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1 Jefferson, Wazir SuniOur path unwinding: conversations and reflections on diversity through dialogueThis qualitative autoethnography has stemmed conceptually out of the increasing demand for dialogue processes in social justice and diversity education. This inquiry illustrates how an African American male graduate student and instructor reflected on semi-structured critical dialogue processes in a...Diversity; Dialogue; Facilitator; Diversity dialogue facilitator; Dissertation; Capstone project; Intergroup dialogue; African American male graduate student; Black male graduate student; Black male; Autoethnography; Journal reflection; Journal reflections; Reflection; Passion; Awareness; Skills; Kn...2016-05
2 Lee, JinnaMulticultural counseling competence and client outcomeThe purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between multicultural counseling competence and client outcome. Though the importance of multicultural competence is widely heralded in counseling psychology, a link has not yet been made between multicultural competence, as it is curr...Cross-cultural counseling; Psychology2007-09-12
3 Humpherys, BlancheAppraisal of the needs for an occupational therapy school in UtahThe problem of this study was to determine the need for an Occupational Therapy school in Utah. Statistical and historical data were gathered for the first accurately compiled and recorded history of the growth and development of Occupation Therapy in Utah. The method use was historical and survey...Utah1958-08
4 Miles. Gregory RussellUsing multidimensional scaling to develop communication profiles for children with autismImpairment in language and communication is a core deficit in autism and related autism spectrum disorders. Relatively recent research supports a co-occurrence of language impairment similar to that seen in children with structural language impairments and autism spectrum disorders. While it is not ...Autism; Language Impairment; Profile Analysis2012-12
5 Mucha, Heidi MathieThe effects of positive behavior support within a district model of implementationPublic schools in the United States face challenges as they attempt to increase the academic achievement and social competencies of today's students. Many schools are turning to strategies known as positive behavior interventions and supports in a national effort to focus on prevention rather than ...School improvement programs; Utah; Classroom management; Behavior modification2010-05
6 McCowin, Steven EdwardTesting the relative contributions of autobiographical overgenerality and instruction neglect to scores on the autobiographical memory testIt has been reported that persons suffering from depression tend to have difficulty retrieving autobiographical memories of events that occurred on a single day in their lives (e.g., "Last Tuesday night in the Student Union"), and tend instead to retrieve memories that encompass a category of event...Autobiographical memory test; Autobiographical over-generality; Instruction neglect2011-08
7 Nackos, Marinos IsidoreEighth grade adolescent substance use and involvement with drug-using friends: prosocial environment as a moderating factorThe current study investigated the relationship between individual adolescent drug use, friends' drug use, and school, family, and community prosocial environments. Survey data from the 2007 SHARP survey collected from schools in a western state were analyzed to better understand the relationship be...Junior high school students; drug use2012-08
8 Ostenson, Jonathan WilliamNavigating the digital narrows: teaching students to read critically on the internetThe use of the Internet as a source of information is growing, especially among young people. Reading on the Internet poses unique challenges as texts on the Internet feature unique organizational features such as hypertext linking and search engines that must be navigated by readers; multimedia el...Critical evaluation; Critical reading; Internet; Pedagogy2010-08
9 Kanarowski, Elizabeth AnnThe influence of bibliotherapy on children's attitudes toward peers who use augmentative and alternative communicationThis study investigated the effects of a single bibliotherapy intervention on the attitudes of first grade children toward peers who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). Seventy-one children, ages 6 and 7, participated in either (a) the experimental group, where they heard and discu...Bibliotherapy2012-12
10 Keener, Matt C.Integration of comprehension and metacomprehension using narrative text;sThe purpose of the present research was to investigate text; comprehension of narrative text;s at varying levels of comprehension and examine how metacomprehension varies as a function of the level of comprehension when making retrospective (posttest) confidence judgments of performance. Using Kint...Comprehension; Metacognition; Metacomprehension; Monitoring; Narrative; Reading2011-08
11 Kuhlman, B. BrianTesting the measures of a man: a validity analysis of six masculinity normsVery few studies have investigated the construct validity of measures of masculinity. This study analyzed multitrait multimethod matrices of male and female subscale scores from the Male Role Norms Inventory-Revised (MRNI-R), the Conformity to Masculine Norms Inventory (CMNI), and the Gender Role Co...Construct validity; Masculinity; Measurement2012-08
12 Lopez, AdrianaImpact of acculturation, ethnic identity and peer influence on substance use, depression, and self-esteem in middle school studentsGiven the changing racial/ethnic composition of the United States, the impact of culture on adolescent health risk behaviors is an emerging and important issue. The purpose of the present study was to examine acculturation and ethnic identity and its impact on substance use, depression, and self-est...Acculturation; Adolescent substance use2012-08
13 Longberg, Pauline OliphantEvaluation of Imagine Learning English, a computer-assisted instruction of language and literacy for kindergarten studentsAs computer assisted instruction (CAI) becomes increasingly sophisticated, its appeal as a viable method of literacy intervention with young children continues despite limited evidence of effectiveness. The present study sought to assess the impact of one such CAI program, Imagine Learning English (...Computer; Computer-assisted; Intervention; Kindergarten; Literacy; Vocabulary2012-12
