in terrestrial paleoecology from intratooth stable isotope profiles in tooth enamel and tusk dentinStable carbon and oxygen isotope analysis of tooth enamel is one of the primary tools available for studying terrestrial mammals and ecosystems in the geologic past. Carbon isotope ratios record the proportion of C3 versus C4 vegetation in diet, and by extension, landscape vegetation. Oxygen isotope...Dentin; Enamel; Forward and inverse modeling; Miocene; Radiocarbon yamp; 14C; Stable isotope2012-12
17 Maestas, Melissa MayAir pollution and gastrointestinal diseases in UtahThe valleys of northern Utah, where most of Utah’s population resides, experience episodic air pollution events well in excess of the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. Most of the events are due to an accumulation of particulate matter during persistent cold air pools in winter from bot...Environmental Health; Atmospheric sciences2016
18 Merritts, William MaxwellAllaying of coal dust by water infusion of coal in place in the leading coal producing countries of the worldExcessive coal dust created and released during mining operations in pillars and faces of entries in some bituminous-coal mines in the eastern and western parts of the United States was allayed effectively by applying the water-infusion, or water-infiltration, method. The infusion method consist...Coal mining; Dust control1955-05
19 Gooley, Jared ThomasAlluvial architecture and predictive modeling of the late cretaceous John Henry member, Straight Cliffs Formation, Southern UtahFive detailed measured sections (each >175 m), two outcrop gamma ray logs, 2100 paleocurrent measurements, and detailed facies interpretation of high-resolution composite photographs were used to document the vertical and lateral variations of the alluvial architecture of the John Henry Member of t...Alluvial architecture; John Henry Member; Kaiparowits plateau2010-12
20 Brooke, John PercivalAlteration and trace elements of volcanics in the San Francisco MountainsThe author wishes to express his appreciation to those individuals who helped complete this thesis. Dr. M.P. Nackowski suggested the topic and guided the research. Dr. William Parry and Mr. Brent Hamil made helpful suggestions and constructive criticisms throughout the project.Mineralogy; Utah; Beaver County; Geochemistry; Ore deposits; Thesis and dissertation georeferencing project1964-06
21 Sarswat, Prashant KumarAlternative methods to fabricate and evaluate copper zinc tin sulfide based absorber layers on transparent conducting electrodesThis study is focused on fabrication and characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) films on transparent conducting substrate. CZTS films were synthesized using solution based methods. A specially designed sequential and single stage electrochemical method as well as spin coating method was used to grow l...2012-08
22 Dickson, Donna MyraAlumina from coal wastes through the formation of aluminum nitrideThe carbothermal reduction of coal wastes under a nitrogen atmosphere to form aluminum nitride and silicon carbide was carried out in the present study. The leaching of the aluminum nitride to subsequently produce aluminum hydroxide was also investigated. Thermodynamic and kinetic factors such as ...Coal mine waste; Aluminum, Metallurgy.1982-12
23 Starr, Alison MargaretAmbient resonance of rock archesResonant frequencies of structural elements are related to fundamental material properties of mass and stiffness, and monitoring over time can thus serve as an indirect indictor of internal mechanical change. Until now, however, this methodology has not been applied to natural rock structures such a...Arches; National Park; Resonance; Structural Health Monitoring; Utah2015
24 McCorkle, Taylor AlexandriaAn Evaluation of the Experimental High-resolution Rapid Refresh - Alaska Modeling System During Winter 2017The High-Resolution Rapid Refresh - Alaska (HRRR-AK) modeling system has been developed to provide high spatial (3 km horizontal) and temporal (0-36 hourly forecasts) guidance for weather conditions over Alaska. This study evaluated the experimental version of the HRRR-AK system available during the...Atmospheric sciences2017
25 Liptak, Jessica M.An analysis of arctic sea ice-atmosphere interactionArctic sea ice is a key component of the climate system, acting as a reflective barrier between the ocean and the atmosphere. The decrease in sea ice over the observational record is associated with several feedback processes, such as the ice-albedo feedback. Here, general sea ice-atmosphere feedbac...Climate modeling; Eof analysis; Sea ice; Surface-atmosphere interaction2014-08
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