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1 Patharkar, Abhidnya VijaykumarStudy of Change in Orientation of Adventitial Collagen in Cerebral Blood Vessels during and Post-Axial OverstretchCerebral blood vessels are critical to maintaining the health of the brain. The function of these vessels gets disrupted during traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even when cerebral vessels donot bleed or rupture during TBI, they may be subjected to excessive deformation beyond their physiological or in-...Mechanical engineering; Biomedical engineering; Biophysics2018
2 Jabbarzadeh, MehdiHydrodynamic Interactions and Motion of Bacteria at Low Reynolds NumberMicroorganism motility supports many features in the microbial world and is closely linked to their abilities to find food, mate, and colonize, which are essential to their survival. While swimming, the organisms interact with their fluid environment in a manner quite different from our common human...Biophysics; Fluid mechanics; Computational physics2018
3 Dimjasevic, MarkoEnhancing Automatic Software Testing for Broader ApplicabilityIn computer science, functional software testing is a method of ensuring that software gives expected output on specific inputs. Software testing is conducted to ensure desired levels of quality in light of uncertainty resulting from the complexity of software. Most of today's software is written by...Computer science; Electrical engineering2018
4 Dockstader, Keith E. Jr.Design, Modeling, and Gait Control of a Rolling Quadruped (roll-U-ped)This thesis describes the design, modeling, and gait control of a new bounding/rolling quadruped robot called the roll-U-ped. The robot has four uniquely-designed compliant legs for bounding gait locomotion, and the legs can reconfigure for passive and powered rolling. One of the main advantages of ...Mechanical engineering; Robotics2018
5 Dorrian, Edward JohnTool-Chip Interface Temperature in Machining: Modeling and Evaluating the Effects of Variable Flow Rate Cutting Fluid ApplicationCutting fluids, typically an emulsion containing a lubricant within a larger cooling medium, are expected to reduce the cutting temperature at the interface between the chip and tool in machining, which improves both part quality and tool life. Traditionally, cutting fluids are applied as a flood, c...Mechanical engineering2018
6 Marin, Gerard CortinaLarge-Eddy Simulations of Wind Farms under Different Atmospheric Stratification ConditionsThe continuous growth in energy demand together with the awareness of greenhouse gases and their implication on climate change has pushed our society to design new environmentally sustainable sources of energy. An example of this is the rapid growth that wind and solar energy production has experien...Energy; Sustainability; Engineering2018
7 Arezoomandan, SaraTerahertz Metamaterials and Plasmonics Using Two-Dimensional Materials and Highly Conductive Transparent OxidesDriven by a myriad of potential applications such as communications, medical imaging, security, spectroscopy, and so on, terahertz (THz) technology has emerged as a rapidly growing technological field during the last three decades. However, since conventional materials typically used in microwave an...Electrical engineering; Applied physics2018
8 Hedstrom, Jonathan CarlAchieving Near Map Performance with an Excited Markov Chain Monte Carlo MIMO DetectorThe continuous growth of wireless communication use has largely exhausted the limited spectrum available. Methods to improve spectral efficiency are in high demand and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Several technologies have the potential to make large improvements to spectral effic...Mathematics; Electrical engineering2017
9 Polei, Michael DavidAddressing The Foreign Body Response to High Density Penetrating Microelectrode ArraysThe Utah Electrode Array (UEA) is a brain-implanted microelectrode recording device that has shown promise to assist patients with motor-control disabilities. Unfortunately, the UEA suffers from a foreign body response (FBR) that results in device movement away from implantation target, encapsulatio...Bioengineering; Engineering; Neurosciences; Physiology2018
10 Son, JiyoungActive Sperm Separation Technique Using an Inertial Microfluidic DeviceMicrofluidic technology has the unique potential to separate sperm from unwanted debris while improving the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies (ART). Limitations of current clinical protocols regarding separation of sperm from other cells and cellular debris can lead to low sperm re...Bioengineering; Engineering; Electrical engineering2017
11 Shaw, David DeanMass Transfer in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Eosinophilic EsophagitisEosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is an inflammatory disease of the esophagus, characterized by penetration of eosinophils into the esophageal wall. Once thought to be a rare condition, incidents of EoE are becoming more common. As EoE has risen to prominence, significant effort has been undertaken to ...Chemical engineering; Pathology; Public health; Physiology; Epidemiology2017
12 Singhal, ShwetaTraining a Restricted Boltzmann Machine Using Spatial Markov Random Field Priors on WeightsRecent developments have shown that restricted Boltzmann machines (RBMs) are useful in learning the features of a given dataset in an unsupervised manner. In the case of digital images, RBMs consider the image pixels as a set of real-valued random variables, disregarding their spatial layout. Howeve...Computer science2017
