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1 "Nobody can give from an empty vessel": a qualitative study on self-care for women activists in counseling psychologyWomen psychologists have conducted social justice work since the beginning of psychology, when women were denied access to education. The efforts of first- and second-generation women psychologists paved the way for present day women in counseling psychology. Today's female psychologists and graduat...Activism; Counseling Psychology; Qualitative Research; Self-Care; Social Justice; Women2016
2 "Superheroes in the Resource Room": A Study Examining Implemention of the Superhero Social Skills Program by a Resource Teacher with Students with Externalizing Behavior ProblemsThe current study evaluated the effectiveness of the Superhero Social Skills program in increasing the social engagement skills and decreasing the aggressive behavior of students with externalizing behavior problems as implemented by a resource teacher. There have been no empirical evaluations of th...Educational psychology; Special education; Clinical psychology2012
3 "That's my experience": negotiating what it means to be "Indian" in a school counseling programSchooling for American Indians developed differently than it did for other groups in the United States. This difference is largely the result of the unique relationship between American Indians and the U.S. government and the ways in which government policies and practices were carried out. Thus, ...American Indian; education; school counseling2016
4 "You have no life other than that, so you better like what you're doing": a feminist phenomenology of women in undergraduate engineering majorsThe purpose of this study was to describe the perceptions and experiences of female undergraduate engineering students who either switched their majors or stayed in engineering to graduate. Historically women are underrepresented in undergraduate engineering majors despite deliberate recruitment an...engineering; undergraduate; women2016
5 A case study of community cultural wealth among "mountain west" chicana/o college studentsThe purpose of this qualitative study was to identify some of the cultural wealth and resources that Chicano/Latino college students, families, and communities hold and share. By using Latino critical race theory (LatCrit) to conceptualize cultural wealth, it was possible to focus this study on an ...Chicana and Chicano; Community cultural wealth; Critical race theory; Cultural capital; Cultural wealth; Latina/o critical race theory2015-05
6 A comparison of the performance of Ute Indian and White children on verbal and non-verbal testsAs the American Indian has been crowded out of the thousands of acres required by his primitive methods of wresting a living from the earth, 1 t has gradually become apparent even to the Indian that he must adapt to the white man's culture or be gradually extinguished. Trends of the last several dec...Ute Children - Intelligence testing; Children - Intelligence testing1960
7 A comparison of two schools with additional training in evidence-based practices to two schools without added training: effects, student outcomes, and teacher perceptions of skills and practicesThrough providing support with training, coaching, and funding, Utah‘s Academic, Behavior & Coaching Initiative (ABC-UBI) program strives to assist schools with the implementation of evidence-based practices for both positive behavior support as well as academic instruction. As an increasing numbe...ABC-UBI; Evidence-based practices; Positive behavior support; Response to intervention; School climate; School psychology2011-08
8 A critical case study of peer mediation at an alternative high schoolAt the crossroad of peer mediation and alternative education, discursive and structural tensions emerge. Through critical discourse analysis of student discourse at one alternative school, the examination of the practice of peer mediation within the context of alternative schooling is centralized. S...Alternative; Conflict; Education; Mediation; Negotiation; Peer2014-05
9 A Forced Choice Method for Evaluating Instruction in Higher EducationStudent evaluations of teaching (SET) in higher education are ubiquitous. Many SETs utilize Likert-type scales and data from these evaluations are frequently used as data points in the retention, promotion, and tenure reviews of instructors. This makes them a high impact activity. Research has revea...Educational evaluation; Educational psychology; Higher education2017
10 A history of the education of the Ute Indians, 1847-1905.The purpose of this study is to record the events in the development of Ute Indian education in Utah between the years 1847 and 1905. What the Mormon Church and the federal government contributed in this respect through educational contributions at different times especially between the years 1847 a...Ute Indians; Education1972
11 A program of testing in the public schools of Tintic School District, UtahThis study is an application of modern methods of educational measurements and statistics in a survey of certain educational conditions relative to pupil-status in Tintic School District. The resulting data are used for comparative purpose, and for the practical problem of reclassifying the pupils ...Tintic School District (Utah); Educational tests and measurements; Ability grouping in education1925
12 A schools and staffing survey analysis of teacher job attitudes and working conditions in native american communitiesThe United States federal government funds two distinct types of school systems on or near indigenous lands: tribally controlled schools and Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)-operated schools. This study fills a void in the scholarly research on differences in teacher working conditions and job attit...Bureau of Indian Education; Native American Alaskan Native; Organizational commitment; Schools and Staffing Survey; Teacher job satisfaction; Teacher pay satisfaction2016
