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1 Sussi, Joseph Michael"Living with our toxic legacy": parafictional practice and the national toxic land/labor conservation serviceThe way in which land is used and developed by the United States government has recently, over the past decade, become a topic of interest to individual artists and collectives. The National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service (NTLCS) is one such collective that tracks government funded greenwashi...contemporary art; greenwashing; national wildlife refuge; parafiction; performance art; toxicity2017
2 Davis, David EyerA Slingshot out of the valley contemporary relevance of the local in the local art sceneRecent developments in Salt Lake City's visual arts community indicate that a new generation of artists is ready to emerge to an appreciative and supportive audience. Salt Lake's unique position as a growing urban center cultivates upcoming artists, but rarely has a local artist escaped the valley a...2009
3 Empey, Erin DoreanA collaboration: dance and theatreThis thesis explores the potential and the origin of dance and theatre as performing arts. I examine the relationship of the audience to performers, discuss the possibility for ritual and the sacred, and develop ideas for meaningful and effective collaboration of theatre and dance. It is through th...Audience; Collaboration; Dance; Performance; Theatre2011-05
4 Kim, Bo yeonA comparative study of selected secondary school preservice music teacher education programs in the republic of korea and the united statesIn this study, I investigated and compared secondary school preservice music teacher education programs in the Republic of Korea and in the United States of America. The purpose of this study was to identify similarities and differences between secondary school preservice music teacher education pro...Korea; Music Education; Music Teacher; Preservice Music Teacher Education; Teacher Education; The United States2015-12
5 Jenson, Neil CalvinA personal philosophy: its basis and implicationsA consciousness of past art history that was based on a superficial understanding of the nature of reality in which painting remained tied to an ideal of scientific representation has led me to make an account about the expansion of man's reality in art. This is a philosophic activity that I have in...Art; Philosophy1970
6 Miner, PaulA study in correlations between discriminative abilities, hard opposites and class standingIn the study of the transfer of training or formal discipline; and in the attempt to standardize a series of mental and physical tests for the determining of the general intelligence of individuals, practically all the tests used have brought out the importance of the sensory discriminative ability ...Intelligence tests1916
7 Barker, Emmy PaiserA thousand steps around me: a study of discovering metaphor through manipulating repetition in danceThis research presents questions and ideas about repetition and metaphor. It addresses the question: What is it about repetition that drives home a point, unravels ideas and opinions, and creates metaphor and connection to lived experiences? The thesis explores a very personal experience of dysfunc...Metaphor; Modern dance; Repetition2011-08
8 James, JanAerial alchemyThis is a final project paper based on the use of alchemic fundamental practices to explore contemporary symbols, dynamic opposites and elements representing our transformative time. By uniquely combining these elements, color, mediums and techniques into an imagined space, I hope to deliver somethi...Alchemy in art2010-05
9 Donovan, Ann JohnsonAn analysis of Anton Bruckner's symphony number seven in E majorThe purpose of this thesis concerning Anton Bruckner's Seventh Symphony is to present a detailed analysis of the composition and to make it of value to anyone interested in the work of Bruckner. An intensive written analysis is given and the formal structure and tonal relationships are shown by diag...Bruckner, Aton, 1824-1896. Symphony no. 7, E major1972
10 Allen, Florence S.Analysis of Schubert symphony no.8 in B minorThis thesis contains four chapters. Chapter I discusses pertinent information concerning the writing, first performances, and success of Schubert's Symphony No. 8 in B minor, known as the Unfinished Symphony. Chapter II describes in detail the form of each of the movements. Chapter III is composed o...Schubert; Franz; 1797-1828. Symphonies; D. 759, B minor1955
11 Adams, Margaret HaydenAntonio Henrique Amaral's Battlefield paintings (1973-1974) and the Brazilian military dictatorshipMy thesis explores how Brazilian artist Antônio Henrique Amaral grappled with the censorship and oppression of the military regime (1964-1985) in his series of oil paintings entitled Campos de batalha (Battlefields, 1973-1974). In these works, he included various representations of bananas that are...Antonio Henrique Amaral; Banana; Brazil; Dictatorship; Human Rights' Abuses; Painting2017
12 Decker, Donald JosephAre you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrativeThis thesis investigates the choreographing of the dance "Are You My Boyfriend?" This work was performed on November 14 through 17 of 2001 at the Hayes/Christensen theatre in the Marriott Center for Dance on the University of Utah campus. This written component investigates my choreographic process ...Choreography; Context;; Familiarity; Meaning; Narrative; Surprise2010-08
13 Decker, Donald JosephAre you my boyfriend? exploring a choreographic narrative2010