14 Lucas, Colli RuthDevelopment and validation of the concept-oriented reading instruction fidelity of implementation instrumentThe purpose of this study was to develop and validate an instrument that could be used by nonexperts of Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) to measure fidelity of implementation of CORI in upper elementary school and middle school classrooms. One junior high school teacher and two high scho...Concept-oriented reading instruction; CORI; Fidelity of implementation; Instrument; Motivation; Observation2010
15 Lynes, Marjorie JanetThe effects of self-evaluation with video on the use of oral language development strategies by preschool teachersIn providing children at risk for reading difficulties with the necessary skills to be successful readers in school age programs, early childhood educators in high-quality preschool programs facilitate the development of emergent literacy and oral language abilities through language-rich environment...Emergent literacy; Inservice; Professional development; Self-evaluation; Video2012-05
16 Ma, WeiChinese international undergraduate students at a U.S. university: a mixed methods study of first-year academic experiences and achievementThe purpose of this study was to explore the first-year academic experiences and achievement of Chinese international undergraduate students in American higher education. To do so, I tracked a cohort of Chinese international undergraduates through their first-year at a public research university in ...Chinese international undergraduates in the U.S.; First-year academic achievement; First-year academic experiences2014-05
17 Chiang, Mei-TzuHow does preservice teachers' learning about learning theories influence their beliefs about learning?To date, there has not been much research that examines the relationship between a learning theory course and preservice teachers' beliefs about learning. Thus, the purpose of this study was to examine how preservice teachers' learning about learning theories influences their beliefs about learning ...Beliefs about learning; Educational Psychology; course; Learning theories course; Preservice teachers' beliefs; Preservice teachers' learning2010-12
18 Tibbitts, Kent DStudy of parental factors affecting success or failure of Navajo Indian studentsOne of the problems facing Indian education in the United States is how to involve the Indian parents in the educational programs of their children. There is growing concern among governmental and tribal agencies about the task of involving Indian people in their own self-determination. Much res...Navajo Indians--Education; Parent and child1969-06
19 Proemmel, Elizabeth MichelleStage of change as a variable in career intervention outcome: an examination of a career courseStructured career counseling is generally beneficial for participants. However, there is not a clear understanding of what factors (e.g., intervention characteristics, client characteristics) contribute to the effectiveness of career counseling. Stage of Change is a specific client characteristic i...Vocational guidance; Occupations2010-05
20 Slagle, ClarkTaekwondo instructors' experience of counseling their students: a survey of Dojangs in the United StatesAnecdotal evidence from within the Taekwondo community supports the idea that Taekwondo instructors often interact with their students on topics of intra- and interpersonal concern. These interactions can be construed as informal counseling or informal helping. This study examines the frequency and...Tae kwon do; Counseling2008-12
21 Hinsdale, Mary JoResponsive mentor, transformative mentorshipLow-income, first-generation, and underrepresented undergraduates often have tense relationships with institutions of higher education. They enter college after squeezing through an academic pipeline that has weeded out many of their peers. If they persist into higher education, students must learn...Higher education; Intersubjectivity; Levinas; Mentoring; Relational pedagogy; Underrepresented2011-08
22 Iskander, Elene TiffanyGender disparity in engineering fields: an analysis of historic data, and school counselors' knowledge, values and attitudesThis dissertation investigates the gender disparity in the engineering related fields through three studies. The first study investigates the role of interest in the gender disparity through ACT data over a 30 year period. This study indicated that female interest in engineering related fields has c...Engineering fields; Gender; Gender disparity; Interest; School counselor; Values2013-08
23 Lee, JinnaHow undergraduate students of color experience multicultural educationOne of the stated purposes of multicultural and diversity classes is to provide students of color with positive educational experiences. Little is known, however, about how students of color experience multicultural education, particularly in the undergraduate diversity classes that are increasingl...Education; Higher; Minorities; Multicultural; Qualitative2011-05
24 Mangum III, James IrvinThe correlation between teacher self-efficacy among seminaries and institutes seminary teachers and student outcomesThis study examined the correlation between teacher self-efficacy and student outcomes. Teacher self-efficacy was measured in 99 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Seminaries and Institutes seminary teachers using Tschannen-Moran and Hoy's Teachers Sense of Efficacy Scale (2001). Student ou...Religious Education; Student Achievement; Teacher Self-efficacy2012-12
25 Mansour, Emma LouiseDevelopment of a positive aging strategy training protocol: a feasability studyPrevious studies have identified one strategy (forgiveness) as efficacious for enhancing subjective well-being. Despite the interest in forgiveness and its relationship with physical and psychological health, training in forgiveness as a positive aging strategy has yet to be examined as contributin...2011-05
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