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1 Arduini, Jaclyn BethIncidence of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in a hyperpronated athletic populationHyperpronation has been shown to cause increased internal tibial rotation which, when prolonged, is thought to place increased stress on the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and lead to a higher incidence of non-contact ACL injuries in sports. To date, no research has attempted to examine the relat...Anterior Cruciate Ligament; Feet; Hyperpronation; Medial Longitudinal Arch; Pronation2016
2 Smith, Natalie S.Early adolescents' perceptions of conflict experience with teachers in a physical activity settingAlthough conflict is an area that all people need to learn to navigate, underserved youth are at a greater risk for experiencing social, emotional, and psychological hardships than youth in wealthy communities. Modeling and teaching positive conflict negotiation during physical activity lessons cou...Physical education and training; Teacher-student relationships2008-05
3 Cutler, Hilary LaurenContinuous blood glucose monitoring and dietary intake in a cohort of children with spinal muscular atrophy type IIPrevious studies have documented metabolic abnormalities in individuals with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). This study investigated the impact of diet and fasting on blood glucose levels using a continuous blood glucose monitor (CGM) in conjunction with detailed food diaries in a small cohort (N=8) ...blood glucose; SMA; spinal muscular atrophy2016
4 Daniels, Paul JayEffects of a 12-week periodized resistance training program on muscle strength, muscle quality, and physical activity after roux-en-y gastric bypass surgeryWhile several researchers have reported reductions in fat free mass (FFM) and muscular strength following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery, changes in muscle and muscular strength following RYGB have received little attention. A lack of understanding about changes in FFM and muscular strength...Cross-sectional area; Muscle mass; Physical activity; RYGB; Strength; Weight loss2016
5 Mickelson, SaraThe effect of high versus low dose endurance exercise on eating behaviors in overweight healthy premenopausal womenThis study tested whether different doses of endurance exercise training had an effect on eating behaviors in overweight healthy premenopausal women. The effect of low dose endurance exercise (13 and the effect of high dose endurance exercise (26 were assessed ov...2011-12
6 Miller, Jason D,The effect of exercise order on testosterone and cortisol responses to lower and upper body resistance training exercisesThe purpose of this study was to determine the effect of resistance exercise order on circulating testosterone (T) and cortisol (C). A secondary purpose was to assess the effect of exercise order on volume (sets x repetitions) and the perception of the volume as measured by session rating of perceiv...Anabolic; Bodybuilding; Cortisol; Strength; Strength and conditioning; Testosterone2010-08
7 Morgan, Cass A.Youth development in community recreation programs: leveraging context to promote self-regulationThis dissertation is comprised of five chapters, three of which are written in an article format and will later be submitted for publication. The remaining two chapters, Chapters 1 and 5, serve as introductory and summary chapters. This dissertation seeks to address conceptually, empirically, and fr...Mentoring; Program evaluation; Recreation programming; Self-regulation; Youth development2012-08
8 Needham, Carrie LynnPractical methods for characterizing training and identifying overreaching in athletesThe training undertaken by athletes to improve performance is a complex process, which attempts to balance the need for progressively overloading the proper physiological systems with adequate recovery time. Without adequate recovery, the large volumes of progressive, high intensity training will fa...Overreaching; Overtraining; Performance; Training2011-12
9 Nalder, BreanneEstimating energy availability and examining its association with bone mineral density in male cyclistsResearch indicates that male cyclists are at risk for low bone mineral density (BMD), which has largely been attributed to the lack of bone loading afforded by the sport of cycling. There may, however, be other reasons for the low BMD seen in male cyclists including low energy availability resulting...bone health, cycling, endurance sports, energy availability, nutrition2012-12
10 Olsen, JanetteBody image in middle-aged Mormon women: a comparative case studyBody image is a multifaceted construct developed from perceived experiences and personal and cultural attitudes towards the body. Women are more vulnerable than men to internal and external influences regarding negative body image. A qualitative comparative case study design was utilized to explore ...Body image; Mormon; Religiosity; Resilience; Spirituality; Women2010
11 Oldham, Jessica SuzanneEffects of acute cardiovascular exercise on attention in preadolescent childrenThe purpose of this study was to assess the influence of an acute bout of cardiovascular exercise on selective and sustained attention in preadolescent children. Secondary aims included determining if gender, baseline physical activity level, or intensity of exercise moderates the relationship betwe...Exercise for children; Attention2012
12 Jang, Chang-YongDevelopment and validation of the sport character scaleA variety of qualitative and quantitative measures exist to measure character in sport. These measures, however, are characterized by numerous limitations. In order to address these shortcomings the purpose of this study was to: (a) develop measure of sport character based on the model of moral acti...Compassion; Fairness; Integrity; Sport Character; Sport Character Scale; Sportspersonship2013-05