14 Bigelow, Ching-i ChangArmy of self: dance democracyThis thesis is an analysis of the creative work that brings to life a concept that I am developing called army of self. This concept addresses the idea that, at any given time, we embody different versions of our past or present self. These variations emerge through daily life and creative expressio...Comfort Women; Dance Choreography; Democracy; Modern Dance; Sleep No More; Taiwanese History2017
15 Pottratz, Katherine I.Artists live on islands: limitations as a creative ritualThe purpose of this research is to show how implementing limitations as a creative ritual may lead to a more optimal artmaking experience. Research has shown that creating parameters within a challenging activity increases an individual's concentration to the point that work seems effortless, and th...Choreographic process; Creative rituals; Film theory; Flow; Limitations; Modern dance2012-08
16 Hamilton, Charles MarkAuthorship and architectural influences on the Salt Lake TempleThe question of ultimate architectural origins for the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a problem that cannot be easily solved as a number of factors enter into the process of initial concept; design, and construction of the building. The solution lies with a co...Salt Lake Temple Church architecture; Designs and plans Mormon temples; Utah; Salt Lake City1972
17 Heller, Molly AnneBecoming incredible: healing trauma through performanceIn this thesis, I explore how dance performance can be a catalyst for healing trauma. Throughout my own research on performance, it has been my experience that the act of being witnessed itself triggers a healing response. The intimacy of performance, where I channel my emotional intelligence throug...Dance; Healing; Modern dance; Performance studies; Therapy; Trauma2015-08
18 Carter, Nancy SimpsonBecoming large enough: encompassing subjective and objective perspectives in one wholeHow does one resolve the disconnect when subjective and objective perspectives directly contradict each other? My research has been a quest to understand the nature of this conflict, particularly in relation to somatic work and my creative process. In reviewing somatics literature, I found that most...Choreography; Integration; Objective; Paradox; Somatics; Subjective; Movement2010-08
19 Airth, Paula SueBelongings: a material lineageAs a designer, I am influenced by the appearance and tactility of the materials that surround me. I notice their color, shape, texture, type and decoration. My subconscious records these details and replays them as I design. I have a particular affinity for things with history. For this reason I am ...2007-12
20 Baggs, BelleBeyond words: an embodied empathetic processToday, empathy is repeatedly considered a highly important influence in human interaction, yet our active and embodied practice of empathy seems scarce. Empathy is commonly recognized by many academic fields including philosophy, psychology and biology. In my experience as a dancer, my movement e...Choreography; Empathy; Movement; Relationships2011-08
21 O'Neill, KellyBifurcate: Intersections and PhotographyThrough my works and research I investigate the photographic medium's ambiguous nature as a simultaneously aesthetic and empirical object. Combining a vast assortment of photographic mediums from contemporary GIFs to historical processes such as the Cyanotype, my work reveals the multiplicity of the...Fine arts; Photography2015-04
22 Martin, Eliza AbigailBodily transfer and sacrificial gestures: rethinking the Hungry Tigress Jataka in Mogao Cave 254The Caves of Mogao, located just outside of the city of Dunhuang, have received much scholarly attention because they have preserved one thousand years of medieval Chinese visual culture from the fourth to fourteenth centuries. Right on the Silk Road, the Mogao site comprises nearly five hundred cav...Buddhist art; Chinese art; Jataka; karma; Sinicization; Stupa2014-08
23 Maxwell, Devin ColeChester, NJ for full orchestra and electronics and the chromatic scale and other iterative loops in beat furrer's Konzert fur Klavier und OrchesterChester, NJ is a composition for electronics and full orchestra that explores the relationship between the propensity for artificiality inherent in electronic music and the richly human experience of performing orchestral music. The work unfolds in four distinct sections, outlining a slow moving sym...Beat Furrer; Chromatic Scale; Douglas Hofstadter; Orchestra and Electronics; Piano Concerto; Strange Loop2016
24 Maxwell, Devin ColeChester, NJ" for full orchestra and electronics, and, The chromatic scale and other iterative loops in Beat Furrer's Konzert fuer Klavier and OrchesterChester, NJ is a composition for electronics and full orchestra that explores the relationship between the propensity for artificiality inherent in electronic music and the richly human experience of performing orchestral music. The work unfolds in four distinct sections, outlining a slow moving sym...Music2016
25 Maksym, RebeccaCreolite and cultural cannibalism: reconstructing Cuban identity in the work of Marta Maria Perez Bravo and Maria Magdalena Campos-PonsNo matar ni ver matar animales (1985) created by Marta María Pérez Bravo and When I Am Not Here/Estoy Allá (1994) by María Magdalena Campos-Pons are two photographs inspired by Afro-Cuban mythology, particularly the beliefs and symbolism of Santería, a syncretic religious tradition stemming fro...African diaspora; Créolité; Cuban contemporary art; Cultural cannibalism; Gender; Identity2012-12
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