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1 Sadler, Richard WallaceThe life of Orson SpencerThe scope of this thesis is to trace the life and contributions of Orson Spencer, who lived during the first half of the 19th century. Early in his life he was a distinguished Baptist minister in the Mew England states, and he later became a prominent member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d...Mormons: Orson Spencer; Religion; Utah1965-06
2 Marshall, Richard StephenThe new Mormon historyProfessor Klaus J. Hansen has observed that "Mormonism in 1974 differs fundamentally from the Mormonism of 1890 even though no theoretical change in doctrine may have occurred."1 This fundamental difference is obvious to any person who has studied the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-...Mormonism; Mormon history; Religion; LDS church1977-05
3 Betlemidze, MariamFemen and assemblage politics of protest in the age of social mediaTransgressing norms and barriers of mundane digital spaces to seize spotlight in the name of social change is breathtaking. Such are modern-day protest groups as they utilize a special mix of skills, tactics, and resourcefulness to become forces of disruptive tensions in the spectacular seas of imag...activism; Deleuze; Derrida; Femen; Latour; multimedia2016
4 Bereit, Richard MartinReading's effect - a novel perspectiveThe effect that fiction has on readers has been continuously debated since at least the fourth century B.C.E. In this dissertation, I first analyze historic arguments of philosophers and critics who have participated significantly in the debate. I organize their critical judgments about reading's ef...Education; Formation; Influence; Novel; Reading; writers2016
5 Barnewitz, Molly ClareThe animal as queer act in comics: queer iterations in On Loving Women and NimonaThis thesis examines comics' use of animal and otherwise non-normative bodies to portray queer identities and examine how the portrayal of the queer and monstrous can be seen as a reflection of the medium itself. Comics is a hybrid medium in which words and images coexist, favoring neither and flout...Animal; Comics; Graphic Narrative; Hybrid; Queer2016
6 Bylenok, LauraWarpThe poems in this collection are situated in the multiple definitions of the verb "warp," which in contemporary usage most often means "to distort," but is also used to describe what happens to space and space-time in the theory of relativity. In addition, the OED entry for the word includes multipl...Creative writing; Etymology; Language; Literature; Poetry2016
7 Andersen, Rebecca KayeZionism in Zion: Salt Lake City's Jewish community and Israel, 1933-1967Zionism in Zion: Salt Lake City's Jewish Community and Israel, 1933-1967 seeks to understand how Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel affected a Jewish community in the western United States. It will be argued that the Salt Lake City Jewish community followed national trends in their in...Jews; Zionism; History2008-08
8 Primbs, JenniferBranches: a collection of fictionI first began this collection of fiction with the intention of having the stories tie together. Ultimately that didn't happen; however, these stories are all connected in a way because most of the characters and circumstances are from my own life. In these stories I attempt not only to portray a fe...Short stories, American2008-08
9 Rockwood, Nathan JamesLocke's temporal-spatial theory of personal idenityThe opening article in Locke's chapter on identity sets temporal-spatial location as a general principle for determining identity, and this thesis is an attempt to show how Locke's general claims about temporal-spatial location fit into his theory of personal identity. I have two aims in advancing ...Identity (Psychology)2008-12
10 Cozen, BrianMediating energy: rhetoric and the future of energy resourcesDiscourse regarding the societal role of "energy" and the "energetic" has implications for environmental politics and the future of energy resources. This dissertation offers rhetorical analyses of three media case studies on energy resource futures. I argue that such energy resource texts constitut...Communication; Ecomodernism; Energy; Mobility; Rhetoric; United Nations2015
11 Dahl, Laura BrownTechnology, talk, and time: patterns of group communication and identityThe effective use of technology is increasingly important in many fields where online and digital communication, collaboration, and production have become more prevalent. Although it is clear that many higher education students come into the classroom with skills involved with consuming technology, ...Collaboration; Group Communication; qualitative research; Situated Learning theory; stages; Web design2015-12
12 Middleton, Michael K.Becoming war-machines: neoliberalism, critical politics, and singularities of struggleThe consequences of half a century of intensified processes of neoliberal globalization announce themselves in growing inequalities in affluent centers of global trade and in impoverished sites populated by exploited communities and resources. Political upheavals, social marginalizations, and econom...Critical politics; Cultural studies; Homelessness; Neoliberalism; Rhetoric; Social movements; Eje?rcito Zapatista de Liberacio?n Nacional (Mexico)2011-08
13 Mosdell, Matthew D.Representing ourselves as rational agentsIt is often assumed that rational agents are unified agents. As a normative feature of agency, the idea that fully rational creatures are, in a certain sense, unified, suggests that understanding ourselves as rational creatures requires understanding our reasons for acting as reasons that can be rep...Action; Knowledge-how; Practical knowledge; Rational agency; Representation; Unified agency2012-12