13 Lemons, Pamela StarkComparisons between family profiles of level 10 and elite female gymnasts and the United States National female gymnastic teamThe purpose of this study was to determine if there were differences in family profiles between female gymnasts at the Level 10, Elite level, and those on the United States National Gymnastic Team. The variables that were examined included socioeconomic status, parental education, ordinal position o...Birth order; Exercise science; Sports psychology2014-05
14 Larson, Abigail JEffects of a single dose of Quercetin on cardiovascular function in normotensive and hypertensive menQuercetin is a flavonoid found in apples, berries, and onions. Epidemiological studies have found an inverse relationship between quercetin intake and risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Quercetin supplementation has been found to reduce severity of hypertension (HTN), improve endothelial an...ACE activity; Endothelial function; flow mediated dilation; Hypertension; Quercetin2010-08
15 Ludlow, AmyNarrative and language use: how mothers regard school-aged childrenPrevious research documents the tendency for listeners to assign negative attributes to children with communication disorders. However, variability within rater groups has been large across studies. Factors that influence ratings remain unaccounted for. In this study, 60 mothers rated 1-minute narra...ADHD; Biases; Listeners' perceptions; Narrative; SLI; Specific language impairment2013-08
16 Chung-Hoon, E. KaiwinuiMuscle force steadiness and accuracy in older adults who have fallen: exploring their ability to change and any links to mobilityOlder adults experience age-related challenges including muscle weakness, impaired mobility, and increased fall risk. Further, controlling submaximal muscle forces may also be impaired, particularly with eccentric (ECC) contracions, as they demonstrate greater vaiability in maintaining steady and ac...Aging; Concentric; Eccentric; Muscle force accuracy; Muscle force steadiness; Strength training2014-08
17 Chen, Ying-ShengEffects of bison meat consumption on blood lipids and selective biomarkers related to cancer riskThe consumption of animal fats has gained the reputation of being less healthy due to an association with increased inflammation and oxidative stress. However, red meat is also a nutrient-rich food, providing high-quality protein, vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, iron, and zinc, as well as some benefici...Buffalo meat; Beef; Cancer2009-05
18 Barton, Michael EricIn vivo modeling of acute external superior laryngeal nerve denervation using lidocaine blockThe external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve (ESLN) innervates the cricothyroid (CT) muscle of the larynx, a vocal fold tensor primarily responsible for pitch elevation. For over 100 years, a controversy has existed regarding the laryngeal signs that should be considered pathognomonic of u...Larynx--Innervation; Cricothyroid muscle2008-07-10
19 Heilman, Christina AnnA mixed methods approach examining alpine ski racing as a context; for positive youth developmentIn 2002, the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine (NRCIM) developed a framework designed to guide practitioners in optimizing youth development. It proposes that settings characterized by particular external assets positively impact youth's internal assets and thus foster youth d...Adolescence; Alpine ski racing; Caring; Motivational climate; Positive youth development; Youth sport2011-08
20 Perry, Danielle NicoleRelationship of docosahexaenoic acid (dha) intake to concussion incidence and recovery in the adolescent athlete populationSports-related concussion injuries are serious neurological conditions that can result in negative short- and long-term cognitive symptoms, of which adolescent athletes may be at higher risk. Currently, there are no active prevention or treatment strategies for concussion injuries. Docosahexaenoic...Nutrition; Kinesiology2016
21 Reese, Susan AnneNutrition knowledge, behaviors, and body weight correlations of young adults with intellectual disabilities before and after a community-based interventionYoung adults with intellectual disabilities have a higher risk of obesity compared with the general population. This analysis used a subset of data from the study, Yes We Can: An Overweight Reduction and Healthy Lifestyle Improvement Program for Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Young adu...Community intervention; Intellectual disabilities; Nutrition2011-05
22 Hyatt, Robyn MarieOutcome and process evaluation of the build-a-bone osteoporosis prevention programOsteoporosis is a commonly occurring bone disease that impacts more than half of the U.S. population over age 50, with women a large majority of the affected population. Debilitating complications include fractures, pain, and a decrease in quality of life. Early recognition, particularly in perimen...2010-05
23 Interdonato, Richard ScottDiscovering the elephantThe field of health promotion and education offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to follow their passions. Like the blind men and the elephant, there are many ways of understanding the domain, and this has been especially true of my experience at the University of Utah. I have taken f...Findle; Health literacy; Phytoplankton; Mobile communication systems2010-07
24 Jepson-Sullivan, Rose MaryReliability and validity of a breastfeeding knowledge survey in allied health studentsIncreasing breastfeeding prevalence has been identified as a public health priority in the United States. One strategy is to increase the skills of allied health professionals, yet tools to measure the knowledge and skills of students training for these professions is limited. This study evaluated ...Allied health students; Nutrition; Survey reliability; Survey validity2010
25 Johnson, Matthew AdamInfluence of dietary fiber on c-reactive protein in dialysis patientsChronic kidney disease (CKD) rates continue to rise in the United States. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for half of all deaths in patients with end stage renal disease. C-reactive protein (CRP) is an indicator of inflammation and is a recognized predictor of CVD. Recent evidence supports an ...Chronic kidney disease; CRP; Dialysis; Fiber2010
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