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1 Pflieger, Courtney L.Video Self-modeling with Elementary School Students Displaying Behavioral Engagement Deficits Due to Acquired Brain InjuryThe term "Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)" encompasses a wide range of noncongenital injuries, including stroke, brain surgery, and encephalitis, with traumatic brain injury (TBI) being most prominent in the research. TBI has been called a "silent epidemic," with an estimated 1.7 million new TBIs occurr...Educational psychology; Elementary education; Experimental psychology; Educational evaluation; Behavioral psychology2018
2 Mandel, KayThe predictive validity of on-the-job performance of policemen from recruitment selection informationIntercorrelations between 121 predictors and 29 job related criteria obtained from 114 Salt Lake City policemen were analyzed in order to determine the extent to which the predictors could account for the policemen's job performance. Predictor data consisted of 108 biographical items and 13 scales p...Police; Recruitin1970
3 Martinez, Steven SandovalAn evaluation of various admissions procedures and the 1970 Ford Foundation Program in relation to the Mexican American and the American Indian student at the University of UtahA crisis for colleges and universities in America today is that of meeting the educational needs of various ethnic minorities. The University of Utah has recognized the need to implement educational programs and to reassess admissions procedures in regard to minority students. In the summer of 1970,...University of Utah -- Students Ford Foundation Mexican Americans -- Education Indians of North America -- Education1971
4 Moore, Harvey D.The study of adult education in Carbon CountyAdult education, in the United States, has become closely associated with vocational education. State and federal monies have only been made available for adult education in times of a national emergency or through vocational acts. The first monies to be made available for adult academic improvement...Carbon School District (Utah) Adult education -- Utah -- Carbon County1970
5 Andersen, Barbara EricksonAn evaluative study - teaching three and four-year olds in a structured education program : by Barbara Erickson Andersen.This study was designed to determine at what age children should be taught academic material formally, in a structured school program and to give Granite School District the information on which it can confidently base future decisions about early childhood and kindergarten programs in advance of th...Granite School District (Utah) Education; Preschool1971
6 Wilson, Tonia J.Predicting the ACT Reading Test Score and Why It Matters2017
7 Springer, Sheree Elizabeth GrantCall in the Ref: The Impact of an Interest-Regulating Strategy on the Reading of Uninteresting TextsThe purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine the effectiveness of an instructional intervention designed to help high school students learn to regulate their interest when reading uninteresting texts. An intervention was developed utilizing current research on motivation and interes...Secondary education; Reading instruction2017
8 Raty, Lawrence K.The Army ROTC instructor at the University of Utah.Recent controversy en the nation's college campuses has focused the attention of the American people on the Reserve Officers Training Program and the role it plays in providing commissioned officers for the armed forces of the United States. Caught up in the midst of this controversy is the AROTC In...United States. Army. Reserve Officers' Training Corps1970
9 Reid, Leslie WayneA history of the education of the Ute Indians, 1847-1905.The purpose of this study is to record the events in the development of Ute Indian education in Utah between the years 1847 and 1905. What the Mormon Church and the federal government contributed in this respect through educational contributions at different times especially between the years 1847 a...Ute Indians; Education1972
10 Ebert, Carl EugeneAn historical review of the rehabilitation program in UtahThe purpose of the study was to present a history of the rehabilitation program in Utah. It covers the national law that authorized federal-state participation in rehabilitation along with national laws modifying the program. The State Acceptance Act along with amendments is included. The study cont...1975
11 Stevens, Ashley LynnMaternal Gesture Use in Toddlers with Language Delay: Relationship to Language Development and Autism Spectrum Disorder RiskPrior to the onset of spoken words, infants acquire gestures through early social interactions with their parents. Research on typically developing children has demonstrated an important relationship between maternal gesture use and child gesture and language development. Specifically, the variety a...Communication; Developmental psychology2017
12 Roderick-Landward, Amber MarieWhat Makes Feedback Actionable? An Exploratory Case Study of the Influence Principals Have on TeachersUsing an embedded, single-case study design, the current study examined factors that make a teacher more likely to act upon feedback given about instruction. Specifically, the study explored the nature of the feedback process used to provide teachers with feedback about instruction, a principal's ab...Educational leadership; Educational administration2017
13 Allen, Dania LisetteThe Effects of a Bullying Prevention Program on Bullying Expression and Overall School ClimateThe purpose of this study was to determine whether a bullying prevention program would decrease student reports of victimization, perpetrating of bullying acts, and witnessing bullying behavior, as well as increase student-reported feelings of safety. Teacher reports of school climate and witnessing...2017
