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1 "Wow, that bitch is crazy!": exploring gendered performances in leisure spaces surrounding reality televisionIn Reality Bites Back, Jennifer L. Pozner states, "Women are bitches. Women are stupid. Women are incompetent at work and failures at home. Women are gold diggers. How do we know? Because reality TV tells us so." Not only does reality TV shape what we think about the "way things are," it also shapes...Cultural studies; Duoethnography; Gender; Performance studies; Poststructuralism; The Bachelor2014-12
2 A Comparative study of baseball deflection between horizontal bat bunting position and forty0five0degree bat angle bunting position using videotape analysisThe purpose of this study was to determine to what extent a bat held at a forty-five-degree angle, to the horizontal, for bunting deflects a pitched baseball that prohibits the defense from catching an airborne foul ball in a significantly greater percentage of trials than would a bat held at a hori...1969
3 A cross-sectional examination of the predictors of commitment in skateboardersApproximately 7.7 million athletes participate in the sport of skateboarding. Skateboarding is one of a collection of sports that are often termed lifestyle, action, or alternative sports. By definition, lifestyle sports are sports in which athletes form exclusive social identities with the culture ...Commitment; Skateboard2013-08
4 A double blind study on the efficacy of a colostrum and egg yolk supplement vs. placebo to reduce frequency and duration of upper respiratory tract infections in healthy adultsPrevious colostrum trials have been conducted with serum IgA levels and upper respiratory tract infections and reports document beneficial immunomodulatory effects after colostrum supplementation and no adverse effects. Having previously demonstrated that colostrum supplementation in athletes increa...4Life; Colostrum; Egg yolk supplement; IgA; Transfer factor; Tri-Factor; Upper respiratory tract infections2012-05
5 A dynamical systems theory examination of social connections in outdoor recreation programsAdolescence is a developmental time period in which social connections are an important aspect to fostering positive growth and identity. Outdoor Adventure Education (OAE) programs are strategically positioned to help in this developmental process because of the novel social environment, however, l...Adolescent; Adventure; Dynamical; Outdoor; Social; Systems2015-12
6 A History of the Organization and growth of the junior tennis program in Salt Lake CountyTennis had made many worthwhile contributions to the health and welfare of children. it is a way of developing skill and strength in the young. The natural impulse of the young is to be active; activity is a vital factor in the development of personality. The child's capacities physically, mentally,...1966
7 A mixed methods approach examining alpine ski racing as a context; for positive youth developmentIn 2002, the National Research Council and the Institute of Medicine (NRCIM) developed a framework designed to guide practitioners in optimizing youth development. It proposes that settings characterized by particular external assets positively impact youth's internal assets and thus foster youth d...Adolescence; Alpine ski racing; Caring; Motivational climate; Positive youth development; Youth sport2011-08
8 A phenomenological examination of peace officers' experience in the aftermath of the use of deadly forceThis dissertation is a phenomenological study presented in a three-article format. The dissertation is a phenomenological exploration of the lived experiences of peace officers following the use of deadly force. This is a qualitative study with quantitative data integrated for the purposes of provid...Public health; Occupational psychology; Criminology2016
9 A procedure for evaluating physical education program in the elementary schoolsThe problem selected is to develop a procedure for evaluating physical education programs in elementary schools. For the purpose of evaluating the program as objectively as possible, a score card has been constructed to use as a measurement. It is realized that there may be many weaknesses in the ...Physical education for children - Evaluation1946-05
10 A qualitative study of military veterans' resilience and body esteem following combat-related limb amputationThis dissertation is presented in a three-article format. Article 1, "The impact of disability on body esteem: A review of the literature," is a review that examines the existing literature regarding body esteem in individuals with various disabilities. The purpose of the article was to highlight pr...amputation; body esteem; combat; military; resilience; veteran2016
11 A study of the recreation program in veterans hospitalsDuring World Wars I and II recreation received important emphasis as an aid in shortening convalescent periods for the ailing. Most Army, Navy , and Veterans Administration hospitals have included recreation programs in their organizations as an important part of the welfare service to the patient.Recreational therapy; Veterans' hospitals -- United States1950
12 A survey of University of Utah varsity football athletesA survey was taken to compare the status of University of Utah football athletes who lettered in varsity football in 1961 through 1966. The comparison was made between three groups. Group I was the group of athletes who did not go on to play any form of post college organized football; Group II were...University of Utah -- Football ; University of Utah -- Sports ; Football1969-06