13 A study in the training of teachers to evaluate language compositions objectivelyIn this study the word language is used in the sense of its being the means of communicating one's thoughts to others through the media of oral and written expression.Grading and marking (Students); English language - Composition and exercises1930-06
14 A study of international undergraduate students taking online courses: group and organizational socialization theory and sense of belonging/isolationPurpose: This study sought to (1) identify and describe the experiences of international students participating in U.S. cohort- and text-based asynchronous online courses and to 2) analyze perceptions of belonging/isolation within online environments through group and organizational socialization th...International students; Online education; Socialization theory2013-12
15 A study of the development and history of projects in homemaking with special reference to methods, attitudes, values, and purposesThe facilities afforded by the home economics department of the average high school are inadequate for the best training in homemaking activities and in establishing ideals. The department work is not closely enough related to either the needs of the girl or to actual home conditions. Thoughtful t...Home economics1922
16 A study of the Utilization of training services provided to female rehabilitantsThe purpose of the study was to examine the utilization of training female rehailitants recived as part of their rehabilitation programs. A compartison of female rehabilitants was done on types of training, reasons for training selection, cost of rehabilitation and length of time spent on rehabilita...1969
17 A validation and efficacy study examining the electronic home note intervention package for increasing rates of on-task and academic performanceThe aim of this study was to increase the rates of on-task behavior and academic achievement for 4 participants with the Electronic Home Note Intervention Package. The Electronic Home Note Intervention Package was designed to enhance a common school-based behavioral intervention, the home note, by c...Daily behavior report card; Education; Electronic; Home note; Intervention2015-05
18 Acceptability of parent-child aggression in relation to child abuse potential and attitudes toward childrenThe current study investigated the association between the acceptability of parentchild aggression, as demonstrated in a new analog measure, and self-reported support for spanking and mothers' child abuse potential. The connection between the analog of acceptability of parent-child aggression and at...Child abuse, psychological aspects; Aggressiveness; Mother and child2008-05
19 The accidental retention agents: how student affairs can influence student retention by understanding how key players (i.e., faculty) perceive their role in student success and retentionOver the past 40 years significant research has attempted to understand what influences student retention and overall student success. As leaders/administrators and student affairs professionals at colleges and universities around the country have searched for new ways to improve retention, underst...Faculty Involvement; Student Retention; Student Success2015-05
20 Active versus passive inhibition of activated information in long-term and working memoryThe focus of this research was to investigate the possible existence of an indirect inhibitory mechanism working on activated yet unattended information in long-term memory (LTM). There exists evidence in the cognition and memory literature, specifically the retrieval-induced forgetting and negativ...2014-05
21 Adaptive theory - Educational implications and an exemplary Earth Science curriculumIn this study, a general theory of adaptation based on statistical graphics was proposed for the purpose of providing perspective in complex situations. The educational implications of the theory suggested an adaptive curriculum design that would embrace most existing educational models. To exempl...Education -- Philosophy; Earth sciences -- Study and teaching (Secondary)1975
22 Aging and lesbian relationships: strengths, challenges, and late-life concernsEmpirical efforts have slowly begun to explore the ways in which lesbian-identified women experience the many facets of aging. However, most research either conflates the experiences of lesbians and gay men or fails to distinguish between the experiences of single and coupled lesbians. This study...Lesbians2009-11-20
23 An adaptation of the mindful schools curriculum for adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: implementation feasibility and impact on anxiety, rigidity, and mindfulnessDespite the burgeoning interest in mindfulness and its applications, relatively few mindfulness research studies have been conducted with children and adolescents, particularly in regard to those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and comorbid internalizing symptoms. Moreover, there is a lack of pe...autism; mindfulness; mindful schools2017
24 An adaptation of the Mindful schools curriculum for adolescents: feasibility and preliminary effectiveness on stree, depression, and mindfulness of adolescent in an after-school settingThe current study evaluated the feasibility and effectiveness of an adaptation of the Mindful Schools Curriculum for Adolescents in an after school setting. This study is the first to evaluate feasibility and effectiveness of the Mindful Schools curriculum for a nonclinical, community-referred adole...Educational Psychology; Adolescents; Intervention2017
25 An evaluation of various admissions procedures and the 1970 Ford Foundation Program in relation to the Mexican American and the American Indian student at the University of UtahA crisis for colleges and universities in America today is that of meeting the educational needs of various ethnic minorities. The University of Utah has recognized the need to implement educational programs and to reassess admissions procedures in regard to minority students. In the summer of 1970,...University of Utah -- Students Ford Foundation Mexican Americans -- Education Indians of North America -- Education1971
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