13 Hakami, Samer MohammedHeterogeneity in MIR21 Content of MCF-7 Exosomes and Comparative Study of Their Thermal StabilityGlobally, the subject of exosomes (defined as extracellular nano-vesicles (30 nm to 130 nm in diameter) secreted by many types of living cells and found in all body fluids, including blood, urine, and saliva) has received significant attention over the past 15 years, but with more intensive research...Biomedical engineering; Chemical engineering; Oncology2017
14 Rodriguez, Erik Saturnino GamezAnalysis and Implementation of Spatial Filters in the Quasi-Static Regime with Applications to Wireless Power TransferMore than a century ago, in his labs in Colorado Springs and New York, Nikola Tesla started experimenting with wireless power transfer (WPT). His ideas were ahead of his time, but they fell into obscurity shortly after his death. Nowadays, WPT is no longer thought of as science fiction: neural prost...Electrical engineering; Electromagnetics2017
15 West, Glen OrvalThermal and Phase-Change Wave Propagation and Velocities Subject to Shrinking Core Phenomena for Melting and Freezing Packed-Beds of Encapsulated Phase-Change MaterialsTh is research focuses on heat transfer between a fluid and a packed - bed comprised of encapsulated phase - change materials (PCMs). The objective of this work is to develop and validate models that can be used to predict the propagation of melting and freezing fronts and sensib...Mechanical engineering; Thermodynamics; Energy2017
16 Hsieh, Kuo-TaiPhenomenological model of the hydrocycloneA mathematical model of the hydrocyclone based on the physics of fluid flow has been developed. The model itself is a large computer code that solves the governing Navier-Stokes equations in the vorticity-stream function formulation numerically. Turbulent closure is effected by employing a modified ...Separators (Machines); Mathematical models Fluid dynamics1988
17 Roy, SyamantakStudies on Impurity Removal in Alternative Titanium ExtractionTitanium is often referred to as "wonder metal" due to its superior properties. At present, titanium is predominantly produced through Kroll's process which is complex, expensive, and needs much higher specific energy than the thermodynamic requirement and that restricts titanium's widespread use. ...Engineering; Mining; Materials science2017
18 Wan, XiaowenOptimization of Diffractive Optics and Reverse Absorbance Modulation Optical Lithography2017
19 Zhang, YaqiongFunctionalized Single-walled Carbon Nanotube Chemiresistive Sensors for Vapor Detection of Explosives and DrugsExplosives and drugs cause problems in society when used inappropriately. It is highly desired to detect these chemicals in a quick and reliable way with low cost. Vapor detection of explosives and drugs has been proven to be one of the most effective, practical, and noninvasive methods. Among all t...Nanotechnology; Electrical engineering; Chemistry2017
20 Moodie, Nathan DavidEffects of Relative Permeability and Capillary Pressure on Numerical Simulations of Multiphase Flow in Geologic Carbon Storage FormationsA critical aspect in the risk assessment of geologic carbon storage, a carbon-emissions reduction method under extensive review and testing, is effective multiphase CO2 flow and transport simulation. Relative permeability and capillary pressure are flow parameters particularly critical for accurate ...Water resources management; Environmental engineering2017
21 Mohammadabadi, Sayed Mehdi SajjadiImproving Accuracy of Learning Models Using Disjunctive Normal Form and Semisupervised LearningThe goal of machine learning is to develop efficient algorithms that use training data to create models that generalize well to unseen data. Learning algorithms can use labeled data, unlabeled data or both. Supervised learning algorithms learn a model using labeled data only. Unsupervised learning m...Electrical engineering2017
22 Lance, Dwight DouglasDevelopment of a Biomimetic Double Network Hydrogel with a Dual Mechanism for Increased Toughness and Sustained Tobramycin Elution Inspired by the Underwater Caddisfly SilkPhosphate-metal complex formation is a naturally occurring toughening mechanism in underwater materials and has been incorporated into the synthetic hydrogel material discussed in this dissertation. Polyphosphate hydrogels were loaded with Ca2+ which crosslinks OPO3 groups in the hydrogel which incr...Bioengineering2017
23 Lemieux, Matthew DavidValue-Added Products From Waste Biomass via Thermal and Catalytic ProcessingLignocellulosic biomass can be upgraded via pyrolysis, yielding biochar as a value-added product, in addition to condensable liquid fractions known as pyrolysis oils; however, the utilization of these pyrolysis oils is hampered by high water content, instability, and corrosiveness. Oily biomass can ...Chemical engineering; Agronomy; Energy2017
24 Driggs, Jonathan DavisAn Improved Channel Estimation Algorithm for Filter Bank Multicarrier Spread SpectrumChannel estimation techniques are crucial for reliable communications. This thesis is concerned with channel estimation in a #12;lter bank multicarrier spread spectrum (FBMC-SS) system. We explore two channel estimator options: (i) a method that makes use of a periodic preamble and mimics the channe...2017
25 Chernyshev, Vasiliy SergeyevichDetermination of biophysical and chemical properties of short-chain molecules and biological nanoparticlesKnowledge of physical and chemical properties such as size, diffusivity, concentration and stability of an analyte in a sample is critical in science and engineering. When working in a small size range (0.1-100 nm), which includes short-chain molecules (e.g., ethanol) and nanoparticles, the number o...Biomedical engineering; Chemical engineering2015
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