14 Mugavin, Sheena MarieLanguage usage in the postrevolutionary works of Tawfīq Al-hakīmThis paper provides an analysis of the Arabic language used in two of the post-revolutionary works of Tawfīq al-Ḥakīm. The dialog of the 1952 short story, "I've Got It, I've Got It," from the collection, The Art of Literature, is examined along with the dialog from the 1956 play, The Deal. In ad...Egyptian short story; Egyptian theatre; Tawfiq al-Hakim; Third language; Variation of CEA2012-08
15 Munn, Marion AlisonReligious freedom versus children's rights: challenging media framing of Short Creek, 1953The media's ability to frame a news story, or to slant it in a particular direction and thereby shape public perceptions, is a powerful tool with implications for material effects in society. In this thesis, a Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of the words and photographic images used in the fr...Abuse; FLDS; Framing; Media; Polygamy2014-05
16 McFarlane, Megan DianeU.S. military policy and the discursive construction of servicewomen's bodiesThis study examines U.S. servicewomen's experiences that distinctly revolve around their bodies-those of rape, abortion, and pregnancy-and how these experiences are represented and understood. Following other feminists, I label these "embodied experiences" as they involve an overlapping of the lived...Abortion; Gender; Pregnancy; Servicewomen; Sexual assault; U.S. Military2015-05
17 McDonnell, Dylan CodyExtreme realism: an analysis of Hamas through its external relationshipsThough Hamas is an organization based upon a distinct ideology and emphasizes the rigidity of its adherence to that ideology, its external relations reveal it as a pragmatic and logical actor. Constantly aware of its dependence on external financial aid and its popular support base, Hamas's actions ...Arab; Hamas; Islam; Israel; Middle East; Palestine2010-08
18 McDonald, Caitlin GayeConstructions of engenderment: the changing definitions of the feminine ideal in iconic twentieth century representations of Indian womenAs both historical and contemporary figures, South Asian women are expected to represent somewhat contradictory symbols. Modesty and virtue are held, above all, as characteristics of utmost importance in a wife, mother, and daughter, who can also be a powerful, nationalistic, goddess-like ideal. Thi...Feminine; Ideal; India; Women2013-08
19 McHendry, George F. Jr.The politics and poetics of airport (in )security rhetoric: materialism, affect, and the transportation security administrationhis dissertation examines the affective rhetoric of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). After the events of September 11, 2001 airport security was transitioned from a private enterprise to a federal agency. TSA screens millions of passengers daily and costs taxpayers billions of dolla...Airports; Communication; Deleuze; Rhetoric; Security; Transportation security administration2013-08
20 McKay, Todd HavilandAn investigation into a communicative approach to English language teaching in governmental and nongovernmental primary schools in BangladeshIn recent years, the government of Bangladesh has worked to implement a language policy to foster a communicative approach to English language teaching (ELT) beginning at the primary level in the Bangladeshi educational system. Since such a top-down decision was made, no studies have been conducted ...Bangladesh; BRAC; Communicative ability; Communicative approach; Communicative approach indicators; Nongovernmental2011-12
21 Neilson, Elizabeth AnnOral stop contrasts in Omaha: an acoustic analysisThe goal of the present study is to measure voice onset time (VOT) in the oral stop series in Omaha, a North American Indian language of the Siouan family. The question addressed is: Does acoustic analysis using modern instrumentation support that the phonetic stop categories in Omaha are voiced, v...Endangered; Language; Omaha; Phonetics2011-08
22 Nelson, CamiSurrounding fieldsSurrounding Fields is an investigation of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty and an ars poetica. Having made three visits to the Jetty, documenting the trips photographically, this project explores the experience of interacting with an art site constructed as a 'non-site'. In addition to the photographs...Smithson, Robert; Spiral jetty2012-08
23 Nelson, Cameron RubaloffManufacture and transportation of gunpowder in the Ottoman Empire: 1400-1800This thesis attempts to analyze the reasons for the Ottoman Empire's successful expansion in the 1400s-1800s and its ultimate decline in the 1800s-1900s through the perspective of its national gunpowder factories and gunpowder transportation capabilities. Ultimately, all premodern firearms were only...Empire; Gunpowder; Manufacture; Ottoman; Transport; Turkey2010-07
24 Nelson, Rebecca JaneCulture, conflict, and human remains: a comparative case study of American Indian and American mainstream cultureLimited coverage has been given to comparative studies involving the nature of cultural discourse between American Indians and American mainstream society. This thesis compares two incidents of American Indian and American mainstream discourse involving rare similar circumstances and substantially d...Archaeology; Conflict; Culture; Human remains; Kennewick man; On your knees cave2013-08
25 Na, KijoungInformal cultural education in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean AmericansThis study of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean immigrant college students investigated the similarities and differences in informal heritage cultural education in the United States. To research the various ways in which Asian Americans are informally educated about their cultural heritage in America, o...Asian American; Chinese American; Immigrant cultural education; Informal cultural education; Japanese American; Korean American2011-08
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