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1 Sadler, Richard WallaceThe life of Orson SpencerMormons: Orson Spencer; Religion; UtahHistory1965-06
2 Marshall, Richard StephenThe new Mormon historyMormonism; Mormon history; Religion; LDS churchHistory1977-05
3 Betlemidze, MariamFemen and assemblage politics of protest in the age of social mediaactivism; Deleuze; Derrida; Femen; Latour; multimediaCommunication2016
4 Bereit, Richard MartinReading's effect - a novel perspectiveEducation; Formation; Influence; Novel; Reading; writersEnglish2016
5 Barnewitz, Molly ClareThe animal as queer act in comics: queer iterations in On Loving Women and NimonaAnimal; Comics; Graphic Narrative; Hybrid; QueerLanguages and Literature2016
6 Bylenok, LauraWarpCreative writing; Etymology; Language; Literature; PoetryEnglish2016
7 Andersen, Rebecca KayeZionism in Zion: Salt Lake City's Jewish community and Israel, 1933-1967Jews; Zionism; HistoryHistory2008-08
8 Primbs, JenniferBranches: a collection of fictionShort stories, AmericanEnglish2008-08
9 Rockwood, Nathan JamesLocke's temporal-spatial theory of personal idenityIdentity (Psychology)Philosophy2008-12
10 Cozen, BrianMediating energy: rhetoric and the future of energy resourcesCommunication; Ecomodernism; Energy; Mobility; Rhetoric; United NationsCommunication2015
11 Dahl, Laura BrownTechnology, talk, and time: patterns of group communication and identityCollaboration; Group Communication; qualitative research; Situated Learning theory; stages; Web designCommunication2015-12
12 Middleton, Michael K.Becoming war-machines: neoliberalism, critical politics, and singularities of struggleCritical politics; Cultural studies; Homelessness; Neoliberalism; Rhetoric; Social movements; Eje?rcito Zapatista de Liberacio?n Nacional (Mexico)Communication2011-08
13 Mosdell, Matthew D.Representing ourselves as rational agentsAction; Knowledge-how; Practical knowledge; Rational agency; Representation; Unified agencyPhilosophy2012-12
14 Mugavin, Sheena MarieLanguage usage in the postrevolutionary works of Tawfīq Al-hakīmEgyptian short story; Egyptian theatre; Tawfiq al-Hakim; Third language; Variation of CEALanguages and Literature2012-08
15 Munn, Marion AlisonReligious freedom versus children's rights: challenging media framing of Short Creek, 1953Abuse; FLDS; Framing; Media; PolygamyCommunication2014-05
16 McFarlane, Megan DianeU.S. military policy and the discursive construction of servicewomen's bodiesAbortion; Gender; Pregnancy; Servicewomen; Sexual assault; U.S. MilitaryCommunication2015-05
17 McDonnell, Dylan CodyExtreme realism: an analysis of Hamas through its external relationshipsArab; Hamas; Islam; Israel; Middle East; PalestineLanguages and Literature2010-08
18 McDonald, Caitlin GayeConstructions of engenderment: the changing definitions of the feminine ideal in iconic twentieth century representations of Indian womenFeminine; Ideal; India; WomenAsian Studies2013-08
19 McHendry, George F. Jr.The politics and poetics of airport (in )security rhetoric: materialism, affect, and the transportation security administrationAirports; Communication; Deleuze; Rhetoric; Security; Transportation security administrationCommunication2013-08
20 McKay, Todd HavilandAn investigation into a communicative approach to English language teaching in governmental and nongovernmental primary schools in BangladeshBangladesh; BRAC; Communicative ability; Communicative approach; Communicative approach indicators; NongovernmentalLinguistics2011-12
21 Neilson, Elizabeth AnnOral stop contrasts in Omaha: an acoustic analysisEndangered; Language; Omaha; PhoneticsLinguistics2011-08
22 Nelson, CamiSurrounding fieldsSmithson, Robert; Spiral jettyEnglish2012-08
23 Nelson, Cameron RubaloffManufacture and transportation of gunpowder in the Ottoman Empire: 1400-1800Empire; Gunpowder; Manufacture; Ottoman; Transport; TurkeyLanguages and Literature2010-07
24 Nelson, Rebecca JaneCulture, conflict, and human remains: a comparative case study of American Indian and American mainstream cultureArchaeology; Conflict; Culture; Human remains; Kennewick man; On your knees caveCommunication2013-08
25 Na, KijoungInformal cultural education in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean AmericansAsian American; Chinese American; Immigrant cultural education; Informal cultural education; Japanese American; Korean AmericanAsian Studies2011-08
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