14 Robyak, James EdwardRelationships among personality type, classroom structure and performance in a study skills courseThe purpose of this study was to examine the differences in the study skills scores, satisfaction scores and GPAs of students who were (1) classified as either Judgers or Perceivers according to their scores on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (METI) , and (2) enrolled in study skills classes in whic...1976
15 Cummings, Margarita BorelliRethinking teacher preparation: Conceptualizing skills and knowledge of novice teachers of secondary mathematicsThis dissertation examines the extent to which novice secondary mathematics teachers (licensed and currently teaching in Utah) perceive they are prepared to do the work of teaching secondary mathematics. It first examined if novice secondary mathematics teachers' perceptions of their knowledge and s...Mathematics education; Teacher education; Secondary education2010
16 Goldman, Sarah JillLate referral for autism assessement: an investigation of adolescents and young adults admitted to a psychiatric hospitalThis study explored the characteristics of adolescents and young adults referred for testing to rule out Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) while admitted to a psychiatric hospital for inpatient or day treatment between 2012 and 2017. Data regarding social-developmental, psychiatric, and ASD-symptom var...Psychology; Clinical psychology2017
17 Miller, Jenna M.Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Tootling Intervention in the Preschool SettingTootling is a peer-mediated interdependent group contingent positive behavioral intervention that research has proven to be effective in reducing disruptive behavior and increasing prosocial behavior. The current research wanted to examine if the tootling intervention could be adapted for a preschoo...Early childhood education; Educational psychology2017
18 Hyte, Holly A.Supporting Teachers of Students Who Are Deaf Plus: Perceptions in Provision of Supports and ResourcesLiterature about educational experiences of students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing with accompanying disabilities (deaf plus) and those who teach them is limited. Extant literature reveals that teachers have limited knowledge of effective practices in the education of students who are deaf plus. B...Disability studies; Early childhood education; Special education2017
19 Ferrara, Lisa AnnPromoting Self-regulated Learning Processes Through Interactions in Resource-based Digital Learning EnvironmentsSelf-regulated learning with online resources is a prevalent experience for today's learners, but these online learning opportunities frequently yield disappointing results when considering students' learning outcomes. The current research examined the impact of different forms of navigational scaff...Educational psychology; Educational technology2017
20 Fiet, Paula BarlowThe Impact of Effortful Processing on Automatic PrimingThere are conflicting findings in the literature regarding the impact of effortful task demands on the availability of automatic semantic priming processes. Woltz and colleagues reported in one experiment that semantic priming effects were eliminated when episodic retrieval demands were added to a s...Educational psychology; Psychology; Cognitive psychology2017
21 Delavan, Michael GarrettEngaging with Latin@ "Eth(n)ical Issues" in Middle School Spanish: Using Translanguaging and Comprehensible Input Approaches to Advance Spanish Proficiency and Social Justice GoalsThis dissertation reports on practitioner inquiry into a year-long curriculum in middle school Spanish II built around Latina/o cultural topics with social justice implications. A comprehensible input approach supported both the development of a core vocabulary in Spanish and discussion of these iss...Foreign language education; Middle School education; Social studies education2017
22 Bullock, Casey DeeFactors that influence graducation efficiency of baccalaureate recipients at Weber State UniversityPolicymakers at the state and national levels have identified college completion as a key policy priority. The proportion of adults with a college credential has decreased and the equity gap in college completion is expanding. Given this policy context, there is an interest in the extent to which de...Higher Education Administration; Education Policy; Higher education2017
23 Brown, Halley J.Understanding the utilization and effectiveness of combined (individual plus group) mental health treatment in everyday practice2017
24 Weeks, Jessica ElizabethAn Examination of the Effects of Harsh Discipline and Infant Difficult Temperament on the Externalizing Behaviors of Maltreated ChildrenExisting research consistently links difficult early temperament and later externalizing behavior problems; however, the literature has shown that parental discipline style can influence this relationship. There are few studies that have considered this interplay of temperament and parenting in high...Developmental psychology; Clinical psychology2017
25 Mora, Hector GeovanniOral reading fluency: Predicting outcomes for culturally and linguistically diverse studentsThe present study investigated Oral Reading Fluency and its ability to predict academic achievement in language arts and mathematics on 6,484 first through fourth grade students. Student, teacher, and school information from the 2006-2007 academic school year was collected from databases maintained ...Bilingual education; Educational sociology; Elementary education; Literacy; Reading instruction; Ethnic studies2010
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