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1 Arduini, Jaclyn BethIncidence of non-contact anterior cruciate ligament injuries in a hyperpronated athletic populationAnterior Cruciate Ligament; Feet; Hyperpronation; Medial Longitudinal Arch; PronationExercise & Sport Science2016
2 Smith, Natalie S.Early adolescents' perceptions of conflict experience with teachers in a physical activity settingPhysical education and training; Teacher-student relationshipsExercise & Sport Science2008-05
3 Cutler, Hilary LaurenContinuous blood glucose monitoring and dietary intake in a cohort of children with spinal muscular atrophy type IIblood glucose; SMA; spinal muscular atrophyCollege of Health2016
4 Daniels, Paul JayEffects of a 12-week periodized resistance training program on muscle strength, muscle quality, and physical activity after roux-en-y gastric bypass surgeryCross-sectional area; Muscle mass; Physical activity; RYGB; Strength; Weight lossExercise & Sport Science2016
5 Mickelson, SaraThe effect of high versus low dose endurance exercise on eating behaviors in overweight healthy premenopausal womenNutrition2011-12
6 Miller, Jason D,The effect of exercise order on testosterone and cortisol responses to lower and upper body resistance training exercisesAnabolic; Bodybuilding; Cortisol; Strength; Strength and conditioning; TestosteroneExercise & Sport Science2010-08
7 Morgan, Cass A.Youth development in community recreation programs: leveraging context to promote self-regulationMentoring; Program evaluation; Recreation programming; Self-regulation; Youth developmentParks, Recreation & Tourism2012-08
8 Needham, Carrie LynnPractical methods for characterizing training and identifying overreaching in athletesOverreaching; Overtraining; Performance; TrainingExercise & Sport Science2011-12
9 Nalder, BreanneEstimating energy availability and examining its association with bone mineral density in male cyclistsbone health, cycling, endurance sports, energy availability, nutritionNutrition2012-12
10 Olsen, JanetteBody image in middle-aged Mormon women: a comparative case studyBody image; Mormon; Religiosity; Resilience; Spirituality; WomenHealth Promotion & Education2010
11 Oldham, Jessica SuzanneEffects of acute cardiovascular exercise on attention in preadolescent childrenExercise for children; AttentionExercise & Sport Science2012
12 Jang, Chang-YongDevelopment and validation of the sport character scaleCompassion; Fairness; Integrity; Sport Character; Sport Character Scale; SportspersonshipExercise & Sport Science2013-05
13 Lemons, Pamela StarkComparisons between family profiles of level 10 and elite female gymnasts and the United States National female gymnastic teamBirth order; Exercise science; Sports psychologyExercise & Sport Science2014-05
14 Larson, Abigail JEffects of a single dose of Quercetin on cardiovascular function in normotensive and hypertensive menACE activity; Endothelial function; flow mediated dilation; Hypertension; QuercetinExercise & Sport Science2010-08
15 Ludlow, AmyNarrative and language use: how mothers regard school-aged childrenADHD; Biases; Listeners' perceptions; Narrative; SLI; Specific language impairmentCommunication Sciences & Disorders2013-08
16 Chung-Hoon, E. KaiwinuiMuscle force steadiness and accuracy in older adults who have fallen: exploring their ability to change and any links to mobilityAging; Concentric; Eccentric; Muscle force accuracy; Muscle force steadiness; Strength trainingPhysical Therapy2014-08
17 Chen, Ying-ShengEffects of bison meat consumption on blood lipids and selective biomarkers related to cancer riskBuffalo meat; Beef; CancerNutrition2009-05
18 Barton, Michael EricIn vivo modeling of acute external superior laryngeal nerve denervation using lidocaine blockLarynx--Innervation; Cricothyroid muscleCommunication Sciences & Disorders2008-07-10
19 Heilman, Christina AnnA mixed methods approach examining alpine ski racing as a context; for positive youth developmentAdolescence; Alpine ski racing; Caring; Motivational climate; Positive youth development; Youth sportExercise & Sport Science2011-08
20 Perry, Danielle NicoleRelationship of docosahexaenoic acid (dha) intake to concussion incidence and recovery in the adolescent athlete populationNutrition; KinesiologyCollege of Health2016
21 Reese, Susan AnneNutrition knowledge, behaviors, and body weight correlations of young adults with intellectual disabilities before and after a community-based interventionCommunity intervention; Intellectual disabilities; NutritionNutrition2011-05
22 Hyatt, Robyn MarieOutcome and process evaluation of the build-a-bone osteoporosis prevention programHealth Promotion & Education2010-05
23 Interdonato, Richard ScottDiscovering the elephantFindle; Health literacy; Phytoplankton; Mobile communication systemsHealth Promotion & Education2010-07
24 Jepson-Sullivan, Rose MaryReliability and validity of a breastfeeding knowledge survey in allied health studentsAllied health students; Nutrition; Survey reliability; Survey validityNutrition2010
25 Johnson, Matthew AdamInfluence of dietary fiber on c-reactive protein in dialysis patientsChronic kidney disease; CRP; Dialysis; FiberNutrition2010
1 - 25 of 225