13 The accuracy of self-efficacy beliefs in outdoor educationIn the present era of outcome assessment and accountability, self-efficacy is a popular outcome measure in outdoor and adventure education. Self-efficacy beliefs are context specific perceptions an individual possesses about a likelihood of success in future tasks and are related to well-being confi...Accuracy; Metacognition; Outdoor Education; Scale; Self-assessment; Self-efficacy2013-05
14 Acute changes in physical activity postbariatric surgeryBariatric surgery has become a prevalent and effective method to reduce body weight and improve the health profiles of morbidly obese individuals. However, variability in the success of the procedure exists, yet few research studies have examined lifestyle changes that may enhance surgical outcomes....Public health; Kinesiology2017
15 Acute exercise and academic achievement in youthThe purpose of this study was to determine differences in mathematics performance and cognition between acute bouts of resistance exercise, aerobic exercise, and a nonexercise control in 5th-, 8th-, and 10th-grade students. Aerobic exercise has consistently shown small, positive changes in youth co...Activity; Cognition; Exercise; Mathematics2015
16 Adapted physical education teachers' attitudes toward curricular outcomes for physical educationWithin the field of adapted physical education, there is a lack of knowledge about who is delivering services and what attitudes they hold for curricular outcomes. The purpose of this study was to discover current adapted physical educators' attitudes towards curricular outcomes for physical educati...Certification; Content; Highly qualified; Years of experience2014-12
17 Addressing health inequities in people with intellectual disabilities through community-based participatory researchMany of the health concerns of people with intellectual disabilities do not differ from the nondisabled population; however, it is important to develop interventions that target the unique needs of this population to achieve health equity. Health promotion efforts can meet the needs of this populati...Disability; Health disparities; Occupational therapy; Photovoice; Qualitative research2012-08
18 Addressing well-being in early and middle childhood: recreation therapy interventions aimed to develop skills that create a healthy lifeChildren who experience increased levels of stress in early and middle childhood are at higher risk for symptoms of depression and anxiety, resulting in an impaired health-related quality of life (HRQoL). When a child experiences trauma or toxic stress, the amygdala experiences hypertrophy. Thus, th...Middle Childhood; Prevention; Quality of Life; Recreation Therapy; Stress; Well-Being2015
19 Adductor spasmodic dysphonia versus muscle tension dysphonia: exploring the percision of phonatory break analysis as a diagnostic testAdductor spasmodic dysphonia (ADSD) and muscle tension dysphonia (MTD) have voice characteristics that can mimic each other, thus leading to diagnostic confusion. Given the perceptual similarity, specific distinguishing features are needed to objectively compare characteristics of ADSD and MTD. Int...2008-08
20 The adolescent sport nutrition knowledge questionnaire: validity and reliabilityOver the past three decades adolescents have increasingly become involved in athletics. Previous research assessed the level of sport nutrition knowledge among these youth. However, most of the tools that were used did not undergo rigorous analysis to ensure valid and reliable assessment of these yo...Sport nutrition; Adolescents; Athletics2007-08
21 An examination of elliot's hierarchical model of approach and avoidance achievement motivation in athletes returning to sport following serious injurySport injury is both a physical and psychological event. Some athletes may still be recovering psychologically even after their bodies have healed. Research has found that athletes who return to sport before they are psychologically ready may be at risk of experiencing maladaptive appraisals and per...3x2 achievement goal framework; Achievement goals; Approach and Avoidance; Motivation; Return-to-sport outcomes; Sport injury2016
22 An experimental comparison of the humorous lecture and the non humorous lecture in informative speakingFor centuries it has been considered axiomatic that the use of humor in public speaking will catch and hold the attention and interest of an audience.Iron industry and trade -- Utah1964
23 Analysis of stuttering behaviors in adult stuttering speakers: applications of the lidcombe behavioral data language taxonomyStuttering is a complex behavioral disorder. Previously, vague and unreliable terminology for classifying stuttering behaviors has limited progress in delineating this intricate disorder. However, with the introduction of the Lidcombe Behavioral Data Language (LBDL) taxonomy, objective terminology ...Adult; Classification; Lidcombe; Stuttering2010-07
24 Anaplerotic therapy in propionic acidemiaPropionic acidemia is a rare metabolic disorder caused by a deficiency of propionyl- CoA carboxylase, the enzyme that converts propionyl-CoA to methylmalonyl-CoA. Patients with propionic acidemia cannot metabolize propionic acid, which sequesters oxaloacetate from the Krebs cycle to form methylcitri...anaplerotic therapy; propionic acidemia2013-05
25 Applying the experience economy framework to better understand the visitor experience at the natural history museum of utahThe purpose of this study was to (1) empirically test the appropriateness of the Experience Economy (ExEc) scale in a museum setting; (2) establish whether or not a relationship exists between the ExEc realms and the cognitive variables of memory, arousal, perceived quality, and satisfaction in a mu...Experience Economy; Interpretation; Marketing; Museum studies; Tourism; Visitor studies2015
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