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1 Barco, Jacqueline RoseIntimate partner violence: from patriarchal theory to health education practiceAttitudes; Female offenders; Gender; Intimate partner violence; Patriarchy; Self-efficacyHealth Promotion & Education2010-08
2 Barney, Keith WayneThe effect of two disability-awareness training models on stigmatizing attitudes among future healthcare professionalsAwareness workshop; Contact theory; Disability; Social model of disability; Stigma; Wheelchair sportsParks Recreation & Tourism2011-05
3 Bengel, StefanieEffect of motor imagery on the neurological activation of the immobilized soleus muscleAnkle injuries; ImageryExercise & Sport Science2009-12-03
4 Biesinger, SharaEfficacy of ProvexCV to reduce hypertension in individuals with metabolic syndromeHypertension; Metabolic syndrome; ProvexCV; SupplementationNutrition2011-12
5 Black, David RInfluences of unconscious motivations on travel image selection among womenWomen travelers; TourismParks, Recreation & Tourism2008-11-10
6 Tomas, AleksandarMechanism of fatigue during maximal cycling exerciseBicycling; KineticsExercise & Sport Science2007-07-23
7 Cachelin, Adrienne M.The impact of language framing on critical elaboration in sustainability educationCritical thinking; Elaboration; Environmental education; Framing; Sustainability educationParks Recreation & Tourism2011-08
8 Collins, Rachel H.The effect of an extended wilderness education experience on ill-structured problem-solving skill development in emerging adult studentsEmerging adulthood; Ill-structured problems; Outdoor education; Problem solving; Wilderness expedition experiencesParks Recreation & Tourism2014-05
9 Ashmore, Stephanie NicoleEffects of intrauterine growth restriction and a maternal high fat diet on epigenetic determinants in rat lunglung; prenatal; saturated fatNutrition2013-08
10 Roa, Maria CarolinaThe influence of caring, curiosity, and knowledge on visitors' conservation intentions: an exploratory investigation at the Tracy Aviarycaring; conservation; curiosity; intentions; visitors; ZooParks, Recreation & Tourism2016
11 Ledford, Anita KathrynApplying the experience economy framework to better understand the visitor experience at the natural history museum of utahExperience Economy; Interpretation; Marketing; Museum studies; Tourism; Visitor studiesParks, Recreation & Tourism2015
12 Legg, Walter EricSense of community: predictors, experience, and outcomes in adult recreational sportscommunity; recreation; sportParks, Recreation & Tourism2015-08
13 Ray, Ollie MayBiographies of selected leaders in tap danceTap dancingHealth Promotion & Education1905-05-29
14 Groot, Jonathan FPassive leg movement-induced vasodilation: impact of aging in women, physical activity, and oxidative stressaging; endothelial function; exercise; oxidative stress; passive leg movement; vasodilationExercise & Sport Science2015
15 Abbott, Sydney RoseEvaluation of diet quality in children and adolescents with prader-willi syndrome using the healthy eating index-2010Diet Quality; Healthy Eating Index-2010; HEI-2010; Prader-Willi Syndrome; PWSNutrition2015-08
16 Middlekauff, Monique LynaePelvic floor strength and support in healthy nulliparous women: factors with strenuous and nonstrenuous physical activityExercise; Floor; Nulliparous; Pelvic; Strenuous; WomenExercise & Sport Science2016
17 Allsop, JaredAssessing the social effects of a therapeutic recreation summer camp for adolescents withi chronic illnessAdolescents; Chronic Illness; Social self-efficacy; Summer camp; Therapeutic recreationParks Recreation & Tourism2012-05
18 Anderson, David C.Motivating children with autism to ride a stationary recumbent bicycle using contingent and delayed reinforcementAutism; Children; Exercise; Heart rate; Physical activity; Physical educationExercise & Sport Science2011-08
19 Groth, Richard ArthurA survey of University of Utah varsity football athletesUniversity of Utah -- Football ; University of Utah -- Sports ; FootballHealth, Physical Education & Recreation1969-06
20 Waller, Michael A.Reliability and validity of the Just JumpĀ® mat countermovement push-up height as a measure of upper-body powerCountermovement; Just Jump; Push-up; Reliability; ValidityExercise & Sport Science2011-08
21 Wall, Jack MDevelopment of a health-belief-model-based instrument to assess worker beliefs about using personal protective equipmentIndustrial safety; Blue-collar workers; Work environmentHealth Promotion & Education2009-06-04
22 Vonlintel, Drew JamesEffects of a peer tutor training program on tutors and tutees with severe disabilities in adapted physical educationAdapted; Education; Evaluation; Peer; Physical; TutorsExercise & Sport Science2015
23 Xie, JingComparison of family factors influencing children and adolescents' mental health in Chinese American, Asian and non-Asian familiesChinese American children; Chinese American teenagersHealth Promotion & Education2010-03-17
24 Verbos, Rose IreneThe influences of weather on outdoor recreation: A research synthesis, a Weather Dependency Framework (WDF), and outdoor recreationists' perceptionsoutdoor recreation; perceptions; weather; weather dependency; weather dependency frameworkParks, Recreation & Tourism2016
25 Yancey, Jeffrey PaulThe feasibility of a body image and implementation intentions intervention to prevent skin cancer among adolescent and young adult lifeguardsAppearance; Prevention; Skin cancerHealth Promotion & Education2014-08
1 - 25 of 221