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1 Lee, Ji HyungTechnology and contemporary art center in San Francisco, CaliforniaIn contemporary society, media and technology are omnipresent; technological developments are influencing communication, production, trade, urban culture and arts. Digital media are now used widely in the domain of art. As a result, contemporary art reflects upon the characteristics of multimedia, w...Art center; Designs; Plans2007
2 Messenger, JyanaZion Canyon Winery, Springdale, Utah"Is sustainability inherently beautiful? When translated to architecture, is the application of ‘latest technology' all it takes to practice excellent (sustainable) architecture? In the pursuit of ‘honest expression' does technology relieve the architect of searching further for beauty? Is...Springdale Winery; Viticulture; Wineries2009
3 Myers, JustinSpringdale WineryThese photos from the site visit represent the three aspects of sustainability that were used to guide the entire project design. Ecological concerns about maintaining and improving the riparian zone around the Virgin River resulted in a conservative site layout that protected the river and ke...Wineries; Riparian zones2009
4 Wright, HeatherNot for sale: human trafficking awareness center, New York City highline2011
5 Carter, Eric JefferyFinal graduate design studioContents: Princeton Campus Planning Assignment; Midterm Review; Model Images; Final Presentation Boards2011
6 Arrington, JoshFinal Studio: Princeton University2011
7 Nye, MatthewGraduate student housing-PrincetonFinal studio2011
8 Luo, ShanshanDwelling. Family. Community.We can see different families have different lifestyles. Also, our residential buildings need flexible plans that can be changed according to the families' structure changes.Urban space; Urban planning2009
9 Clark, Danielle Lee BurrellSpringdale WineryAir, light, water and earth sustain life. They sustain us. They sustain the winemaking process. We are hardwired to perceive and understand these elements, allowing us to experience them. A holistic approach is taken to the site to ensure that the crops produced can sustain the onsite restaurant an...Wineries2009
10 Jessop, Marvin TimothyJapanese-American community center, museum and new Buddhist temple for Salt Lake City and the Intermountain West.From the Program: "A new Japanese community center and buddhist temple in Salt Lake City will restore a physical identity and provide a focal point for the Japanese-American community of Utah and the Intermountain West."Community center; Designs; Plans2006-05
11 Warner, MerryCenter for consciousness studiesAs modern society lies in fragments amid the information age, we find ourselves surrounded by technology, overwhelmed by media, and driven by consumerism. We are increasingly docile as technological change has enforced a complex culture nourished by media, speed, and ultimately, devoid of real ex...Technology; Media; Consumerism2006
12 Smuin, MeaganLos Angeles technology forum: connect, synthesize, disseminateIn a world where technological development is driven by commercial and political motives, the new technologies being developed cater to the wants of the wealthy and powerful, while the basic needs of most humans are not being met. There must be an effort made to connect the needs of the people and ...Communication; Technology and society2006
13 Hintze, MatthewOrganic farmingThe urban landscape in the Salt Lake valley has been tremendously altered due to the growth and development of industry. The past has shown that when there are natural resources in the land, they will determine the built environment and its future. All major cities in the United States have been ...Urban landscape; Farming--Salt Lake Valley2007
14 Bouwhuis, RobReal Salt Lake soccer stadium: dynamic structural expression in downtown Salt Lake CityProfessional sports have played an important role in public life in cities across the country and around the world. The recent arrival of the Real Salt Lake soccer team to Salt Lake City is helping to create another dimension of public life within the city.Professional sports; Stadiums2006
15 Markkanen, BryanSol Rio: a light hearted communityThe Byker Wall housing development was built to re-house the working class community that had grown up around the shipyards and factories along the banks of the Tyne. Byker Wall is designed in a recognizably Post Modernist style. The new houses ran across the hill, making it easier for people to ...Urban planning; Neighborhoods2009
16 Shepherd, TristanLive-with: a co-op work projectAn important aspect of the railroads and Murray is that it was the only place that had a railroad spur that connected two important railroad lines (Murray Historic Showcase #47.) This connection happened on the site of the Utah Ore Sampling Mill (UOSM). This sampling mill brought in ore from all o...Murray, Utah; Railroads; Mining2007
17 Watts, KrystalActive aging center: Holladay, UtahEverywhere we turn we are confronted by the fact that we are aging. The baby boomers are reaching their "silver" and "golden" years. In fact, in 2004 the older population (65+) numbered 36.3 million; in the year 2030, this number is expected to be around 71.5 million.Baby boomers; Elderly2007
18 Bishop, ToddClassic car restoration and exposition centreLandscape Urbanism encourages a new approach to regional and metropolitan systems and gives priority to urban design strategies that go beyond traditional (or Neo-Traditional) formal approaches to analyze and re-value transitional and indeterminate landscapes within the complex spatialities created ...Magna, Utah; Urban sprawl; Landscape urbanism2007
19 Ireland, KristenNaturopathic healing center: Portland, OregonI would like to design a Naturopathic Healing Center. This center will focus upon two primary ideas, the first is the Philosophy; and principles of naturopathic medicine and the second focuses on how nature can aid the healing process. This facility will offer a unique environment in which patient...Alternative medicine; Naturopathy2006
20 Barker, DavidSpirituality, ritual, memory: a Russian bathhouse in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn: Little Russia by the seaStanding on the shores of the beach in "Little Odessa" looking into the vast silvery-blue Atlantic the sounds, smells, and taste of a country far away is once again vividly alive in my senses. The smell of simmering borsht coming from a nearby café along with fresh bread, cheese, and plentif...Little Odessa; Refuseniks; Russian culture2007
21 Soto, MelinaNYC highline hip hop center2011
22 Wright, NedPrinceton graduate housing2011
23 Metcalf, MattCampus planning: axes, vistas and organizational views2011
24 Clinger, Matthew JUndocumented immigrant detainee's rights: removing non-criminal immigrants from the criminal correctional systemAccording to the United States Customs and Border Patrol, 1.2 million people were arrested trying to enter the country illegally in 2005. Of the 70 percent released into U.S. communities with an order to return for deportation hearings, only 18 percent showed up later. In efforts to prohibit an ...Immigration; Deportation; Homeland Security2007
25 Cook, EricFacility for the learning, implementation, and dissemination of alternative construction techniquesWe are outpacing our environment--we consume resource at a rate that far exceeds the natural world's ability to replenish it. There is a need to examine and redefine how we sit on the earth.Environment; Conservation2006
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