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1 Active aging center: Holladay, UtahEverywhere we turn we are confronted by the fact that we are aging. The baby boomers are reaching their "silver" and "golden" years. In fact, in 2004 the older population (65+) numbered 36.3 million; in the year 2030, this number is expected to be around 71.5 million.Baby boomers; Elderly2007
2 Architecture of hip hopBeing able to be true to yourself and speak what is on your mind was and is the very foundation on which hip hop is structured. It has become a platform by which one's character and identity is allowed to be made visible; not only to others but to the individual themselves. In recent years main s...Inner city; Rap; Youth facilities2007
3 Architecture that creates community embracing communityThe city is overlaid by a rigid grid system that facilitates the easy movement of cars. This masterplan uses the path carved by the pedestrian by determine building shape. The path is a meandering one, as a pedestrian does not typically walk in a straight line. The paths lead to Salt Lake's Intermod...Walkability; Urban planning2009
4 Architecture that creates community: multi-family housingEnvironmental urbanism calls for a shift in attitude and our manner of moving. This strategy is a factor in both the quality of life and the economic vitality of urban areas. Inner-city life is to the reduction of travel distance between home, workplace and services, and to encouraging a balance bet...Urban neighborhoods2009
5 Audubon of South Jordan: a migratory bird awareness / education centerI have always been an admirer of nature. I have always wanted to contribute and give back to the community by doing something that involved allowing people to interact with architecture amidst there encounter with nature. With the beginning of a new curriculum, we as a section started off using ...Birds--Utah; South Jordan, Utah; Wetlands2007
6 Built form and regional identity: eco-tourist resort in Moab, UtahThere is a fundamental relationship between formal attributes, experience of place, and regional identity. Architecture should be designed through the understanding of these relationships, which can be further divided into built form, natural form, social interaction, and cognitive processes. I...Tourism--Utah; Southern Utah2006
7 Campus planning: axes, vistas and organizational views2011
8 Center for consciousness studiesAs modern society lies in fragments amid the information age, we find ourselves surrounded by technology, overwhelmed by media, and driven by consumerism. We are increasingly docile as technological change has enforced a complex culture nourished by media, speed, and ultimately, devoid of real ex...Technology; Media; Consumerism2006
9 Children's exploratorium: interaction through disabled perspectivesFrom the Proposal: "This proposal is about creating a facility that provides opportunities for education and interaction between children with disabilities and their peers in the form of an Exploratorium."Architecture; People with disabilities; Designs; Plans2006-05
10 Children's physical education centerUnfortunately a culture of physical inactivity has emerged in the United States, especially among children. Communities, families and schools all play important roles in both the physical and mental development of today's youth and can be partly blamed for this ill-fated trend. Some states no lon...Physical fitness; Video games; Obesity2006
11 Classic car restoration and exposition centreLandscape Urbanism encourages a new approach to regional and metropolitan systems and gives priority to urban design strategies that go beyond traditional (or Neo-Traditional) formal approaches to analyze and re-value transitional and indeterminate landscapes within the complex spatialities created ...Magna, Utah; Urban sprawl; Landscape urbanism2007
12 Community on the edge: architecture that creates communityIn the areas surrounding the site there are many different building types. These different types allow for a good mixture of demographics as well as diversity. Commercial and Public buildings seem to be the major stronghold immediately around the site but directly east there is a historic hotel ...Urban space; Walkability2009
13 Community. live. work. life.The site for COMMUNITY. LIVE. WORK. LIFE. is located at the corner of Rio Grande Street and 300 South in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. It is situated in a neighborhood that will likely see tremendous growth over the next twenty years due to it being bordered on the north by a major shopping distric...Salt Lake City; Urban planning; Neighborhoods2009
14 Day after: a critical analysis of Salt Lake City's plans for reconstruction following a natural disasterSalt Lake City, Utah sits atop an active geologic fault that produces one major earthquake roughly every 300 years. It has been 350 years since the Wasatch Fault has produced its last major quake. Utah officials have taken steps to ensure Salt Lake City and the surrounding vulnerable communities ...Disaster preparedness2009-05
15 Day laborer housing center on 4th South and Rio Grande in Salt Lake City, UtahThe Day Laborer and Housing Center (DLHC) was a favorite among jury members and faculty, not because of the design but because of the ideas and issues behind it. For me it was many things, mainly it was difficult. It required more than the normal degree of engagement, I had to become very familiar...Working class; Dwellings2006
16 Day.jpgDesign for a fitness environment. Abstract includes background information on physiological and psychological benefits of exercise.Sandy Fitness Environment, Sandy City, Utah;Recreation centers; Designs; Plans2007
17 Design schoolFrom the Proposal: "Now is the time to start a relationship between architects, and architectural students with the design process and technology. All of this in hopes that this synthesis of design, technology, and information as fundamental to architecture will result in well designed architecture ...Designs; Plans2006-05
18 Digital Windows: cause + effect between reality + virtualityDigital Windows allow real people in the real world to interact with virtual objects in a virtual world through a direct relationship between real-space and digital-space. Actions in the real world are affected by re-actions in the virtual world. As a Master's thesis Project, the scope of Digital...Space (Architecture)2007
19 Dwelling. Family. Community.We can see different families have different lifestyles. Also, our residential buildings need flexible plans that can be changed according to the families' structure changes.Urban space; Urban planning2009
20 Ecological Planning: Theory, Practice, and Process for an Emerging FieldThis dissertation aims to define the field of ecological planning. It uses interdisciplinary, mixed methods research to advance the understanding of theory, practice, and process at the intersection of science and the built environment. In theory, this dissertation defines ecological planning in te...Natural Resource Management; Sustainability; Urban planning2017
21 Embracing borders: outer activity enveloping inner communityOur initial goals for this project included issues economical, environmental and aesthetic. We started with the objective of keeping and resing as many of the existing buildings in our target area as possible. We instead focussed on trying to solve acheive our goals through adding, rather than subt...Green space; Walkability; Urban neighborhoods2009
22 Environment - energy - film: Artistic expression s means to reveal nature's intrinsic value: Glen Canyon Environmental Film Festival and Community Film Studio in Page, ArizonaThe city of Page began in 1957 as a housing camp for workers building the Glen Canyon Dam. At first the community consisted of temporary homes and trailers, but as it grew, permanent homes and other buildings were constructed. The city was planned based off of stereotypical 1950's urban planning me...Film festivals; Environment2007
23 Experiencing wind energyMagna was once a very lively city and under went many changes from where it once came from. The original name of Magna was actually Pleasant Green and was established by the Mormon pioneers in the early 1850's. The town later became much larger when mining was started in the Bingham mines jus...Magna, Utah; Urban decline2007
24 Exploring process towards realism: Dogme Interactive Film Archive.From the Project summary: "Architecture has historically been an art form that seeks meaning throughout the universe. From the Primitive Hut, throughout the myriad of styles and movements leading to contemporary architecture, and ultimately the path for the future, architectural design looks for ins...Motion pictures; Archives; Designs; Plans2006-05
25 Facility for the learning, implementation, and dissemination of alternative construction techniquesWe are outpacing our environment--we consume resource at a rate that far exceeds the natural world's ability to replenish it. There is a need to examine and redefine how we sit on the earth.Environment; Conservation2006
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