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1 Barth, Bradley CallTurnaround execution strategyTechnological innovations; CommunicationsCommunication2009-08
2 Sheets, Nicole TaylorBy now it should sound like musicEnglish2010-08
3 Limbos, Tomas ZamoraAmerican colonial policy in the Philippines (1916-1932)Philippines; American colonial policy; Jones actHistory; Political Science1933-05-15
4 Alexander, Jason SmithThe American experience in irregular war: from practice to policy, and back againConflict; Counterinsurgency; Stability operations; U.S. Government; Guerrila warfareLanguages and Literature2011-08
5 Bealer, Adele HavertyInterface: connecting the work of Gregory Bateson, Deleuze and Guattari, and Alain BadiouBateson, Gregory; Deleuze, Gilles; Guattari, FĂ©lix, 1930-1992; Badiou, Alain;Environmental sciences, PhilosophyCommunication2008-08
6 Bhuiyan, Haider AEthnography of identity, assimilation and the dynamics of community relationship: the study of Muslims in the Utah Salt Lake Valley areaAmerica; Ethnography; History; Islam; Muslim; UtahLanguages and Literature2010-08
7 Cox, Carl JonathanA 'two-fisted, three-party state': Utah's 1992 U.S. senate raceElectionsHistory2011-08
8 Cromwell, Benjamin Paul BurkeTouch: making contact with climate changeChange; Climate; Global warming; Kiribati; Narrative; PersonalEnglish2011-08
9 Dahl, Raymond AlexanderReconciling differences between technologically and socially focused theories of group communicationHCI; Interaction; Media; Mediation; Rich-media; TechnologyCommunication2013-12
10 Carlson, Cody KHitler and Stalin: military command relationships and the couse of world war two on the eastern frontSoviet Union Red Army; German Army; World War TwoHistory2009-03-13
11 Lythgoe, Dennis LeoNegro slavery in UtahSlavery--Utah; Utah--HistoryHistory1966-07
12 Dixon, Daniel HobsonLeveling up language proficiency through massive multiplayer online role playing games: opportunities for English learners to receive input, modify output, negotiate meaning, and employ language-learning strategiesESL; Language proficiency; Linguistics; MMORPG; Second language acquisition; Video gamesLinguistics2014-05
13 Brinley, John ErvinGovernment and labor: the coal industry, 1946-1947Coal trade; Strikes and lockouts; United Mine Workers of AmericaHistory1967-07
14 Dickman, Sadie MoonDifferences in intelligibility of non-native directed speech and hearing impaired directed speech for non-native listenersSpeech; IntelligibilityLinguistics2009-11-13
15 Contestable, Christine MarieBecoming-learning: rethinking transformative education by reconceptualizing learner agency and illuminating the immanent dynamism of classroomsAgency; Classroom; Deleuze; Learning; Pedagogy; Transformative EducationCommunication2010-08
16 Ashton, CatherineHome landscapes: tradition, identity, and environmentsEnvironment; Home; Identity; Landscape; Place; Tradition2011-08
17 Hiller, Kristin ElisabethInternational undergraduates and discourses of internationalization: exploring conceptualizations and experiences of the internationalization of higher education and representations of international undergraduates at a u.s. universitycritical applied linguistics; cultural synergy; discourse analysis; genealogy; internationalization of higher education; translanguagingLinguistics2015
18 Robison, Christopher RayThe new essayEnglish2011-08
19 Pettigrew, Cynthia H.British colonial politics and the irish famine of 1845History2011-08
20 Day-Holmer, Kimberly MarenThe importance of Frederick Kesler to the early economic history of Utah 1851-1865History1980-03
21 Christensen, Douglas ForsgrenGood people make good friends: critical friendship and ethos in college compositionComposition; Levinas; Montaigne; Pedagogy; Response to student writing; Writing studiesEnglish2014-08
22 Reyes-Navarro, Javiera NataliaProtecting cultural authenticity: identity and the creation of tradition in the Japanese-Chilean communityChile; Idenitity; Japan; Japanese-Chileans; NikkeiAsian Studies2014-05
23 Richards, Jessie WoolleyLived narratives, everyday trauma, and the aftermath of the Bosnian war: human rights as living practiceBosnia; Narrative; Rhetoric; Trauma; War; YugoslaviaCommunication2016
24 Reiser, Robert AlanWriting and repetition: Ontic writing and questions of authenticity in Haruki Murakami's 1Q84Authenticity; Derrida; Heidegger; Mythopoesis; Ontology; OrwellLanguages and Literature2014-05
25 Reiser, Brent AlbertMiddle ground: the Canaanite and Non-Canaanite origins of ancient Israel as evidenced by the gods and godess they worshippedAncient; Bible; God; Goddess; Israel; Origins; CanaaniteLanguages and Literature2010-07
1 - 25 of 421