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1 Abousleman, Tamara MarieSafety and trust are so sacred: a qualitative study of women clients in feminist multicultural therapyClient; Counseling; Feminist; Multicultural; Qualitative research; TherapyEducational Psychology2010
2 Adolphson, S. LillianDocumenting the implementation and effects of positive behavior support in an alternative educational settingAlternative education; Applied behavior analysis; Behavior intervention; Juvenile justice; Positive behavior supportSpecial Education2013-08
3 Blackwell, Deanna MariaStudents of color in white-dominated college classrooms: an examination of racialized roles, safety and empowermentAntiracist Pedagogy; Classroom as a safe space; College classrooms; Empowerment; Higher education; Racialized rolesEducation, Culture & Society2010-08
4 Patnaik, PoojaOcular-motor methods for detecting deception: direct versus indirect interrogationDeception detection; EyetrackingEducational Psychology2013-08
5 Cross, Paulette TheresaHomeplace: unearthing and tracing the oral traditions and subjugated knowledge of a multigenerational woman-centered African American familyAfrican American family; African American genealogy; African American women; Black family; Black feminism; Black womenEducation, Culture & Society2014-05
6 Davey, Carla MaePredicting college student success: a historical and predictive examination of high school activities and accomplishmentsStudent activities; United States; Academic achievement; College preparation programsEducational Psychology2010-08
7 Goldy, Lisa MarieIncreasing functional communication skills in childen with autism: a meta-analysisHierarchical Linear Modeling; Total communication interventionsEducational Psychology2009-05
8 Asbrand, James PatrickThe phenomenological experience of cross-cultural differences in the therapeutic relationshipCross-cultural differences; Multicultural counseling; Psychotherapy; Qualitative; Therapeutic relationshipEducational Psychology2012-05
9 Ellingson, A. GladeEarly premature termination from a university counseling center: a qualitative research studyCounseling centers; Early premature terminators; Treatment failureEducational Psychology1990-06
10 Reyes, Kyle AnthonyAssessing how higher education administrators of color navigate spaces of advocacy for social justiceAdvocacy; Critical Race Theory; Higher Education; Identity; Leadership; Social JusticeEducation Leadership & Policy2012-12
11 Rhodehouse, Sara BerniceTeaching vocabulary to preschoolers with disabilities using adult-child shared bookreading: a comparison of traditional and electronic booksDisabilities; E-book; Preschool; Shared bookreading; Traditional bookSpecial Education2013-08
12 Davis, GlennHip hop youth culture in Salt Lake City: essentialism, resistance, and racial identityDanceEducational Studies1905-06-20
13 Cottle, Kristina JoanCo-occurring anxiety in adults with autism spectrum disorder: use of diagnostic codes to measure prevalence and associations between anxiety and intellectual ability, adaptive behavior, and employmentadults; anxiety; autism; big data; diagnostic codesEducational Psychology2017
14 Hu, QinAn examination of college career counselor self-efficacy in working with international students and its relationship with multicultural counseling competenceCareer Counseling; career counselor multicultural competence; Career Counselor Self-efficacy; International StudentsEducational Psychology2017
15 King, Brian Scotton-task in a box: a validation study examining an evidence-based package intervention for increasing rates of on-task behavior and academic performanceEducation; Academic performance; Evidence; On-task behavior; Package interventionEducational Psychology2013
16 Averill, Lynnette AstridThe influence of measurement context on veterans' consistency in reporting posttraumatic stress disorder and postconcussive symptomsAssessment; Polytrauma; Postconcussive symptoms; Posttraumatic stress disorder; Traumatic brain injury; VeteransEducational Psychology2013-08
17 Thompson, RobynSocial stories: an intervention tool to help decrease undesired behaviors in children with characteristics of autism spectrum disordersbehavior; preschool; Social StoriesSpecial Education2015-08
18 Thompson, Robyn M.Social stories as a tool to help preschool aged children with autism spectrum disorders utilize self-regulation strategies to promote increased functional behaviorsAutism; Behaviors; Children; Preschool; Self-regulation; Social stories; StorytellingSpecial Education2011-05
19 Valdez, Trina MarisaA case study of community cultural wealth among ""mountain west"" chicana/o college studentsChicana and Chicano; Community cultural wealth; Critical race theory; Cultural capital; Cultural wealth; Latina/o critical race theoryEducation Leadership & Policy2015-05
20 Valles, Brenda GuadalupeEducational impacts of discipline policies on Chicano students in Utah: a mixed-method critical race theory and latcrit analysisChicano Education; Critical Race Theory; LatCrit; Mixed-Method; School-to-prison Pipeline; Zero-ToleranceEducational Leadership & Policy2015
21 Jedrziewski, Chezlie TresanInvestigation analog task of parents' attributions for child behaviorsParenting; Child abuseEducational Psychology2009-05
22 Swindler, Charles M.The Effects of methylphenidate on the learning of paired associates by hyperactive children.Methylphenidate; Placebos Randomized Controlled Trials; ChildEducational Psychology1980-08
23 Kessel, Barbara F.Persisting from the margins: the journeys of three women of color to and in higher educationEducation; Feminist Theory; Higher Education; Narrative Research; Postsecondary Education; RaceEducation, Culture & Society2016
24 Knorr, JamesA validation and efficacy study examining the electronic home note intervention package for increasing rates of on-task and academic performanceDaily behavior report card; Education; Electronic; Home note; InterventionEducational Psychology2015-05
25 Kelly, Alexandra ReginaImpact of adverse clinical training experiences on the career development of medical and psychology studentsadverse training experiences; career development; clinical training; medical education; psychology educationEducational Psychology2016
1 - 25 of 213