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1 Higby Halseth, Deanna ReneeA paleolimnological investigation of historical environmental change in East Canyon ReservoirEast Canyon Reservoir; Paleolimnology; Remote sensing; Reservoir; Utah; Water resources2011-05thesis
2 Matheson, Daniel ScottEvaluating the effects of spatial resolution on hyperspectral fire detection and temperature retrievalPhysical geography; Geographic information science; Remote sensing2011-08thesis
3 Olson, Matthew HowardImpacts of topographic shading on surface energy balance of High Mountain Asia glaciersClimate Change; Atmospheric sciences; Remote sensing2017thesis
4 Wenrich, Erika AnnQuantifying drought-induced changes in green vegetation fraction and classification accuracy using hyperspectral data for the Central Sierra Nevada, CaliforniaGeography; Forestry; Remote sensing2017thesis
5 Housman, Ian WilsonRecent trends in the changing geographic extent of Cienegas of the United States/Mexico border regionCiénega; Desiccation; GIS; Landsat; Remote sensing; Wetlands2011-05thesis
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